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  1. In this week when Chef Floyd Cardoz, a pioneer in bringing regional Indian cuisine to America and a fellow Bombayite, died of COVID 19 it does my old Indian heart good to see that Americans are turning to the comfort foods of my land in these stressful times. Dal, roti and baigan bharta will soothe any soul.
  2. Haha! Well, palak paneer and rice don't require a lot of ingredients (apart from what I already have in my pantry). Spinach (I prefer mixed greens), milk, rice and a lemon. I don't cater so I have not really priced it at $1 per portion but I am probably not that off. That said, the next time I make some I will be sure to pm you so you can either join us for dinner or just simply swing by and take some home. And at no charge, because that is as little as I can do to show my gratitude for this website.
  3. for 50 we can make palak paneer and rice for 50 (probably more).
  4. Grain bowls were my go to when I stocked my in-laws' freezer. Slightly undercooking veggies so they don't turn to mush when nuked. Another favorite is breakfast burritos, because cereal can get old fast. If they like Indian, curries and dals freeze beautifully. I can help you make some if you like.
  5. Sorry. I am afraid my guest can't make it either. But I look forward to meeting you all.
  6. Please tell me more about the fermented red onion.
  7. Don Rockwell, pass it along, I am willing to offer my services as a copy editors to any chef who would rather not advertise the use of tiny monkeys or other oddities in their cooking.
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