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  1. Must try the neighborhood bird and tempura broccoli!
  2. I may suggest taking a short ride to Fells Point. Thames St Oyster House Peter's Inn Bar Vasquez (Tony Foreman & Cindy Wolf ) Jong Kak for late night Korean Comptoir du Vin If you are interested in roaming through a food hall, I may suggest Broadway Market as well. I most definitely suggest Ekiben for lunch, but they may be doing a pop up at the Music Fest, cause they run several throughout the summer.
  3. Q: Corduroy Hi Tom — You haven’t mentioned Corduroy in ages, and it’s one of my dependable favorites. Have you checked it out lately, and if so, what do you think? A: Tom Sietsema I visit every 16 months or so. Tom Power is a very good chef, but for awhile at least, I felt as if he was serving the same menu he started with. (A diner can only eat lobster carpaccio so many times, you know?) A quick glance online just now suggests he's doing some new dishes, however. I guess I need to pay Corduroy a visit. — FEB 12, 2020 11:45 AM For the record, lobster carpaccio is not currently on the menu.
  4. It’s About Tock Time™ , medium.com , Nick Kokonas 2-11-2020
  5. Sneak Peek at Ekiben’s Second Location in Hampden! baltimoremagazine.com 2-4-2020 FWIW, the chicken sandwich at Ekiben is in a league all its own. Not like Nashville Hot, or Popeye's, it has a distinct spice and finished off with the mix of fresh herbs and filled in a pillowy boa bun. It ranks high on my radar for chicken sandwiches.
  6. sad to report that Koda has closed. I really enjoyed the food here, as well as the seating at the bar where I was able to view a show that consisted of watching the cooks prepare the meals.
  7. Canton restaurant Coelum closes after 7 months, Baltimoresun.com, 1-26-2020
  8. I think I may have heard about this occurring at previous dinners, where the service staff (volunteers) took social liberties to an unacceptable level, and hence adding the formal application. There is a level of service to be expected at these dinners I assume as well, but I think as long as you are respectful and know the basics, that should be sufficient. That's my opinion.
  9. Its that time if year again. One of my favorite ways to give back is to volunteer for the annual Sips & Suppers event held to benefit Martha’s Table. If you are available, I highly encourage you to sign up. It's great time & you get a chance to meet the finest culinary figures of the DMV. Depending which dinner you volunteer at you get to go home with a bunch of goodies to boot! The dinners will be held through out the DMV on 1/26/20. The all star list of chefs is impressive and includes DC’s fave, Frank Ruta.
  10. 2020 Philly Chef Conference , March 1-2 The line up has been published, and I am certain from now til then additions will be made. I will be attending this year, and hope to be able to participate in both days. I predict that the topics or theme of the conference will be to address food waste, cultural inclusion, and veganism.
  11. Update on the opening of Cheesecake Factory, popville.com There are very polarizing opinions in the comments section. I admit CF does not fall in my wheel house of choices to have a meal while in DC, but for some it is. The backlash it is receiving I think is comical.
  12. I am certain that the developers that are behind this second location of their original in VA did not do their homework on naming the new spot, and wonder if perhaps the locals may have a chuckle as well on the title of the food hall.
  13. Hoes gotta eat too. Its not an area I frequent often, if all lately, but Attmans Deli is close by , and Ida B’s is not in the best of area as well.
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