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  1. How cool. My favorite spot to grab food in Brooklyn is Yunnan Flavor Garden. The cuisine is just so delicious and bordering on Thai/Vietnamese in its flavor profile. I’ll have to check out this place when I’m in town next.
  2. As someone who no longer lives in DC but comes back “home” to visit quite a bit...I agree 100% with all of this. Seylou was the only place I wanted to/cared to/and did visit upon my last trip home. The bread, the pastries, everything was top notch. And their passion, talent and commitment are worthy of our support.
  3. Many people make a restaurant what it ultimately becomes. The owner. The chef. The folks that come and go as employees and the folks who come and go as guests and customers. Palena lost a special one last week: Noel Sanchez. He was one of Palena’s first employees and he worked there until it’s final day. His wife worked at Amernick Bakery down the street. Noel also worked at Ghibellina, Posto and DACOR Bacon House. He plated desserts (all those cookie plates), made caramels, spun ice creams, did most of the fry plates that flew out of the kitchen and always did it with a smile and a joke
  4. Why is the tortilla $150? How big is it? Was it busy? Did your neighbors enjoy their food?
  5. Different strokes for different folks. I’ve tried stuff from East Village; Brooklyn and DC and find it all to be pre-made, mass produced junk food/stoner food rather than something delicious or extraordinary.
  6. While I’m sure these dishes were all good (if not delicious); I just don’t understand how this is a cohesive meal? So many different ethnicities and flavor profiles...call me old fashioned but this just isn’t how I love to eat.
  7. I don’t know where this is, but people should cook more at home. This looks mediocre at best and probably cost you $50 minimum (more with drinks and tip).
  8. As a graduate not as esteemed as Aggie Chin or Aaron Silverman, I’m quite sad to hear the news. It’s all so strange that they would close it so suddenly. But I’m sure we will know the details soon enough.
  9. I just wish it was like 59,000 square feet and there were more choices and perhaps a Shaw Bijou too. There aren’t enough choices for me...
  10. That's like saying people venerate Jean Georges, Daniel Boloud or Gunther Seeger too much. it might be true. But he, and they, are deserving. Having had the pleasure of working for Frank for 6 years, his technique, flavors, attention to detail and work ethic are second to none. From his simple Oxtail Vaccinara or little pork head cheese croquettes to his more sophisticated Lobster and Oyster Navarin with Sauternes...his food is unlike any I've encountered in my travels or in my work with other chefs. i still dream of his stollen. His bread and tomato soup. His brandade. His bolognese
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