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  1. Steve and I had their Peking duck 3 ways a long time ago. The Peking duck was on par with Peking Gourmet - decent but nothing to get excited over. The soup was rich, on the salty side that time. Duck stirred fried with bean sprouts is good - worth trying. I notice that there’s no dine in. I think Peking duck would suffer in transit.
  2. Okay, any thought that POTUS was a Dem mole is just crazy. I'm at a loss on how to explain POTUS's behavior - he's a narcissistic sociopath? As to @TrelayneNYC's suggestion that POTUS won't give up power, Covid-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into a "fair" election.
  3. Good quality but it was a mess last Friday. They got so busy people were seated at back to back boothes. The tables next to us weren’t 6 feet away either. Is it worth the premium? I’d drive a little further to Vinh Kee. We only picked Han because it’s new and has a patio, but it was too cold to sit outside so we sat inside and I was not happy with the infringement on our space.
  4. Hipster scene, the quality of ingredients is good but the sauces are weird (spicy cucumber salad, shumai, stuff from the robata all have flavors that are different from expectation and not in a good way). The kids said never again. The scallop nigiri (hotate) was fantastic though (at $7 per piece).
  5. Thinking about taking the kids to O-ku. They don't eat raw fish (yet) but I think they would enjoy some rolls and robata grilled stuff. Anyone been recently? P.S. outdoor dining and reservation available on Opentable.
  6. I've been searching for chicken fried steak, and one place that I was going to explore is Bob and Edith's. Based on that pic and your review, I'll skip it. I had chicken fried steak at Founding Farmers tonight, as bad as always (been years since I ate there).
  7. I thought about going back to Portland, ME for Labor Day weekend (stopping and picking up my bro in NJ on the way to and fro). The trip failed to materialize because my SIL couldn't get time off. I wouldn't drive straight to Portland (8.5 hrs is too long).
  8. Years ago we went to VA Beach and found there's not much to see. We went back during the winter only for whale watching, which is fun for the kids. There's also an aquarium there. We also spent a night in Colonial Williamsburg. I personally don't care for beaches. The Hyatt House is pretty nice.
  9. I’ve only stayed in low rises since the pandemic started. Bavarian Inn, Boar’s Head Resort, Wylder Tilghman Island, and Periwinkle Inn (Cape May). We stayed at the Hyatt House in VA Beach. It was quiet during the off-season.
  10. Cape May. Restaurants to avoid: C-View and Merion Inn. Restaurants to visit: Peter Shields Inn and Washington Inn. Decent Breakfast: Aleathea's. All the above restaurants have outdoor dining. In general, people aren't masked while outdoors and didn't do much to maintain social distancing. I'm of the opinion it doesn't take a president to make us safe, it just takes diligence and common sense, which apparently most many Americans lack.
  11. I haven't used cash since March. The smallest bill I have is $20. How do I tip hotel housekeeping?
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