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  1. Enjoyed the pop-up at the Dabney - Summer Rental. It’s outside, mainly seafood (lobster rolls, crab cakes, etc). They have some extremely specific rules with respect to reservations, ordering, food pick-up from the counter, 90-minute time limits, and other logistical issues. Although these might be annoying in Before Times, they resulted in a very safe and enjoyable situation. Right now, rigidity is a plus. And I haven’t had a good crab cake in a very long time.
  2. I love the beaches too. The North part is definitely more crowded than the South, but still much, much less crowded than the Eastern Shore. Some of the food is terrible but some is pretty good. Duck Cottage is a wonderful coffee shop/bookstore. And, you’re at the beach. The beach is good.
  3. Huge difference between southern outer banks and northern outer banks. Very different experiences. Not making judgments - just the truth.
  4. Thanks! We are going north where it’s more crowded but I’m pretty confident in our ability to stay out of group settings (and order plenty of carry out). The only place we love is a coffee shop in Duck and they seem to be appropriately stringent.
  5. Did you feel generally safe out and about there? Masks, etc?
  6. So, did you buy the fish by the pound and carve it yourself? Trying to gauge little effort vs no effort.
  7. We’ve had a number of experiences that have been a little funky (small retail too). I think, as long as they can communicate there is a delay and be nice about it, everyone is prepared to grant the necessary slack. It’s when the communication breaks down that it becomes not ok and very stressful, especially in a small space. BTW, the mixed drinks to-go at The State Theatre in Falls Church are really good, well-packaged, and very reasonable! Not how I thought I’d be supporting local music but we are where we are.
  8. I enjoyed my Shackburger and Shake (that I stress drank) during the Watch Party last night. I finished my shake around the time Howie hit the 2-run homer. Finished the Fight!
  9. Had the Banh Mi dog from Haute Dawg place Sunday. It was very tasty although I kind of hated myself while I was eating it.
  10. I ate at the Moscow McDonalds three or so times a week in the early 90s and I won’t apologize. Day old Apple Pies make a great breakfast.
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