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  1. When I was in college, I had some frat bros work at the nearest Mellow Mushroom. They were always stoned and so apparently were others who worked there. So pizza was often late because everyone forgot and the pizza got burnt. So we went to the Mellow Mushroom in Herndon after soccer today. When our waitress said the pizza's gonna be late because it got "stuck" and burnt - it just reminded me of college. I haven't had MM in 30 years.
  2. Went back to TT to try their Goong Nam Pla - raw shrimp served with sliced garlic with a fiery sauce. The heat just keeps building until I cried uncle. And this is just a 2 chili dish. I think their sauce is overly spicy and lacks other flavor (or maybe I just couldn't taste anything else because it was really spicy). I'll go back to try their crispy rice salad.
  3. I went back for brunch a week ago. Started with some oysters - they have a nice selection, served of mignonette and a tobascoey cocktail sauce. Then I had a cup of not particularly creamy chowder, which tasted fine. Then I got the stuffies and fried clam bellies. The stuffed clams are supposed to be topneck but they're cherry stone sized. The fried clam bellies were tiny in portion, bland and a little greasy. Not impressed at all.
  4. We (actually my kids ate them all) tried the shrimp scallop dumplings. They look nothing like the picture on the menu, but l was told they were really good.
  5. Morgan and Addison were the former chefs at Maydan. For some reason, they thought they could do some research and just open a Caribbean restaurant. That restaurant happens to be Bammy's, located between Osteria Morini and Agua 301, in the space formerly occupied by Whaley's. Twas a Sunday afternoon after a Nats game, so the area is pretty crowded. And many people were just there for drinks. They have a dinner menu and a game day menu. They were serving both - I was gonna leave if they were only serving the game day menu. We started with Pimento Fried Chicken and Mac Pie.
  6. This was posted on Washington DC Foodies. I reported this to the Group Admin and Facebook. Should I do more?
  7. Yes. I think high end sushi is disproportionate to its cost. That pricing is Michelin 3 star pricing for 19 pieces of sushi and 3 small slices of uni (we didn't get the 2 uni nigiri). The pours with the pairing were far from generous, which is why we each sucked down 2 more glasses of champagne. That said, I do have to say the quality was top notch. Every bite was delicious. Especially impressive is just the flavor and temperature of the rice. I'd be interested to know the profit margin of a top end sushi joint vs. a French Michelin 3 star joint.
  8. @Sthitch and I went to Nakazawa on Saturday. We sat at the sushi counter and each party is separated from the other parties by a pane of glass. The chefs and servers were double masked. We did the classic for $150, with booze tasting ($90), some add on for sea urchins (Maine, CA and Japan), and a couple of glasses of champagne. With tax and tip, I think the bill came to $450 pp. The service and food were fantastic. I'm just not sure I really buy into the pricing of high end sushi.
  9. There are two Thai Treasures and I don't know if they're related. They have separate websites. The one I visited is in Vienna (website). I think the place is pretty new, a block away from Lotus Garden and Plaka Grill. What drew me there is their street food and Lao food (but not labeled as such). I ordered their liver salad (liver laab) - the flavors are bright, the livers are thinly sliced, barely cooked and very tender. This reminds me of the Padaek beef & innards laab on the secret menu, which has more variety of offal. If you like liver, you will love this dish. The
  10. Golden Roasted Chicken 金牌炸子雞 - at Han Palace in Tysons. Haven't tried it.
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