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  1. stevem

    Dining at The Wharf

    I parked at the Lenfant Metro and took the SW Shuttle Bus to the Wharf last night. Strong recommend.
  2. I’m not a coffee maven per se but I will give a shout-out to Cafe Kindred in Falls Church for both their drip and fancy espresso drinks from Vigilante. It’s also a great place to hang out, but I’m not supposed to mention that here.
  3. stevem

    Food Halls

    I’ve had a nice latte and scone there a couple times while getting my car serviced. It’s a cool space and I had a nice chat with the developer before they were anywhere close to fully opened. I suggested he check out The Block in Annandale as they are relatively similarly sized. There is much less interior seating though at the place in Howard. So, if it’s cold and you can’t sit outside, it’s going to be crazy crowded.
  4. Hmmmm.... No posts in eight years.... Clare and Don’s does what it does very well. The fish is always fresh, the fries are always crisp, and it’s a very good burger. This isn’t fine dining but it’s a great family place with good food and very reasonable prices, and the owners are *very* generous to the Falls Church community.
  5. Liz is one of the finest humans on earth and was truly a pioneer in Del Ray. She will be missed. And, fortunately, the custard hasn’t missed a beat.
  6. stevem

    Reykjavik, and Iceland in General

    Just got back. Want to give a shout out to the Sandholdt coffee shop. It’s lovely and the $25ish lasagna for two was an enormous amount of high quality (and weirdly inexpensive) food for dinner. (Skip the Blue Lagoon - go to the municipal pool instead.) (Canopy Hilton - great!)
  7. Probably time to update their new location in the former Long John’s Silver across from the Giant on 7. They had to move due to some lease shenanigans in the previous location. The new place is great - table service if you want it. Same good sandwiches, friendly people, fair prices.
  8. stevem


    Giving a shout-out to the dangerously awesome Totchos at Spacebar in Falls Church. They are cheese covered tater tots and you can add any toppings from the sandwich menu. Bacon is the bomb. Cardiac paddles may be needed due to the fat content - but it's an ok way to go out.
  9. They = North Korea. And, they do appear to have the ability to create significant trouble in South Korea/Japan today. I think it's going to take diplomacy to fix this, and that's really a scary thought.
  10. Finally made it to Roses. I'm not sure I can do justice to the food other than saying it was just fantastic (and I ate too much). Instead, I'll highlight two things. 1 - This seems like a very good time of year to go. We got there at 445 on a Wednesday, sweat profusely for 20 minutes, and were happily sitting on stools watching the kitchen by 505. Super easy. 2 - The soft shell small plate special was a fun mix of sweet and pretty spicy and displayed in a funky steamer basket thing. It was exactly as described. And, I love that they tell you the price of the special that's not on the menu. It seems like a small detail but it demonstrates a level of hospitality one doesn't always find in an "expensive" restaurant.