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  1. I weigh myself twice a day, morning and evening. If you know how much you weigh, then you can decide what to do.
  2. You just have to add the Chase card to your account and the first $60 is free?
  3. Just ordered Super Chicken from Uber Eats. eats-5fk2g Use that code at Uber Eats to get $7 off. I'll get $20!
  4. Our boy Tom says the Arlington branch is good. Not sure that I trust him. Anyone been lately?
  5. Getting kebabs from Arcosia McLean tonight. I hope they're more organized than the shit show at HKP last night (love the food though - just didn't like the mass confusion at the overwhelmed restaurant). ETA: They were 10 minutes late. We waited outside, as did the others. The seehk kebab was a little dry and not as tasty as Shamshiry/Rose. The chicken kebab was good, but again not better than Shamshiry/Rose.
  6. I generally don't get food delivered. I hardly get take-out either. However, that's all changed due to the coronavirus. I see that Grubhub and Doordash are offering "free" delivery. How are they making money? Marking the the cost of the food from the restaurant? Did an experiment with Fahrenheit in McLean. Grubhub Items subtotal: $39.98 Delivery fee: $3.49 Tax and fees: $4.50 Total: $47.9 before tip Doordash Subtotal $45.98 Taxes and Fees $7.82 Delivery Free Total: $53.8 before tip Doordash marks up the food more, charges a fee but claims delivery is "free." Doordash's taxes and fees is roughly the same as Grubhub's taxes and fees and delivery fee. Is Doordash consistently more expensive than Grubhub?
  7. Had a frustrating experiencing getting my food from HKP. Due to the mild weather, they kept the doors open, which is great, I thought I could go in, pick up my food without touching anything. Inside, they moved all the tables to the side and set up a pick-up table. Unfortunately, my food wasn't ready on time so I had to wait, and a few others had to wait as well. I waited outside, but the other people all stayed inside the restaurant, breathing each other's exhalation. I suggested they wait outside, but all I saw were vacant stares. Granted, they were all young and probably not overly concerned.
  8. Thought it might give each other ideas based on where and what you're ordering for take-out or delivery. Put in an order for pick up Saturday evening from Hong Kong Palace (website). You can order online - I think these dishes would travel well: A18: Chengdu Spicy Cold Noodles $7.95 P20: Cumin Ribs $13.95 (never had this before) V4: Ma Po Tofu $11.95 V16: Stir Fried Shanghai Green & Black Mushroom $11.95 C24: Chengdu Tea-Smoked Duck $17.95
  9. Same request except for McLean area. Some finer dining options that I know of are Aracosia and Clarity. Any really good restaurant slipping my mind? ETA 2941 does take-out.
  10. Get out your violins and handkerchiefs. I've been told that I'm taking a pay cut for April, May and June. Given that I can't eat out or travel, I should be able to survive; however, I might start a Gofundme page just in case. I do feel bad for my daughter Siena - instead of going to Siena for her 10th birthday (would've been her first trip out of North America), she's gonna get stuck with me building Lego and eating take-out. Oh fudge.
  11. He urged saving the economy over protecting those who are ‘not productive’ from the coronavirus. Then he faced America’s wrath. By Marc Fisher for Wapo.
  12. United has given me credit for my trip to Florence. The Italian hotels also gave me credit, all to be used within 1 year.
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