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  1. Do you to all of the raves above, we got curio from here this weekend. I’ve never had a Reuben before, but I thought the Ruben was phenomenal, one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. We thought that the gyro was good, but my husband didn’t think the filling was that much better than that at a good gyro place ( though the bread was very good). The asparagus pizza was, as promised, one of the better pizzas I’ve had, and reheated wonderfully. It is also big enough for dinner for two people, maybe with a side. What really impressed me, besides the Reuben, was the side of large beans with mixed greens. So flavorful, and I think these were the most perfectly cooked beans I’ve ever had in my life end and as a vegetarian I’ve had a lot of beans! Each bean was completely intact and plump and distinct, yet meltingly soft. I have no idea how they did this. The chocolate cake was good, but we didn’t find it special.
  2. Got carry out from red hen this weekend. Cacio e Pepe, malfalde w mushrooms, cauliflower, and chocolate cake. It was nicely packaged, but the portions seemed smaller than in the restaurant, and the pastas not as good as when I’ve been there, they’re still good overall. You order online, pay upfront, then pick up your order from the bar. Parking in the neighborhood was a bit tight FYI
  3. I don’t have a recipe but I know lots of people make pesto with them.
  4. Does anyone know if the Maryland Woodlands is open? I would love one of their dosas but I called and got no answer. Thanks!
  5. Thank you both! I was indeed talking about Alliaria Petiolata and both soup recipes sound great. Incidentally, in case you might be interested, it is also good blanched and then mixed with either oil heated w garlic and red pepper flakes or soy, garlic and sesame oil. ( just sautéed w garlic made it very bitter, almost as bitter as bitter melon)
  6. I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of it ( in an unsprayed spot) near my house and that this early in the season, when the plants are coming up, it is ridiculously easy to forage large amounts of. So now the question is how do I use my bounty? I made a pesto with garlic, nuts, olive oil, salt, and Parmesan, which was good but I thought it was a bit flat. Any hints on things to add to the pesto? Alternately, do you have any other favorite ways to cook this green? I’m thinking of trying blanched leaves in a spanakopita, or possibly cooked like I would normally do mustard greens ( Sarson).
  7. My chart and even some lettuce made it through the winter, which is great, so between that and the minors lettuce which comes up every year we’ve had salads for a couple weeks now which is great. I’ve planted radishes, more lettuce, and pineapple tomatillos, and herbs. Do you things I’m trying are Garnet Amaranth and asparagus peas. We’ll see how those do. I planted ordinary peas, but I’m a little worried about them-I planted them at least 10 days ago, pre-soaked and everything, but there are no sprouts yet.
  8. Is there a thread where people are listing what restaurants are temporarily closed or what restaurants are open for carry out, and if so if there’s a limited menu? Or is this essentially that thread? If so, people near Silver Spring might be interested to know that Methi, El Golfo, and Mandalay are all open and offering takeout, at least as of Sunday, But Hakuna Matata Grill appears to be closed
  9. I don’t remember what the price limit for bib is, but my husband and I usually split the $66 pasta tasting and actually have food left over , and I definitely do not have a dainty appetite. So, $33 per person. Maybe that’s what they are basing it on?
  10. Does anyone have tips for how to make this successfully? My husband and I love it and our repeated attempts to make it have been failures. Usually we end up with pasta coated in slightly cheesy water with small lumps of cheese, or mostly bare pasta with the cheese in a lump at the bottom and/or stuck on the spoon or sides. We've tried just mixing the cheese in to wet pasta and adding water, whisking the cheese and water separately to try to make a sauce, and the method where you sort of make a paste of butter, cheese and pepper and add it to the pasta. what are we doing wrong?
  11. Patisserie Poupon had a stand at the Bethesda farmers' market with these. I got one and it was pretty good--the flavor properly buttery and carmelly, but it would've been nice if the layers and pastry were a bit more crisp.
  12. the location in Bethesda has apparently closed, which is a bummer.
  13. we had some great carryout from there this weekend. because it was our first visit, we played it a bit safe and mostly ordered dishes we know and like at Thip Khao. The crispy rice salad is great. i love this at thip khao too, but the two salads are different. the version here is less herby and coconutty, but more crispy, savory and sour. I'm not sure which version I like better. I'm not sure if the vegan laab we got was mistakenly missing tofu or if it just had a very small amount of tofu, but either way what we recieved was mostly mushrooms with red onions, in a good tangy dressing. the dressing was good but i wished there was more tofu. I prefer Thip Khao's. On the other hand, the Orm was really good, and much better than the version at Thip Khao, which i find too bland. The Orm here has a nice sour flavor and lots of dill. The Mieng Kana Tofu was wonderful, and I believe they do a shrimp version of this as well. The combination of soft fresh broccoli leaf, slippery rice noodles, crispy tofu and a fantastic herbal sauce is so complex in flavor and texture, it's great. Overall the dishes are significantly smaller than at thip khao, but the prices are smaller too. the person taking my order and bringing me my food was very nice and the place was pretty.
  14. Posts like this are why i love this site--because of a review from someone whose palate I trust I went to a place i wouldn't have otherwise and discovered a new gem. I'd been to the dumpling house a couple years ago and been underwhelmed and hadn't been back. Dean's rave got my mouth watering so we went this weekend and are very happy we did and plan to go back again soon. we had the egg and chive bun, wide homemade crystal noodle, and soft tofu with szechuan seasonal and all were great. the broth on the tofu was particularly nice, it was almost like a soup version of mapo tofu. the mushroom and vegetable dumplings had a great texture but i wish the filling had been more flavorful. the chinese potato salad was great--shredded potatoes and carrots in a sour dressing, almost like a pickle, with a hint of chile at the end. we liked this a lot, both on its own merit and because it was a nice palate cleanser or cooler when you'd had too much spice. and who knew raw potato could be so good in salads? the vegetable and tofu skewers were interesting--pressed tofu wrapped around a little bundle of mushrooms and scallions, with a coating of cumin, chile, and maybe garlic. they were good, though not as good as the previously mentioned dishes. The sauce on the dan dan noodles (ordered without meat) was great and more complex than other versions we've had, though the noodles were a bit too soft for our taste.if you could put this sauce on the wide noodles from a & J it would be amazing. the final thing we had was ordered off a picture on the wall, it was yam noodles with sour sauce or something like that. it was wonderful--squares of yam jelly (very similar to the clear noodles, but smaller and fatter) in a sour soup with cilantro and peanuts. service was very nice and friendly too. the only thing i'd add is that the kitchen got two of our orders a bit wrong--the dumplings were supposed to be pan fried but weren't and the first time the dan dan noodles came, they had meat, which we'd asked them to omit. but everything else was great, and even the things we liked least were very good.
  15. We we’re disappointed by the subs we got here this weekend. My eggplant Parm, which previously was the standard breaded deep-fried eggplant with slices of cheese and tomato sauce was instead baked or panfried non- breaded slices of eggplant with the shake of grated Parmesan and scant amount of sauce on it, and the whole was squashed w griddle marks, like it had been in a panini press ( though not that flat). Husbands chicken parm was similar with naked chicken instead of eggplant. Anyone else have a similar experience or did we just get unlucky?
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