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  1. We got two recipes from her today. I made the one for me, will make my wife’s tomorrow probably. But I loved, loved loved mine. Complex but straightforward to put together. The complexity came from adding cinnamon smoke to my glass ahead of time which I never would have thought of. The cocktail combined mezcal, amaro, sweet vermouth and sherry and I would order this over and over again in a bar. She nailed it.
  2. Tweaked, what did you wind up getting? This sounds like a lot of fun, we just sent in a request for two recipes. Can't wait to see what she produces. My wife and I have *very* different tastes in cocktails.
  3. Beautiful. We got oysters as part of our CSA that last two weeks, and I enjoyed them more than I thought I would. Had never shucked oysters before but the effort is worthwhile!
  4. Here is about $90 of sushi from Nama Sushi that we got tonight. It was very good. It’s the $30 sushi assortment plus a variety of a la carte nigiri and rolls. I appreciated them having a decent though perhaps not decadent variety on offer, though these are not decadent times.
  5. Thip Khao reopens today. Looks like you have to order by 3 PM for same day pick up, but you can order days in advance as well.
  6. I'm craving good sushi. Has anyone had any luck with takeout/delivery options? Our neighbors got pickup from Sushi Ogawa the other day. This is the $90 "Sushi and Rolls Assortment" on their take out menu. They said it was good and the fish looks nice, but it's too bad there's not more variety. Chalk it up to supply chain issues I guess? Or people just wanting the basics in the current circumstances?
  7. Ha! We randomly got this tonight, but I didn’t see your post until now. Agree with your assessment 100%. I’ll note that pickup is also an option, which is what we did, and that was quick and easy.
  8. NRG Provisions and Right Proper both delivering some great beer in DC as well if you’re interested...
  9. I hope Don is alright as well, and that this community gets up and running again. Just in case we need a place to regroup, commiserate, plan next steps, etc., I've created a subreddit on reddit.com called DRockwellDCusers. It's a private group...click on the link and "join" (of course you'll have to join Reddit if you're not already on that, but that's pretty easy) and I'll get a message I think and let you in. I'm the "moderator" for this though I have no intention of moderating anything, just wanted to create a space where all of us can chat. Stay healthy, Dan
  10. I ordered from fishwife and Harvey’s via Mercato a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the day it worked out fine but it was kind of strange that mercato treated it as two different orders and they arrived on different days. I don’t know if that’s changed at all since then. Quality of what was delivered was great as expected.
  11. They deliver, too (maybe limited area?). We got a delivery from them today, exactly at the time we specified last weekend when we put the order in.
  12. This is what was in the gold box this morning from Spring Valley, to give you a sense of how much to expect. Anyone have any good sweet potato recipes for someone who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? 😬
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