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  1. @saf would you mind sharing your clafoutis recipe?
  2. Next time you are in St. Louis I recommend Comet Coffee (http://cometcoffeestl.com) for coffee and pastries. For dinner I recommend Bulrush (http://bulrushstl.com).
  3. It all depends on the fruit you are preserving, for the peach recipes you don’t have to create your own apple pectin. Perhaps strawberries have enough natural pectin too? Will check the book when I get home.
  4. I haven’t tried Ferber’s strawberry jam recipes but I have made a few of her peach jams and really like them. Do you have her book, “Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber”?
  5. @zgast thank you! What great choices! Just looked at Gadaleto’s takeout menu and it sounds like a great option. Mercato looks good too but I’ll save that for another trip. Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the tulips and other spring blooms!
  6. Thank you all very much for your suggestions!
  7. @zgast thank you so much for the recommendations. No need for upscale on this trip but maybe for another trip. What do you recommend if we continue towards West Chester? Google was recommending taking Route 1 for the last bit of the drive and I was going to go that way but nice to know that a you recommend it too!
  8. Planning a day trip to Longwood Gardens. Any recommendations for lunch or dinner along the way or in Kennet Square? Looking for outdoor dining or take away options.
  9. @saf the dinners sound good. Where did you find ramps?
  10. Whole Foods also has the harbison. It was also one of the sale cheeses during the WF 2020 12 days of cheese. Delicious cheese.
  11. Great! You could use up the rest of your left over frozen bread cubes and make sweet and/or savory bread pudding.
  12. Yes, I saw those! Thank you for mentioning it.
  13. I’m making holiday treats to give to our neighbors and will be making spritz cookies, chocolate chip cookies, caramilized peanuts (per the David Lebovitz recipe), and cinnamon marshmallows. I’m thinking about dipping some of the marshmallows in dark chocolate.
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