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  1. I also live in Montgomery county and love it. They have my favorite version of mapo tofu in the area. Sorry to read about the chefs accident though, and that they might be selling. I feel like they are an underappreciated treasure.
  2. Is there a reason to not just increase all the prices 30%? I think some of what people don’t like with surcharges like this is the semi-hidden surprise, you think something will cost X then it costs Y. Unless the point of keeping it as a surcharge is to highlight what they are doing with it maybe.
  3. I have to preface this all by saying that I unfortunately have never dined at Thamee,, I just didn’t get to it pre-covid— and I may be a bit biased because I’m quite fond of Mandalay in Silver Spring. And I don’t know that much at all about the Business of restaurants, who they employ, how they raise money etc. But, am I the only one who wondered if what Thamee is doing is worthy of a huge Food section article? Or is it just that what they are doing is better packaged and spun? spun The owners seem to genuinely mean well, and have their heart in the right place and for that I applaud them. But is what they are doing that different than what is being done— and has been done for decades— by most “ ethnic “ restaurants? For example the post article calls their restaurant a celebration of immigrant food – in what way is it a celebration of immigrant food that, say, a & j, is not? I would argue that all reasonably authentic ( is not totally Americanized) ethnic restaurants are celebrations of immigrant food. They say that the servers speak nine different languages— is that really unusual in the DC restaurant world? The people in my ( relatively small) workplace speak over 20 languages. Heck, on my little 10 house street I’m guessing there’s at least nine languages. What’s the difference between the Burma Box and the meal kits sold by a bunch of restaurants? And there’s a market place where you can buy foods and ingredients made by black and brown people that novel? I’ve never investigated this, but I’ve always assumed that the majority of stuff I buy from, say, Patel Brothers, 99 ranch or yekta market was made by, or from companies owned by, people of color. And is it really fair to call it a “Black Box”, if only one ingredient is sourced from a black farmer? Again, I really do think that their heart is in the right place. But when I read this article I didn’t understand how what they were doing was that different than what is done, and has always been done, by many minority owned and ethnic businesses and I wonder why they are getting credit ( and press and what is essentially a ton of free advertising!) for it when others do not.
  4. Overall, I think it depends on what you’re going for, there are so many flavors and styles. If you’re looking for a vegetarian version that’s close to Shin, nonmgshim makes soon brand Ramen which is very good. Others in my regular rotation are Indo me nasi goreng ( fried noodle) flavor and Ichiban chow mein flavor. If you can find them, the spicy beef flavor with cheese that various brands have is my husband’s favorite At H Mart in the noodle aisle there’s a section where they sell individual packets. My recommendation to you is to go there and go nuts. I know a lot of people really like Mama brand too, though relatively few of them are vegetarian so I don’t have much experience
  5. Has anyone gotten the Cacio Pepe dinner kit? I wanted to know if they prepared the cheese sauce, or if they just gave you a pile of shredded cheese.
  6. Do you to all of the raves above, we got curio from here this weekend. I’ve never had a Reuben before, but I thought the Ruben was phenomenal, one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. We thought that the gyro was good, but my husband didn’t think the filling was that much better than that at a good gyro place ( though the bread was very good). The asparagus pizza was, as promised, one of the better pizzas I’ve had, and reheated wonderfully. It is also big enough for dinner for two people, maybe with a side. What really impressed me, besides the Reuben, was the side of large beans with mixed greens. So flavorful, and I think these were the most perfectly cooked beans I’ve ever had in my life end and as a vegetarian I’ve had a lot of beans! Each bean was completely intact and plump and distinct, yet meltingly soft. I have no idea how they did this. The chocolate cake was good, but we didn’t find it special.
  7. Got carry out from red hen this weekend. Cacio e Pepe, malfalde w mushrooms, cauliflower, and chocolate cake. It was nicely packaged, but the portions seemed smaller than in the restaurant, and the pastas not as good as when I’ve been there, they’re still good overall. You order online, pay upfront, then pick up your order from the bar. Parking in the neighborhood was a bit tight FYI
  8. I don’t have a recipe but I know lots of people make pesto with them.
  9. Does anyone know if the Maryland Woodlands is open? I would love one of their dosas but I called and got no answer. Thanks!
  10. Thank you both! I was indeed talking about Alliaria Petiolata and both soup recipes sound great. Incidentally, in case you might be interested, it is also good blanched and then mixed with either oil heated w garlic and red pepper flakes or soy, garlic and sesame oil. ( just sautéed w garlic made it very bitter, almost as bitter as bitter melon)
  11. I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of it ( in an unsprayed spot) near my house and that this early in the season, when the plants are coming up, it is ridiculously easy to forage large amounts of. So now the question is how do I use my bounty? I made a pesto with garlic, nuts, olive oil, salt, and Parmesan, which was good but I thought it was a bit flat. Any hints on things to add to the pesto? Alternately, do you have any other favorite ways to cook this green? I’m thinking of trying blanched leaves in a spanakopita, or possibly cooked like I would normally do mustard greens ( Sarson).
  12. My chart and even some lettuce made it through the winter, which is great, so between that and the minors lettuce which comes up every year we’ve had salads for a couple weeks now which is great. I’ve planted radishes, more lettuce, and pineapple tomatillos, and herbs. Do you things I’m trying are Garnet Amaranth and asparagus peas. We’ll see how those do. I planted ordinary peas, but I’m a little worried about them-I planted them at least 10 days ago, pre-soaked and everything, but there are no sprouts yet.
  13. Is there a thread where people are listing what restaurants are temporarily closed or what restaurants are open for carry out, and if so if there’s a limited menu? Or is this essentially that thread? If so, people near Silver Spring might be interested to know that Methi, El Golfo, and Mandalay are all open and offering takeout, at least as of Sunday, But Hakuna Matata Grill appears to be closed
  14. I don’t remember what the price limit for bib is, but my husband and I usually split the $66 pasta tasting and actually have food left over , and I definitely do not have a dainty appetite. So, $33 per person. Maybe that’s what they are basing it on?
  15. Does anyone have tips for how to make this successfully? My husband and I love it and our repeated attempts to make it have been failures. Usually we end up with pasta coated in slightly cheesy water with small lumps of cheese, or mostly bare pasta with the cheese in a lump at the bottom and/or stuck on the spoon or sides. We've tried just mixing the cheese in to wet pasta and adding water, whisking the cheese and water separately to try to make a sauce, and the method where you sort of make a paste of butter, cheese and pepper and add it to the pasta. what are we doing wrong?
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