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  1. @saf the dinners sound good. Where did you find ramps?
  2. Whole Foods also has the harbison. It was also one of the sale cheeses during the WF 2020 12 days of cheese. Delicious cheese.
  3. Great! You could use up the rest of your left over frozen bread cubes and make sweet and/or savory bread pudding.
  4. Yes, I saw those! Thank you for mentioning it.
  5. I’m making holiday treats to give to our neighbors and will be making spritz cookies, chocolate chip cookies, caramilized peanuts (per the David Lebovitz recipe), and cinnamon marshmallows. I’m thinking about dipping some of the marshmallows in dark chocolate.
  6. curls

    Delivered Treats

    Zingermans has nice gift baskets & boxes and they ship. If you want to send a nice tin or box of pecans, I highly recommend Pearson Farm in Georgia. Just ordered and received a variety of pecan products from them and the quality of all of it is excellent (taste & packaging).
  7. @Pat if you have an ice cream maker you could make eggnog ice cream. Just think of your eggnog as a custard ice cream base and pour your eggnog into your ice cream maker. The cookies sound good too.
  8. I buy from Central Coffee Roasters in Sperryville. Great coffee beans, freshly roasted. They ship. http://www.centralcoffeeroasters.com
  9. Pulled a homemade sourdough waffle out of the freezer to enjoy with sautéed bananas & pecans, Vermont Creamery cultured butter, and maple syrup. If any of you are making sourdough, I highly recommend King Arthur Baking’s sourdough waffle recipe https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/classic-sourdough-waffles-or-pancakes-recipe.
  10. David Lebovitz’s jam tart is an excellent use for excess jam. https://www.davidlebovitz.com/jam-tart/
  11. Last night, grilled hamburgers, grilled shishito peppers. Wegmans white cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.
  12. Not sure where the nicest place to stay is but the Dunes Manor Hotel and Inn on the Ocean (an oceanfront B&B) are nice places. I’m not sure that luxury hotels exist in Ocean City. Given the current situation, it might be best to look for the nicest rental condo or house.
  13. @curiouskitkatt so sorry to read this. My condolences to you and your family.
  14. If you’re considering a Big Green Egg, I recommend looking at a Kamado Joe as well. They are both very well made kamado cookers. I went with the Kamado Joe... it came with accessories that I wanted and was cheaper than the Big Green Egg. Also, the Kamado Joe comes with a hinge that makes it easy to open and close the lid. When you try to open & close the lids on the larger Big Green Eggs, it requires a bit of muscle. The hinge on the Kamado Joe makes the weight of the lid a non issue.
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