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  1. Ditto. Wrapping up my food, getting my drinks, and driving it all to my home merits 15% minimum.
  2. If you don't have any knowledge of the production process and deadlines, perhaps you should not endeavor not to smear the entire editorial reputation of The Washington Post by floating the idea that it printed a review of a restaurant that is no longer open only in order to increase the readership of the dozens, or perhaps scores, of people who care enough about the issue to create a conspiracy theory.
  3. Well that stopped that conversation fast! I'll go: salami and cream cheese; peanut butter and chocolate chips; Kraft Easy Mac with tunafish (the box is better, but Easy Mac keeps me to one serving).
  4. For design and layout, the filing deadline for the Post magazine is 2-3 weeks before printing, which is around 1 week before distribution. If they got the news in time, do you really think they should have dropped the article and left the column blank? Should they have pulled all the printed copies and distributed tomorrow without any magazine at all? Do you think they should have published it in print without publishing it on their website? Honestly. Get a grip.
  5. BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville is great, and pretty close to Barboursville.
  6. What's helpful today in DC, where the weather wasn't as bad as it was in many suburbs, is knowing who's open that's not usually--like Meridian and KBC (which, incidentally, has $3 hot toddies and $4 "forget work" Jameson shots all day).
  7. Meridian Pint*, Kangaroo Boxing Club*, The Coupe, DC Reynolds, and Room 11 are open all day. *Thank you for knowing how to use social media to share helpful information!
  8. The cassoulet at Mintwood Place that I had a couple of months ago was outstanding. But it didn't hold up to Don Rockwell's great test: the next day it was greasy and disappointing. So get it and share it with a friend and finish it at the restaurant.
  9. Kangaroo Boxing Club has a half keg left, $8 for 16 oz., $6 for 10.5.
  10. Teaism: saltyoatcookie saltyoatcookie saltyoatcookie Chop't: not in the same league as many of the others, but I think they make pretty damn good salads; they're only in DC and NY, and you'd definitely get out in less than an hour. So's Your Mom: I haven't been for a few years, but I always thought of it as a solid deli. The avocado BLT is my favorite sandwich, but their specials are really good; a bagel with the bacon cream cheese or the sun-dried tomato cream cheese is a lovely thing. Bistrot du Coin: the menu is hit or miss, and the service ain't great, but I'd never turn down a glass of wine and a plate of pate at the bar. Don't forget Cashion's as a dinner option. Grab a beer at Bedrock first, or after. For BBQ and bourbon, Smoke and Barrel is pretty good and a nice, casual option. And if you're sick of eating out and want to veg in your hotel room, Himalayan Heritage delivers.
  11. On the contrary. One of the reasons for Pho 14's success is their excellent delivery service, which includes online ordering and conscientious packaging that lets the dishes' components retain their integrity until it gets to you.
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