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  1. Some people may find the age of other patrons relevant. Even if it’s irrelevant, it sets the scene.
  2. I'm with DPop. Had lunch here today - a duck and garlic sprouts w/ pork. The duck was good - on par with China Wok (but not as good as Peter Chang's Q). Of the 12 pancakes, 2 were rather misshapen (more oval than round). What really disappointed was the garlic sprouts - a really big pile of bland sprouts and pork. Steve and I each had 1 spoonful. We had no desire to eat any more. It had been at least 10 years since my last visit. It will be a millennium before my next visit.
  3. Go earlier. Best time for BBQ is soon after they open, that's when the brisket is the moistest.
  4. Ericandblueboy

    Video Door Bells

    It's sitting on my kitchen counter. I don't know when I'll actually install it.
  5. I think Hoa Vien Quan moved into the H2O space (or maybe I was completed disoriented). Not sure why I never noticed Hoa Vien Quan before today.
  6. I stopped going to Eden Center on a daily basis for lunch because the trips were putting too many miles on my leased car (13 miles round trip). Because it's been at least a month since I last went, I walked around to see what's new. I think there are 2 new joints just in Saigon East (the section in btwn the 2 grocery stores). Bay Lo is no more. And in place of H2O is Hoa Vien Quan. Hoa Vien Quan is brightly lit, shiny, and clean. The menu is one laminated page but with a ton of stuff that's not very well organized - several items don't belong under the headings. I tried their cha gio (spring rolls) and banh xeo. Both are excellent, especially because they give you the proper accompaniments. The spring rolls came with 2 pieces of lettuce, basil and pickled carrots. The banh xeo came with 4 pieces of lettuce, lots of herbs, and pickled carrots. I wrapped everything in lettuce and dipped in their fish sauce. I would have to go back to Eden to try more of their food (as I said, big menu).
  7. Ericandblueboy

    UEFA Champions League, 2018-2019 Season

    Champions League started with a bang. Messi curls in another free kick in the top right corner. It was funny to see a defender crouching behind their wall, presumably to stop Messi from going under the wall. Messi ended with another hat trick, giving him the most hat tricks thus far in the Champions League. Liverpool and PSG was an exciting match, except when Sturridge's right foot rolled over the ball and ended up stomping all over the goalie's junk. Personally I don't know if that was a foul. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/09/psg-liverpool-keeper-alphonse-areola-cleat-groin-video-sturridge-salah-mbappe-champions-league Watch the embedded video...
  8. Every once in awhile I google map restaurants in McLean and this time something new popped up. Chiang Mai Thai Cookhouse does not have a menu on its website. Instead it states: I thought about rushing out last night to try it but my early afternoon Amsterdam falafel sandwich told me to keep burping and not stuff more food down my throat.
  9. Ericandblueboy

    UEFA Champions League, 2018-2019 Season

    Just found out that TNT and Univision is carrying the games instead of Fox. Barca is at 1 p.m. tomorrow on TNT.
  10. Ericandblueboy

    West Virginia

    Charles Town I went to Hollywood Casino because it has the closest sports book, powered by William Hill. They took bets on soccer games but didn't have any printed sheets on Premier League or La Liga games. They were able to print one for me and I made some bets. I really didn't want to stay as the casino is pretty depressing - smoky and people staying on 16 when the dealer is showing 10. Heck, the dealer said he wouldn't hit a 16 against a 10. So I ate at 9 Dragons. It's actually decent for a casino Chinese joint. I got some salt/pepper calamari, spring rolls, and they have sides of stir-fried snow pea shoots for $9.
  11. Ericandblueboy


    If you like art history, Rick Steves has audio walking tours available for download for free. Just get his app and then you can add his various audio guides. His Vienna city tour and St. Stephens Cathedral guides are really good. When you go to St. Stephens, pay the money to get in the nave.
  12. Ericandblueboy

    UEFA Champions League, 2018-2019 Season

    No one is picking Watford. I’m gonna take Man U.
  13. Ericandblueboy

    UEFA Champions League, 2018-2019 Season

    Going to Charles Town this afternoon so I can wager on soccer (and other sports). Any thoughts on this weekend's games? Liverpool v. Tottenham should be a good match. Tottenham and missing Dele Alli - I'm thinking Liverpool wins this game. Chelsea, City and Arsenal should all win. What about Watford v. Man U?
  14. Something weird about this story. What do you do with stolen grapes? Make your own wine without stating where the grapes come from? Sell the grapes? To whom? I know nothing about the vineyard industry. Maybe someone can shed some light.