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  1. Loved the Cloisters. It’s a great collection of European cloisters moved to the Bronx. The unicorn tapestries are the most complete and informative that I’ve seen. Dinner was at Manolo’s Tapas. It’s faux finished to look like a tavern in Spain and the food is quite good. I really enjoyed the Madrid tripe stew. The tortilla espanola was too eggy for me. We also had nicely grilled langoustines, clams with green sauce, and serano ham with artichoke hearts. Service was excellent , on the formal side. Cash only but their ATM only charged 99 cents. Technically this was all in Washington Heights and not the Bronx.
  2. Finally went back to the Arlington location with Steve for lunch. We ordered our favorites: dan dan noodles, dry fried eggplant, crispy pork belly, fried diced chicken, and bamboo cumin fish - all from the hot apps. Dan dan noodles were overcooked and the sauce very watery - nevertheless good favor. The diced fried chicken was bland. The eggplant, fish and pork belly were good. It's just a bunch of fried food, hard to tell if the cooking is really back up to par.
  3. Has anyone installed solar panels at their home in VA?
  4. Danny Meyer wants proof of vaccination to eat in his restaurant. I'm just trying to test the logic of that statement. Vaccinated people can still get covid and spread covid. In fact, I see lots of vaccinated people who don't wear masks in tight quarters. I'm leary of all people who don't social distance or wear masks (because my kids aren't vaccinated), including those who are vaccinated. I guess we won't be eating at Maialino Mare for a while. This paragraph from Washingtonian just confirmed that vaccinated people are catching and spreading covid.
  5. I’ve got that marked down. The pheasant ballotine with foie was delicious. The same goes for the tempura calamari. The portions aren’t big so i had two pheasant ballotines. Veuve is $16 until September i believe.
  6. Fitzgerald’s and The Tombs have the same menu right now but the Tomb is still closed, lacks staff. $16 for a glass of Veuve is dirt cheap.
  7. Saturday morning just after 10. The restaurant was at most half full while I was there. The dim sum comes out first in trays and then they go into the steam cart. The same people that ran it that last time I went are still running the place, but they have some very new staff. I tried some chicken feet ($4.5), spare ribs ($4.5) with black bean sauce, daikon cake (very black peppery, $4.5), shark fin dumpling (no shark fin but lots of cilantro, 4 for $6.5), and spring rolls (3 for $5.5). The spring rolls' filling is a mystery to me, tastes a little yammy but I couldn't be sure. The prices may have gone up a little since my last visit. Quality is good/decent, on par with Vinh Kee (but I like Vinh Kee because you order off a menu). With the carts, you never know what's available. They did update the dining room, it's bright and clean-looking now.
  8. Right now the plan is drive from DC to the Cloisters on Saturday, then check in at the Opera House Hotel. I was having a really hard time finding a place to eat around the hotel. Finally booked at Beatstro - it's walkable. Sunday we'll go to the zoo, and if we have time, the botanical garden as well. Then we'll check out Little Italy and have dinner at Mario's (where I look forward trying tripe Livornese). We'll be parking at the Southern Blvd lot. Any idea whether we have get out of the lot by 5 p.m. when the zoo closes? I was hoping to keep the car in the lot while we have dinner. ETA: Just read that Mott Haven isn't particularly safe. Canceled Opera House Hotel and Beatstro. Staying at The Edge Hotel in Washington Heights instead.
  9. Went back to Maialino Mare this weekend. We started with fried artichokes, fried sardines, and Testarella (crispy suckling pig head). At first I thought the pig head meat, fat & skin would be picked and then mushed back together into a block, but nope. You get half a head and a steakknife. The skin was crispy and wonderful, very delicious with all the fat underneath. My only concern being the number of calories associated with such a fatty dish. There is a little bit of meat, which actually doesn't taste nearly as good as the skin. I really wanted to order the MALFATTI AL MAIALINO (Roasted Suckling Pig, Grana Padano, Arugula) but it wasn't on the menu. So we ordered TRENETTE ALLA VONGOLE, SPAGHETINI CON BOTTARGA, and PAPPARDELLE ALLA BOLOGNESE. All the pastas were really salty. I actually had to send the clam pasta back for a refund. I would've sent the mullet roe pasta back too had I tasted it before sending the clam pasta back, but I ate it anyway (the kids tried it and hated it). They at least ate some of the pappardelle. Other than the saltiness, the pastas would've been really good.
  10. Went back to try a few more dishes. Fried Hog's Head Cheese - grilled sweetbreads, tarragon-crab remoulade. Excellent preparation with tender sweetbread, nicely breaded and seasoned. None of that awfully offally flavor. Paneed Skate Wing - crab, kale, beet, sherry & creole mustard beurre blanc. Bottom line - nicely fried well seasoned fish. Cochon de Lait - grilled pork neck steak, red beans, collard greens, puffed rice. Looks boring and tastes kinda boring.
  11. I was able to get a 11:45 reservation at Matunuck for Monday Aug 2.
  12. Messi finally won one for Argentina but "it" didn't come home. The Italians took "it."
  13. Saw O Dinis featured on one of Andrew Zimmern's shows. While I like Portuguese cuisine, their menu is too rustic and not enough seafood (only one bacalao dish!). Thanks for the tip on Cap 'n Jack. I plan on making reservation for Matunuck 3 weeks out but it's good to have an alternative. For fun, (day 1 Monday) Biomes on the way from the Bronx after lunch, (day 2) all day touring the Newport Mansions (only the Topiary Garden, Breakers, Elm and Marble are open at this point), (day 3) Rogers Williams Park Zoo. Not sure what else to do on day 3. Boat tour? Audubon Nature Center & Aquarium? Blitheworld? I think Waterfire is canceled this summer?
  14. I love tripe. Will check out Old Canteen (if I get off my butt and call them for reservations) because the menu is huge (eels, escargot, frog legs!). Does Zuppardi's allow dining in?
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