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    I like to babble endlessly about food & culture. Sometimes, when I am lucky, people actually listen.
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  1. I don’t question what Chef does. His soup creations are the best, bar none. Im thinking he may have a better technique at the restaurant with more tools, and the impromptu format of recording may have jumbled his mind a bit😅
  2. forgettable not impressed The food was more pompous The drama of seeing the food plated was entertaining I best bite was this... If one is interested in theatrics, Bresca is your spot. It did not live up to what I presume is Michelin star worthy. The food compositions were extravagant yes, but did they taste comforting, not at all. I returned back to my room more excited in devouring my salami pie from Pupatella.
  3. My +1 has been unexpectedly mandated to quarantine for 14 days, which leaves me to scramble to find someone to join me for dinner. Im happy to provide this dinner on my dime, just dont want to lose the spot. Happy to pay it forward. DM me if interested or message me directly 646-770-5117 Resy at Bresca @ 6:45 on 8/20 , Thursday
  4. Thank you. She lived an amazing life. Heartbroken that she is gone.
  5. My aunt went on life support at 3pm today due to complications of Dialysis. She went to sleep & went home to be with my Late Grandpa & Grandma. She did not suffer. Her pain has come to am end. Thank you everyone for your thoughts & messages. In Asian culture we do mourn the death of family, but we also celebrate the good life they had. I will grieve the loss of the ability to visit my Auntie in the flesh, but I know in my heart she will be side by side with my grandparents & will continue to protect & guide me. Rest easy, kat
  6. My Aunt suffered a heart attack tonight. Her condition is stable and she is being closely monitored in ICU, but I fear she doesn't have much left in her to fight. I wish I could tell her its okay to let go. I don’t want to suffer any more. Please pray for my family to accept whatever may happen.
  7. Thank you. My Aunt was the one who introduced me to the great DMV. She is a fighter, but her body is not. Please keep my family in your thoughts.
  8. My Aunt. please add her in your thoughts & faith.
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