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  1. There are different degrees of "cured". Shelf stable uncooked dry-cured/fermented meats (salumi, proscuitto, pancetta, etc...) are cured with the addition of nitrate (colloquially #2 cure; time activated) whereas non shelf-stable fully cooked meats (bacon, cooked sausages, pates) are cured with nitrite (#1 cure, temperature activated). They are both cured in that nitrates extend the shelf life, but the dry-cured do not need to be refrigerated, have lower water content and much higher salt concentration. The D'Artagnan label reads: "NO NITRATES OR NITRITES ADDED except for naturally occurring celery powder". Bullshit #1 While D'Artagnan maintains that their bacon has no preservatives, salt is most definitely a preservative (salt cod/pork). Bullshit #2. So is sugar (jams, jellies). Bullshit #3. Please move this 2nd page to it's own thread.
  2. The USDA does not deem celery juice powder and other vegetable derived sources of nitrates to be reliable curing agents and by law can not be called "cured". Marketing dept takes advantage of that and calls it "uncured" because that sounds so much healthier.
  3. Todd Kliman opines: "Those cocktails that’re overpriced rn at $14? Soon enough they’ll be going for $18.And you’ll be lucky to find apps below $16 at anywhere decent. Entrees? $36-$40 easy. Initiative 77 is gonna make restos even more a place for those with $$$ ..." Well, after crunching some numbers, if a patron orders a $14 cocktail and leaves a 20% gratuity, they are paying just on the cusp of $17. A $30 entree after 20% gratuity is $36. And so on. Adjusted for inflation and assuming that current restaurants are still open by 2026, the raise will be negligible. It is fascinating how little the affluent are willing to pay to support a fellow resident of the area (and the cost of quality), unless it is on their capricious terms. Patrons and restaurant owners should focus their ire directly towards greedy landlords.
  4. Absolutely. Alton Brown applauds the savory use of an ice cream scoop.
  5. Pineapples & Pearls is the unicorn which apparently compensates and offers benefits comfortably above the minimum legal requirement. Gratuity is included in the price and curiously Mr. Silverman is a signatory on the "NO 77." Being forced/shamed into paying a gratuity to a bartender that very simply opens a very consistently made beverage container is ridiculous, as is rewarding/penalizing a server to/from their sub-par wage for their congeniality and transporting excellent/awful food which they had no part in making. The FOH/BOH wage disparity that restaurants happily tolerate and perpetuate is disgusting. I've heard that Culinary schools were the templates for Trump University.
  6. It appears to me that restaurants recoil at the idea of raising the price of a $10 item by 20% -anticipating and relying on the customer to leave a $2 (20%) gratuity. Whereas customers prefer to be charged $10 and then left the opportunity to decline the gratuity if the server/bartender's service or product is not up to snuff. Is that correct? $10 + maybe/hopefully $2 is the preferred outcome. $12 and no need to tip is out of the question. I wish the remaining 20% of my airfares were based on a gratuity system.
  7. From ThinkFoodGroup: Our 25-year operating experience, in both polished casual and fine dining restaurants, consistently shows that servers earn appreciably more than back-of-house positions, and well above the minimum wage when you combine the tipped wage from employers and total tips from guests. As it stands, the system is designed to allow servers to earn as much as 100% or more per hour than cooks. It is absurd, baffling and somehow hopelessly unsurprising that in the 21st century, in one of the wealthiest regions of the wealthiest country ever that some topside employees rely on the charity of strangers to earn their wages and they still make considerably more (17% more) than those in the engine room. Customers don't want to charged more, but are happy to tip more. Hourly mean wage for cooks in DC is $14.93. Hourly mean wage for servers in DC is $17.48.
  8. Some heritage breeds have disappeared for very practical reasons, particularly lard breed pigs: they are whale-oil lamps in the LED age and serve little purpose other than to satisfy the whims of menu novelty and collectors of agricultural nostalgia.
  9. Wholesale ducks worth a damn are anywhere from $4.50-$6/lb, weigh 5-7/lb ($20-$30 just for the duck) and there are Pekin, Muscovy or Moulard variables. It is easier and more definitive to inquire as to the type of duck being used than it is to speculate. Then the value of going to a fashionable boutique hotel for the luxury of eating out can be calculated. The Line might compensate their staff well, perhaps the duck demands a fair amount of work and maybe the novelty of standing is worth the premium. If a duck dinner feeds 3 or more, is a quality product and tastes good, then $33/pp might not be worth the fraught deliberation. There are other options If Mr. Sietsema’s reviews are within the purview of consumer advocacy, the quality & provenance of the ingredients and how well the staff is compensated would help diners make a more calculated decision about where they choose to spend their ducats.
  10. Bummer. But worthwhile bread speaks for itself as does retaining and compensating a capable bread-making employee who can passionately turn humble ingredients into something people crave. And then there are the purists to remind bread enthusiasts that certain breads demand considerable dedication to otherwise simple elements.
  11. Without the written etiquette befitting of the zoo’s ape house, the article exposes Washingtonians and the general public to the dearth of otherwise common services delivering “shit” (e.g., foodstuffs and sundries) outside the spoiled bubble of the city with the highest number of establishments per capita in the US peddling such “shit” (0.4 per 100). The idea of one’s home being blacklisted from delivery in the capital of the wealthiest country in the world in the 21st century is no less newsworthy than other 1st world injustices like price of limes or preponderance of unreasonable pumpkin flavorings (if you don’t count the struggles of minorities in advanced countries to be served in the same capacity as the whites).
  12. That is an effective reactionary measure to stifle business and stick it to the employees who kind of rely on full seats to get paid, keep their jobs, build résumés. Thankfully the moral sheriffs at Eater do not investigate who in restaurant management are drunk drivers, adulterers, tax cheats and scofflaws behind on child support.
  13. Gossiping about girls' butts and baptizing cocktails after the globetrotting sexual somersaults of Beavis & Prostitutes is beyond or below the periphery of Michelin guide inspectors' humor and taste, but they are not crimes. It is unfortunate that employees at the Nats' MIC concession stands are likely to be burdened with unemployment as a consequence of their employers' insufferable obnoxiousness and moral destitution. Employees deserve a generous restitution package.
  14. While there are exceptions (tourist destinations), France bans most retail work on Sundays. Employers that are open Sundays often must pay their employees double or make employee approved concessions and mayors can apply to have businesses open for 12 Sundays each calendar year. France also has a "right to disconnect" law which established a limit between personal life and work. Personally, I prefer not to receive, send or be expected to respond to work communications/bullshit outside of working hours. Meanwhile, the US quality-of-life sausage-making involves spit-balling legislation to bring guns to school and cuts to employee safety. Depends on what employers and employees value: quality of life (free time) or greed (depressing wages and tax cuts that neuter quality of life and fundamental services) There are far too many restaurants. Humans need to eat but they don't necessarily need the luxury and convenience of having someone else feed them and clean up afterwards.
  15. Poivrot Farci

    The Trite Food List

    Trite kitchen apparel submission: Form-over-function designer $90+ cross-back aprons that one must “get into” over the head with the help of a chamber maid or Jeevus the obsequious dishwasher. While an indignant no-frills apron belies kitchen hierarchy, the weight concession might allow for more efficient and effective “hustle”. Rocky would have been impeccably lethal if he had trained under the duress of a husky cross-back apron.