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  1. sandynva


    Astrid— I remember your posts about the cuttings a ways back, and I’ve always wondered how that turned out. So alas it sounds like you aren’t sure that any of the varieties you got will reliably fruit here? If so that’s a bummer. I’ve been daydreaming about one day having my very own fruiting pom.
  2. thank you all for the tips! got carryout from there for brunch yesterday and it was great. we ordered many of the things we usually get from panda gourmet and the versions here were equally good with two exceptions--the bean curd and celery salad, which is worse here, and the chengdu bean jelly which was great here--nicely savory and actually tasted better at dinnertime than it had at brunch because the jelly absorbed the flavors more. the cold steamed noodles and biang biang noodles were great as always. My husband loved the wontons with chili oil and liked the beef soup with pita. i will try to post pics of the menu soon, but if i'm unsuccessful, or till then, it's on grubhub too. everything was packaged very nicely and the food was actually ready when we arrived, while at panda gourmet we usually have to wait. very glad to have this option, as it's much closer to us than panda. next time we'll try to branch out more and see if we can discover new favorites.
  3. Has anyone been able to find a menu online? Very excited about this, and I hope they do carry out!
  4. espita or all purpose? not sure if they're open for lunch but they are right there. and depending on how you feel about mike isabella, arroz is right there too, and i'd think it's open for lunch.
  5. We had a lovely dinner here this weekend. one thing that i particularly appreciated is that though it's a hard res to get you'd never know that from being there--the tables aren't too close together, there's not a line of people waiting to get in, and service is not rushed. i think they do a good job of spacing out the reservations (or the food just comes fast meaning you finish dinner more quickly than usual). i would agree with the 2.5 dishes per person reccomendation. The plates are fairly small. I'm not sure how people managed a full dinner with less than 2 items a person, unless maybe the noodle dishes, which we didn't have, are significantly larger than the other plates. My favorites were the avocado--the contrast of the dense rich avocado with the fluffy cauliflower, pickled element, and crunchy papad-wafer was fun, and it all went well with the romesco, and the tofu, which had an extremely flavorful chermoula. that sauce was really delicious and i'd eat it on anything. The fondue was really interesting-the flavor reminded me of fermented tofu, and i really liked the pretzel bread and pickles. overall they use pickled elements really well. i don't like beets that much, and dislike smoke, but i could appreciate how beautifully cooked the beets were and how nicely the crumbs added texture. i'd say the one miss of the night was the langos, which was a small fried disk of bread (like a small bhatura) with too much remoulade on it, so much so that it muted the taste of the tomato and corn on top. this dish needed less mayo and more salt or seasoning or something. I'm normally not a fruit dessert person but the blueberry tart with lemon curd and poppyseed icecream was delicious. i don't normally like lemon curd because it tastes too eggy, but this version was really good, perhaps because it lacked egg. my mocktail with fruit and black tea was nice. my husband's with coconut, pineapple and pandan was not. service was sweet and friendly, we look forward to going again.
  6. I may be in the minority here, but though I love Fiola, I wasn't wowed by my meal at Casa Luca, and I thought it was too expensive for what it was. On the other hand, I really enjoy Sfoglina and have been there multiple times. It's not life-changing, but it is reliably delicious, something which is less common than it should be. And I don't think it's that expensive either-we usually split The three pasta tasting, which is $66 for two people and is more than enough food, in fact we usually end up taking something home.
  7. sandynva

    Szechuan Boiled Fish (四川水煮魚)

    was the sauce flavorful enough that you think this would work for tofu?
  8. sandynva

    Indian Restaurants

    congrats on the engagement and wedding! i agree that the food in edison is great. i haven't been to talk, but bombay talk, mentioned in the article, has great snack items. and the chole bhatura at jassi is seriously the best. my husband doesn't eat chole in dc anymore because he swears that jassi has spoiled him. (i don't love their aloo paratha though). There's a mini-food court about 2 blocks up the street, on the opposite side. their chinese bhel is great. they have a pani puri place with 6 waters where they fillthe puri for you like they do in india. one of their waters is quite good actually. not quite calcutta-good, but close. and i don't love most indian sweets, especially the milk/cheese based ones, but the ones at mughal are really good. i've never been to sarvanaa bhavan, but many of my ny/nj relatives like it a lot. in the dc area, one place that doesn't get as much press as it should, in my opinion, is indaroma in alexandria. i like their chaats, and when they catered my cousin's wedding the okra and other veg were delicious. if it weren't so far away for me, i'd go there quite often.
  9. sandynva

    New Orleans, LA

    i had brunch at sylvains yesterday and the cheese grits are amazing. seriously probably the best i've ever had--so rich and flavorful, yet also with a bit of the sweet taste of fresh corn. my friend who was already full took one bite of mine and immediately placed her own order. the biscuits were really good too. and yesterday night I was at a wonderful event catered by coquette. the pimento cheese was crazy delicious--it had horseradish and was decidedly cheesy, unlike most pimento cheese i've had, and though i didn't try it, everyone was swooning over the hanger steak. so my guess is that the versions of these at the restaurant itself are pretty great. i know that if i ever go i'm going to ask for a bowl of that pimento cheese.
  10. sandynva

    Kaliwa and a Diner Involved in Hair, Raising Altercation

    I've never seen police called at a place in this price range. Nor have I ever seen them called on people unless they were very intoxicated or apparently suffering mental health issues. And I absolutely stand by my statement. If they had been white, other measures would have been tried first-maybe higher level managers would've come over, perhaps bigger, burlier stuff would've come over, maybe an attempt would be made to mollify them with a free drink, or just something. And then, as an absolute last resort police might have been called. It's easy to say you have tapes, and I'll believe it when somebody on affiliated with the restaurant verifies the show what they say it does. And in any case the tape seem to have played no part in The behavior, Because it doesn't seem like they were looked at until after the police had been called.
  11. sandynva

    Kaliwa and a Diner Involved in Hair, Raising Altercation

    I know nothing about this event, or restaurant, but did want to say that just because you're ok with one person who's asian definitely doesn't mean you aren't racist towards people from other races, particularly African Americans. Also, given the description of the event (customers who are pissed off, but not yelling or throwing things, etc) calling the police seems ridiculous to me and i am 100% willing to believe that they wouldn't have done it so quickly if it'd been two white women. And Tom's statement seems particularly inane as the non-white staff seemed to be on the customers' side.
  12. medlar trees are still offered by several nurseries, including some major ones like Burpee, so there must be a reasonable demand for them. I guess they're maybe just consumed at home by the growers? Thistle--is your loquat outside? i love fresh loquats and never see them in stores, and had assumed that i'd have to grown them indoors here, which i don't have the space for. I'm hoping you'll tell me i was wrong!
  13. sandynva

    Area Grocery Stores

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this (there doesn't seem to be an aldi thread) but yesterday I was at aldi and they had a bag of 4 meyer lemons for $1.40 or something like that, and decent asparagus (actually better than is usually at my safeway) for $1.49 a pound. I was also delighted to find toasted ravioli in the freezer section. i haven't tried that yet, but the frozen cheddar/chive biscuits were pretty good.
  14. had a nice lunch there. the space is really lovely, i think it would be a great date place, but more for the decor than the food. I had the vegetarian entree option, the rice bowl. which basically seemed like a nice bibimbap, with a few pieces of very nice crunchy fried tofu with a ginger glaze, and a slab of tofu with what i assume were meant to be blackened spices on it but in reality didn't taste like much. it was a perfectly good meal, and i was happy enough with it, but it wasnt particularly memorable or impressive. Was underwhelmed by the hummingbird cake. the portion was impressive but the cake itself didn't taste like much--like a mild carrot cake maybe--and the cream cheese citrus icing was pleasant, though nothing special. it really is a pretty space though.