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  1. Why is it closing? It's most definitely a tourist joint but there are plenty of tourists in G'town? I think I only ever ate there when I use to visit from out of town. I don't recall ever going there after I moved to the DC area.
  2. Had brunch there this morning. The place opens at 10 and all the 4 tops were full soon after. Many large tables remain unoccupied as people waited. We had har gow, siu mai, chicken feet, spare ribs, fried yam dumplings, dailkon cake, and spring rolls. Everything seems more mass produced...very dense har gow, siu mai and daikon cakes, very cloying chicken feet and spare ribs. Very different from my last visit.
  3. Took the kids to Joe's for lunch after their tour of the White House. We've visited quite a few mansions recently and the White House is quite small in comparison. The estimated tour time of 45 minutes was mostly spent in the security line. So I ordered the 2 course lunch with stone crab claws, hash browns, cole slaw, and key lime pie. We also ordered some fried calamaris and fried shrimp. When I did the 2 course lunch in Vegas, I was given a huge plate of hash browns, not so at the DC location - just a small scoop of seared potatoes. The cole slaw is made tableside with cabbage, relish and mayo. The seafood were great though. The key lime pie had a very thick graham cracker crust. Brunch happy hour included half price champagne.
  4. Copied from Eater. So there's a movement to replace male sexual harassers with lesbians? So the next POTUS would be a lesbian? 🙄 ETA: I don't have a problem with a lesbian POTUS - I just don't think it's some kind of movement.
  5. Ericandblueboy

    Vacation Ideas

    Carnival in Venice starts on 2/16/19 and ends 3/5/19. Business class fares is expensive (paying cash) but you can fly business class on United (operates by Lufthansa) for 140,000 miles. 4 star hotels in Venice are less than $200/nt near Rialto Bridge or Piazza San Marco. I was thinking about traveling over Presidents Day weekend (flying out on 2/13 returning 2/19). I know people spend hours researching vacations and I would love to see what you're planning and what deals you've found. Anyone have ideas for MLK Jr. weekend?
  6. Rebooked at the Madison and will be dining at Pearl Dive. Walking around on 14th and U will give the kids a feel of city living.
  7. Ok. I canceled the hotel and will cancel the restaurant too. How about the Madison?
  8. I’ve been to La Perla a long time ago. And I’m taking the kids this time. They’ve never spent a night in DC so we’re spending a night at the Melrose and La Perla is within a short walk.
  9. Ericandblueboy

    The Bourse Marketplace and Food Hall

    I think Foobooz is saying there are GREAT local restaurants who want in on the Bourse but instead we're getting start-ups and mediocre chains from other markets. I have no idea who wants in and didn't get in so there's no way to verify that assertion.
  10. Ericandblueboy

    The Bourse Marketplace and Food Hall

    Any landlord would just want to maximize revenue. They’re not in the business of restaurant promotion, especially mediocre food.
  11. Ericandblueboy

    The Bourse Marketplace and Food Hall

    If you didn’t post, I wouldn’t have read it. It seems to have some merit. Why is DC exporting to Philly?
  12. We had a reservation a few weeks ago for Doi Moi but I canceled it on the day of because the forecast called for an inch of rain. As the menu looked very interesting, we rescheduled our visit for this past Friday. It rained again, but I did not let the drizzle tarnish my manhood. We ordered several dishes and didn't specify how we wanted them brought out. Dishes then arrived in quick succession, which is what happened the last time we ate there. So if you want a leisurely meal, remember to order a few plates at a time or tell them how you want dishes coursed out. The first dish to arrive is Laotian Stuffed Lemongrass - lemongrass stuffed with ground pork, green onions & garlic. We were told the lemongrass is tough, and the preferred way to eat the dish is to peel off the lemongrass first. A few burnt fingers later, I was able to taste the pork meatball inside, which when dipped in the spicy, soy, fish-saucy, citrusy concoction, reminded of the brightly flavored dishes that I've had at the likes of Padaek, Thip Khao, and Chada Street (a place in Vegas that is now closed). The second dish to arrive is Steam Buns w/ Fried Chicken. The chicken itself was't properly seasoned, so it tastes especially bland in the bun. The julienned carrots, not having been pickled, added nothing to the dish. The third dish was Scallops Carpaccio - scallops drizzled with a Thai nam jim sauce and topped with fried garlic. This could've been a great dish if they had just salted the scallops and used better quality scallops. The scallops themselves had no flavor, and they didn't season them with salt. So while I tasted the fried garlic and the nam jim sauce, which added a hint of spicy and acid, did not provide the necessary salt. There is a raw shrimp dish that I've had at Thip Khao and Chada Street that uses the very same sauce, but done with much greater effect. The fourth dish was Grilled Calamari - the calamari (it might've been squid) was righteous - super tender, slightly charred, and well seasoned. But it gave me the worst aftertaste, especially when I tried to wash it away with Cava. The fifth dish was Sausage. It was dry, and not very herby like the sausage you would find at Padeak or Thip Khao. The last dish is Char Kuey Teow Noodles - southeast Asian spin on chow foon, in this case with black garlic sauce, prawns and Chinese sausage. The prawns were mealy, and the Chinese sausage doesn't taste like any Chinese sausage I've had before. But the noodle and sauce were pretty tasty. Conclusion - a tier below Little Serow and Thip Khao. I really wanted to have an Amsterdam falafel afterwards but I was stuffed.