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  1. Yes, what you saw as a scallop is a mushroom and the fibrous piece is porchetta. We’ve been twice now, once for lunch the day they opened, and everything has been good but perhaps not great. Certainly good enough to warrant return visits, though. They have a fry basket which includes fried shrimp, calamari, and potato chips which was good but maybe could have used one twist up on the crispiness dial. Pizzas were delicious and everyone was nice and enthusiastic about the new venture.
  2. Yes, Neapolitan pizza, and pretty much every observation you made is spot on except the seared scallops part. This is a panini with homemade porchetta and seared mushrooms, with salsa verde. A decent sandwich but oily…the salsa verde didn’t quite provide enough sharpness to cut through all the fat.
  3. Yea the 18th won't work for me either unfortunately but we will try to hit it up another time. Enjoy!
  4. I wonder if he would get it. Or even if he got it, believe it. My guess is that Einstein would probably come across as a science fiction writer to Newton, with the nearly 200 years that separate them proving a pretty tough obstacle to overcome. But it would be fascinating to watch for sure.
  5. Caliphate (though not if you're in the mood for something uplifting).
  6. If everyone who you want to hear the doorbell always has their phone with them then no need for the chime. Just hook everyone up with the app. If you already have a hardwired doorbell though I’d recommend just replacing it with the ring pro. That way it will chime like it does now. We added a chime for the basement just because we can’t always hear the bell from down there and don’t necessarily always have our phones with us
  7. Yes, they are security cameras. For a small fee Ring records and saves video of triggered motion and doorbell rings to your account so you can review it later.
  8. Nearly instantaneous even on the slower phone. It was making the video connection that was slow but that problem went away with the new phone.
  9. I have a lot of experience with the Ring Doorbell, both at our house and my brother-in-law's two houses. I would say that with one possible exception it has been glitch free and works as advertised in any environment where you want to capture all motion that appears in front of the camera (i.e., most suburban or rural settings where the doorbell is far enough away from the street and/or sidewalk). In front of a DC row house facing a busy sidewalk/street situation, though, there are way too many false positive motion alerts (even optimizing the sensor focus and sensitivity). The one potential exception is the speed with which the app connected to the phone on my old iPhone when I wanted to connect to it live (like if someone rings the doorbell and you want to see who it is and talk to them, or if you just want a live view). To my mind it was too slow, sometimes taking 15 seconds or so to connect. But when I got a new phone a few months ago that problem went away so it may just be an issue with older, slower phones.
  10. I had a fantastic lunch at the Rockville location recently, about a month ago, which included the dry fried eggplant - it was as good as I remember ever having it in previous tries in both Fredericksburg and Arlington. Seems like consistency is a big issue across the empire, though. Who knows, it could change tomorrow but maybe Rockville is the place to go these days for your Peter Chang fix.
  11. Right, but what I find interesting is they go beyond saying "uncured" to having a second label that explicitly says it's "not preserved" and to keep it refrigerated below 40 degrees at all times. Maybe there's some reg that they have to say these things but I wonder if it's marketing ... that they're emphasizing the (false) impression that there's no nitrates by pushing the idea you have to be more careful handling this product that you would have if it had contained curing salt. D'artagnan Bacon
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