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  1. BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville is great, and pretty close to Barboursville.
  2. Seconded. I had it for the first time after Thanksgiving last year, served over those big square ice cubes to keep it cold but not watered down, with a twist. I've been wanting to get a bottle for myself (central DC? Metro-accessible), but probably wouldn't regularly use it as a mixer because I enjoy it so much on its own.
  3. Thanks for the ideas, KMango! But thank you especially for this...
  4. No kidding? I can just freeze it? I freeze almost every other liquid I have leftover in ice cube trays; why did that not even occur to me? I overthink things so, so much. Thank you MV. But hey, now I'm curious about other options, so if anyone has other ideas, shout em out.
  5. Thanks for the advice, P and L. I ended up making the icing on Wednesday because I was going to be really pressed for time Thursday, and the cakes Friday night. They were awesome. Actually, they were awesome separately. I wouldn't do them together again. The cakes were dense and chocolatey and not too sweet and gorgeous. The German chocolate cake topping was really nice, but it was kind of insipid on the cakes. Note: I can't believe I just used the word "insipid" here, which I had always before found eye-rollingly pretentious when used in regards to food, but in this case it's actually true
  6. I have an unusual problem: a boatload of leftover wine. I had a large party this weekend and, trying to keep it flowing, I ended the night with two full, open bottles of white and and almost full, open bottle of red. Even if I weren't still hung over, I couldn't get through all of that before it turned, so I'm wondering what to do with it. I don't have a mother, so vinegar is out. Would I get something good that I could freeze and use for sauces if I reduced it down to a syrup? I honestly have no idea what my options are because this if a completely foreign situation for me. (I'm kicking myse
  7. To our women in uniform. It's been too long in coming.
  8. Thanks, lovehockey! Do you think I could make the coconut topping any earlier (tomorrow?) and fridge it? Observation: The reason I'm plunging into making my own is because I priced them at a few bakeries around the city. Holy Moses. When the cupcakes would cost half as much as the wine, Houston, we have a problem.
  9. I'm hosting a shower Saturday that has turned out to be a heck of a lot bigger than I thought it would be, so I'm trying to mete out the work throughout this week. I'm planning to make the cake from these cupcakes with the coconut topping from these. I can't even remember the last time I made cupcakes, and my expertise with baking is pretty much limited to banana bread, so: HELP. How early can I make the cake? The night before? If so, what's the best way to store them? Should I wait to ice them until the day of or can I do that the night before too? Can I make the coconut topping tonight or
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