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  1. Al Dente

    Any Cool Events This Weekend?

    I rarely, if ever, wear pants on the Metro.
  2. I lost custody of my All Clad pots and pans in the divorce. They were wedding gifts.
  3. The tuna weighed 613 lbs. That's over $5,000/lb.
  4. Al Dente

    Words/Phrases You Wish Were Retired

    Build that wall.
  5. My nearly 9 year-old daughter is obsessed with these damn things: Toymaker opens up about the season's hot new toy CBS News I just hate buying all that plastic crap. Why can't we have toys more like the ones we had when I was a boy-- rocks, sticks, or maybe some pigment to paint the cave walls?
  6. Reopening may never happen. No Timeframe for Hank Dietle’s Tavern Reopening by Charlie Wright of Bethesda Magazine
  7. I'm not sure what traditional tenets are. Here's Focus on the Family's view: "What about Those Who Have Never Heard?" by Robert Velarde on focusonthefamily.com The founder of Focus on the Family is James Dobson, an evangelist with enormous influence among conservative christians. Al Qaeda wants to destroy non-believers because they follow the same logic as Dobson-- you should have come to the obvious conclusion that our god exists, so therefore, if you're not already a believer, you deserve to die.
  8. I'd say there's very little difference. The blind zeal and arrogance in religion continues to amaze me. Look at the All Nations website's info on how to tell Muslims that Islam is wrong, but their's is the one true religion. https://allnations.us/train-and-go/good-news-refugee-neighbors/ I guess all North Sentinelese will continue going to hell when they die just because they never heard of christianity, let alone accepted its biblical fables as truth.
  9. all-guns-recalled-after-one-found-covered-in-romaine-lettuce Wouldn't it be nice?
  10. Al Dente

    The Blues Brothers

    You think too much.
  11. Al Dente

    Who is Don Rockwell?

    The latest on Don's girlfriend.
  12. Al Dente

    The Blues Brothers

    I hate Illinois Nazis.
  13. Here's the article from their website Probably. And the tobacco industry. Sickening.