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  1. curiouskitkatt

    Criticizing the Critics

    sometimes you are directly quoted in a piece.
  2. Wasn't quite sure where to post this or start a new thread. The Hungry Pigeon served as host to former Baltimore native, Drew Lazor, who is freelancer now based in Philly,. He was promoting his new book, Session Cocktails. He prepared a spread of Bmore's favorite eats which included pit beef, steamed crabs, and coddies. I have never tried a coddie, which prompts me to ask, where in Baltimore can I find a good coddie? Attmans would be my first stop ,but someone I spoke to recommended Barrucuda's in Locust point, and I saw a rec on this forum suggesting Dylan's Oyster Cellar. This leads me to possibly trying all three spots. A coddie crawl is on the horizon.
  3. There are times when I pour a bowl of cereal for dinner. Life is hectic, and being a single gal, cooking for one can be downright depressing. I have never learned to portion recipes for one, and I often become bored with a dish, and don't always enjoy leftovers.
  4. curiouskitkatt

    #donrockwelldotcom - Congratulations, It's a Hashtag

    Thank you! I can't take all of the credit. It takes a village, and btw I am enjoying your posts as well.
  5. curiouskitkatt

    #donrockwelldotcom - Congratulations, It's a Hashtag

    It began in January, and now in the heat of summer we are up to nearly 300 posts that are tagged #donrockwelldotcom. I will expand use of the hashtag to all of my posts relating to food, culture, events that I attend, books that I plan on reading, as well as adventures I partake in to all social media platforms that I engage in from this point forward. I am not sure if it will prompt people to join in on the conversation on this forum, but it's worth a shot. I often wonder what impact I personally have on my community, and on occasion someone tells me that one of my post prompted them to visit a restaurant, or go out and explore food and beverage beyond their comfort zone. I had no idea how much joy that brought me. I am truly enjoying everyone's input, and my only regret is that I am unable to venture to all of these amazing spots that you all are featuring. I know the majority of the activity on this forum centers in the DMV, but what if am doing is effective at all, the conversation will expand beyond the beltway. Baby steps. I was also excited to see the original announcement of the #donrockwelldotcom hashtag is the first hit when you do a google search. Woohoo!
  6. @Ericandblueboybeat me to it. I was going to recommend the Ivy Hotel. It's a hidden oasis in the heart of Mount Vernon. I had dinner at Magdelena a few months back, and for future visits I will certainly indulge and check into the Ivy.
  7. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in York

    Taco Tuesday was an epic fail yesterday. How do I avoid sounding like an elite Yelper? I do not like posting negative reviews. The pattern I have been following about posting about my meals for the most part is that I only post the good, and forego the bad. I'm no critic, but bad meals matter too, right? This is a situation I run into often at restaurants in York, and pretty much most of the places I have been venturing lately. I go once, maybe twice and the food is good. Not spectacular, but good. I go back with hopes that the dishes will improve. Yesterday was a complete disappointment on all fronts. I arrived pretty excited to try the crab tostada that has been featured for crab week. I saw a few postings on social media, and the food appear to look amazing, hence the built up of my anticipation of having a good meal. I listened to the server describe the offerings, being that they were additions to the menu. I do not recall shrimp being in the tostada. More on that in a sec. The server informed me of a few items that were not available. Umm, okay, its Tuesday, the first day of service but I'll overlook that. No guacamole. Are you serious? How can you not have avocados, and its Taco Tuesday. Ugh, I should have picked up on that as being sign of what was to come. The tostada arrives, and I give it a once over, and I know it's not gonna be good. The black refried beans look dry, and color of the sauce that is dripping over the "crabcake" looks like a goopy slime, and it's finished off with token micro sprouts.The presentation was not good, but I could overlook it if the flavor delivered. I mean some people just aren't very good at plating. One bite of the cake, I knew immediately there was some other seafood that was mixed into this. It was shrimp. I feel as if I was duped. Perhaps, I'm being a bit dramatic, but when the menu offers crab, you expect crab, not shrimp. The flavor of the other shellfish was aggressive, and the delicate sweet flavor of the crab didn't have a chance. I was still hungry though. So I ordered what I had in the past, and knew was good. The sweet potato , and the braised short rib I thought for sure would redeem this meal. Nope. The sweet potato was baked, and kinda mushy. The bits of sweet potato did not have the crispy edges that it has last time I had it. And the toppings were sweet, as oppose to savory. I think roasted peach salsa was added, Hints of cinnamon made this taste more like a sweet potato pie versus the savory taco I was expecting. The braised short rib was awful. It tasted like refrigerated leftovers that was smothered with a sweet bbq sauce. This meal left me feeling cranky. The chances I will go back are nil, and I had high hopes for Paco's. hangry, kat
  8. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in York

    #yorksgotcrabs is running August 11th thru the 18th. A list of participating restaurants are listed in the link, along with deets on what dishes are available. Although this is not the traditional format of a typical restaurant week, it offers a opportunity to drive dining commerce into Downtown York. Tonight I will be popping in to Paco's Tacos to try the crab tostada. They have a vegan version that has me a bit intrigued. I may just have to indulge, and try both. #donrockwelldotcom, kat
  9. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Lancaster

    Thank you for your feedback about Lancaster, Pa. Since I have moved back to the area, it has changed tremendously. I reside in York, west of the Lancaster over the bridge, but spend a better part of my time in Lancaster. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore that include art, science, music, performance art, vintage shops, indie movies, farmers stands, breweries and so much more. In just the last 5 years , the dining scene has flourished to include cuisines ranging from Trinidadian, to Ethiopian to Vietnamese. This perhaps as a direct result from Lancaster being America's refugee capital. I realize most travel to Lancaster to immerse themselves in the Amish experience, and I am not suggesting otherwise. I guess what I am saying for those reading this post consider Lancaster, Pa possibly on any day besides Sunday or Monday so you make it to the Horse.
  10. This Sunday, I will be attending a chocolate tasting event at Bar Clavel in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore. This seems like something that the members of DR may find interesting. I also learned that same event will be presented at Epista in District on Monday, Aug 13th. I tried finding a link for the DC pop up ,but it is not listed in Eventbrite. Ill need to do a little bit more digging to find the details , or you can go to Espita website and find out more. I imagine they would have some information about the event. The quick glance at the event, attendees will taste pre-Hispanic cold water base cacao drink, chocolate truffle, and cacao seed. I have learned that the chocolate source from La Rifa has been featured at the most recent pop up of Noma that was held in Talum, Mexico. Little fun fact I like to throw in about the event. I made an attempt to research more about La Rifa, but nearly all of the resources are not in English, and exceed my HS AP Level of Spanish. But seriously the event involves learning & tasting chocolate in a backdrop provided by Clavel. No further convincing needed, IMO. If you happen to attend the event in Baltimore, Clavel will be holding a market of sorts in their newly expanded dining room from 11-4 featuring Baltimore artisans, and art and pottery being sold by the members of Clavel's family. From what I understand, several members of Clavel have traveled to Mexico and have collected all sorts of pottery, and art so I imagine the selection to be eclectic. The items sold at their market will be cash only. So if you are looking for something to do on Sunday, you are welcome.☺️ Intrepid guide, kat
  11. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Lancaster

    I have read your review of the spots you visited during your visit to Lancaster. I admit I am disappointed to learn that it was less than stellar. I have expressed in previous threads about dining in York as well as Lancaster, some hits, others not so much. My intent in writing about spots in this area is so that members in this forum take a chance to visit the area. Looks like I need to seek out more spots, with more frequency and more range. I tend to go to the same spot, or I should say spot. I need to broaden my dining spectrum and venture out to more places. With this all being said, I do admit no dining establishment as of yet, has met or have been comparable to restaurants in the DMV. I often scratch my head on this cause the bounty of ingredients to build a menu are plentiful, and delicious. The search for good cuisine continues...
  12. Can you elaborate on what you did not like about the service, and atmosphere? I find as I get older, I am preferring the backdrop of more casual places with just good ol" simply prepared food. I am finding myself seeking out casual spots with expertly prepared food versus high end dining. Its like picking out a wardrobe, comfort over fancy.
  13. curiouskitkatt


    My all time favorite flavor, for any brands for that matter, was their Cappuccino Commotion. Not sure why the flavor was retired. It was delicious. Coffee ice creams studded with macadamia brittle and thick broken pieces of dark chocolate. I have been on the hunt for a flavor that comes close, but no dice.
  14. curiouskitkatt

    Lump Crab Meat

    When in doubt, this guide shall prove helpful. Lump crabmeat as of lately has not at all impressed me. I find it to be bland. It may have been due to the fact that it has been sourced from vendors that freeze their crabmeat and is sold in volume to whichever restaurants I have been dining at. If you want the real thing, the only alternative is to pay the expense to pick it on your own.