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  1. Who knows where to get stuff like masa, lard, and corn husks? https://www.plazalatinamarket.com/ That's the market next to Taco Bamba in Falls Church owned by Victor's mom. I called, they have masa, lard, corn husks. I don't know the quality of their stuff....
  2. It's Tysons Corner. The area only supports steak houses and relatively inexpensive restaurants. I'm surprised Nostos has lasted this long.
  3. The Premier League officiating has been atrocious this season. VAR has done little to correct blown calls made on the field. Yesterday's game between Liveropool and Man City was a perfect example.
  4. He covers new restaurants and old favorites. I'm sure he'll never go back to Mama Chang, or any other Chinese restaurant.
  5. It’s not the procedure that scares me, it’s the dieting. My doc says no booze the day before? Can i eat stir fried veggies before the liquid diet? p.s. i just turned 50. I wasn’t recommended for earlier screening by inova.
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