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  1. I think we've all already seen pictures of Uranus.
  2. Ten Interesting Facts About Uranus Some highlights: Uranus has rings You can see Uranus with the unaided eye Uranus has only been visited once
  3. On this day in 1781, William Herschel discovered Uranus. Are there any facts about Uranus that you'd like to share?
  4. In case you're white and feel threatened and oppressed when dining. Trump Diehards Create Their Own Yelp for MAGA-Friendly Restaurants by Will Sommer of The Daily Beast
  5. Is there still hope after Harper? Bryce Who? The Nationals Are a Prime Ewing Theory Candidate. by Zach Kram of The Ringer What is the Ewing Theory? by Bill Simmons from ESPN
  6. I dined here Saturday night with my daughter. Ordering was a confusing process. I asked about the dry hot pot, because of the raves above and was told the closest thing was lamb with cumin and got a warning about how spicy it was. I had something in the past from Joe's Noodle House with the same description and enjoyed the heat, so I ordered it. There was a lot of cumin, but no other heat. It tasted fine, maybe a little fatty, but I was disappointed by the lack of spiciness. I also ordered the spinach in chicken soup and they tried to talk me out of it because of the "black egg". After telling them I was familiar with century eggs, and insisting I wanted it, they allowed me to order it. This dish was enjoyable with the spinach just cooked enough in a rich yolk-colored broth. My daughter's lo mein was good enough that my daughter ate the vegetables in it. I feel like I experienced some culinary discrimination (I'm not Asian), but the meal was enjoyable and the price was right. I was intrigued by a lot of items on the menu and would like to go back, but next time I'll go with a larger group so we can order more dishes.
  7. Oh, and an update on the consequences. Ex-wife didn't call me, so I texted her this morning asking how my daughter slept last night. Yup, she got about 5 hours of sleep.
  8. It IS diabolical! That label screams "kid's drink!" I sent a complaint to Starbucks and got a reply saying that they'd address this with the store. WTF? What is the store going to do about it? This is a labeling issue.
  9. At around 9 pm, I'm expecting an angry call from my ex-wife asking why our daughter can't get to sleep. You have some idea where I'm going with this. My 9 year-old and I dropped by Starbucks for a refreshing beverage after a salty 5 Guys burger. Looking through the cooler, she spots a Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade Refresher. Being the diligent father I am, I read the can looking for any possible caffeine. Nope, product looks clean, right? It's a sparkling juice blend. Or maybe it's lemonade! Could be a flavored juice blend drink, I suppose. Anyway, it's made with coconut water and real fruit juice! I turn the can to make doubly sure! Ok, now it's a sparkling strawberry lemonade. I'm confused, but still no caffeine. I triple check! Look at that whopping 25% fruit juice. That's good, right? "Ok sweetie, drink up!" I get home and just as I'm about to throw it in the recycling bin... WTF Starbucks?
  10. The latest on Sakina. I'm thankful for people like Kazi Mannan. "D.C. Restaurant Feeds the Poor and Homeless Every Single Day." by Caroline Patrickis on wjla.com
  11. I went a few nights ago hoping that Joe's improved since my last visit. It hasn't. Entrees came out 30 seconds after the appetizers. I hate that. The Mapo Tofu was a greasy mess and the flavors just didn't have that Szechuan peppercorn zing that it had in Joe's heyday. Dan Dan Noodles were overcooked to the point where they fell apart when I tried lifting them with chopsticks. The beef in the Pad Thai (I know, I know, but my 9 year old wanted it) tasted and smelled gamey. Even the freakin' tea put me off. Joe's Noodle House could challenge and reward my taste buds in the past and I'd often push beyond my comfort zone for a taste of intestine, kidneys, and blood. That stuff is still on the menu, but I can't possibly order it. I don't trust that kitchen anymore. The italics gotta go!
  12. It's worse than that. Think our $20 trillion debt is bad? Get a load of the real number BY SHIVA RAJGOPAL from The Hill
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