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  1. New ramen restaurants popping up everywhere. I imagine the profit margin is pretty high thus bringing new competition to the market. It made me wonder, how much is a bowl of ramen in Japan in comparison to the cost of a Big Mac? How does that compare to cost in the metro area?
  2. Checked out the Boqueria Experience ($60 pp) at the Penn Quarter branch yesterday. We had a plate of Jamon Iberico and manchego cheese to start. That was followed by an eggplant yogurt salad (Escalivada). We had croquets of ham and mushroom, shrimp ajillo, olives, stuff dates wrapped in bacon, crispy sweet potato (Boniato Con Mojo Verde), and roast chicken (Pollo Rustido). For dessert, chocolate filled churros. I really enjoyed the eggplant, which was smoky and well balanced with the mint leaves and yogurt. The crispy sweet potatoes were marvelous - crispy from frying, probably multiple times to get that crunchy exterior but soft interior. The shrimps were perfectly tender. The chicken was well seasoned. The food was well executed but nothing super exciting - especially serving half a roast chicken to round out the meal. Maybe giving us a choice of entree at the end like Komi or just more tapas. Next time we'll just order a la carte, so I can try their oxtail.
  3. $75 for bottomless champagne brunch, which includes a pastry basket, app, entree, and dessert. I chose the recommended EGGPLANT AL FUNGHETTO (Japanese Eggplant, Black Garlic, Garlic Aioli), SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE, and CHOCOLATE MARCHESI (Creamy Terrine of Chocolate, Frozen Mint Pearls, Sicilian Pistachios). The kids watched, with some water so they won't die of dehydration from drooling. Actually, they ate the croissant and focaccia from the pastry basket and raved. They also indulged the LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES (Blueberry Conserva, Fresh Berries, Lime Chantilly) while I ate the flavorful eggplant and the overcooked TIGER PRAWN COCKTAIL. The kids also ate all the clams, and we all enjoyed the spaghetti. The added AGNOLOTTI (Braised Ribeye, Parmigiano Vacche Rosse, Brodo) didn't seem to match the description. There was no brodo, the pasta was undercooked, and the filling tasted nothing like ribeye. They did throw in some GRILLED CALAMARI because we're infrequent regulars? These were well seasoned and tasty. They also threw in some DONUTS & MAPLE CAPPUCCINO (Ricotta Doughnuts, Maple Budino, Vanilla Chantilly). Two freebies and 3/4 of a bottle of champagne later, I had to take a nap. I could've just passed out outside because it was so warm. I tried to teach my kids that having money is just awesome. Money indeed brings a shit ton of happiness. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. 😅 Just don't lose your head.
  4. If my Cava goes from $15 to $30 a bottle, you bet I'd be caterwauling - although I probably wouldn't know why at first.
  5. I would consider booking a guided tour or self-guided tour. Having hotels and transportation and certain tours booked in advance makes life a lot easier. https://www.tourradar.com/d/vietnam
  6. @Pool Boy worships the ground Ruta walks on. So I'm just pointing out how he's missing out because he hates waiting in line. 😅
  7. At its best, Rose’s Luxury was a relatively inexpensive yet creative and well executed joint. Frank Ruta is no Aaron Silverman. It’s restaurant that I'm glad I waited in line for. I can't say the same about Bad Saint. At this point, you can just pay the big bucks and get reservation for Pineapple and Pearls.
  8. Visited the Richmond and VA Beach location (Princess Ann Rd) - both offered some excellent dishes. Similar to the Arlington menu but with specials. For example, in VA Beach, I had pan-fried egg noodles but they used a sweeter sauce than a Cantonese restaurant would.
  9. Becca in the Cavalier is actual fine dining with warm service and well executed food. Probably the best restaurant in VA Beach. Reservation on Opentable. came for whale watching- saw a pair of humpbacks that we followed closely.
  10. I love that dish. The only local place that i had it was Thip Khao. Not sure where else might serve it.
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