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  1. Don Rockwell, pass it along, I am willing to offer my services as a copy editors to any chef who would rather not advertise the use of tiny monkeys or other oddities in their cooking.
  2. I got mine at the West End Farmer's market in Alexandria. Medina and Sons vendor in the middle of the market. Should be there now.
  3. OMG, What do I need to do to beg a taste? I had boar in Italy... it was a flavor I will never forget. Nor the smell of the small piece of boar sausage that slipped into the depths of our backpack for several days...
  4. boar? Where did you find boar? Sorry if I missed an earlier reference.
  5. All of you who post here... a heartfelt thank you. I have never had kids but I LOVE reading these posts to see how clever you all are. Oh, and funny too.
  6. I too would be interested in this. My kitchen is not very large but I would love to host small groups. I can probably answer lots of questions about South Asian food -- will not brag about cooking prowess. But, if you want to learn how to make Indian food in an Instant Pot...
  7. TJ's carries cold brewed in a bottle, but not chilled.
  8. Were these the loin chops? I haven't bought them in a while but I used to butterfly them and use one for two people.
  9. Was it fresh lotus root or canned?I really want to learn to look for good fresh lotus root. I've bought it a couple times and it seems to get weird black spots and turn a little slimy in a couple of days.
  10. If you still have it, try this: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018236-shrikhand-sweet-strained-yogurt
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