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  1. "Booscotti" Apple pie with oatmeal crumble topping
  2. Interesting. I did recently see signage for the Waterfront Market Cafe in the arcade. Hey, if they can manage to pull off good food directly, and not inversely, proportional to the good views, I'm all for it. That and I'm glad the old food court building will not (yet) become a blighted, vestigial homage to a failed attempt at a tourist-drawing waterfront that never reached its full potential. I'm looking at you, Philly.
  3. I'd say no, too. Go with a cheaper, corded stick blender. As Don alluded to, these batteries lose power and then what? Or, the blender sits there unused for a while and the battery drains and isn't ready for the task at hand. I can hardly remember to keep my phone plugged in! eta: it sure is purdy, tho
  4. Perhaps you could insert the word "introduced" as a modifier vs. tempered in this instance. I would assume it meant that fenugreek seeds were sprinkled into the rice. i generally see the term used when a cooler substance is added to a hot substance, usually liquid. For example, when introducing eggs to hot cream, or sour cream to a hot stew, you first introduce a little bit of the hot liquid to the cooler liquid to elevate its temperature without cooking or curdling. Then the "tempered" cooler substance is able to be incorporated into the hot.
  5. Our Beardie had his cruciate surgeries at RVRC, the latest being in June, by Dr. Tallat. She was gently, thorough and patient. No question or concern went unanswered. We've taken our 3 dogs (now 2 ) there for various reasons over the years and they're always great-- all of the staff.
  6. No and I don't think you'd need to since the water comes in and washes the egg out with it. That reminds me that I also tried the Saran wrap method. The first time I didn't spray the plastic and the egg got stuck. The second time I did spray, but the method was too much trouble. I think that knowing which pan works best, how much vinegar to add and just the right low simmer is the KISS for me.
  7. Last Easter, so not that old! Ham freezes beautifully with the vacuum sealer. No pic today
  8. ^ Looks amazing! I poached eggs this morning and I add vinegar to the water then crack each egg into a ramekin that gets lowered into the water, allowing the water to come in and gently wash the egg into the water. Worked nicely-- I tend to get feathery eggs, but these were really solid. Served Benedict style with last year's Easter ham leftovers and bernaise sauce.
  9. Salad with campari tomatoes Braised Lambs Quarter chuck roast Smashed rosemary potatoes Miso Maple roasted brussel sprouts
  10. ^ I support bringing in professionals. Who can resist picking their brains when it comes to food? I don't think it will interfere with the fun that is mingling with DR members and tasting each others' dishes.
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