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    I like to babble endlessly about food & culture. Sometimes, when I am lucky, people actually listen.
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  1. I have been informed that all updates will be posted directly here, on their INSTA.
  2. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    Where to Eat, Drink, and Party for New Year’s Eve, DC Eater 12-13-18
  3. Philly Chef Conference 2019 - the line-up and participants announced today. Tickets go on sale in January 16th at 10 am.
  4. The Lady M will be operating as a pop up now through February 2019. For the month of December they will be serving classic and seasonal cakes. Mille Crepes in Signature, Green Tea, Coconut, and Marron. With the icy cold weather in mind, they will also be bringing Chocolate Arc- en - Ceil, Gateau Fromage, Mont Blanc, and the luscious Black Forest. Looks like I will be having one of each. Unsure yet if it will take place in all one visit, or spread over a few days. A piece of cake, kat
  5. I have no reservations with the word itself, but it is SO overused. Perhaps cooked with devotion, excitement, vigor, intent... lol
  6. Now that I am posting more often, there are some words and or phrases that I see used that make me wanna throat punch a pillow. I am not a violent person by any means, but there is certain jargon that is over used, or not verbalized in the right context. What sparked this snark, you ask? I'll tell you. I attended a community event on Civic Engagement here in my itty bitty town of York, and if someone had to kick back a drink every time the word "passion" was used, I would have had a seriously ranging hangover this morning. What saying, and or word sends you over the edge? @DonRocks move this subtopic to its appropriate location if this forum is not the best suited for this banter. Thanks!! @#%$!*&, kat
  7. Update!! Soft opening this Saturday, with reservations for Omakase to open on 12/20!
  8. These are questions I will field when I speak to one of the principals behind the group that orchestrated this foodhall. Is there anything our members want to know about Urbanspace? Please post your questions here!!
  9. curiouskitkatt

    Food Halls

    no bueno. This place you speak of wouldn’t be located in Maryland by chance would it?
  10. I have received word that Lady M will be opening in the Taste of Urbanspace Food Hall, tomorrow. It is times like this, I wish there was a bullet train directly into Tysons Galleria. --- Lady M (Bob Wells)
  11. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    Baby Wale is open on NYE. No cover, and there will be specials on deck. I reached out and was told that the loft has been reserved but the the main floor was available to the public. I think this is where I will land when the clock strikes Midnight. I think I will make it a progressive evening, and would love to make several stops. I would prefer not to commit to ticketed events on account I would have to hang at that location til the ball drop, otherwise keep the suggestions coming. What are some of your traditions for ringing in the New Year?
  12. Press Release , James Beard Foundation Seeking candidate for Director of Impact & Women’s Program
  13. One of the three bears, Joe Flamm. He is the executive chef at Spiaggia in Chicago. Winner of season 15. I really wanted Chef Chris to win. His current location is in Brooklyn, but he has roots in Philly and visits Lancaster County often. It would have been nice to get a little bit of that Top Chef action here in Amish Country.
  14. I enjoy the Top Chef franchise. I live tweeted the season opener. It was gobs of fun, and I think I will be doing it often. Chef Adejpong shows promise, but I am rooting for #teamnini. Who will be Top Chef?
  15. curiouskitkatt

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    CHiKo NYE 2019 !! Eats and Karaoke, hmmm this sounds like a possible winner! Reservations go live tomorrow at 11 am!