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  1. I am on vacation or I would get a precise name but at least one of the bodegas's on Mt. Pleasant have a frying cheese called appropriately queso para frier. If I have mispelled that please kill me when I get back from almost the middle of nowhere. I have enjoyed preparing this with plantain and refried red beans.
  2. I agree that the crust was quite good but the whole experience left me with a bad tast in my mouth from the loud (decibel) young man (who was nice enough but never learned what an inside vice sounds like) shouting next to me at the communal table, to the choice of 1 beverage (albeit a very fine ginger ale) to the dour expression shared by the 3 people working I don't believe I witnessed a single smile directed at anyone all night, I would probably not return based on that one experience.
  3. Reminds me of a lot of professionals (not in the food industry) with whom I work. It is completely unacceptable, and completely human, and Cowen makes a good, if uncomfortable point.
  4. I have not had a CfA sandwich in over 20 year but I recall liking the few that I ate many moons ago. I would certainly choose them over a Big Mac or a Whopper today. That being said, I would absolutely choose Popeye's for a wing, breast and red beans & rice or mashed potatoes over CfA any day. That stuff is like fast food crack to me. I'm so sad the Popeye's on Columbia Rd. closed. The 14th st location has always kind of bothered me.
  5. I really appreciate the discussion in this thread. It makes me very aware of the log in my eye.
  6. Paso Robles I've never been but my brother and his wife live out there and have worked on occasion in some of the tasting rooms. He is very knowledgeable about wines and had this advice: "some of the best rhone style are MacPrice Myers, Herman Story, Tablas Creek, Linne Colada, Villa Creek and the top one is Saxum. For dinner Artisan is a good choice as well as Villa Creek....Turley has great petite, and their Zin's are some of the best...have a great time! B" Hope this helps.
  7. Well, in the old days casual tennis players kept extra balls in their pants (or panties if they were female). If you don't have any clothing on except for shoes where will you keep the extras? Perhaps I'm dating myself?
  8. The ones they hit with racquets
  9. I'm not sure if going to Porec in the early 80's with Waitman (even taking into account the horrid drive through the Julian Alps) or camping in Oregon with the kids counted as the best vacation ever but I will say that the seafood in Croatia did not suck. The nudist camping park was rather interesting too. I thought the granddaughter was much more compelling than the grandmother (so did W-man). Watching people play tennis in nothing but sneakers made me giggle. Seriously. Where are they going to keep their balls?
  10. Ssshh! Don't let the secret out! I also like the availability of fresh basil in the middle of winter when I'm jonesing for pesto. The selection of Asian condiments, noodles & mushrooms is also a nice thing to have in the 'hood.
  11. Stellar pappardelle with black trumpet mushrooms. Simply sublime. Very nice perfectly prepared fish main. The pea soup was almost as good as mine . The service was flawless (as it usually always is) and I had a terrific time with Waitman for a kind of "on a whim" dinner. One note, I love love love the custard amuse but I think it is an awfully rich way to begin a meal, at least for me. I wish it were about 1/2 the size that it is. Except now, I could eat a bowl full. (cue Wednesday in Addams Family "NOW") Very nice Santorini white made me a happy camper and an introduction to a new ama
  12. Okay, I will pile on just because I'm in a bad mood. I listened to his interview with Kojo last Wednesday and thought he came off sounding very much like Zora described him. I generally agree with a lot off his restaurant reviews but was really put off by hearing him live..
  13. I pretty much shop by foot daily. Like Barbara. the stores on Mt. Pleasant St. HT, Yes! & (yuck to the next two) the Giant in Columbia Heights and the Safeway on Columbia Road suit me just fine. Waitman gets the good stuff at the Farmer's Market and Black Salt when meat or fish protein are necessary. Though I will say that the fajita meat at the mercado on MtP street does just fine in a pinch and the people that work there couldn't be more lovely. Even when the kids were at home I still made daily trips to the "street."
  14. I generally prefer to sit at the bar while dining solo if only to get a good view of what's going on in the restaurant (not always the case of course). I never fail, I hope, to be polite and I never fail to bring reading material. 99.99% of the time I have a good experience. I also have a gift for makiing it erfectly clear that I'm not interested in small talk if that is indeed how I feel . But I'm nice about it, really. I don't particularly like to eat solo at a table because on a few of the occasions, not all, that I have decided to pursue that route, I felt oddly isolated - even though
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