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  1. Grilled seafood from the Boqueria market, foie gras and ox tail from Bar del Pla 7 euros!
  2. Seafood platter from Lucius. I also saw some good ones at the Seafood Bar, a small upscale seafood chain.
  3. We love brunching here. Steak & egg, monkey bread, salmon collar, grilled broccoli. All delicious, well prepared. The salmon is damn near raw in the middle but I guess that's just how they do it - I'm getting used to it now.
  4. Northern Chinese brunch (like A&J) now served 10-3:30 on weekends. Also $10 buffet Monday—Friday. People who like tacos, try the Beijing sauteed pork - pork strips stir fried in a slightly sweet and tangy sauce which you wrap with Peking duck wrapper (although they really do look like flour tortillas in this case).
  5. Does anyone have experience in claiminig compensation for flight delays to Europe? My Aer Lingus flight from IAD to DUB was delayed by over 2 hours, causing me to miss my connection to BCN. I arrived in BCN more than 6 hours later than originally scheduled (I had to fly from DUB to LHR and from LHR to BCN). Am I entitled to compensation based on my ultimate arrival time or only arrival time to Dublin?
  6. I had an overnight in Dublin because I flew Aer Lingus to Spain. My impression of Dublin is that it's very expensive. Prices are generally about the same as DC except charged in Euros, so about 10% higher than DC. I ate at L'Gueuleton, and had 3 apps. L'Gueuleton is a Michelin Plate joint and has been around for a long time. It's not at all stuffy, but a bistro atmosphere. I ordered simply and was rewarded with tasty food. It's a short walk from my hotel near Merrion Square (stayed at the Davenport, a converted bank building I think). Foie Gras Parfait with Grape Chutney, Mixed Leaves & Toasted Sourdough €13,5o Pork Cheek Ravioli with Salsify, Sage Butter Emulsion and Crispy Kale €14,5o Crispy Duck Egg in Ketafi with Duck Bacon and Truffle Mayo €11,5o (this is like a scotch egg).
  7. IIRC, thats a whole. They carved it off the bone for us. In any event, we didn’t finish it. The size may be small by intention. The porterhouse is $145 for 32 oz presumably bone in.
  8. As I recall, the service and the food was excellent but really expensive. We had a ceviche, sweetbread, and tomahawk steak that was a special that day. IIRC, the steak was around $140 but much better than the dairy cow we had at Reverie down the street.
  9. Back when the year was still in its middle age, Steve and I went to Queen's English. While I generally enjoyed the food, I'm not enamored with "fusion" restaurants that tend to charge more because they appeal to a more "sophisticated" clientele. I've never been a fan of the Source, Tiger Fork, etc. and I'm not any more excited about Queen's English simply because the chef is Chinese. Food at these restaurants are not better than at authentic Chinese restaurants. I can see going back as a change of pace but certainly not on a frequent basis. We ordered the fried oysters, enoki mushrooms, tofu purse, typhoon shelter shrimp, cockles, and daikon fritters. I distinctly remember the typhoon shelter shrimp not having the flavor that it's supposed to, i.e., the fried garlic flavor wasn't imparted onto the shrimp.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2019/09/18/those-ufo-videos-are-real-navy-says-please-stop-saying-ufo/
  11. Liverpool losing is pretty shocking to me. Importantly, neither team seemed to have played much defense 🤔 Barca was lucky to come away with a draw - the 16 y.o. was getting bullied all over the pitch and was eventually replaced by Messi. I'm not sure Chelsea's loss to Valencia qualifies as a shock. Atletico v. Juventus should be more exciting than PSG v. Real Madrid as the two latter teams are wracked by injuries and suspensions.
  12. Antiche Carampane and Bistrot du Venise are very good restaurants for Venetian cuisine.
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