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  1. Sounds interesting. How did it turn out?
  2. @donk79 thank you for the correction and thank you for operating Kline's. Will miss seeing their seasonal opening this year. Best wishes to you and your family.
  3. @saf just checked the Trader Joe's bag of dried bing cherries I have in my pantry and it is labeled as unsweetened and unsulfured. Only ingredient is cherries. So, a change for the better in their dried fruits. I agree with porcupine, Chukar cherries are excellent. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of dried cherries.
  4. Trader Joe's has dried pitted cherries. They always has sweet dried cherries and sometimes they have tart dried cherries.
  5. If your looking for herbs, tomato, pepper, etc. plants, DeBaggio herbs in Chantilly has any amazing selection. http://www.debaggioherbs.com/ Previous location was in the yard of a small home in Arlington. The father started the business and his son has continued it.
  6. Pretty sure I've seen whole nutmeg at Wegmans, Penzeys, and Whole Foods. Will double check the spice aisles the next time I'm in a grocery store.
  7. Made this gingerbread bundt from King Arthur Flour. I added some candied ginger to the batter but other than that, followed all the instructions. Really liked the way it turned out, will be making this recipe again (with the added chopped candied ginger).
  8. I’ve seen kougin amann at BreadFurst; don’t know if they are a regular item.
  9. Thank you! That helps with the seating decision. I also appreciate the wine recommendation. Any reds on the list that you would recommend?
  10. I second ktmoomau's recommendation of Le Creuset for braises. I use them for all of my braises -- while they aren't non-stick, a soak in soapy water should loosen up anything that is stuck. For risotto, I tend to use All-Clad or other heavy stainless steel clad cookware but enameled cast iron might be fine for risotto too.
  11. After 53 years in business, Kline's Freeze of Manassas is closing this weekend. Per the sign at Kline's Freeze, the owners are retiring. While on line, I heard that they wanted to remain open but a car dealership outbid them for the space. Don't really know the real reason they are closing but I'm going to miss them. 😞
  12. Not a food processor cookbook but an author of vegetarian cookbooks -- I would suggest that your daughter have at least one cookbook by Deborah Madison.
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