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  1. Al Dente

    The Rolling Stones

    I saw them a couple of times in the late 90's early 00's. I don't think you missed a whole lot (at least in that era). While Mick's geriatric gyrations were impressive, and it was fun hearing so many songs I know so well, they just didn't get as down and dirty as I would have liked. They were a little too polished. I'll stick to cranking up Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Exile on Main Street, and Sticky Fingers. BTW, everything after Tattoo You was pretty much crap, though Blue and Lonesome was fun.
  2. Al Dente

    The Rolling Stones

    IMHO, the best version of Midnight Rambler: And yes, The Rolling Stones ARE the world's greatest rock-n-roll band! I'm a-talkin' 'bout the midnight rambler Everybody got to go Well I'm a-talkin' 'bout the midnight gambler The one you never seen before I'm sighin' down the wind so sadly A-listen and you'll hear me moan Well I'm a talkin' 'bout the midnight gambler And everybody got to go (Yeah c'mon) Talkin' 'bout the midnight gambler The one you never seen before I'm talkin' 'bout the midnight rambler Did you see me jump the garden wall I don't give you a hoot of warning A-dressed up in my black cat cloak I don't see the light of the morning I'll split the time the cock'rel crows I'm tellin' 'bout the midnight rambler Well, honey, it's no rock 'n' roll show Well, I'm a-talkin' 'bout the midnight gambler And everybody got to go Oh, don't do that Well, you heard about the Boston Strangler Honey, it's not one of those Talkin' 'bout the midnight, shit! Did you see me jump bedroom door I'm called the hit and run raper, in anger Or just a knife sharpened, tippy toe Or just a shoot 'em dead, brainbell jangler* Everybody got to go If you ever meet the midnight rambler And he's prowlin' down your marble hall And he's pouncin' like a proud black panther You should say, I told you so If you listen for the midnight rambler Play it easy, easy, as you go I'll go smash down all your plate glass windows Put my fist through your steel plate doors Well I'm a-talkin' bout the midnight rambler The one you never seen before Well I'm a-talkin' bout the midnight rambler And did you see me jump your garden wall And if you ever catch the Midnight Rambler Steal your mistress from under your nose Go easy with your cold fanged anger I'll stick my knife right down your throat baby, and it hurts * No idea what a "brainbell jangler" is.
  3. Al Dente


    Biologist Wants Americans To Taste A Rainbow Of Pomegranates by April Fulton of NPR
  4. Al Dente


    Whole Foods.
  5. Al Dente

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    You're not wrong. I think it would be helpful if there were a sign for the folks on the main road indicating that traffic will be trying to merge in a "no merge area". One place this would be especially helpful is on SW Freeway going east where the 9th St tunnel merges. You're cruising along in the left lane when all of a sudden the two lanes jam together. I don't travel this route often, but when I do, it surprises me every time.
  6. Al Dente

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    Then you have the douche-bags who believe the on-ramp is a passing lane.
  7. Al Dente

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    The same thing happened to me in my first ever accident when I was about 17. The person in front of me had about a 100 yard long merge lane to work with, but just couldn't figure out how to manage it. I remember the cop being sympathetic about the situation, but yeah, it was my fault. Yes, sometimes you do have to stop, but it just blows my mind when someone stops with a long dedicated lane in front of them. You're not being safe, you're being stupid.
  8. Al Dente

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    And then you have the people who stop at yield signs. I realize that, in some cases, there isn't a yield area, but jeeeeezus, the last thing you should do when trying to merge into traffic is slow down or stop. Don't get me started with people merging on to a freeway at 30mph. 😠
  9. Al Dente

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Slumming it last night with a frozen pizza from TJ's. The instructions said to cook on a baking sheet. Well, I haven't finished rounding out my inventory of kitchen equipment so I tried to make do with a stove top grill pan I have. I should have preheated the pan first-- middle wouldn't cook. Saddest pizza ever. It was actually quite good.
  10. Al Dente

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I got called out of town unexpectedly and by the time I got back it would have been 3:30 before I got there. I'm sorry I wasn't there. 😒 Now I have about 40 chicken wings to eat. My chaps were at the cleaners anyway.