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  1. sandynva

    Welsh Rarebit

    i've always wanted to try this dish actually--i'll try to get that vegetarian epicure recipe and try it. it sounds similar to indian chili cheese toast which i love. it's not fancy and more of a snack than a meal, but tasty nonetheless. (i've never tried to make this myself either and really should!)
  2. sandynva

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    In the refrigerator section. With the hummus and stuff
  3. sandynva

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    closer to a whip i think.
  4. sandynva

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    It is so good! I love it on fries. I actually think the version sold at the Lebanese taverna market in Arlington is superior but as I’m rarely in Arlington and I’m very happy to have this.
  5. sandynva


    On TV shows I see people cut the pomegranates in half, and whack them with a wooden spoon, and the seeds come tumbling out. Has anyone had this work for them at home? I’ve tried multiple times at home and it’s never worked for me. I get a few kernels but far from the majority and wonder if there’s something I could do differently to make it work Are usually end up taking the seeds out in a bowl of water, which reduces the juice splatter and helps keep the seeds free of that bitter white pith. I feel like it reduces the sweetness of the seeds slightly, but think it’s worth it to save the mess generally.
  6. I don’t know that this is fair. I think that the vegan Ramen on the old menu was something special- i’ve had a lot of vegetarian noodle soups and this one was definitely one of the best, it was more savory and satisfying than most. And I thought the shiitake buns were pretty great as well
  7. I was a bit let down by my lunch here yesterday. I tried 2 bings-the one with pimento cheese and the one with hozon. the bing bread is like a lightly oiled and griddled nan, perfectly nice but i wasn't wowed. and the pimento cheese was a good version of pimento cheese, but just that. the pickles on top didn't add much. the sunflower hozon tasted like a really good hummus, and of the two spreads i thought it was the winner (though i like pimento cheese, i think it's easier to find than hummus this good). however, ultimately the dishes were just that--warm flatbread with hummus and pimento cheese. perfectly pleasant but not amazing or special in any way. I had a bite of my friend's bibim bap bowl too and it just seemed like a typical bap bowl. nothing wrong with that of course, but since it was at momofuku (where i quite enjoyed the previous menu) and given the good reviews i overall expected more.
  8. "How D.C. Learned To Love Minced Alligator" by Tara Barahmpour on washingtonpost.com
  9. sandynva


    Curious— does anyone have any opinions on who makes the best vegetarian pho in the area?
  10. sandynva


    Good to know that at least some of the trees will fruit here. the sorry to hear about your squirrels. I have a similar problem with my tomatoes and they are indeed a horrible pest
  11. sandynva


    Astrid— I remember your posts about the cuttings a ways back, and I’ve always wondered how that turned out. So alas it sounds like you aren’t sure that any of the varieties you got will reliably fruit here? If so that’s a bummer. I’ve been daydreaming about one day having my very own fruiting pom.
  12. thank you all for the tips! got carryout from there for brunch yesterday and it was great. we ordered many of the things we usually get from panda gourmet and the versions here were equally good with two exceptions--the bean curd and celery salad, which is worse here, and the chengdu bean jelly which was great here--nicely savory and actually tasted better at dinnertime than it had at brunch because the jelly absorbed the flavors more. the cold steamed noodles and biang biang noodles were great as always. My husband loved the wontons with chili oil and liked the beef soup with pita. i will try to post pics of the menu soon, but if i'm unsuccessful, or till then, it's on grubhub too. everything was packaged very nicely and the food was actually ready when we arrived, while at panda gourmet we usually have to wait. very glad to have this option, as it's much closer to us than panda. next time we'll try to branch out more and see if we can discover new favorites.
  13. Has anyone been able to find a menu online? Very excited about this, and I hope they do carry out!
  14. espita or all purpose? not sure if they're open for lunch but they are right there. and depending on how you feel about mike isabella, arroz is right there too, and i'd think it's open for lunch.