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  1. We’ve had a number of experiences that have been a little funky (small retail too). I think, as long as they can communicate there is a delay and be nice about it, everyone is prepared to grant the necessary slack. It’s when the communication breaks down that it becomes not ok and very stressful, especially in a small space. BTW, the mixed drinks to-go at the State in Falls Church are really good, well-packaged, and very reasonable! Not how I thought I’d be supporting local music but we are where we are.
  2. I enjoyed my Shackburger and Shake (that I stress drank) during the Watch Party last night. I finished my shake around the time Howie hit the 2-run homer. Finished the Fight!
  3. Had the Banh Mi dog from Haute Dawg place Sunday. It was very tasty although I kind of hated myself while I was eating it.
  4. I ate at the Moscow McDonalds three or so times a week in the early 90s and I won’t apologize. Day old Apple Pies make a great breakfast.
  5. Flown WOW twice and both experiences were perfectly fine. 1,100 people are out of a job. It’s a big bummer. This is a good explainer. "WOW Air - The Spectacular Crash of the Purple Airline" by Value Grettisson on grapevine.is
  6. For deli - Toojay’s. I’m sure some will say it’s now too chainy, but crispy latkes with sour cream and sugar (applesauce is gross) and a proper Egg Cream can be hard to find in the DMV. I acknowledge my opinion on applesauce may be controversial, but I dont care!!!!
  7. I am EXTREMELY sympathetic to contractors that won’t get back pay, especially to the lower-wage workers.
  8. We went back last Wednesday. This plus furlough = High cranky factor.
  9. Boy - English muffin pizzas. Don’t feel like arguing. Girl - Thai food w us. From where should we order in Falls Church? We usually do Sweet Rice. It’s fine....
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