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  1. This is insane. I was last at the Inn I think roughly 7 years ago (we'd received a very generous gift certificate at our wedding the prior year). We went during off peak (February) and I remember cringing at the 350/night tariff back then. Its a lovely place, and we enjoyed a room with a fireplace and a wonderful view of the water - but there is zero chance I'd even consider it at that current price point.
  2. I'd echo the comments re: Weygandt. Warren is terrific. I just had him put together a mixed case of some of his favorites - and each has been just tremendous. In particular some of the really crisp Rieslings he put in there have been stunning.
  3. I have the ‘16 Kodi and I have been really impressed with it. I added to my outdoor setup and have largely used the recipes that Kenji Alt-Lopez has posted on his YouTube channel. I’ve done Neapolitan pies as well as NY style and both have produced excellent results. It also allows for a pretty quick reload and given we have 3 kids that depending on the day vary in their pickiness - that’s been helpful too.
  4. I will be getting a pint of each. Will be heading down within a week. Appreciate the post or this literally (sadly) wouldn’t have even hit the radar.
  5. Sweet lord...that Corn Gelato with Polenta Crumble and Blueberry swirl is going to cause me to take a drive in from the suburbs for. Holy smokes.
  6. I haven't noticed the above re: the hinge - though I think the BGE redid their hinges a couple years back. I didn't do a lot of comparison shopping between the kamodo's - so I can't speak to kamodo joe. A couple other egg related things: - I ordered mine from the Organic Butcher of McLean. The prices are largely stable since BGE I think is pretty heavy headed on that - but I've supported the organic butcher for awhile and was glad to spend the money with them. I would advise that wherever you order from, have them do delivery and set up vs. assembling yourself (if you go this ro
  7. I've had a big green egg since I moved out to Great Falls in June. I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. We've done pizza (awesome), pork butts, dry aged steaks, ribs, brisket, clams and lobsters on it - and in my view each has been better from its time over the fire. I don't have a full blown outdoor kitchen (yet) so I bought the acacia wood table for it which has been nice. The big piece of advice I'd give is, if you're going to get one - and you plan on entertaining - get an XL. You won't regret the extra space. As you work on your outdoor set up - I'd welcome thoughts on
  8. I thought the Red Hen did a (unsurprisingly) terrific job with their take out. Same with 2 Amy's though obviously not "fancy".
  9. I've been a member at Sequoia Grove for a couple years. I highly recommend their "Taste of Cabernet" tasting - it was informative and a lot of fun. A couple other wineries that I've enjoyed my visits to: Quintessa, Venge, Larkmead, Caldwell (down in Coombsville but the caves are cool)
  10. Agree with genericeric - the use of bourbon / rum / whatever spirit of the day is barrels in beer should be to integrate the flavors of the barrel (vanilla, etc) and the spirit with those of the beer. A good example would be a beer called Sperryville from Aslin (a non-adjunct based stout they bottled awhile back). Its an imperial stout aged in rye barrels. The rye barrel perfectly compliments the 18% (I believe) stout - making the the whole significantly greater than the sum of its parts. I'm not sure if the issue with Hardywood's barrel program is that the barrels they're using aren't
  11. Something has slipped re: Hardywood's barrel program. Their Gingerbread stouts the last two years (Kentucky Christmas Morning used to be one of my favorite winter beers) have been borderline undrinkable to me. Anything they put in a rum barrel seems to come out just disgustingly rum forward. I'm not sure if it was their rapid expansion or what, but its unfortunate. I share your praise of their farmhouse pumpkin though - its a nicely restrained version of the style.
  12. Went for a late dinner after the Caps game (ugh) last night. Really enjoyed it and will be returning. Highlights: - The duck was unbelievable, possibly one of the better renditions I've had anywhere in DC. Great textural contrast with the crisp skin and perfectly cooked meat. Really liked the house made corn tortillas as well. - Taco of the day was goat - nice level of spice. Between this and the duck, the "taco omakase" sounds like it could be a lot of fun - The cuttlefish / shrimp noodles with a coconut broth were interesting, if a little challenging to eat. - Butt
  13. I would imagine, from an HR perspective, it would be pretty challenging to enforce the non-compete based on the broad generalities (10 miles is relatively significant in this case) making it somewhat easy to argue that it would prevent Frank from earning a living in a meaningful way. Plus, based on the way it appeared, the termination on the front end likely could be viewed as voiding that non-compete unless there was some severance agreement also baked in.
  14. Thanks - I wasn't sure what the tolerance of the drivers in the area would be to the trip there and back. I'm out in SF speaking at a conference and tend to always err on the side of not driving if I don't need to so was debating the "driver" vs. "uber / lyft". Appreciate the perspective
  15. Anyone have any car service's that they've used to get from SF to Napa? Its a day trip and I suppose I can also just grab an uber / Lyft as well - but figured I'd at least ask.
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