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  1. I always do a little happy dance when someone post to the Corduroy thread. I was wondering @Mark Slater if Chef plans on being open on Thanksgiving. I have yet to have turkey & stuffing as good as one that has been served at Corduroy. And the more pressing question, will I be able to have it the day after? Gives me a perfect excuse to stop in for dinner and visit the crew.
  2. The Classics THE CLASSICS, THE NEW GUARD, AND THE TOP 25 Craig LaBan , Fall 2018
  3. Thank you @DonRocks for the exemplary review. I certainly look forward to my trip to Philly. I was hoping on going this weekend, but my tasting ability is not quite 100%. I will wait till I feel better cause I want to be able to savor every bit of this meal. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a extraordinary one. I enjoy sitting at the bar, so I will plan on being there just before opening. This may turn into a weekend treat, cause my reason for visiting is to try Vernick Coffee Bar. I will report back once I have indulged in both. Philly bound, kat
  4. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Penn's Landing

    I have spent a great deal of time on Twitter following food bloggers, and food people in general that report about the Philly dining scene. I hope to enlist a few people to join the forum to report what's going on in Philly. There are so many neighborhoods in Philly to cover, and that is just Center City. I continue to spread the value of this forum, and hope along the way, someone takes my advice and joins the conversation. We are by far the most informed forum, or resource out there. We can do this, I believe we can.
  5. curiouskitkatt

    Lancaster County markets....

    WOW! I love that you mentioned Rooster Street Butcher! They are a highly regarded by many cooks/chefs in the area. You can often find product from the butcher shop on various menus throughout the city of Lancaster. They have by far the best charcuterie board I have had to date. These boards are made of of various pates ,cheeses and smoked meats as well as an addition of pickled veggies. Could this thread please be moved to the Philly forum, @DonRocks? I am happy to help in listing all of the local purveyors in Lancaster County for a guide in hopes that this will create a curiosity to venture outside the DMV in the direction of Philly.
  6. curiouskitkatt


    add me to that list as well, and what about knishes? I am still in search of a proper knish outside of Manhattan.
  7. curiouskitkatt


    I asked in a Save the Deli forum I am a member of and they suggest order online from Kossars
  8. Yume is wrapping up ABC approval and pending inspections. There is no set date announced yet. Once a date is announced , a soft opening will take place for a couple weeks, prior to a Grand opening.
  9. I will be certain to ask when opening date will be for sure!! What I do know so far is... Yume responds: Chef Peters idea is the open up sushi lovers pallets to new things. We specialize in a sushi bar that seats over 20 people and we do two Omakase seatings each evening by reservation. Each seating will only have 10 seats available. The images on our instagram page are from various pop ups we have had while under construction. They are all from his Omakase menu which changes every night. Samples of omakase Chef Peter has created at several pop ups.
  10. curiouskitkatt

    Recommended Periodical Reading

    One Year of #MeToo: A Modest Proposal to Help Combat Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry, Helen Rosner , New Yorker 10-10-18 Another fine read from the New Yorker on how we could possible bring awareness, and help deter sexual harassment in the workplace.
  11. I got the lead after I got a notification that their Instagram account started following me. I naturally reached out to them to see if they were interested in having a "chat" about the opening. They responded and I will be setting something up next week. So please list any questions you may want answered, and I will do my best to get as much information as possible for our members.
  12. Looks like there is a spot the Chef had opened in Del Ray called Sushi Bar. First Bite, Tom Sietsema , Washington Post 6-26-13
  13. Perhaps, but for some reason when I first caught the headline, I pronounced it as you-me. I looked it up , and the yume in Japanese means "dream". But your take on it could me a playful take on how they hope their guests perceive the food.