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  1. There are some really wonderful drinking and dining options in the region. Its much like visiting Napa and Sonoma - there are quaint towns throughout the Finger Lakes with a interesting things to see and do. It is a lot of driving. Summer and Fall are insanely gorgeous in the region. As a Cornell alum who grew up in the region, there is a lot to love. There are three wine trails and are worth investing time in- Cayuga, Seneca and Keuka. Wine Traveler has a great Instagram account with lots of ideas and resources https://www.winetraveler.com/new-york/finger-lakes-wine-region/ But you ca
  2. February-March 2019 Update Athena Restaurant - We now live on the border of Greektown and recently tried this classic. Portions are humongous. Food is hearty but unexceptional. BomboBar - They sell over-the-top doughnuts and hot chocolate. They often have long lines. Hot chocolate was good. Dough was unremarkable but the custard filling in a syringe was very tasty. We went on a cold night and later in the evening. I'd try it again earlier in the day when things are fresher. Cellar Door Provisions - Described by Bon Appetit recently as the most perfect little restaurant in Chica
  3. Its still sinking in that I live in Chicago now. This is the initiation of a running log of places we've tried since I accepted this job offer. Food budget has gone up given the significantly lower cost of living in comparison to DC and Manhattan where we have spent the past fifteen years. I can count on one hand the number of times I visited Chicago prior to this move, so we are more or less starting at ground zero here. Note for Chicago visitors - my colleagues have informed me of a very Midwest challenge when figuring out where to eat in Chicago. Any place that crowd sources reviews will b
  4. Well, hopefully better than 2010... Our last trip was in January 2015. My best and biggest recommendation is that you visit Babylonstoren in Paarl. It is agro-tourism on steroids. They have an edible garden that is one of the most incredible things we have ever seen and a phenomenal produce-focused restaurant. We stayed in one of their guest houses, which I highly recommend for the all-you-can-pick-to-eat produce and because you get access to their spa, hiking trails and can have every meal in there. If you just want to visit for a day you can, but a reservation at Babel is a must. R
  5. Ahhh... another person who didn't love Arzak! We were underwhelmed by the food but overjoyed by their extensive and ludicrously priced wine cellar. Their sommelier was a total asshole to us. He made one suggestion for a bottle of cava that was laughable and was almost offended by our very knowledgeable questions. He didn't want to discuss wine with us at all. We ended up texting photos of the list to a Spanish wine expert friend to help us with selections. It took an hour but we ended up with two amazing bottles of older Spanish reds and a white Bordeaux that were far more memorable than the
  6. The only place to go right now is Scarr’s on the LES. That little write up doesn’t do it justice. Hands down the ultimate NYC pie. Also their subs and Caesar salad and natural wine list in a setting that is so throwback are perfection.
  7. This is a fun thread...Working my way through the back and forth from top to bottom: For high end Italian Marea, Maialini and Lupo are our running favorites. Marea is by far the most formal of the group but Maialino has the better wine list. Lupo's pasta tasting menu is really fun. Via Carota is open for breakfast and IMHO that is the best time to go. No waiting for a table. No insane crowds of Japanese tourists like Buvette. Le Coucou is so over-rated. I"m over it. But if you really want to go, tables can be booked online for lunch exactly 4 weeks in advance. Somethin
  8. Don't I know it. We purchase it in France and bring it back to the US. We've found that restaurants in Europe and Asia can have bottles that are reasonably priced in comparison to what we'd pay for the same bottle at retail stateside. He couldn't have found a more perfect way to insult us to our faces. What we should have said is that 2006 Comtes is "airplane" bubbles. At the time Qatar Airways was serving it in business class. A couple months later we had a good laugh about it while polishing off at least two bottles on the three hour flight between Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires.
  9. Don - you can move this to rants about 3-Michelin Star restaurants thread if you'd like. Two trips-ago to Paris we went on a Michelin binge, eating at Epicure (lunch), Alain Ducasse (dinner) and Ledoyen (lunch) in the span of three days. As noted previously, Epicure was totally unmemorable. I had to dig back into my Instagram to remember what we ate and even then it didn't really ring a bell. Alain Ducasse ... It was a totally memorable meal but for all of the wrong reasons. We arrived at the restaurant and they brought around the Champagne cart with, as Mark notes, 6 or 7 differe
  10. This brief review will include the restaurants visited on our two most recent trips to Paris. Now that Don is asking for detailed reviews of 3-Mich restaurants, I will start to add more "color" there. If you want to get treated like a fine-dining troglodyte then these are the places to go. Having had meals in the past 4 years at Guy Savoy, Arpege, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, Epicure, Ledoyen, and Astrance the only one that I would happily pay my own money to eat at again is Ledoyen. My vehement POV at this point is that 3-star experiences in Paris are not my preferred way to spend my din
  11. I'd like to get your thoughts on two hot topics in the restaurant industry right now: the impact of the #MeToo movement and concerns about diversity and inclusion. There has been a heated debate about how journalists, traditional/digital media should approach these issues and its impact on their coverage or assessment of restaurants, chefs and restaurateurs. Despite some pressure, Michelin, Worlds 50 Best, OAD and the newly launched World Restaurant Awards are not responding to the under representation of women and people of color (token best female chef awards notwithstanding) nor have
  12. Aldo Sohm isn't my style either. And I completely see what you are saying about the wine list, service and decor. I also recognize that for people looking for a wine bar and heavy nibbles near the theater district there are not a lot of choices. FWIW... my preference close-ish to the theater district for excellent seafood and natural wine at much more approachable prices and a more relaxed atmosphere is Gloria at W53rd and 9th. Another good alternative for a wine bar more similar to Aldo Sohm, but still in that neck of the woods, is Morrell near Rockefeller Center.
  13. After nine years, we returned to San Sebastian. I seriously question our sanity in waiting so long to return. If you love food, wine and beaches it is paradise on earth. As always, more detailed photos and info on wine available on my Instagram. Fine Dining: Nerua, Guggenheim Bilbao - This meal was just weird. Despite a "seasonal" menu, every dish was a mushy ball in some sort of broth. It was a strangely monochromatic (mostly brown and white) menu with the sole truly fresh seasonal dish consisting of tomatoes. We drank their last bottle of Prevost - no joke, their Somm made a big fu
  14. Just got back from a 5 day food and wine binge in Copenhagen . Pics are on Instagram including specifics on wine. Higher End: Noma: This was our 6th Noma meal (1 in the old space, 3 pop-ups, 1 Justin Timberlake party) but the first in their new space. The new space is stunning. The all vegetable meal was exquisite, and may well have been our favorite of all of our past meals. We didn't miss the meat or seafood. I'm aware that having been so many times we get a little extra attention, but the choreography of their meals is something to behold. Wine pairing was catered to our tastes
  15. Pineapple and Pearls was very new when we moved away from DC in early 2016. Despite the accolades to motivate us and regular trips back to the area for both work and pleasure since then, we had our first meal there over the weekend. For obvious reasons when we are back in town we usually hit up our nostalgic favorites but we were able to get relatively last minute 9:30 pm seats at the bar. We found the most memorable aspect of the meal to be how unsatisfying it was. I don't think it lived up to the hype. It would be entirely fair to @ me because we were seated at the bar and that isn't the sam
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