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  1. Just read on FB (post by Dave Pasternack) that Esca is closed for good. 💩
  2. This poster's bitch-fest is so wrong and @Tom Sietsema just enabled her. As a frequent user of Opentable, I know how it works. If you want an outdoor table, you can specify it in your search by checking the box that says "Outdoor" under seating options. And when you make a reservation, you have to select an outdoor table. You cannot make an indoor reservation and just put you want an outdoor table in the comment box. Same with Resy and Tock - each reservation time states specifically if it's dining room or outdoor.
  3. People on Northern Virginia Foodies Facebook group (“NVFFB”) love that place. I eventually quit NVFFB because their lavish praise for out of the way and ordinary looking food just pisses me off. I hope you didn't drive out there just for that sandwich.
  4. Another cold dreary weekend. This is the pits.
  5. I haven’t been to Tony Cheng in ages. Da Hong Pao was decent the last time I went.
  6. The reward for tonight’s winners includes dinner at Buca di Beppo. That’s pathetic.
  7. Detroit style pizza is basically Pizza Hut pan with cheese sprinkled to the edge of the pizza. I've always like Pizza Hut pan, so do my kids. Pizza Hut pan is better focaccia than many restaurants.
  8. I see more prof shoppers at Balducci's & Wegmans than Safeway. I guess if you can afford to have someone shop for you, you want nicer products too...
  9. Another reason covid sucks - we don't even get snow days since we're working from home.
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