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  1. There is so much I want to say, but for now I will just say thank you for providing a platform for all of us to be able to have exchanges about everything ranging from where to eat , to the opportunities talk about just about anything. I am forever grateful.
  2. Thank you for chiming in @deangold . Lots of people are asking whats the best way they can help? Should I continue to buy carry out, but gift cards, or give directly to gofundme campaigns? I want to be able to do all of the above , and will do the best I can, & encourage everyone to help in any means they can afford to.
  3. #savephillyeats has been launched in the greater Philadelphia area to help raise money by providing dining experiences , discounts, as well as opportunities to help spread the word on how people can help!
  4. This cite is adding a list of companies that are still hiring! If you are an employer looking to add to your staff, please add yourself🙏🏽
  5. COVID-19 Resources A crowdsourced app developed by a student at American University who partnered with a data scientist.
  6. Just my opinion, our purpose here is to help one another. There are countless ways we can do this. Whether it is donating to a gofundme campaign, putting out a call for volunteers, sending an SOS to which neighborhood restos could use help, helping a neighbor with a grocery drop, directing resources, Etc... Someone could simply share & contribute to this post. That’s how we help. #lookforthehelpers, kat
  7. Restaurant people, my chef friend Mark Gerlach came up with a great idea. If your establishment is closed please donate your nitrile/latex gloves to medical facilities and hospitals. For those of you open, spread the word to your neighbors. Check to make certain what you have is compliant and needed.
  8. Please remove this post if inappropriate or outside guidelines. I know our purpose here is to share our food & beverage recommendations & experiences, but considering what is going on, I am suggesting that we post resources that may be able to help. Im not talking about soliciting financial contributions, but rather resources or contacts to companies that can help. There is a dire need for Personal Protective Equipment. Healthcare workers are risking their well being by reusing protective gear. This puts so many people at risk. The supply of PPE is near depletion, and hospitals are reaching out to the general public for help. If you know of any resources , please share. Our outreach could make a difference. Thinking outside the proverbial box is imperative . I implore you to help if you can. If you have any suggestions as to other ways we as a community can help, please share. Concerned Citizen, Kat
  9. Support DC.com an aggregate list of restaurants offering gift cards!
  10. Lanc.care was created by Pennant Creatives, a creative agency based in Lancaster, to offer a one stop site listing several local businesses and services being offered. The hosting is offered at no charge. This is a brilliant way to see how you may be able to support local businesses. Each day, the list grows longer. We are all in to help, together.
  11. I am fervent in doing anything I can to help. I wish there was more I can do. Do whatever you can, within your means. Purchase take out DIRECTLY from businesses. Buy gift cards. Donate to relief funds. Buy whatever products they are offering. Offer cold hard cash if you can. Share ways to contribute on on your social media channels. Spread the word. This shut down, i fear will span much longer than anyone may anticipate, and unsure of what it will take to get back up to speed.
  12. Coronavirus puts Philly’s beloved small businesses at risk. Here’s how you can help save them, Adam Erace, inquirer.com
  13. Your intrigue is warranted. Every meal I’ve had did not disappoint. Every time, I order something different and it’s delicious.
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