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  1. definitely no microgreens on mine, and i don't think there were any sauces except on one. mine had the cheese and onions. Sauces would've helped a lot, and given them more complex flavor, which was what i was missing.
  2. After hearing so many raves about this place here i was really excited to finally try it by getting some carryout last night from the chinatown location. We tried the mushroom, collard, and asparagus tacos, a quesadilla, the green rice, and the black beans with crema. I know it was carryout and it loses something in translation, and that i didn't have the kale-poblano taco which seems to be the most admired one (bought it but was too full to try), but even with those caveats, i was underwhelmed. the tacos i had seemed to be decent corn tortillas stuffed with ample quantities of very simply prepared vegetables. i appreciate the nice vegetable quantities, and the ingredients seemed to be quality ones. but, for example, the collard taco just seemed like fresh collards cooked with a lot of smoked pimenton and put in a tortilla. and the asparagus was just sauteed asparagus with some slivers of preserved lemon. There's nothing wrong with simply prepared vegetables, but they were just fine. I wanted more flavor, more sauces or spices or something. the texture of the green rice was nice, as was the flavor (though i'd have liked this to be stronger too). the one thing we did like was the black beans with crema--a lot of good flavor here, i'd have been happy if i'd recieved these in a taco. The place was nice and inviting and the servers were very friendly. i am in no rush to go back, and if i do it'll be for the black beans.
  3. Just went to this for the first time and liked it a lot. Their produce selection was not as extensive as the Lotte in Chantilly, it's more akin to the produce in a smaller HMart, but what they had was in good condition and some (including the lotus root) looked very fresh. they had fresh durian too (though it was the stinky kind). i think the selection is more exclusively chinese than some of the other asian markets, for example there were very few indian vegetables (no tindora, etc, though they did have a few karela). they had a huge selection of tofu products though-skins, noodles, pressed, baked, mushroom, five spice, spicy, etc. and a lot of different types of fresh noodles including wide hand-shaved shanxi noodles very similar to panda gourmet's hand pulled noodles. (now i just need to figure out how i can replicate those spices!). they had a lot of products like bings that i haven't seen at other markets. they also have some food stalls-including a taiwanese one, a sichuan one, and one with roast ducks and chickens-- a bakery, a ten ren tea, and a deli where you can buy dim sum by the piece. the hotpot we got was tasty, and while my husband said the dim sum was only ok, the scallion-stuffed pancake we got was very good. one fun thing they do is that when you check out, for every $20 you spend you get $1 in 99Ranch money that you can use at the bakery or the deli, so after you do your shopping you essentially get a free treat which is fun. they had a good selection of dry goods as well. the produce was limited enough that this won't supplant our trips to lotte or the larger HMarts, but they had enough unique items that we'll definitely be adding this to the rotation.
  4. (moderators, I wasn't sure if this should be a new topic, so i apologize if this is in the wrong place) I just got carryout from the Bethesda Penang this weekend and we really enjoyed it. We loved the kari mee --the yellow curry/soup was absolutely delicious. the roti canai was also great--the paratha was a standard one, similar to what you'd get if you brought a frozen one (but those are very good!) and the vegetarian dipping sauce was very similar to the kari mee soup, and similarly delicious. they did a vegetarian mee goreng for us which was also very good (though not as good as the kari mee soup, which i just wanted to drink bowls and bowls of).
  5. Does anyone else grow this? If so how do you use it? For the past few years I’ve grown this and use the leaves in salads, where it is delicious. However, due to a lack of vigilance on my part last year I have a huge crop this year, more then I want to use in salads, So I’m looking for other potential options . I don’t drink tea really. TIA.
  6. Had some very good carry out from here last night. The shredded tofu skin with hot numbing sauce was great. The texture of the tofu skins was much more delicate and tender than it is at peter Chang Rockville. I don’t know if the version at Q is generally superior, or if in the few months since I’ve been to one of the other Peter Chang outpost they’ve changed how they make the skins, but either way it was very nice. The fresh lily Dan Dan noodles were great-really well seasoned, and the pieces of fresh lily bulb in it were a revelation. I hadn’t ever had those before and loved them. Their sweet juiciness was also a nice counterpoint to the heat of the noodles. The other dish that really impressed me was the black mushrooms with Rosemary. This is a sort of stew with a large amount of sliced mushrooms in it. Mostly shiitake’s, but some other things too. This was a deeply savory umami bomb, and I loved it. As a vegetarian I rarely come across dishes with this deep, deep savoryness.
  7. I just had fresh lily bulb in a dish for the first time and loved it. Does anyone know where to find these locally? Or have any tips on preparing them? And I’d also be very interested to hear if anyone has tried to grow them— I grow a lot of lilies anyway, so I’m wondering if I could grow these and get a twofer of a gorgeous flower plus delicious bulb
  8. Is that always necessarily a bad thing? In my experience, many dals and “ curries”, especially the ones without large chunks of vegetable in them, are unaffected by sitting around for a while, if anything they may be slightly better, as many of those things are definitely better the second day than the first day as the longer the ingredients are together the more they marry . I think it’s one of the reasons Indian buffets are actually relatively good-a lot of the food doesn’t suffer from being held on the steam table. In addition, I would think a lot of the dishes would have to be made on the steam table in order to be served, because they simply take too long to make to be prepared individually per order.
  9. I thought this article was fascinating, In addition to knowing how these people did in blind tastings, I’d be really interested to know their motivation for getting some of the non-wine certifications. Is it mostly just bragging rights, or are most of the people who get them in the industry and hoping to monetize the certification? If they are just amateurs doing it for their own education, I also wondered what the effect would be on their overall level of enjoyment of their chosen subject- for example, if they choose to get a certification in cheese, does their more refined and educated palate mean they can no longer enjoy mass market cheeses or the cheese plate at the office holiday party? Or, perhaps are they so busy evaluating the cheese they don’t enjoy it as much? If so then, could the certification/ education have the ironic affect of decreasing their overall level of pleasure by reducing the number of products they can enjoy? He had a statement in the article to the effect that the purpose of sommeliers and similar professionals was ultimately to steer customers to higher priced products, I wondered what people thought of this too
  10. does anyone know where in DC i can buy these? thank you.
  11. i've always wanted to try this dish actually--i'll try to get that vegetarian epicure recipe and try it. it sounds similar to indian chili cheese toast which i love. it's not fancy and more of a snack than a meal, but tasty nonetheless. (i've never tried to make this myself either and really should!)
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