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  1. Another great meal at the Grotto last night. Brought along two colleagues who had never been and both had a great time. I will continue to get the soft shells every time I'm there...they are wonderful. Happy on a personal level for Dean but am sad that a place I have so many happy memories anchored to will be departing. I'll be back at least a couple more times. Wine Madness is just nuts - the 2006 Brunello Riserva from Costanti was awesome and a steal at the wine madness price.
  2. Rocket Frog (full disclosure, one of the owners is my neighbor) makes a Gose (Kai Gose to the Beach, named after the brewers son) with pink guava that in my opinion is a perfect summer sour. Crisp with the fruit used to accentuate the tartness of the beer vs. turning it into "juice". I believe Arrowine stocks it.
  3. Can you still get soft shells or is it restricted to the “not restaurant week” menu? Not a big deal one way or the other but figured I’d check as I’ll likely be in again over the next two weeks.
  4. I got engaged on the VA side. Its more hiking and cool views of the falls (though some areas are quite precarious, depending on the age of your kids) than having a "stuff to do". On the VA side its down the street from Great Falls center (though there isn't much there food wise). I've never been to the MD side, so can't give you a comparison there.
  5. His fried lemons made an appearance on the frito misto at Bibiana recently.
  6. I'll be in with my wife for a date night tonight and am already looking forward to some tasty softshells (and wine, always wine).
  7. Whoa, those subs look excellent. They'd definitely make it into the "pick up from Ballston Quarter" on the way home from work rotation.
  8. I read the article in the city paper and it made me nostalgic for the Wednesday nights I would be driving home from work - notice Dino didn’t look crowded as I crossed Connecticut on Ordway and walked up the street with my girlfriend who turned into my wife to traipse through the wine list and enjoy whatever specials Dean had the menu We didn’t get to Shaw as often as either of us would have liked due moving to Arlington and being overwhelmed with one kid then twins. We will be in a number of times to say goodbye this summer. Thank you for everything Dean. And if you have any of that house cello you want to get rid of...😉
  9. Trader joes cauliflower gnocchi (my wife and I - and the kids - really like these. Particularly if made in the more Parisian gnocchi style of pan seared) with fresh grilled corn and heirloom cherry tomatoes. Finished with butter and parmesean and a dollop of costco pesto. It reminds me of the gnocchi from Proof (☹️). One of my favorite easy summertime dinners.
  10. I think the sheer size of the space and the fact that the retail aspect of the shop seemed like an afterthought (at this specific location) likely were problematic. The retail component is one of the big things I think Screwtop over in Clarendon does very well. Though with Total Wine on the other side of the development, maybe that was a hard sell. Its unfortunate as I enjoyed the bar for after work drinks with colleagues when I was in the area (and its walking distance from my house).
  11. Sam Adams was my gateway into "craft" beer in college (specifically Sam Summer Ale, which I saved up enough at the beginning each summer to afford a single case of and hoarded from my roommates) so they will always have a soft spot in my heart. Though they're testing that by tweaking the recipe this year. From a pure business perspective - with the incredible industry consolidation, this was a pure survival play. It insulates both brands from a larger acquisition. I've been to both breweries numerous times and while I tend to spend my money in different places - brews from each will always have a place in my rotation if for nothing other than nostalgia purposes.
  12. Good for them. While folks can twist themselves in knots arguing that Sam “isn’t Craft” without them craft brewing wouldn’t be what it is today. I think this preserves both entities spirit which in my mind is a positive.
  13. My forecast for Ballston Quarter is that it will, over time, be successful...in time. It likely will take a round of misses on the restaurant front from the folks who got in on cheap “early open” rents but the infrastructure is quite good. I will likely have moved by the time it happens, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress happen on my daily walk to / from the metro.
  14. I think both of these are fair. The point I was trying to make I guess is that Tom missed out on a dish that I thought was excellent b/c he had a similar judgement to my initial one. I simply asked a bartender and got an answer that allayed my fear.
  15. One thing I found interesting was that he didn't order the duck based on the licorice aspect. I actually almost didn't either (I despise black licorice) but unlike Tom apparently - I asked one of the bartenders what they thought about that and received the "its fresh licorice dust" and it is "very subtle". To be honest, I didn't get a ton of licorice flavor and as I said above, I thought the dish was a home run. Its a shame that Tom missed out.
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