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  1. We joined Query Mill’s CSA on your recommendation and have enjoyed it immensely thus far!
  2. Sorry for not seeing this sooner, and congratulations! This was 8 years ago but we had a great experience with Main Event for our wedding, both in terms of food quality and overall service. If Michelle is still there, we loved working with her. She took great care of us, especially on the actual day when we were both quite sick. Catering and photography were the two areas where we were willing to splurge a bit. Really glad that we didn't go frugal there.
  3. This seems as good of a place to post as any... AMEX is buying Resy
  4. I went this weekend as well and agree 100% with the bright, clean, and well-stocked description. Plus they take AMEX -- gold card earns 4x MR points on groceries! For what it's worth, however, my parents (who have significantly more experience than me shopping at the various Asian supermarkets in this area over the past 40 years) claim that their produce is inferior to what you'd find at H-Mart. Just reporting what they said, no idea if they're objectively right. The two onions and green peppers that I bought seemed fine.
  5. Dinner here a few weeks ago marked a couple of firsts for us, both good (porchetta) and bad (less-than-friendly/attentive service). Thankfully the latter didn't detract from the meal much. This is one of the few places in town that's always been a hit with our kids.
  6. E-mail alerts on Resy for the win! Our original plan was to eat at Chloe, but a table here opened up and we pounced. The app even automatically cancels the old booking when you're making a new one. Really looking forward to it. We usually swap plates while dining out anyway, so it will be like an 8-course tasting menu for us.
  7. A quick P.S. to my post from a few months back -- the staff e-mailed us a wine list and in the few instances where I could find prices via CellarTracker, markups were typically around 200 percent. We opted for corkage but did order cocktails before the meal. Biggest food hits for us were the squash blossom rangoon and Japanese souffle pancake, neither of which seem to be on the menu anymore unfortunately.
  8. On the Chase Sapphire Private Dining Series web page, it's listed at $200, both the regular private dinner on June 6 and the one at the Chef's Counter. The latter one is sold out already. The French Laundry and Alinea dinners are listed at $650 or 65K UR points, and the Grant Achatz Kitchen Table experiences are both over $1K/100K UR points but still 1 cpp redemptions.
  9. My office building is in the background! I've been to this GSE maybe once in 7+ years, and never to the Chick-fil-A. If this is becoming a cupcake-level fad, I sure hope a good option shows up in Montgomery County soon. --- Hot Lola's (SwillBilly)
  10. The "endless dribble penetration/kick out for an open three" strategy may be fairly new to the NBA, but for decades it's been central to how teams play internationally, both in Europe and in South America where low post play hasn't really ever been a thing.
  11. Until certain aspects of his private life became public, Tiger was one of my favorite athletes of all time. Now that we know he's done a lot to hurt people in his personal life, I'm mostly indifferent about his recent professional accomplishments. Hard for me to separate the two, though I know other folks are fine doing so.
  12. FWIW, we split a 10-inch cheese steak at Philly Wing Fry recently and enjoyed it a lot. The higher quality of meat (vs. standard Philly fare) was quite evident, though reasonable minds can disagree about whether that's a good or bad thing. The pickled onions also provide useful acidity for cutting through flavors that might otherwise be too rich and heavy for some. Only downside is that it took nearly 15 minutes to receive our sandwich, though of course this also means that everything is made to order.
  13. Chase is now making it possible to redeem Ultimate Rewards points for certain dining experiences (i.e., "private" dinners at places like The French Laundry, Per Se, and Alinea). The only one currently available around here is Reverie on June 6, for 20K UR points. Given that these are fixed-value redemptions (1 cent per point) and not auctions for some unique or otherwise unattainable experience, I can't see them as worthwhile for anyone without a UR point balance in the millions.
  14. Second location very recently opened in Falls Church, across the street from Takumi. Coming from MD, it may actually be more convenient. We still get cupcakes here every year for our son's birthday and will start doing so for our daughter too. Quality remains great IMO, and hopefully none of that will change with expansion. Perfect amount of sweetness, unlike the sugar bombs found at most other places.
  15. By most accounts of many prominent travel bloggers, the post-merger integration has been a debacle thus far, to the point where being "Bonvoyed" has already become a derogatory verb.
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