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  1. Sounds like I'll probably keep ordering at sushi restaurants at half the price and not so much everywhere else!
  2. Because their wine list isn't online, anyone recall the approximate markups? I don't remember there being much if any sticker shock, but wanted to confirm that this was still true.
  3. I think this is actually the correct URL for their new website. https://www.sushiyoshivienna.co/
  4. We learned recently that our unpredictable two year-old daughter loves gnocchi with pesto (De Cecco and Kirkland, respectively). She rejects around 80 percent of whatever is offered to her, so this was a pleasant surprise! Frozen pizza from American Flatbread, which was BOGO at Harris Teeter a few weeks ago, has been a hit with our kids too, especially the Twisted 6 Cheese.
  5. Great to know -- I love hamachi and am one of the clueless folks who'd order anywhere it's offered, but not anymore if we're getting fleeced. Is it profitable more because the ingredients aren't too expensive at wholesale, or because restaurants can get away with squeezing out a high volume of small portions while charging regular appetizer prices? My guess is the latter.
  6. ERA+ already adjusts for whether you pitch in the NL or AL. ETA: The difference between AL and NL ERAs is quantifiable. On average, pitchers going from AL to NL see their ERAs drop by about .4 runs. Also, contrary to popular belief, Camden Yards does not rate out as a particularly strong hitters park historically, certainly not in comparison to Coors or Wrigley.
  7. For a variety of reasons, Mussina is one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, but he's nowhere near Maddux level. The AL East argument doesn't hold water with me when Maddux had to pitch during the steroids era at even bigger hitters' parks in Colorado, Arizona, and Wrigley. Once you factor in league and park, Mussina's best season (164 ERA+ in 1994) doesn't come close to any of Maddux's best (five times ERA+ over 170, including 260 and 271 in 1994-95). Plus, Maddux was an above-average hitter for pitchers. He's comfortably top 10 all-time among SPs, whereas Mussina (while clearly deserving of the HOF) is at best top 25.
  8. Round trip or one-way? Depending on where and when you start, ZZQ is totally reachable in 90 minutes. I've waited 3+ hours for Franklin, though we drive through Richmond enough to/from the in-laws in SC that a special trip isn't likely necessary.
  9. We stopped by here before the Caps game last week. About a third of our "moist brisket" order was pretty good, the rest was disappointingly dry and excessively charred. I liked the sides (corn pudding and beet/kale salad) though. In terms of places within reasonable driving distance of the DC area, ZZQ is best and it's not really close IMO.
  10. We had lunch here on our "work from home" day last week. The chicken thali platter is certainly a good bargain, but next time we'll simply get a full order of the Chicken Chettinad instead. Dosa is ginormous and pretty much has to be eaten right away or else it gets cold quickly (or maybe because it was freezing inside the restaurant, my only real complaint about the meal).
  11. Our almost 6 year-old's favorite meal in the whole world is a concoction of his grandmother's -- a 肉鬆 (a.k.a. rousong or "pork floss") and fried egg sandwich, usually with whole wheat bread and a light touch of mayo. It's a treat that we typically reserve for lunch on weekends, but between the holiday on Monday and staying home from school on Tuesday with a cold, he was going to have it four days in a row. So I decided to change things up slightly. Instead of wheat bread and a fried egg, I used King's Hawaiian rolls and scrambled eggs. He loved it all the same!
  12. Our son had a friend's birthday party nearby last weekend so I took the opportunity to get some of the pork belly to go -- in terms of flavor, it reminded me a lot of Hong Kong/Cantonese-style pork belly, except for the different sauces and crispy skin. Both styles are equally great IMO. My only complaint was that the portion size of the garlic fried rice was quite tiny for the price.
  13. Sorry for the somewhat off-topic tangent, but we visited Lopez de Heredia on our honeymoon several years ago and bought some bottles of the 2001 Rioja Reserva Vina Tondonia. CellarTracker lists the drinking period as 2020-2050. Am I really making a huge mistake by not waiting another 10-20 more years or longer before opening one?
  14. Unfortunately, a celebratory dinner that my office held here meant ordering from a predetermined list instead of the much more interesting options on the main menu. That said, I have no complaints about the food itself, and the prime New York strip loin was cooked perfectly -- it looked to be sous-vided at some point, NTTAWWT.
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