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  1. Flown WOW twice and both experiences were perfectly fine. 1,100 people are out of a job. It’s a big bummer. This is a good explainer. "WOW Air - The Spectacular Crash of the Purple Airline" by Value Grettisson on grapevine.is
  2. For deli - Toojay’s. I’m sure some will say it’s now too chainy, but crispy latkes with sour cream and sugar (applesauce is gross) and a proper Egg Cream can be hard to find in the DMV. I acknowledge my opinion on applesauce may be controversial, but I dont care!!!!
  3. I am EXTREMELY sympathetic to contractors that won’t get back pay, especially to the lower-wage workers.
  4. We went back last Wednesday. This plus furlough = High cranky factor.
  5. Boy - English muffin pizzas. Don’t feel like arguing. Girl - Thai food w us. From where should we order in Falls Church? We usually do Sweet Rice. It’s fine....
  6. Exactly. This bus runs until late and is free. http://www.swneighborhoodshuttle.ridesystems.net/
  7. There is a shuttle bus from lenfant and it’s generally easy to park there.
  8. I parked at the Lenfant Metro and took the SW Shuttle Bus to the Wharf last night. Strong recommend.
  9. I’m not a coffee maven per se but I will give a shout-out to Cafe Kindred in Falls Church for both their drip and fancy espresso drinks from Vigilante. It’s also a great place to hang out, but I’m not supposed to mention that here.
  10. I’ve had a nice latte and scone there a couple times while getting my car serviced. It’s a cool space and I had a nice chat with the developer before they were anywhere close to fully opened. I suggested he check out The Block in Annandale as they are relatively similarly sized. There is much less interior seating though at the place in Howard. So, if it’s cold and you can’t sit outside, it’s going to be crazy crowded.
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