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  1. Had to cross state lines to buy the good stuff!
  2. #repost #JOBOPPORTUNITY Hey Pineapple! I'm working with a lovely group of people to grow SAVE DC EATS, a platform created by Chef Chris Morgan and our little team, to help DC restaurants and chefs survive this storm. We are looking for someone to help us organize new event offers into our commerce system, and the woman who was doing it prior has offered to show this person the ropes. It shouldn't take any more than 10 minutes of your time a day. This organization is dedicated to getting money into the hands of restaurants, and therefore, our work is volunteer at the moment. I realize that this is not ideal, but we are all doing this out of the goodness of our hearts for the industry we love most. Let me know if you are interested and I can connect you! maya@mojalvo.com or DM works.
  3. Pivoting their model to meet the needs of the public repost via Maison Dixon BBQ formerly known as Maison. As a result of the pandemic, restaurants are facing unprecedented times. Resilience, creativity and an ability to adapt will be essential to small businesses weathering the storm. In that spirit, we have decided that fine dining farm-to-table cooking is not what our community needs right now. We have all experienced uncertainty and anxiety over the past couple of months and we think it’s fair to say a little bit of comfort right now goes along way. So, we have decided to apply some creative thinking to our business and embrace the take-out model whole heartedly. This week we launch ‘Ma(i)son-Dixon BBQ’. A take-out Barbecue restaurant that will be inspired by barbecue traditions from across the land. It will feature house-smoked meats, delicious sides and decadent desserts. Menus and ordering will all be done via RESY, our online platform for reservations. The weekly menus will be posted there along with all the directions needed to procure some fine barbecue. While our concept and menu will change monthly, one thing that will always remain steadfast are our values and commitment to quality that have been the hallmark of our business over the past nine years. Ma(i)son-Dixon BBQ will be curated and cooked by the same wonderful people you have come to love. We are excited to flip the script, explore something new and to provide some smoked meat deliciousness to our community.
  4. Politics aside, I am not taking any chances. I live with my parents who are both high risk for contracting the virus. I understand businesses need to open, but I will not be dining in for a long time to come unless protocols have been mandated by the Department of Health. This is my stance. I’d rather be over cautious, than risk the safety of my peace of mind. To each his/her own. You have a choice to do whatever you want, I choose not to dine in.
  5. I am so confused as to the recklessness of business owners opening amid Governor’s orders. York, Pa is still in the Red Zone.
  6. The Inn has been taking reservations beginning 5/15. As of today, the evening is sold out. The Governor of VA, as of right now is slated to launch “phase one” of opening the state, not specifying what part of the state is to open. How is this gonna happen? Would you dine at the Inn on 5/15 with no definitive plan of reopening restaurants for dine in, documented? Please discuss.
  7. #SavePhillyEats I posted about this effort to raise funds for Philly area restaurants back in March. Since then, additional chapters have been created. Now there is #SaveDCEats as well as #SaveCharmCityEats All three campaigns offer unique dining experiences, and discount gift cards.
  8. #repost Corduroy/Baby wale I spent the afternoon painting these signs for Corduroy and Baby Wale. "Virtual farmers' market" is a way for us to make produce available from small local farms that are not set up to sell to large grocery stores (they only sell to restaurants). Farmers had already planted crops when the virus hit, and the produce will be wasted if we don't use/sell through restaurants. People can order produce on Tock and pick them up curbside. Not the cheapest, but super fresh, sustainable, organic, and exclusive. We have a very small selection at the moment, but it will grow if the demand is there. We also have beer, wine, and liquor. We are liquidating our inventory! Trying to be the best prices (and best selections) in town. Virtual Farmers Market/ Carry out
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