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  1. @Marty L. I'm responding to you over here so that the A&J thread stays focused and so other people can find my musings. Sadly, there is not a lot I know of near Zion, honestly. Some of this is minimal exposure (I've camped around there, but rarely dined) and some of this is the paucity of recs I could make from the experiences I've had. Springdale is the big 'town' near Zion and I had a completely unmemorable meal there (so much so, I couldn't give a name of the restaurant). In the Moab area, I've good things about 98Center and Moab Garage Company, but have personally
  2. @Marty L. Skimming through posts here, I've been reminded about so much that I liked and miss about this community, including people like you who I got to know! Let me think about recs for your son. The sad reality is that while I think the food scene here has improved, it's still not as strong as other places I've lived. Any idea where he'll be in UT?
  3. @captcourt I'm so with you and @mtureck about the cuke salad. Was back in the area over Christmas time and went to A&J for some of our family's old faves there, including the cucumber salad. Apparently, there is an A&J in CA somewhere (Irvine, I think) I'm now in UT and we've discussed driving to the CA location for some of their food.
  4. I used to joke that I'm like a 90yo because I'm not on FB. Now that all the 90yo are on FB, the teenagers aren't. So, now I'm like a teenager. I don't do the FB. Thanks, though!
  5. It's been many (MANY) a moon since I've logged on and posted here. I moved to SLC, UT (an absolutely wonderful place with a so-so food scene, sigh) and just don't get back to DC often enough to make checking in frequently worthwhile. BUT, I was just reading the comments on an article in NYT cooking about 'the best brownie' and I read a thoughtful, interesting comment. This is something of a rarity in the comment section, even of the esteemed NYT. So, I look to see who wrote and whose name should appear but Zora Margolis! But, the location is somewhere in ME. No, I think, no way. The
  6. Just returning from a great meal at the chef's table. The 'chef's table' at the Inn at Little Washington is really just a table in the kitchen--you can't see anything happening or feel as though you get a sense for how decisions are made or food is prepared. You pay extra for, what was for me, a disappointment. At Grapeseed it was a lot of fun--you sit at a bar overlooking the stove and see it all happen (and all for no greater price than somebody sitting at a table!). We didn't bother the chef too much, but it was fun to ask him intermittently about a piece of meat that he had chosen not
  7. I went there recently with a friend for lunch. Had the Wharton St. <shrug> I didn't think it was all that. Not enough roasted red peppers and pesto, way too much lettuce. The bread was great. I wouldn't run back, but I wouldn't decline if somebody suggested it.
  8. Yeah, the giffords at RTC had clearly gone SIGNIFICANTLY downhill since it opened. Although i liked the banana ice cream I bought there when it first opened (see upthread), I hadn't gotten any ice cream that I liked there in since that first summer. Not only was the ice cream bluh (flavorless), but the store was ALWAYS filthy and understaffed. I never saw anybody who appeared to be a manager. In the past 6 months I was like am ambulance chaser driving by it to see whether it had closed yet. It was so obvious it was going to close that one time I simply went in and asked them when they wer
  9. Ugh. Reading the recent posts is giving me a case of the 'should haves.' I went to Ripple with 3 friends ~2 months ago (I think?) and kept meaning to post and well, the road to hell and all. Of course, I can't remember a single thing that we ate. But, I do remember liking it a great deal and thinking, "I should come back here." it's got a nice vibe, I liked the waitstaff and the food was tasty and reasonably priced. The risotto our table shared was good, but I'm glad that we all shared it--it's incredibly rich. I liked the panzanella salad when I had it; perhaps the previous poster ha
  10. A friend of mine in Manhattan used to have seltzer delivered to his condo, just like milk used to be. I remember him once saying that it was delivered by the last guy who offered the service in NYC and, at some point in the time I've known my friend, it stopped because the guy retired (maybe sometime around 2000? don't remember). He always had flavored syrups to mix with the seltzer; it was great. Made me feel like eating at an automat.
  11. No, just MIA from the boards. Child #2 combined with a job change into a more demanding (and more interesting) position have denied me the time to enjoy full participation. The other problem has been that with new job, I'm in a new location so don't drive to work. It's hard to do RPLC without a car .
  12. Wow. A great coffee shop and in such a great location. I love the Nickels Arcade.
  13. I also really like Penzey's cocoa (particularly the natural, but I think that's partially a function of using Dutch less often than natural, so I don't have a good benchmark)
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