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  1. It was really great a few years ago when it was a pop up. I haven’t gotten there since they’ve found their own place.
  2. We had a good meal there last thanksgiving, prompting BL-10th grader to ask to go back. We had a pretty much perfect meal there for our anniversary and a really good pandemic carryout meal for our anniversary in 2020. Our experiences at Mirabelle, while limited, were excellent. It’s very depressing.
  3. Well… Our thanksgiving restaurant was Annabelle. It was the most bizarre meal we’ve had from Frank Ruta in the 20 years we’ve been stalking… I mean enjoying his food. yes, I should have chosen turkey. But I wasn’t in the mood for turkey. Mr. BLB, a wiser soul than me, had the pasta dish and it was pretty close to perfect. Thank goodness that doesn’t change.
  4. Don, your explanation makes more sense than the meal we experienced. Last photo before I reveal our thanksgiving dining choice. Mr. BLB’s salad course
  5. Steak and a single grilled mushroom. It was not Japanese. It was just steak. And a grilled mushroom. You made far better thanksgiving decisions than I did. This was the dessert to go with the steak and single mushroom.
  6. It was our thanksgiving outing. A plate of sides eventually appeared but I didn’t get a picture.
  7. We hosted the Timber food truck at BL8th grader’s (god, I feel old) school last week and it was a great success. The PTA purchased 50 pizzas for staff at the school to take home. I bought a variety of pizzas for us and the winner was the Green Monster. Loved the pesto on it. Mr. BLB liked it so much he has tracked down the food truck schedule and is picking up dinner tomorrow night. Win-win.
  8. We planned to go for Valentine’s Day but Mr. BLB was in CT with his family as his father had just died. And then we were going to go in March for BL-8th grader’s 13th birthday but we all know what happened in March. We did curbside pickup in May for our anniversary. I took no pictures. I know there was pasta and a burger and it was lovely. It was everything I loved about Frank Ruta and it made me melancholy for the old days of Palena. We need to go back again soon.
  9. Cooking for a bottomless pit of a 13 year old here. He had the audacity to tell me he is tired of rice. He used to beg me to cook rice. Dinners are usually some type of meat, cooked with onions and zucchini and garlic, with any other veggies I want to throw in, a can of beans, a sauce, and then served over rice. Or pasta if I’m feeling kind. It isn’t fancy. It isn’t going to win awards. But it keeps us fed. He has the leftovers for breakfast. I did make a shepherds pie that we all loved recently and if I can ever get decent potatoes again, I will serve it again. I have also stopped asking what he or Mr. BLB want or think of my dinner plan. I just cook. If they don’t like, they can cook dinner.
  10. Has anyone done pickup from Annabelle’s? Our anniversary is this weekend and we want to do something a notch above. Since Palena was our last pre-wedding meal before our friends and family descended on us it seemed like a good choice.
  11. Not Jaleo because I won’t eat someplace I can go at home. But yes, Disneyworld.
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