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  1. I thought this guy was only some weird freak found to do TV commercials. Had no idea he had a TV show. I was equally shocked when I found out that guy doing Ford commercials was the same thing. Just another clown with a TV show. (insert chicken and egg question here). This paragraph alone, Don, says one thing to me. Your next round is on me.
  2. I realize this doesn't help anyone who went to Cafe Pizzaiolo over the last two to two-and-a-half years, but.... It's funny to look back at that original post I made on CP over five years ago. Sometime after the expansion to all the other locations was going on, the Crystal City original fell off the cliff. We ate at CP pretty regularly. We dined in. We had delivery. We would call ahead and order paninis for pickup that we could eat for lunch in the car on a drive. We'd show up and have a beer or glass of wine while ordering something to carry home. I can't recall exactly when it happened but
  3. InBev just gets better and better. Three cheers for "American" beer! "The Plot to Destroy America's Beer"
  4. So they hung up a sign that basically said "Eat Me, DC!" for the last three years. People probably would have yawned if they ever had opened.
  5. Hmmm. That's usually what I say to their regular/standard beers. I don't dislike, just nothing to rave about. I don't buy them anymore. Many more choices, even of local beers, that are better and less money. But I have been regularly impressed with their specialty/seasonal selections. I thought their Tartan and Derecho Common were outstanding. They'd be crazy not to try to brew the latter again, even though there were strange circumstances for how they got it in the first place. Will have to try the Marzen to see if it echoes what you found.
  6. Frostburg Years ago when I lived in NY and would travel down to western MD to visit my wife's family, it was a regular thing to bring a load of Hen House ribs back in a cooler. I'd even task my father in law with bringing some back if he was going on his own. In countless times at that place over the years I never had the fried chicken. I'm heading up for a few days next week. Will have to try it.
  7. I've eaten there two times in the past two months. The menu changed in between them and I'm told it's changing again. They're going to do a "small plates" format. I hear that's all the rage. Really good appetizer of black pudding with an egg that finishes cooking as it's brought out to you. I also really like the soups. I can't recall exactly but I think I had a corn soup with plenty of crispy bacon bits in it along with a touch of some kind of herb oil. It was very good, it's just that my memory isn't serving very well for what it was, exactly. I'm less impressed with the entrees. I think I
  8. I love the name of the joint. And the humor on their website is great, too. That's enough to consider checking them out if I find myself in Columbia Heights.
  9. Yeah, I'm in total agreement about the chicken. I like mine tasty and juicy so I'm definitely a thigh man and not a breast man. But this dish is one that can make me think of varying my repertoire. Can't forget the leg confit with it too. LOVED having pork ribs that I could eat with fork and knife and didn't leave my fingers all goopy so I'd have to hunt for wetnaps or more napkins or my tablemate's clothes or the cat or something. The gratin that came with the ham steak was sweet and creamy and delicious, but too soupy. We told Dave afterwards and thought about it for a bit and considered tha
  10. Skip the restaurant. Make a picnic and head up to Sacandaga. Unless you're willing to drive 40 or more miles, which for lunch seems kinda silly (and even then you won't find something great). A picnic will be a million times better than anything you'll find in the area.
  11. Eric, Thank you for the thoughtful addition. And you're right. I have no doubt there were many issues that she tackled on behalf of DC restaurants and did so for the true benefit of restaurant business and clientele. But unlike you and those who know her and her work, I'm not familiar with those things. From where I sit, she was and always will remain the poster child for a hare-brained effort to ensure that cigarette smoke can freely flow through dining rooms. Unlike people who choose to supersize their meal, those who light up in a restaurant damage the health and atmosphere for everyone aro
  12. And lets never forget her tireless efforts to endanger the health of diners and industry personnel by ensuring that cigarette smoke be permiited to billow through DC's dining rooms. Good riddance!
  13. I don't know why I don't eat here more often. I absolutely love the fresh pasta. Had the black linguine with clams, shrimp, and scallops in a spicy sauce last weekend. Great flavor on the sauce with a light red pepper kick. Very tender seafood. But the pasta rules. Just enough weight and chew to the noodle. Sopped up the sauce with the tasty focaccia. Wines by the bottle may be okay, but I knew I was going by the glass the other night. And the wine by the glass selection is unimpressive. Oh, but that pasta....
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