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  1. Ericandblueboy

    Dining in Alexandria

    Because he'll gut you with his sushi sashimi knife and feed your entrails to the god of fortune. In addition, he'll serve you some fishy congee instead of ramen.
  2. I was just checking to see which restaurants are available on Reserve, and I saw Napoli Pasta Bar. The website states: First-time restaurant owner, Antonio Ferraro, came to Washington from Vico Equense, a city of Naples, Italy, in 2006. After many years managing some of the finest Italian restaurants in the District, he's now realizing his dream of opening his own to bring the flavors of the Sorrento Coast to Washington. This place is just too out of the way for me to wreck my diet for without knowing about its quality. Anyone been?
  3. Ericandblueboy

    Dining in Lancaster

    What's a good place for interesting Saturday lunch/brunch in Lancaster?
  4. Ericandblueboy

    Richmond, VA

    After visiting Agecroft Hall (a Tudor mansion moved here from England), we visited ZZQ. It's located in an industrial looking neighborhood devoid of trees. After you walk in, you realize it's even less of a sit down restaurant than Hill Country. At Hill Country, you sit, you order drinks and then you go fetch your own food. At ZZQ, you go through a line and order your food cafeteria style. First you order the meats, then the hot sides, then the cold sides, and then they have soft drinks and Lone Star beer. If you want something boozy other Lone Star, you have to order your drink from the bar on the opposite side of the room. And you have to get your own silverware. They do bus your table after you eat. So we had moist brisket, pork ribs, and beef rib. The best was the brisket, which was pretty good but I still don't think it's better than Texas Jack or Hill Country. The pork ribs were sweet and I don't much care for them. The beef rib was also pretty good and I'm just glad they have them, since it's hard to get them in DC. Finally, they's charging DC prices. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to eat here again when I can get some damn good BBQ in Arlington. We had dinner at Maple & Pine in the Quirk hotel. It's located in the lobby of the hotel and I find that lack of privacy odd. The food was pretty good and mildly creative. For breakfast, hit Perly's again. It's apparently very popular with the goyim - who tend to order typical brunch dishes as opposed to tongue, kishka, knish, etc. I like the option of being able to order just some meat for $4 per order. Thought their corn beef, pastrami and roast beef were all pretty decent. The latkes were bland though. I don't know why they were not seasoned at all. And this might be the only deli that doesn't give you a ton of cream cheese when you order a bagel with cream cheese.
  5. I don’t get the first goal. Griezman wasn’t fouled. France should never had that free kick. It led to a score. Don’t know why is wasn’t VARed.
  6. Were they fired or did they resign? If they were fired, why is it not justified? I've only been once and had a very good meal. I'm just not sure what all the whinging is about.
  7. Ericandblueboy

    Wilmington, DE

    Any recs for where to eat in Wilmington? I'm going to chill with the DuPonts in September.
  8. Ericandblueboy

    The Washington Post Comments Section

    It is a free for all, so it is pathetic. Anyone can say anything, however stupid without consequences.
  9. CR7 is coming off 3 straight Champions League titles. No other team has won even 2 consecutive Champions League titles. LeBron only won 1 with Cleveland and that was a few years ago. CR7 leaving Real Madrid is bit of a shock (especially since Juve is paying 105 million Euros as a transfer fee for someone with very few great years left). Lebron leaving Cleveland isn't a surprise.
  10. Ericandblueboy

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    It never occurred to me to go to Oaxaca in the summer. How’s the weather?
  11. Ericandblueboy

    Portland, ME

    I've been back to Portland. Don't miss Eventide. Fore Street and St. & Co. are good. Lolita is excellent.
  12. I'm just wondering if some people are unaware that hotel doors are not sound proof. at all. I don't know how many times I've been woken up at night because people are talking at their normal volume when walking down a hotel hallway. Yous crushing my dreams!
  13. Ericandblueboy

    Las Vegas, NV

    The fragrant onions came from shoe string onions and they were good. The Our Burger (@ Wahlburger) was actually pretty average - 1/3 lb cooked to order, topped with "government" cheese (i.e., American shit), pickles, tomato, onions, and house made blend of ketch-up and mayo. Maybe losing $250 while watching Croatia tie Russia during regularly time affected me, but I don't think so. Here are some more unsavory practices that I find in Sin City. Dopes dressed as "showgirls" and superheros for photo ops. Charging a $40+ mandatory extra resort fee for shitty wifi and fitness center access. Don't offer in-room coffee/tea maker. Overcharge for shitty casino food. Not having signs in the hotel hallways telling drunk shitheads to be quiet at 4 a.m. Shitty casino food.