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  1. To characterize Grant Achatz and Cat Cora as culinary stalwarts at the same height in the culinary stratosphere is like lumping Ernest Shackleton and Popeye Captain Stubing in the same boat as accomplished sailors. But sure, we can all agree that any international "go fuck yourself/s" gesture is the perfect catalyst to a reasonable conversation.
  2. Former coal lobbyist, clean air champion and acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is an investor in "eco-friendly" Lucky Buns, which is curious since commodity feedlot beef (and the heavily subsidized, heavy pesticide feed) is not really beneficial to any physical or social environment (particularly the animals and the poor bastards that work in factory slaughterhouses). He's hopefully invested in Lipitor too.
  3. Good for them. They should buy a cheese map and if they have any money left go to what they believe to be Provence and see the limited selection of cheeses there which are objectively not Camembert. When I dramatically pour cider into a champagne flute I call it "Arc de Triomphe" because who cares about food integrity these days.
  4. Because nothing evokes the sun-drenched fields of lavender and olive groves undulating into the Mediterranean like Camembert cheese.
  5. Hello Mr. Hayler. Are you able to sniff out what happens behind the double doors at 3* (and other) venues and would social/environmental/economic factors such as employee benefits,/waste management & energy efficiency; food-seasonality-or-scarcity/how-the-establishment-affects-the-local-economy-for-remote-outposts affect the calculus of your verdict? Should Michelin and other rating agents consider those issues when judging for a consumer base that is perhaps more aware of peripheral consequences and values beyond food, drink, service and upholstery than half a century ago?
  6. The indignity of working in the US hospitality industry can only be rivaled by flying coach or taking a 1960's commuter train in the 21st Century America. Terrible pay and little to no benefits*. It is astounding and despicable that an $800 billion industry can't afford to pay livable wages, provide anything more than the worst health care available, paid maternity leave, paid vacations, paid sick days and paid holidays for all employees like every other modern country with electricity and indoor plumbing. *ETA: With the notable and remarkable exception of a luxury boutique hotel where warm linens were provided before each shift, plentiful staff meals, staff outings, free room overnight (when available) for dinner -> breakfast shift, premium health insurance, ample pay and even a birthday card from HR.
  7. Severance pay for minimum wage employees? Whatever food they don't donate for a tax credit, maybe, unless the creditors take that too.
  8. 2 days notice for all employees that they don't have a job anymore on Monday. That's nice. I hope Casey Patten steps in shit and that his keys, wallet and expensive telephone fall irretrievably through a sewer grate.
  9. Karma is an unreasonable bitch if you are now an unemployed employee who had nothing to do with Mike Isabella's imbecility and will never have anywhere close to the personal wealth he has squirreled away.
  10. Or turn them into large covered wholesale/retail food markets like Eastern Market, Pike Place, Reading Terminal, etc... with barber shops. Quality perishable foods that you can inspect first hand and a good haircut are not something the internet can readily provide yet. Mr. Isabella should have recognized that enough people are passionate about ingredients and food beyond having it cooked for them.
  11. There are different degrees of "cured". Shelf stable uncooked dry-cured/fermented meats (salumi, proscuitto, pancetta, etc...) are cured with the addition of nitrate (colloquially #2 cure; time activated) whereas non shelf-stable fully cooked meats (bacon, cooked sausages, pates) are cured with nitrite (#1 cure, temperature activated). They are both cured in that nitrates extend the shelf life, but the dry-cured do not need to be refrigerated, have lower water content and much higher salt concentration. The D'Artagnan label reads: "NO NITRATES OR NITRITES ADDED except for naturally occurring celery powder". Bullshit #1 While D'Artagnan maintains that their bacon has no preservatives, salt is most definitely a preservative (salt cod/pork). Bullshit #2. So is sugar (jams, jellies). Bullshit #3. Please move this 2nd page to it's own thread.
  12. The USDA does not deem celery juice powder and other vegetable derived sources of nitrates to be reliable curing agents and by law can not be called "cured". Marketing dept takes advantage of that and calls it "uncured" because that sounds so much healthier.
  13. Todd Kliman opines: "Those cocktails that’re overpriced rn at $14? Soon enough they’ll be going for $18.And you’ll be lucky to find apps below $16 at anywhere decent. Entrees? $36-$40 easy. Initiative 77 is gonna make restos even more a place for those with $$$ ..." Well, after crunching some numbers, if a patron orders a $14 cocktail and leaves a 20% gratuity, they are paying just on the cusp of $17. A $30 entree after 20% gratuity is $36. And so on. Adjusted for inflation and assuming that current restaurants are still open by 2026, the raise will be negligible. It is fascinating how little the affluent are willing to pay to support a fellow resident of the area (and the cost of quality), unless it is on their capricious terms. Patrons and restaurant owners should focus their ire directly towards greedy landlords.
  14. Absolutely. Alton Brown applauds the savory use of an ice cream scoop.
  15. Pineapples & Pearls is the unicorn which apparently compensates and offers benefits comfortably above the minimum legal requirement. Gratuity is included in the price and curiously Mr. Silverman is a signatory on the "NO 77." Being forced/shamed into paying a gratuity to a bartender that very simply opens a very consistently made beverage container is ridiculous, as is rewarding/penalizing a server to/from their sub-par wage for their congeniality and transporting excellent/awful food which they had no part in making. The FOH/BOH wage disparity that restaurants happily tolerate and perpetuate is disgusting. I've heard that Culinary schools were the templates for Trump University.
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