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  1. Second location very recently opened in Falls Church, across the street from Takumi. Coming from MD, it may actually be more convenient. We still get cupcakes here every year for our son's birthday and will start doing so for our daughter too. Quality remains great IMO, and hopefully none of that will change with expansion. Perfect amount of sweetness, unlike the sugar bombs found at most other places.
  2. By most accounts of many prominent travel bloggers, the post-merger integration has been a debacle thus far, to the point where being "Bonvoyed" has already become a derogatory verb.
  3. I was simply explaining why Harper and Pujols would elicit completely opposite receptions from their respective former home team’s fans. If the Nats had won a WS during the past several years (where Harper was instrumental to the title) and then he left for the Phillies or even the Yankees, he likely wouldn’t be booed the way he is now and some might even applaud. Fans tend to be more forgiving when their teams have won championships.
  4. The Freakonomics podcast did a feature on Impossible Burger several weeks ago. It's worth a listen.
  5. The Harper and Pujols situations aren't remotely comparable IMO. Pujols left the Cardinals at age 32 (i.e., already well on the downside of his career) and after having won two rings.
  6. I don’t know how long this has been true, but the Pinkberry at National Harbor closed so the only one left around here is at BWI. There are still a decent number of them in Southern California though.
  7. I encourage others to visit and see if they agree or not -- there may be a new king of dim sum in MD, and it's...Far East?!? Yes, not a typo. The one that's been around for 45 years and whose website says that it specializes in "Szechuan and Mandarin" cuisine. My family and I moved to Montgomery County 40 years ago and I don't recall having been here more than a few times before. But on the recommendation of their friends, we went with my parents yesterday and (pardon the cliche) it was a revelation. There's a certain richness and freshness in the shumai and the shrimp dumplings that aren't present anymore at Silver Fountain or Hollywood East. The radish cakes actually taste like radish, and the taro dumplings have way more filling than fried outer shell. The items tend to cost $1 more here than at the other dim sum joints, but I suspect that's a function of better ingredients, portion size, and execution. The place was packed at opening, and when we left around 12:30, there were still tons of folks waiting in the lobby. This is our family's new dim sum destination in the foreseeable future.
  8. Does anyone have first-hand experience with Ooni or seen one in action? The Pro model appeals most to me, because it can take many different fuel sources (wood, charcoal, gas). What concerns me, apart from ease of cleaning, is the length of time that it takes to heat the surface so that pizza won't stick. Reviews seem conflicting on this front, with some claiming that 20 minutes is enough while others say up to an hour.
  9. Does anyone know Louis Roederer's post-acquisition track record with U.S. wineries? We visited Merry Edwards back in 2013 and have enjoyed her Sauvignon Blancs over the years. Hopefully not much will change.
  10. Not only will the Nats be better off without him in the long run (though not having him will hurt their chances this year), there are at least 5 or 10 players who are better and will be hitting free agency in 2020, 2021, and 2022. In other words, they're better off spending the $300M offered to Harper on someone else.
  11. Sounds like I'll probably keep ordering at sushi restaurants at half the price and not so much everywhere else!
  12. Because their wine list isn't online, anyone recall the approximate markups? I don't remember there being much if any sticker shock, but wanted to confirm that this was still true.
  13. I think this is actually the correct URL for their new website. https://www.sushiyoshivienna.co/
  14. We learned recently that our unpredictable two year-old daughter loves gnocchi with pesto (De Cecco and Kirkland, respectively). She rejects around 80 percent of whatever is offered to her, so this was a pleasant surprise! Frozen pizza from American Flatbread, which was BOGO at Harris Teeter a few weeks ago, has been a hit with our kids too, especially the Twisted 6 Cheese.
  15. Great to know -- I love hamachi and am one of the clueless folks who'd order anywhere it's offered, but not anymore if we're getting fleeced. Is it profitable more because the ingredients aren't too expensive at wholesale, or because restaurants can get away with squeezing out a high volume of small portions while charging regular appetizer prices? My guess is the latter.
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