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  1. Does anyone still visit Chowhound? I hope they fired the person who killed off Chowhound.
  2. Departing for Mexico City on Saturday. Staying at Marquis Reforma - no dinner plans for Saturday and Sunday. Already booked Pujol (twice) and Quintonil for Mon-Wed. Any suggestions on where to go for dinner on Saturday and Sunday that's not too far away? Looking for inventive upscale Mexican cuisine.
  3. Had brunch at TJ this morning at 9:30 a.m. The pork ribs and the nachos arrived cold, i.e., at room temperature. I do not understand why. Did they sit while the kitchen plate everything else (salad & mac 'n cheese)? Seems like a strange thing to happen when the restaurant is nearly empty.
  4. Watch season 2 ep 1 of the Wild Chef on Netflix. Martin Picard (Au Pied du Cochon fame) takes his team to do a crazy seafood plateau.
  5. We got one meal...where should we go for the best shrimp po-boy? My trusted source says Domilise over Parkway, but I don’t know about Bevi or Liuzza.
  6. I know my granite counter has little chips in them but my Silestone counter is smooth and flat. I also think there are more and prettier Silestone to pick from.
  7. Some actually likes Assaggi. The pizza on my last visit wasn't good (it was not made by the person who I thought was the pizzaiolo ) so I haven't been back.
  8. The argument that she’s an owner not an employee makes sense, but then she would be entitled to share in the profits. Drag their names thru mud is probably not the best way to handle this situation although Toki and Bruner-Yang didn’t seem to suffer.
  9. What's the best place (meaning no long lines) to get a Po-boy and beer on Saturday morning btwn 10-11 a.m.? LIuzza's, Parkway, or Domilise's?
  10. You can't search for availability based on time on Resy. They'd show lunch openings when you're looking for dinner openings. You also can't prioritize based on rating. More importantly, I simply hate having to do multiple searches.
  11. Taking the kids to the Crescent City in August. Dinners will be at Herbsaint, Gianna, La Petite Grocery and Brennan's. Looking for a great brunch spot for Saturday (not looking for egg dishes). The place has to be casual (i.e., allows shorts and sandals).
  12. Any sushi or sashimi on their menu or is it limited to certain common items? ETA: website says only 11 seats, half price on "regular sushi."
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