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  1. I have an unreasonable fondness for Fabio, if only because his ipad app (now defunct) had cooking videos that kept BL-6th grader amused for hours when he was 4 years old. We went to one of his restaurants in Chicago and when I told the whiny kid why we were there, he perked up immediately, even though he hadn't watched those videos in years.
  2. Weirdly picky 11 year old. Will eat horse tartar but not pb and j. Dinner was out for Mr. BLB’s birthday. 11 year old had deviled eggs, cedar planked salmon and apple pie. Breakfast this morning was Icelandic yogurt and leftover Peruvian chicken and rice and beans.
  3. Another fuck cancer night. To my colleague who took a diagnosis of pancreatic and bile duct cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes 4 plus years ago and got more time than anyone imagined or expected until the chemo stopped working over the summer. Cancer sucks. (Hearing about a colleague's death while out of town at a work conference sucks too. Especially when it is all you can do not to burst into tears until you can get safely to your hotel room...)
  4. WIll post more but wanted to say a quick thanks. Ended up at Xochi, Pappas Steakhouse and Phoenicia.
  5. Super helpful and put the geography, which I had not had a chance to figure out, in perspective.
  6. My family decided not to come to Houston with me so I'm on my own for dining. 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts. I will be at the Hilton-Americas, across from Toyota Center, and I don't want to stray too far--willing to cab for one or two meals but otherwise I'd rather walk. I'm moderately adventurous but can not do hot peppers. Tell me where I should eat. Please. Thanks!
  7. Mr. BLB and I met in our fantasy baseball league. We've been taking BL-6th grader to the auction since he was 8 and he's had a team since he was 9. We're total baseball nerds.
  8. We also went to Joe Forte's. We had planned to get the seafood platter but Mr. BLB wasn't up for it. He didn't like his snapper. I discovered (and confirmed while in Alaska) that I don't really like halibut. BL-6th grader loved his salmon and was mad we didn't get one of the seafood platters. So we left vaguely disappointed but I think that was more about us than the restaurant....
  9. We were back for 2 days last week while I had a work conference. Mr. BLB and BL-6th grader explored Revival Food Hall. BL-6th grader tried the Poke and loved it. I went the next morning and got breakfast from the Hot Chocolate Bakery. We did not try 55Forum. It just didn't look as appealing. I still really like Little Goat Diner. The Grill Room was less successful this time but the leftovers made an excellent breakfast one morning.
  10. We were in Vancouver at the worst of the smoke from the California wildfires and the inland BC wildfires. We still did Capilano and Grouse (loved both) but we cut our time at Grouse short because the smoke was awful. We stayed at the Pan Pacific for ease in getting on our cruise. Mediocre food and disappointing service on the club level. Afternoon tea at the Fairmont was fun and charming. They were doing a Great British Baking Show inspired menu. Poutine at Steamworks was excellent. Gelato at Bella was nothing special and we have its equal locally. The winner, especially for BL-6th grader, was Wildebeast. He has been eager to try horse for ages and when he spotted the horse tartare on the menu, he was sold. We all liked our meal there but he would go back in a heartbeat. (They also offer a blind tasting menu which he wanted to try—the thought of turning over decision making to the chef made Mr. BLB twitch.)
  11. I tried to go today. Sign says it is open 7 am to 4 pm. Walked in a little before 10 am. "We open at 11." But your sign... "We're here at 7 but we open at 11." (They have a breakfast menu posted... I wasn't in the mood to argue with someone who clearly didn't want to serve me. Mr. BLB and I have been talking about having a lunch date to revisit it and the memories of our days living in Dupont--I think we'll head to CF Folks instead...)
  12. We have indulged in PNC Club seats twice this season when Scherzer was pitching. He is the pride and joy of BL-6th grader's fantasy baseball team. The first time, in early August, was perfect. Great seats, and not terrible pricing if I wait to the last minute and don't bring Mr. BLB. But the second time, on Labor Day, was less than stellar. Tables cleared of plates of food while we were still eating. One plate removed while I was chewing. It was miserably hot and they could not keep up with ice and cold water. The brunch offerings weren't as good as the dinner offerings. It was nice to have an a/c place to cool off though. But next game we will be back in the 400s....
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