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  1. Mr. BLB and I went last night. The salmon collar and blue crab eggs were the winners of the night, along with the grilled broccoli. The Swiss chard was too salty and they removed it from the bill. For mains we had the pork porterhouse and the flatiron. Both were prepared well. I think we would happily go back and do more appetizers and sides and skip the mains though. We walked around union market because we arrived early. It’s such an interesting collection of options. And even after the worst of the storm was over, it took us forever to get home to upper MoCo
  2. We picked Tapp’ed and the only good thing I can say is that they had a grapefruit radler. And plenty of tvs. They were slammed and unprepared for the volume. Our food didn’t arrive until well into the second half and the steak sandwich and fries were ice cold.
  3. Family friendly, somewhere in Bethesda with at least partially edible food. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings at Navy Yard for the last half of today’s game and we all feel pretty lousy for it. But the camaraderie was great.
  4. I’ve used Main Event recently and had issues with getting food for our vegan guests that was actually vegan. If you don’t have special needs for the day of it is probably okay.
  5. I love solo dining. at a table, not the bar. My opportunities are limited and the dining landscape has changed in the 12 years since BL-7th grader arrived and my time became less my own. A few weeks ago I tried at Duck Duck Goose but they won’t take reservations for solo diners and refused to seat me without a reservation in an empty dining room. An hour plus later I had eaten mediocre Ethiopian, cried and their dining room was still 75 percent empty. I have another window this Wednesday. I will be in DC, with car. Looking to dine around 6 pm. If you miss Palena and Frank Ruta’s cooking and hospitality, where would you go?
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