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  1. To hear enthusiasts describe it, you won't need anything else in your kitchen-- you can toss your stove, microwave, blender, toaster, and probably even your refrigerator.
  2. Instant Pot available via Amazon Treasure Truck for $67.99 at a few spots around the Baltimore area today: https://www.amazon.com/TreasureTruck
  3. I can't get this story out of my head. I'm an atheist, but I hope there's a special place in hell... I didn't know about this Nestle boycott. This kind of shit has been going on for a long time, and there are details I hadn't even considered. Obviously (at least to any person who can think), breast milk has all kinds of benefits that formula does not, but also: From Wikipedia Formula must be mixed with water, which is often impure or not potable in poor countries, leading to disease in vulnerable infants.[3] Because of the low literacy rates in developing nations, many mothers are not aware of the sanitation methods needed in the preparation of bottles. Even mothers able to read in their native language may be unable to read the language in which sterilization directions are written. Although some mothers can understand the sanitation standards required, they often do not have the means to perform them: fuel to boil water, electric (or other reliable) light to enable sterilisation at night. UNICEF estimates that a formula-fed child living in disease-ridden and unhygienic conditions is between 6 and 25 times more likely to die of diarrhea and four times more likely to die of pneumonia than a breastfed child.[4] Many poor mothers use less formula powder than is required, in order to make a container of formula last longer. As a result, some infants receive inadequate nutrition from weak solutions of formula.[5] And most egregiously: "IBFAN claim that Nestlé distributes free formula samples to hospitals and maternity wards; after leaving the hospital, the formula is no longer free, but because the supplementation has interfered with lactation, the family must continue to buy the formula. IBFAN also allege that Nestlé uses "humanitarian aid" to create markets, does not label its products in a language appropriate to the countries where they are sold, and offers gifts and sponsorship to influence health workers to promote its products."
  4. DJT doesn't want to lose those Russian votes!
  5. DJT chimes in... Trump blasts 'fake' NYT story on US opposition to breastfeeding measure by Max Greenwood of The Hill
  6. So, can someone please tell me how our government justifies this? "Trump Administration's Opposition to Breastfeeding Resolution Sparks Outrage" by Ed Pilkington of The Guardian What has our nation become? Isn't this a form of fascism? This is clearly an effort to put corporate profits over the health of babies. Does anyone see the irony in that?
  7. Al Dente

    Whole Brisket in Fairfax, VA area?

    You can order it whole from Whole Amazon.
  8. I get the impression that Dershowitz is just a shit-stirrer in the same vein as Hannity or any of the other cable news blowhards.
  9. Dinner here Saturday night was underwhelming. The deviled eggs tasted like they had been waiting in the fridge for a day too long. The fried chicken was tasty, and a generous portion, but the hanger steak I ordered was brought to me rarer than rare and it was a 4 or 5 oz portion at best. I've never been served such a tiny steak. When I sent it back because it was under-cooked, the same sliced steak was returned to me after having been warmed up. Was it wrong to expect a new steak?
  10. If you have colon cancer in your family, it's especially important. My paternal grandfather had it and managed to survive. Twelve years ago when I told my doctor about my family's history, he told me to get one done. I was only 40. Sure enough, they removed a couple of polyps. If I had waited until 50, who knows what might have happened. The procedure itself is no big deal-- the prep the night before kinda sucks, butt it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  11. I take my 8 year-old here and she enjoys the house-made Cherry Fizz soda. If you can get there by 5:30, or even 6 on a weekday, you won't have to wait long-- especially now that the outside tables are available.
  12. Just wanted to say that I've been back to Frankly's a handful of times now and I love the joint. The staff is always friendly and I've yet to have a pizza I didn't thoroughly enjoy.
  13. Al Dente

    Where Should I Travel? Vacation Ideas

    It's been a long, long time, but I love the Greek islands. Naxos, in the Cyclades, has a lovely main town and some beautiful beaches, but the thing that's most memorable to me is renting a moped and heading up into the hills inland. Not a tourist in sight. I got stuck in goat herding traffic at one point, but made it up to a village where I had lunch at a taverna. The owner was so surprised to see a tourist that he gave me a liter Seven-up bottle filled with his homemade Retsina. It was a blast just getting lost up there. Also, while touristy as hell, Santorini is still worth the visit. Where else can you have dinner on a terrace overlooking a caldera?
  14. Al Dente

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Cool! I'll bring Kan Jam for some competitive fun.