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  1. I visited my family in Indiana during the Easter holiday. Just in case you are ever in Noblesville, Indiana, and find yourself craving Five Guys, there is now a location on I-69, at Exit 10. (I didn't know whether to be excited or devestated by this development.)
  2. Were you offered a cheese course in lieu of dessert? That might have been a better option than fruit. $25 for a cheese course seems quite reasonable.
  3. I wholeheartedly second La Chaumiere. It is quite warm and cozy, and has a bit of an old-world feel to it.
  4. With hopes still high from the tasty goat cheese number I had on my last visit, went to Breadline for lunch today...and I've come to the conclusion that in the future, I will stick with cold sandwiches. My grilled portobello on flatbread featured charred flatbread, charred portobello (bleh! what a waste of a yummy ingredient), decently melted cheese, and a PILE of raw spinach. If the spinach had been placed on with moderation, I'm sure it would have wilted from the heat and made a nice green component. But no! The sandwich was so charred that my office literally smells of "burn" to the point
  5. A small miracle... My friend and I were sitting in the third tier at the very well-attended staged reading of "Twelfth Night" at the Kennedy Center on Saturday. As soon as we had given the actors their due, we RACED downstairs, sprinted all the way around the building, and leapt onto a red bus to get back to the Foggy Bottom Metro ahead of the rest of the crowd. Then we hoofed it up to Circle Bistro, hoping against hope that bar seats would be available... Happily for us (and sadly for the rest of the DC crowd who STILL has not discovered CB), the bar was nearly empty, and the main room didn
  6. Hate to repeat a similar query, but has anyone been to CityZen lounge lately (this winter)? I'm hoping to go Saturday, but kind of want to know "what I'm in for." Firefly is our backup.
  7. Vermillion is a beautiful space, inside and out, in Old Town. Intimate, candlelit, with red and green tones. The food and the service live up to the ambiance. On a Friday in June, my friend and I were hoping to be seated in the lounge, but it was filled with a mixed (in every sense of the word) crowd, so we waited a few minutes for a table downstairs. It was worth the 25 minutes. My friend's cocktail was great, the Gin and Juice, which is citrus-y and refreshing with a perfect kick. I had a Pomolitain, a cosmo with pomegranate and lime, that was beautifully crafted but just didn't do it f
  8. I love the atmosphere and food at B&P but the service left much to be desired, at least during my last visit. Our server took our drink orders, then disappeared; then came back with drinks and rushed off even though we were ready with food orders; then returned several minutes later to take our orders; then came back to "double-check"; then our food arrived 30 minutes later. Refills had to be chased down, as did the check. But the food...was wonderful. I had the meatloaf and mashed potatoes...better than any I've ever had. The meatloaf was so tender and juicy, had some nice spinach on th
  9. I made my second visit to Breadline last week...I had the chicken with goat cheese and marinara on baguette, and it was pretty tasty. I love goat cheese, and this didn't disappoint. I don't claim to be a total convert now, but last time I left thinking, "I just don't get it," and this time I left thinking, "This is worth another special trip."
  10. There was a little teaser about this place in today's Express, which teased the Express online stuff for more info. All's I know is, Brian, if you need someone to help you test out the duck fat French fries, let a sister know. Cheers!
  11. I made it out of Pauli Moto's alive. First off, I'll be fair: they were very kind and accomodating to our group of six twentysomething women celebrating a birthday. They brought out a complimentary chocolate mousse cake with the name of the birthday girl written in chocolate, which was very nice. But seriously... Service: My first impression of the restaurant was, upon being seated, a server saying, "Look out, can you hold this?" and handing me a warm bowl of edamame. I have no problem lending a hand, when it's necessary, but it wasn't, and "look out" aren't welcoming words to a patron. Nic
  12. Great. I'm going there tonight (not my choice, for a friend's birthday), and I called to confirm that they were open, at least for today. They are...now I'm using the board to determine which dishes to order, but I must say...I'm not really excited!
  13. Visited the downtown location today, and to the food, the atmosphere, and the service, I say: Meh.
  14. Exactly. I love the atmosphere, the service is friendly. The salmon and the chocolate mousse are noteworthy.
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