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  1. Just placed an order for them for delivery to me in DC, and it went through fine.
  2. Wait, what? I don't see anything to that effect on their web site and when I start to process a shipping order to me in DC, it all seems to work as it usually has.
  3. Oh dear, that's got to be the oreo pizza at &Pizza, right? I'm afraid to ask how it was. Apparently they'll make you a Cheeto pizza, too.
  4. I think the Billy Goat Trail and the huge parking lot are the big benefits of the Maryland side. I wouldn't write off the Billy Goat Trail Section A (the most rigorous part, the the part closest to the parking by the visitor's center) for kids...I think it's really kid dependent. I took my son on it when he was 7 and he did great. And there's an exit back to the towpath right before the most difficult climb if it looks too daunting.
  5. Has anyone tried the new Sonny's Pizza on Georgia Ave, near Howard? I've only been once, not sure what my verdict is quite yet because the pizza itself is quite unusual and feels like it's in a category by itself in the area. The best way I can describe it is an elevated version of elementary school cafeteria pizza -- baked in a pan, Sonny's pizza is definitely not about the crust. But the toppings on the two pizzas we got our one visit were super high quality. Here's their menu.
  6. I love the brisket here, but I always ask for it moist. Maybe that helps? My go to order is always brisket and brussel sprouts...
  7. La Preferida has moved a bit further south on New Hampshire, in the parking lot of a Sunoco gas station. An order of Pastelitos de Carne was 3 fried empanada-like creations -- expertly fried, great texture and not greasy at all, and stuffed with savory ground beef. Accompaniments included a forgettable coleslaw, a moderately spicy red salsa, and a much tastier but very spicy green sauce. The chicken sandwich looked pretty boring on the menu -- a subway roll with shredded chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado and cheese -- but the chicken itself was moist and really tasty. It had obviously been long-stewed and was very nicely spiced. Three tacos, one each pork, beef, and tongue, were a huge disappointment -- the tongue was very tender and nicely flavored but the meat in the other two was miserably tough. All three were served on a single, doughy, thick tortilla, with oversized hunks of dried out cucumber and radish that looked like they'd been hacked with a dull cleaver by a blind person, and no cheese or avocado. So overall a pretty mixed bag.
  8. And we will be there in August - Lisbon and the South, near Lagos. Already have reservations for Alma in Lisbon, which looks amazing, and the Vista Restaurant in Portimao. Any other recommendations appreciated (including for kid-friendly places we might visit during the day). Also spending a few days in Nerja, Spain.
  9. An impromptu lunch of grilled chicken hearts and catfish laab this afternoon was delicious. I've seen no quality decline here over the years, especially notable given the chef's frequent travels and the recent expansion. One thing I have definitely noticed is a 180 change in their spicing policy, from opt-out to opt-in -- if you want it hot now, you've got to ask for it.
  10. When I first saw it I thought Fancy Radish, but I don't see it on their online menu. Wherever you had this, I want to try it!
  11. Yes, what you saw as a scallop is a mushroom and the fibrous piece is porchetta. We’ve been twice now, once for lunch the day they opened, and everything has been good but perhaps not great. Certainly good enough to warrant return visits, though. They have a fry basket which includes fried shrimp, calamari, and potato chips which was good but maybe could have used one twist up on the crispiness dial. Pizzas were delicious and everyone was nice and enthusiastic about the new venture.
  12. Yes, Neapolitan pizza, and pretty much every observation you made is spot on except the seared scallops part. This is a panini with homemade porchetta and seared mushrooms, with salsa verde. A decent sandwich but oily…the salsa verde didn’t quite provide enough sharpness to cut through all the fat.
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