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  1. That is as high a recommendation as I can think of. Thank you.
  2. Anyone been lately? I have a friend that's moving to Seoul and I'd like to introduce him to more than Korean bbq. I used to love the Soonduboo here but have not been in years. What other place does great Korean stews?
  3. Jackass? I thank the universe for people like you who keep people like me from eating a whole donut!
  4. Smita Nordwall

    Eden Center roaming dinner

    Desperately need the expertise of this group. I am taking a handful of newbies to Eden Center for a roaming dinner. Where should we go and what do we order? Banh Xeo at Rice Paper will happen, but what else? HELP!!
  5. Same here. Thursday night is work night... bummer.
  6. Smita Nordwall

    Cookware, Kitchen Tools and Kitchen Gadgets

    I have used the Greenpan. It's awful.
  7. For breakfast? Bless you!
  8. Smita Nordwall

    Dining in Springfield

    Kibbee Nayee, Interested in organizing a Springfield roaming dinner again? I think you did it once but I couldn't participate... may get more interest this time?
  9. Smita Nordwall

    Dining in Springfield

    Thanks. I have been to Marib, several times... I think your placement is correct.
  10. Smita Nordwall

    Dining in Springfield

    OK I'll bite... would LOVE to see your list , in order. Please. AB would be at the top of mine.
  11. I have made risotto in it... works very well. Try Serious Eats' mushroom risotto recipe. I use used TJ's ginger miso stock in it. Incredible! And I am with you about the IP. Ever since I got it, I am making way more Indian food... lot of pot in pot.
  12. Smita Nordwall

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    OMG, that's so awesome. You are a wonderful co-worker.
  13. Smita Nordwall

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    The salad sound awesome! But what do people in your office do with croutons?