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  1. Sam Adams was my gateway into "craft" beer in college (specifically Sam Summer Ale, which I saved up enough at the beginning each summer to afford a single case of and hoarded from my roommates) so they will always have a soft spot in my heart. Though they're testing that by tweaking the recipe this year. From a pure business perspective - with the incredible industry consolidation, this was a pure survival play. It insulates both brands from a larger acquisition. I've been to both breweries numerous times and while I tend to spend my money in different places - brews from each will always have a place in my rotation if for nothing other than nostalgia purposes.
  2. Good for them. While folks can twist themselves in knots arguing that Sam “isn’t Craft” without them craft brewing wouldn’t be what it is today. I think this preserves both entities spirit which in my mind is a positive.
  3. My forecast for Ballston Quarter is that it will, over time, be successful...in time. It likely will take a round of misses on the restaurant front from the folks who got in on cheap “early open” rents but the infrastructure is quite good. I will likely have moved by the time it happens, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress happen on my daily walk to / from the metro.
  4. I think both of these are fair. The point I was trying to make I guess is that Tom missed out on a dish that I thought was excellent b/c he had a similar judgement to my initial one. I simply asked a bartender and got an answer that allayed my fear.
  5. One thing I found interesting was that he didn't order the duck based on the licorice aspect. I actually almost didn't either (I despise black licorice) but unlike Tom apparently - I asked one of the bartenders what they thought about that and received the "its fresh licorice dust" and it is "very subtle". To be honest, I didn't get a ton of licorice flavor and as I said above, I thought the dish was a home run. Its a shame that Tom missed out.
  6. I actually never thought of scrapple as having a particularly "offal-y" taste to it. For me it was more a textural thing (crisp exterior, almost melting interior). For me, as my food tastes of evolved, I've thought of it as basically a fried rillette. I believe Red Apron at times has a pretty solid version - anyone else know any reliable places in the Arlington (preferably) area that crank scrapple out as I now have a craving 😎
  7. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves at Reverie last night. Its a funny little space - but I liked the quirkiness of the location and the informality of the place in general. I also would say that you can get the entire menu sitting at their bar which was relatively empty at about 8pm last night (we had reservations - and sat looking into the kitchen which was fun). We ordered: - Scallop crudo - this was a very good dish - though the "sauce" could overwhelm the scallop if you weren't careful in terms of loading up a spoon / fork. Refreshing and light. - Beef Tartare - I really like beef tartare and this rendition, while not mind blowing, was solid. The oyster sauce was interesting as were the black garlic chips. - Mushroom - pictured in the post above, its a beautifully constructed dish and the mushrooms were really tasty - that said, I feel like 26 dollars was a bit excessive for what you get on this front. Additionally, I think "yolk fudge" isn't totally the way I'd frame that component of the dish. While delicious - I thought it a bit of a curious classification. - Duck - Order this. I thought it one of the better renditions of duck that I've ever enjoyed. Its also a LOT of duck - my wife and I were pretty stuffed after making our way through it. - Bay Ice Cream - for whatever reason, I seem to like Bay leaf in cream components (I've enjoyed Bay whipped cream as well) - who knew. This was fine - but I probably didn't need more food at this point since I was relatively stuffed. We paired the meal with a really nice "winter" rose that was balanced with the food we ordered and rang up for about 60 bucks. I had a glass of a nice italian orange wine at the bar (which had some nice funk to it) - and their by the glass list ranged from 14-20 a glass which seems to be the norm these days. All in all - I'd recommend going here. Reservations were easy to come by, the staff was gracious (though our waiter seemed to be on the greener side? There was a pretty long gap from when we received menus and when he returned to get us drinks - but serve was fine from there on out) and as I said above - I liked the refined food in a casual setting vibe.
  8. Just heart breaking. Jane was a wonderful person and filled Glen Manors tasting room with warmth whenever she was there (which was almost every time we visited). I can’t fathom how distraught Kelly and Jeff must be. Jen and I are going to make a trip out there next weekend to have a glass in Janes honor.
  9. This is similar to what has happened at Capital One Arena this season. No bags bigger than 14x14 are allowed. Its been a pain for me (when I walk to games after work, having to leave my bag in the office) but I guess its just the new normal unfortunately.
  10. That is (in my view) nuts from a corkage perspective...that said - I was pretty surprised that they didn't have anything even resembling a wine list online. I assume they had bottle / by the glass selections? I likely wouldn't have pulled a bottle from the cellar for this dinner - given for this type of cooking I'd rather let the restaurant guide me a bit - but I find it a little odd that the only thing they reference in their menu's is their small cocktail list. I'm going next week with my wife and would be curious to know what the deal is on the wine front.
  11. Since my wife and I dine out significantly less than we used to due to the kiddos (dragging 14 month old twins and a 3.5 year old out isn't my idea of relaxing) - we chose Green Pig on Saturday evening due to its proximity to our home in Ballston, ability to walk around and grab a drink somewhere after dinner and just general disinterest in heading downtown. We walked in around 730 without reservations and were able to easily grab 2 seats that had recently opened up at the bar. Its been a couple years since I've dined here - and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the meal. Nothing was earth shattering, but everything we ordered was executed well and delicious...and the bartender (whose name I regrettably missed) despite taking care of a relatively full bar didn't miss a beat and was just genuinely very nice. We ordered: - Charcuterie and Cheese plate - pretty standard but did the trick as we enjoyed a glass of wine and a cocktail (mulled wine with apple cider that my wife very much enjoyed) - Filet for her and Scallops and Pork Belly for me - both were really well done, cooked as they should be, and very satisfying on a chilly winter evening. I would order the Scallops and Pork Belly again in a heart beat (my wife cleaned her plate so I didn't snag a taste of hers) - Pistacio creme brulee - a very good rendition that really leaned heavy on the pistacio (which I liked). We enjoyed a simple but ideal for balancing across the meal bottle of Beaujolais and walked out satisfied with the overall quality, general relaxed vibe of the place and price of the experience. We'll put this up higher on whatever amounts for our "regular" rotation after Saturday night.
  12. I agree that its a shell of what it used to be - that said, to Keithstg's point - there is wine to be consumed . ...and I'm down there relatively frequently for Caps games or other things. The space has a lot of good memories and while the food isn't what it used to be - I've found that one last time in a space where I've had good meals, good times and memories that make me smile can be as important as the food itself.
  13. This really makes me sad as I make it a point to visit proof (despite the fact they've taken the gnocchi off the menu of late) before Caps games. I would certainly be in for a DR.com throwback dinner.
  14. This is genuinely appalling and I share in the disgust that my tax dollars go towards the policing and defense of this absurdity. Thank you for taking up this charge.
  15. Oh man are you ever right re: the end result of those peanut bars. Though I'm ashamed to admit I'd likely still be able to inhale a couple oatmeal creme pies (which is one of the reasons Little Debbie snacks have never made an appearance in any of my "adult" homes)
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