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  1. I had a similar experience with liquids when flying back to DFW from Guadalajara. LGA is largely a disaster although the food court in Terminal C is in the process of changing from Panda Express-type options to much better sounding choices. Time will tell. All too often, though, I fly out of Terminal B which features little post-security beyond a make-shift in-the-hallway Au Bon Pain. On the flip side, both San Antonio and Austin airports are awesome. Modern, tons of food options and places to charge your phone or laptop. DFW LGA SAT AUS
  2. To Monica Bhide, one of the Chicago Tribune's seven writers you should know (and fortunately, we do!) Seven Food Writers You Should Know (Monica Bhide; Printers Row resized).pdf
  3. Magnolia now has multiple locations including one on Sixth Avenue just south of Radio City, another in Grand Central and one embedded within Bloomingdales on the side facing Third Avenue (which was way too close to my office - good thing we moved). I wasn't initially a fan (at all) of Crumbs but certain cupcakes there are OK to good. I really like the one that's like a raspberry jelly doughnut in cupcake form. But the ones studded with candy, along with their enormous size, don't work for me. I like Sprinkles a lot. The only NYC location I have visited is the one on Lexington and 59th (or 60
  4. I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn now and what a treat that is food-wise. What bonaire said about Smorgasburg was spot-on. I love browsing there, whether it's for something to eat immediately or something to take home for later. Other neighborhood favorites include Pies N Thighs (I'm eating a chicken biscuit right now - they deliver), Fatty Cue (which I'm going to be if I keep drinking Malay micheladas there) and Ella (for brunch). I also like Fornino (excellent salads, pizzas and calzones), Bagelsmith on Bedford and M Shanghai (oh how I missed Chinese when I lived in DC!). Most places deliver
  5. Our first morning in Austin happened to be Easter Sunday. Figuring most places would be crowded I booked us a table at Lambert's hoping 1. that it would be good and 2. that it wouldn't be crazy holiday expensive. We did great on both accounts. Lambert's Easter brunch set up was brunch plus entree. Oh, and both were all you can eat, not just the buffet. Order as many entrees as you like, our server told us. Wow. Right after we ordered the entrees and a round of mimosas, a bread plate containing hot cross buns and lemon-ginger scones arrived. IIRC, the price was $32 per person. We picked three
  6. gnatharobed and I had a girls' weekend in Austin a few weeks ago. I kept hoping she would post in all of her food-wise eloquence so I could just chime in with a few "yeah!" and "me too!"s but alas, I am the first to cave. We secured tickets to the Mumford & Sons taping of Austin City Limits and quickly planned a trip based on food, drink, music and a little sun. Mission accomplished. I love traveling with someone who, like me, has never uttered the words "I don't usually eat breakfast." After arriving and dropping our stuff at the hotel, we went straight to Stubb's BBQ. There are no phot
  7. Cranberry slushito, tortilla Espanola, croquetas, patatas bravas, crema Catalana. Not a miss in that bunch tonight. My date and I arrived at 6:30 and easily scored seats at the bar. Within an hour, the joint was jumpin'. PS Maialino in NYC has a wait list for bar seats. I vacillate between thinking it's off-putting and wise.
  8. JLK


    Any more recent reports from Proof on Main or recommendations for an alternative within walking distance?
  9. Hello all. I'm heading to Atlanta this weekend and looking for a dinner spot for Saturday night. Three ladies, low-key girls' night out (one had a baby this year so she's psyched to get out of the house, but not exactly planning to dance atop the table). Home base will be the Dunwoody area. Price isn't really a determining factor - we're not looking for cheap eats, but don't feel a need to go fancy either. While the three of us love margaritas and all kinds of Latin food, that's not a must. A lively atmosphere would be nice, but we'll be fine so long as we avoid stuffy and formal. Vague, yes
  10. Maple Ave has added a mobile food truck and today it came my office neighborhood (full disclosure: Joey, the GM is a friend of a colleague - I had not met her before today). What a treat to have such interesting lunch options come to us. I have worked out here at Tysons for over four years now and feel bored with most of the options. Add traffic and long-term construction projects, and you can see why I often bring leftovers from home. Today was the first visit from the truck and it offered bulgogi, pulled pork, fried cauliflower and a chicken salad. Three of my colleagues got the bulgogi (w
  11. I'm ecstatic to have Taylor in my neighborhood (the MVT location). YMMV but my rule is to get any sandwich with the aged provolone. Personally I love its strong flavor. My go-to sandwich is the 9th Street Italian (hold the lettuce). Usually I'll get the 12 inch sandwich and it makes two meals for me.
  12. I picked up dinner from Hell Burger on my way home from work last night. Little did I know that my commute from Rosslyn to downtown DC by the Verizon Center would take a full hour. I was very glad to have the seven cheese mac & cheese to nosh on while I waited, seething.
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