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  1. Woodlands Indian restaurant review: A vegetarian menu that deserves to be close to your heart - The Washington Post Oh no! this is tragic, this one really hurts. I love, love the buffet, the vibe was great -- people who didn't know each other saying hi, giving newbies tips on how to eat things, i I don't know why but it always felt a bit like a community center to me, and the food was so good. I think the ultimate compliment to the quality of the food is that one time we went to brunch the people sitting at the next table were relatives of mine from new jersey who had been returning back
  2. I think I’ve seen these in Indian stores before
  3. A friend posted on Facebook that apparently they will be serving pizzas on some of the weekends in December, So if you’re a fan like my friend is, you have another chance to get their pies!
  4. They have a go fund me, in case anyone is interested in contributing —https://www.gofundme.com/f/sakina-halal-grill-meals?utm_source=customer-andr&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=sms
  5. Got carry out from there again this weekend and it was great as usual. The egg and chive pan fried buns and the Crystal noodles with special sauce were amazing per usual. Tried their hot and sour soup for the first time and was pleasantly impressed – definitely homemade and the best I’ve had in the area Very flavorful.
  6. Has anyone ever managed to get food from this place? Due to the excellent Washington post review we’ve tried repeatedly to get food from here without success. We tried at least three times prepandemic and it was always closed. One of those times, unable to get someone on the phone ( i’ve never been able to get anyone on the phone there) while I was on the phone with Northwest Chinese Food,their sister restaurant, I asked if CB Grill was open. They said they were, but only on weekdays ( our previous attempts to order from there had been on weekends ) Two weeks ago I was pickin
  7. Inspired by Tim Carmen‘s excellent review, we went there a while ago and really liked it. Sadly it seems to have closed. When I went there a couple weeks ago to try to get carry out, a man was waiting by the door and told me that he was opening up a Colombian restaurant in that space. When I called yesterday the number had been disconnected.
  8. https://dc.eater.com/2020/8/24/21354316/punjab-grill-serves-sikh-langar-communal-meals-homeless-people-downtown-franklin-park-d-c
  9. Funny, Martha is one of the few people, along with Nigella Lawson, whose recipes always work for me! I wonder if it’s some thing about the way different people cook or something. In any case, I should definitely look at recipes by those two
  10. All of my herbs have done extremely well this year, including my sage and oregano. I now have large quantities of each and no idea how to use up the bounty. I usually only use the oregano in pasta sauce and Greek lemon potatoes and have found that you can’t just add extra oregano to these recipes as it’s too strong. Does anyone have any (preferably vegetarian) recipes that use lots of either herb? Thank you!
  11. I also live in Montgomery county and love it. They have my favorite version of mapo tofu in the area. Sorry to read about the chefs accident though, and that they might be selling. I feel like they are an underappreciated treasure.
  12. Is there a reason to not just increase all the prices 30%? I think some of what people don’t like with surcharges like this is the semi-hidden surprise, you think something will cost X then it costs Y. Unless the point of keeping it as a surcharge is to highlight what they are doing with it maybe.
  13. I have to preface this all by saying that I unfortunately have never dined at Thamee,, I just didn’t get to it pre-covid— and I may be a bit biased because I’m quite fond of Mandalay in Silver Spring. And I don’t know that much at all about the Business of restaurants, who they employ, how they raise money etc. But, am I the only one who wondered if what Thamee is doing is worthy of a huge Food section article? Or is it just that what they are doing is better packaged and spun? spun The owners seem to genuinely mean well, and have their heart in the right place and for that I applaud
  14. Overall, I think it depends on what you’re going for, there are so many flavors and styles. If you’re looking for a vegetarian version that’s close to Shin, nonmgshim makes soon brand Ramen which is very good. Others in my regular rotation are Indo me nasi goreng ( fried noodle) flavor and Ichiban chow mein flavor. If you can find them, the spicy beef flavor with cheese that various brands have is my husband’s favorite At H Mart in the noodle aisle there’s a section where they sell individual packets. My recommendation to you is to go there and go nuts. I know a lot of people really like
  15. Has anyone gotten the Cacio Pepe dinner kit? I wanted to know if they prepared the cheese sauce, or if they just gave you a pile of shredded cheese.
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