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  1. On the tip of a friend who grew up in Kenya we got carryout from there this weekend and were very happy. Neither of us knows anything about East African cuisine but we enjoyed the food we had. The entrees come with two small sides. I had the Katogo (green bananas simmered in a curried onion, tomato, and bell pepper stew) with peanut sauce added, which was very good and different than anything i've ever had. it was coconutty, peanutty, and spiced, but nothing like asian or indian food I've had. and the bananas were far more potato-like than they usually are. we got the masala chips, a large order of fries in a tangy tomatoey sauce with onions and coriander. they were great. Husband had the beef stew, which he said was good, but like a milder goan curry. He liked it but liked the other dishes better. I was a bit surprised at the portion though, it was a pint container, and even that wasn't full, for $17. for sides the rice pilau was nicely spiced, and the spinach was garlicky with some spice and great. the coconut white rice mostly tasted like rice with butter in it. https://www.facebook.com/HakunaMatataGrill/
  2. We ate very well in Richmond. The entrees at Temple ( Laotian) were even better than the ones at Thip Khao, though I think Thip Khao has the better apps. Their sister thai place sabai was also very good. The green peppercorn biscuit at root stock provisions was one of the best biscuits I’ve ever had— great deep flavor and texture. And Sub Rosa bakery was excellent, the best bread I’ve had in a long time.
  3. thanks for the tip on just fruit--i'd never heard of them before and they have so many great varieties including a dwarf i may be able to do on our deck! you mentioned zone 8A--do you think silver spring actually gets this warm? if so, that's encouraging, Ive been holding back on trying things beyond zone 6, but maybe i will try something. one q though--when you say the just fruits trees aren't precocious, do you mean that though they may be bigger they don't seem to fruit earlier than smaller trees from other vendors? or just that persimmons in general take 3-5 years to fruit?
  4. has anyone tried growing asian persimmons in the dmv area? if so, what cultivar did you use and how did it turn out? on georgia ave, near where i live, there are a couple people with persimmon trees that are currently laden with fruit. they look gorgeous. i'm so tempted to ring their doorbell and ask what variety they are growing (as it appears to do very well here) but thought i'd try here first before becoming that weird lady......
  5. any pawpaw sightings at local markets yet this year? also, if anyone has tried growing them and has tips about where to purchase trees, varieties that did or did not do well, etc, i'd love to hear them
  6. I had lunch here today and will definitely be back. The dining room is pretty, the food beautifully presented, they have some non-standard things on the menu, and everything I had was good (though the portions could be a bit larger). I went there because they had Kolkata style Jhaal muri (puffed rice, peanuts and various chutneys) which is a fave of mine that i haven't seen in the area. it was served, as it traditionally is, in a small newspaper cone, which i loved. the muri itself wasn't quite Kolkata style, (IMO it had too much date chutney, and not enough mustard oil) but it was very tasty, and i give them credit for having it. the pan fried idli were very good, they had a nice masala on them and came with a very good tomato chutney, though i would've liked them a bit more pan fried. and the okra side i got was very good too--simply prepared with chili and mango powder, but done very well, and there aren't that many places here that make it like this. My friend had the paneer with green chutney and lamb with apricots and liked both. they have some non-standard things on the menu, which was nice to see, like dahi vada, chicken choorma, goat with turnips and more. they also have a 3 course lunch deal for $24 i think. everything was beautifully plated and the service was good. Website
  7. its great to see some goan food here, its not often in restaurants. my goan in-laws are excited and have already purchased tickets!
  8. We had an amazing version of pan con tomate this weekend at Del Mar which reminded me that i really need to learn how to make this at home. their version had a lot of tomato pulp, not just a smear, and a deep garlic flavor though i saw no garlic bits, and used pan cristal. Does anyone have any tips on how to make this? i've read about the method where you cut a tomato in half and rub it on the grilled bread-does that actually work? or is the method where you grate it better, or some other method? what's the best bread to use-ciabatta? and does it matter if you grill, broil, or toast it? thank you!
  9. We got carry out from the Rockville location Friday and it was good as usual However they mentioned that they have slightly revised their menu and have some new seasonal dishes ( photos hopefully attached) and that they have a special deal on the cold appetizers on the new menu-they are buy one get one free through July
  10. definitely no microgreens on mine, and i don't think there were any sauces except on one. mine had the cheese and onions. Sauces would've helped a lot, and given them more complex flavor, which was what i was missing.
  11. After hearing so many raves about this place here i was really excited to finally try it by getting some carryout last night from the chinatown location. We tried the mushroom, collard, and asparagus tacos, a quesadilla, the green rice, and the black beans with crema. I know it was carryout and it loses something in translation, and that i didn't have the kale-poblano taco which seems to be the most admired one (bought it but was too full to try), but even with those caveats, i was underwhelmed. the tacos i had seemed to be decent corn tortillas stuffed with ample quantities of very simply prepared vegetables. i appreciate the nice vegetable quantities, and the ingredients seemed to be quality ones. but, for example, the collard taco just seemed like fresh collards cooked with a lot of smoked pimenton and put in a tortilla. and the asparagus was just sauteed asparagus with some slivers of preserved lemon. There's nothing wrong with simply prepared vegetables, but they were just fine. I wanted more flavor, more sauces or spices or something. the texture of the green rice was nice, as was the flavor (though i'd have liked this to be stronger too). the one thing we did like was the black beans with crema--a lot of good flavor here, i'd have been happy if i'd recieved these in a taco. The place was nice and inviting and the servers were very friendly. i am in no rush to go back, and if i do it'll be for the black beans.
  12. Just went to this for the first time and liked it a lot. Their produce selection was not as extensive as the Lotte in Chantilly, it's more akin to the produce in a smaller HMart, but what they had was in good condition and some (including the lotus root) looked very fresh. they had fresh durian too (though it was the stinky kind). i think the selection is more exclusively chinese than some of the other asian markets, for example there were very few indian vegetables (no tindora, etc, though they did have a few karela). they had a huge selection of tofu products though-skins, noodles, pressed, baked, mushroom, five spice, spicy, etc. and a lot of different types of fresh noodles including wide hand-shaved shanxi noodles very similar to panda gourmet's hand pulled noodles. (now i just need to figure out how i can replicate those spices!). they had a lot of products like bings that i haven't seen at other markets. they also have some food stalls-including a taiwanese one, a sichuan one, and one with roast ducks and chickens-- a bakery, a ten ren tea, and a deli where you can buy dim sum by the piece. the hotpot we got was tasty, and while my husband said the dim sum was only ok, the scallion-stuffed pancake we got was very good. one fun thing they do is that when you check out, for every $20 you spend you get $1 in 99Ranch money that you can use at the bakery or the deli, so after you do your shopping you essentially get a free treat which is fun. they had a good selection of dry goods as well. the produce was limited enough that this won't supplant our trips to lotte or the larger HMarts, but they had enough unique items that we'll definitely be adding this to the rotation.
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