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  1. No condiments bar. I’ve been here twice and I think Uncle Liu’s is much better. The spicy broth here isn’t anywhere near as good as Uncle Liu’s.
  2. The place wasn't crowded or loud this morning - hence I was able to discern the music as Ozzie Osbourne (Black Sabbath) and The Doors. We had steak & eggs, french toast, and grilled broccoli. We ate almost everything - the kids did not eat the french toast, in fact, my youngest gave Chef Marjorie a thumbs down (she was expediting right next to our table). [facepalm] Union Market itself is crowded as usual. We just popped into to get some yogurt flavored soft drinks and sweet basil chips (by Lay’s) from Toli Moli.
  3. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    Went to Costa Rica almost 18 years ago. Drove around in a 4x4 feeding monkeys everywhere. It was a blast. The kids' passports are expired so we won't be going there (until I get them new passports). Most likely heading to Puerto Rico - I like Old San Juan. BTW, the food sucked in Costa Rica years ago. I ate a whole lot of pretty bland fried fish.
  4. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    The kids and I are all tired of going to Orlando for Spring break. It's expensive, it's crowded, and we've been there too many times already. So what are some other ideas for Spring break? Disney cruise is a possibility. New Orleans? San Antonio? Puerto Rico? Some place warm, lots of kids stuff, good food, no more than 5 hrs flying.
  5. Ericandblueboy

    Any Cool Events This Weekend?

    Ride the Metro without pants. Actually, I don't think it's cool. It's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.
  6. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    My last trip was the same length as this trip, i.e., 4 days but 2 days are really spent travelling. There are some sights in the city, and then there's lots of stuff just outside the city. I want to do a partial transit tour this time. If I had more time, I'd to a lake/jungle tour to see monkeys. I think you can easily spend a week doing stuff in and around Panama City. Also, they have casinos and sports books everywhere.
  7. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    Heading back to Panama City, because there are direct flights, it's warm, has sports books/casinos, and I never made it to the canal/lock last time. ETA - direct flight on Copa and staying at Bristol Hotel (5 stars) downtown is $1,260 total for 3 nights (via Expedia). I upgraded for more legroom for another $90.
  8. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    Still can't decide. I've never been to Mexico City and that's definitely on the list. New Orleans is off the list because of football play-offs. If I don't make any decision, the default is to go to NYC cause last minute train travel is still pretty cheap and hotels in the winter ain't bad.
  9. Ericandblueboy

    West Virginia

    https://www.hollywoodcasinocharlestown.com/dining/the-eatery. I need to go to Hollywood at Charlestown tomorrow for some sports bets. If anyone else wants to go and carpool, message me.
  10. I'm surprised Nini got the boot since she won 2 consecutive elimination challenges before RW. But she was a mess as the front of the house. Of the contestants, only David Viana (Philly) seems to be consistently good.
  11. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    I just got back from London. Granada is definitely on my list but I need more time to do Seville, Cordoba and Granada together. I plan on leaving Wed night or Thurs and returning on Monday.
  12. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    I did book a trip to Venice for February but still no plans for MLK Jr. weekend. I could go back to Panama City or Reykjavik. I could go back for the umpteenth time to New Orleans or NYC. I could go back to Montreal, Toronto, Halifax. I could go back to Bermuda. I'm looking to go somewhere that I wouldn't need to drive, has good food, walking tours, great museums, and some night-life.
  13. Really? Did they say they rather have you sit at a table by yourself? Seems a bit weird.