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  1. I just read about this and I'm not surprised. The food at Cashion's was just awful. I don't know what they were thinking. It'll be nice to have the original Ann Cashion back in the 'hood.
  2. I've been unable to access this website since it went down. Finally resorted to shutting the computer completely off and then restarting it. Seems to have worked Dame Edna and I showed up the night of the DR.com gathering. Since everybody just ordered off the regular menu and there was space available, it worked out just fine. (I had actually been the week before for lunch. The changeover from Target to CVS at the Columbia Heights Target pharmacy turned out to be a real clusterf**k and I had some time to kill and hadn't eaten anything; so, I jumped on Metro and went to Drift. I was madder
  3. It is THE place to find Japanese dried noodles (soba, udon, etc.) for much lower prices than you will find elsewhere. I'm speaking here of local supermarkets and not the big Asian markets in the 'burbs (about which I know very little). I love the Japanese low-sodium soy sauce there and the variety of miso. I don't know enough about Japanese cuisine to venture into the freezers; but, I've always found the service to be very friendly and helpful.
  4. I must be really special, too. I was also going to comment on the Knickerbocker Theater disaster but got the same notice as you. I logged out and logged back in, but it didn't change anything.
  5. I understand what you mean by those backless seats. Screw 'em. The chairs at the bar are just that--tall chairs. I've always found them to be quite comfortable.
  6. I'm just wondering how "golden" his parachute is going to be.
  7. There is absolutely ZERO problems with the food Ferhat is putting out. The decor? There might be the difficulty. I just remember going to the pre-Valentine's dinner and insisting that we be seated as far from the front door as possible. If you remember, it was COLD in February.
  8. I just can't see Ferhat putting out bad food. I would rather see him go into some other line of work than do that. I was (ignorantly) surprised from the beginning at the standard of freshness and careful cooking that went into this operation. He clearly learned how to cook from Tom Power--which you can readily tell by Ferhat's soups and his softshell crab. But, I'm having trouble understanding why the location is such a big deal. Fishnet is just down the street from Derek Brown's trio of restaurants that are in no way dumbed-down fast-food joints. Plus, the place is very easy to get to, eit
  9. We went there one time in the late 80s for my MIL's birthday. I thought the food was terrible. Lobster bisque was too salty to eat and their much ballyhooed plum tart was simply inedible. Glad to know I haven't missed anything in the intervening years. The 90-minute drive in rush hour to get there didn't help matters, either.
  10. I realize that I post too often about Corduroy, but we went tonight for our 25th anniversary and sat in the dining room. The place was slammed--which may explain why I got a call earlier today to confirm our reservation. I didn't see Tom cooking and am guessing he was doing the cooking at Baby Wale. No matter; he has trained his staff very well. It's just that we know that, whatever we choose to eat, it is going to be very good. Tom Power just does not put out mediocre food. Not everything will be to everybody's taste, but it is never bad food. (Can I tell you about the half raw chicken at C
  11. Are you sure the first wasn't The Red Sea on 18th Street?
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