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  1. oh no! we love that place and think that their cooking has been even better than usual lately. does anyone know when they are opening in the new spot? or if they'll be selling food from a truck or anything in the meantime? i need my ginger salad and tofu with pickled mustard!
  2. has anyone ever cooked with fresh Sichuan peppercorns or prickly ash? i found some fresh prickly ash berries and the raw flavor is fantastic--there's the numbing action but a lot of citrus/lemon plus savoriness. it really reminds me of the topping/spice powder peter chang puts on his fried eggplant. i was so excited to cook with these so tried smashing some and heating them in oil (i thought they might infuse the oil, like chile flakes or garlic), and then stirfrying veg with them. I was very dissapointed by the flavor, it seems to have vanished or gone down to just a hint. are these things better if they are not cooked? is there a trick to cooking with them or any way to transfer the flavor to another medium that might allow me to disperse the flavor more evenly than just attempting to chop them finely and sprinkling over things? i'd experiment but i only have a scant handful left and don't want to waste them. thank you
  3. with this in mind some of the rhapsodic reviews like the one below are pretty funny. Sometimes the emperor has no clothes. TBH, I feel that this happens with a lot of "premium" offerings, that the people think it will taste better, so to them it does. "Before eating Belcampo beef, I really don't know what the heck I was eating for 50 years. You can almost taste the nutrition in the richness of its' juices, as they permeate and become at one with the salivary flowing juices of my own. The experience is divine! This is truly a beef of substance, for anybody to say otherwise is blasphemy." "This butcher shop serves only the highest in quality meat! Man after eating one of their tomahawk steaks you don't feel tired or sluggish because their cows aren't fed corn!!! This is the best example of from farm to table as it gets" "Prices were a bit higher than buying your meat at grocery stores, but you could tell a huge difference in quality and freshness, very much worth the occasional splurge."
  4. We really enjoyed Volt and were worried when we heard about the new restaurant. However, our meal there this weekend was very good, and it's not as different from Volt as you may expect. Our apps and dessert could've been from Volt. my companion had a gorgeous beet and citrus salad with beets flavored different ways, 3 types of citrus, and fresh herbs. it was so pretty and every bite had a different (and delicious) flavor mix. The little gem salad was very pretty and a very good salad with very good ranch dressing. Dessert was so good--it was called a chocolate-orange "pudding" but it was really like a 2 inch square of the filling of a Lindor truffle accompanied by flavored (earl grey?) chocolate, salted caramel gelato, and a cocoa-cardamom sand. The potato puree was also great, like 50% butter with a definite baked potato flavor--it was like the best bite of a baked potato with butter but even better. the Rye bread was fine, it's neat that it's made from spent grain, but was like a good whole wheat roll, not much rye flavor. you can get a side of herb biscuits alone (they come with one of the apps) and you should. they are excellent, as volt's were. instead of mains we had some pastas which were all very good, especially the goat cheese tortellini, and lighter than you might've expected bolognese and lasagna to be. Service was very nice.
  5. Woodlands Indian restaurant review: A vegetarian menu that deserves to be close to your heart - The Washington Post Oh no! this is tragic, this one really hurts. I love, love the buffet, the vibe was great -- people who didn't know each other saying hi, giving newbies tips on how to eat things, i I don't know why but it always felt a bit like a community center to me, and the food was so good. I think the ultimate compliment to the quality of the food is that one time we went to brunch the people sitting at the next table were relatives of mine from new jersey who had been returning back to jersey--which has the best indian food in the us--and stopped for brunch on the way out because they liked it so much. i haven't gotten much carryout from there lately, but need to change that. They, and their buffet, must return! (maybe they could just have the buffet in jewel of india? ) and thanks to Tim Carman for reporting this, even though I was so sad to read it.
  6. I think I’ve seen these in Indian stores before
  7. A friend posted on Facebook that apparently they will be serving pizzas on some of the weekends in December, So if you’re a fan like my friend is, you have another chance to get their pies!
  8. They have a go fund me, in case anyone is interested in contributing —https://www.gofundme.com/f/sakina-halal-grill-meals?utm_source=customer-andr&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=sms
  9. Got carry out from there again this weekend and it was great as usual. The egg and chive pan fried buns and the Crystal noodles with special sauce were amazing per usual. Tried their hot and sour soup for the first time and was pleasantly impressed – definitely homemade and the best I’ve had in the area Very flavorful.
  10. Has anyone ever managed to get food from this place? Due to the excellent Washington post review we’ve tried repeatedly to get food from here without success. We tried at least three times prepandemic and it was always closed. One of those times, unable to get someone on the phone ( i’ve never been able to get anyone on the phone there) while I was on the phone with Northwest Chinese Food,their sister restaurant, I asked if CB Grill was open. They said they were, but only on weekdays ( our previous attempts to order from there had been on weekends ) Two weeks ago I was picking up food from Northwest Chinese Food and saw the owner, who also owns CB Grill. I asked her if they were open ( because I tried calling a couple times without success ) and she said yes they were open Mondays and Tuesdays and she even gave me a menu flyer that said the same that they were open on Mondays and Tuesdays. I went yesterday and, of course, they were closed. Sigh. What is the trick to getting food from here?
  11. Inspired by Tim Carmen‘s excellent review, we went there a while ago and really liked it. Sadly it seems to have closed. When I went there a couple weeks ago to try to get carry out, a man was waiting by the door and told me that he was opening up a Colombian restaurant in that space. When I called yesterday the number had been disconnected.
  12. https://dc.eater.com/2020/8/24/21354316/punjab-grill-serves-sikh-langar-communal-meals-homeless-people-downtown-franklin-park-d-c
  13. Funny, Martha is one of the few people, along with Nigella Lawson, whose recipes always work for me! I wonder if it’s some thing about the way different people cook or something. In any case, I should definitely look at recipes by those two
  14. All of my herbs have done extremely well this year, including my sage and oregano. I now have large quantities of each and no idea how to use up the bounty. I usually only use the oregano in pasta sauce and Greek lemon potatoes and have found that you can’t just add extra oregano to these recipes as it’s too strong. Does anyone have any (preferably vegetarian) recipes that use lots of either herb? Thank you!
  15. I also live in Montgomery county and love it. They have my favorite version of mapo tofu in the area. Sorry to read about the chefs accident though, and that they might be selling. I feel like they are an underappreciated treasure.
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