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  1. Q: Pop-Up Restaurants Hi Tom-- Do you know of a website or blog post that aggregates current pop-ups, celebrity chef nights, or limited run restaurants? I think it would be interesting to try out some of these, but I often only find out about them by happenstance or not at all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! A: Tom Sietsema I don't know of one such curator for special events, but Eater DC, Washingtonian and thelistareyouonit do a good job flagging some of what you are looking for. — JUN 19, 2019 11:50 EDT I feel seen. Viva La Pop -ups. FYI, I did not post this question, but am happy that it was included in today's chat.
  2. Dacha Owners Sued for Fraud and Over $270K in Unpaid Bills , washingtonian. com response to article, per Dacha on their Facebook page, To All DMV Residents, Dacha Customers and Fans, An article was published yesterday regarding our business, and we wish to set the record straight. Most importantly, there is an automatic service charge on all bills at Dacha, but every single dollar brought in through this method is returned to Dacha's employees. Because this “automatic gratuity” or “service charge” is imposed on all guest checks, we have the flexibility of using this money to benefit all employees, including back of the house and support staff, who typically do not share in traditional tips. There are misleading quotes in the article, and some have taken these to mean that Dacha is collecting and keeping “tips” for management or owners. This is not true. Our back of the house employees can attest that this auto-gratuity or “service charge” is an equitable system that benefits all, even if our description of it as an automatic gratuity may have mistakenly led the public or employees to believe that this is not the case. Also, unlike the traditional tip system, this system allows our public-facing staff to earn performance related bonuses which have replaced tips in addition to at least $15 an hour rain or shine, summer or winter. We believe that employees who have stayed with Dacha Navy Yard through our opening growing pains appreciate the system as it stands now, and the fair compensation that they receive, and we will do more to make the system transparent to all involved. Yesterday’s article also mentioned that a kitchen equipment supplier has filed a lawsuit against Dacha. This suit includes a frivolous claim of fraud, that arises out of nothing more than a contractual dispute concerning amounts allegedly due for kitchen equipment. The supplier has over-charged Dacha for what was provided, and when Dacha simply requested support for the charges, the supplier hired a national law firm to sue Dacha and its owners for fraud. Dacha expects it will prevail on the unfounded fraud claim and will vigorously defend the underlying breach of contract action which seeks recovery of amounts not due. Our company has succeeded in opening an amazing, beautiful space at the burgeoning Navy Yard neighborhood. Our team grew by 70 incredibly talented people. Without a doubt, Dacha experience would not be possible without men and women who work very hard to make Dacha Navy Yard what it is today - a great space, a space without compromise. A community space for young or old, straight or LGBTQI, married or single, parents or single parents. Our entire team will continue to endeavor every day to earn the public’s trust and demonstrate that Dacha is a valuable member of the DC community. With Great Respect, Ilya Alter, Dmitri Chekaldin and Team Dacha Please discuss.
  3. ZeroproofDC is a list of places in the District that serves drinks sans booze. The tip was provided by Jessica Sidman of The Washingtonian.
  4. I am revisiting this challenge to find spots that serve creative non-alcoholic drinks. I think in the past, beverage managers weren't quite sure how to price out drinks without booze. I think they feared it would not make for a profitable endeavor, hence the surly eyebrow. I will be seeking out establishments that offer non- boozy selections outside sodas and juice, and will report back.
  5. On Saturday, ‘experience’ the Lancaster County farm where Harrison Ford’s ‘Witness’ was filmed, www.inquirer.com 6-13-19
  6. Here is a listing of the remaining mud sales for the year. I had a chance to attend one this past winter, and you can purchase just about anything through auction. The one I attended was in Manheim, and it was incredible. Several Amish & Mennonite made goods ranging from freshly fried donuts to BBQ to bails of hay as well as a boat up for grabs. If you want to see them in a social setting, I highly encourage you to attend one. I wanted to hold conversations with the local folk, but they smiled at me politely, and nodded. Perhaps next visit they may indulge me. June 28 - 29 - Refton Fire Company Sale Refton Volunteer Fire Co., 99 Church Street, Refton, PA 17568, 717-786-9462 June 27 - 28 - Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction Bird-in-Hand Volunteer Fire Company - Location: Across from the Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant on Route 340, 313 Enterprise Drive, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505, 717-392-011 August 10 - 11 - Gap Relief Auction Benefits Mennonite Central Committee, Solanco Fairgrounds, 172 S. Lime Street, Quarryville, PA 17566 August 17 - Intercourse Fire Company Consignment Auction Intercourse Fire Company, 10 North Hollander Road, Intercourse, PA 17534, 717-768-3402 August 24 - Bareville Fire Company Consignment Auction Bareville Volunteer Fire Company, 211 East Main Street, Leola, PA 17540, 717-656-7554 September 21 - Gordonville Fall Sale & Auction Gordonville Fire Co., Old Leacock Road, Gordonville, PA 17566, 717-768-3869 October 26 - Cochranville Fire Company Mud Sale Cochranville Volunteer Fire Company, 3135 Limestone Road, Cochranville, PA 19330, 610-593-5800 Stay curious, kat
  7. A great article on food incubators How Food Incubators Are Training America’s Next Great Immigrant and Refugee Chefs, amtraknational.com
  8. Both butcher shop and the coffee spot are lovely. I can not say enough good things about this spot of Baltimore County! There is ample dining space in the back of the general store, and if the weather shines beautifully, the outdoor area is so cute!
  9. Experience-based company LoKal to offer 'Witness' screening, farm tour, Lancasteronline.com
  10. This Philadelphian Has Eaten 275 Cheesesteaks in the Past Year and Rated Them All , foodandwine.com The articles links back to one of our members, @PhillyGrub Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure’s Best Cheesesteaks List
  11. I would be interested in learning what inspires projects such as this one. From what I gather, most visitors that come through Lancaster County are in search of the of what makes this area distinctly unique. That uniqueness being the Amish community and its aspects, not a megaplex . I have on good word there is a journalist exploring Lancaster over the next few days, and you know what she is in search of, Amish and the culture of the Pa Dutch.
  12. It appears even Lancaster is not immune to gentrification. The upcoming developments of 101NQ is coming and I am not sure how I feel about it. Sad actually. Why would the city developers want to bring Starbucks to the area when we already have 2 distinct small coffee producers with in blocks of one another. SMH
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