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  1. Who knew, China grows coffee? This is from my biweekly delivery. I’m no good with coffee descriptions, but it’s pretty tasty to me.
  2. I know, right? But it works if you give it enough time. I started the dough about 9pm, let it proof on the counter until about 1 or 2 pm the next afternoon, with 4 stretch and folds every 30 minutes at the end. Then in the refrigerator until late the following morning for baking.
  3. I've been doing the whole sourdough thing, really starting to get happy with the results (though I am still terrible at the final shaping stage...the bread winds up rising to a decent shape but I still struggle to get it from a blob of dough to an actual round loaf before putting it in the oven). I have settled on a version of this recipe except I use a 2:1 ratio of regular white bread flour to whole wheat flour, and I cut the hydration back to 70% from 80% (I can barely handle the 70% version). You get a tighter crumb that way but I still like the way it turns out. My latest loaf.
  4. I think how the virus is contained is only half the equation. The commercial real estate market is a huge piece of this as well. If businesses suddenly wake up and realize that they can save a shit ton of money by cutting their physical footprint and letting employees who can continue to work from home, that’s going to totally transform our downtown areas, obviously to the extreme detriment of restaurants and other businesses that depended on the people who worked in those spaces.
  5. For what it’s worth, I was curious about this and texted the lady whose condo we rented about her availability for the rest of the summer. She says she has one week left, from August 29 to September 5. This is a very nice, modern two bedroom condo on the ocean side in Rodanthe. If anyone is interested I’m happy to put you in touch with her.
  6. Their menu is quite limited but the quality is good. We like the Char Kway Teow best but nothing here has been bad in the 4 takeout meals we've gotten from them.
  7. The beaches were awesome. You can literally stop by the side of the road and walk over a sand dune to have a pristine stretch of beach all to yourself. I can't think of another place I've been in the US where that's possible.
  8. I am no OBX expert...this was our first time there. But are there nice hotels on the Outer Banks? From Kitty Hawk down to the southern point, where we were, we saw none. Only rentals and cheap motels. It’s pretty rustic.
  9. While we were there the Governor had *just* ordered a mandatory mask order for retail establishments. Prior to that, a lot of places had signs up asking or demanding customers wear masks, but apparently it wasn't the law until that order was issued. So keep that context in mind. If compliance in DC is maybe 95%+ (I'm talking about wearing masks inside shops/restaurants), maybe it was 85% there. Certainly most people were, but we would definitely see people occasionally walk into a place without masks. Sometimes they were challenged by the establishment, often they weren't. Just walki
  10. OK, after two weeks in the Outer Banks, it's clear this is not somewhere you go to for the food. That said, we found a handful of places that stood out from the rest and that we would go back to: Best of the bunch was a Mexican food truck in Ocracoke called Eudardo's. This simple taco stand produced our best meal of the trip -- freshly made hot tortilla chips with guacamole, carnitas tacos on masa tortillas, fried fish (local mackerel) tacos on flour tortillas -- everything was excellent. I wouldn't quite say it is worth a trip to go to this place simply because you have to take a ferry
  11. We just got back from two weeks in the Outer Banks. It was a great vacation. Tons of outdoor activities to do, with an obvious focus on the beach and the water— fishing, clamming, jet skiing, kite sailing, that sort of thing, and obviously just lazing about on the beach. The food scene is not great. With a few exceptions, which I will post later, most of our restaurant meals were pretty bleh. But there is great local seafood, and produce this time of year, so cooking in your rental is definitely an option. Restaurants are allowed to do indoor dining there, and some are choosing to do
  12. Any recent Outer Banks experiences that folks would recommend?
  13. Emilie's is knocking it out of the park with their to-go cocktails, at least the frozen ones. This is not usually a style that appeals to me but my wife has gotten two (the all-day froze and another called Lucky Frog -- cachaca, Singani 63, coconut, lime, passionfruit, pandan...I don't see on the menu right now even though she ordered it earlier today) that I would happily finish off if given the chance. Check them out.
  14. We got two recipes from her today. I made the one for me, will make my wife’s tomorrow probably. But I loved, loved loved mine. Complex but straightforward to put together. The complexity came from adding cinnamon smoke to my glass ahead of time which I never would have thought of. The cocktail combined mezcal, amaro, sweet vermouth and sherry and I would order this over and over again in a bar. She nailed it.
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