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  1. Russ & Daughters' bialys used to come from Kossar's. And R & D is now baking their own bagels. Their previous source was a bagel shop in Brooklyn.
  2. Rebelle is the new restaurant from the Pearl & Ash team. As a matter of fact, it's right next door to Pearl & Ash, on Bowery. And they've found a great chef in Paris, formerly the chef de cuisine at Daniel Rose's Spring. He's now in NYC, cooking at Rebelle, which opened Monday night. They have a wine list of 1,500+ bottles. And we ate there last night. Rebelle, A Touch of Paris on The Bowery
  3. This is interesting. There have been any number of cases here in NYC over the years, with restaurateurs getting sued for "improperly handling" tips. Certainly, cash tips, and even more certainly, no tips but fair wages, would help to alleviate even any appearance of impropriety. Enough of that bs. We were back again Friday eve pre-dinner, which was somewhere else. Yes, indeed, the jalapeno fritters are delicious, and the one other food item we tried, mushrooms escabeche, were also quite good. This is what their draught set-up is - quite minimalist... Hey - at least you've got a sherry bar!
  4. Indeed, the Spanish ciders (and often the French ciders from Brittany) are quite funky - especially the aroma. They're some of the first ciders that were available here on a wide basis - mostly in Spanish restaurants
  5. Correct - we haven't eaten any of the food, and though not billed as vegetarian, the owner says: "We're calling it 'cider-focused cuisine.'" Be forewarned...we walked over on Saturday night, to have a cider before going elsewhere for dinner, and it was a total shitshow. Packed and no room to even stand and have a glass. This was at 7 PM. Weeknights will be a much better bet for a while, and it may not change at all on the weekends, considering its location is right in the heart of the lower east side, lovingly dubbed Hell Square.
  6. From the owners of The Queens Kickshaw comes their new venture, WASSAiL - a cider bar and restaurant, located on Orchard St., on the lower east side of Manhattan. The Queens Kickshaw has been known, since its opening, as one of the best places to get your cider on. Trouble is, it's in Astoria, not exactly an easy schlep from Manhattan. So, I was extremely excited when I read that the owners had taken a space, right here in my neighborhood. It opened this week. And to say I'm happy would be an understatement. We visited Tuesday night, their public opening, and were wowed - at any one time, they'll have between 80 - 100 ciders available, from all over the globe. There will be about a dozen available on draught, and a bunch more available by the glass. We only tasted 7 or 8, so we've got a ways to go. And of course, I blogged about it as well. Hail WASSAiL
  7. We managed at $75 pp. Didn't drink a lot (which is rare, and which many times runs 50% of our bill, and which is how restaurants stay in business here) and had plenty of food. But yes, that's often what dinner costs at the top places in NYC. And these days, 3 NY Times' stars equals many of the top places. Next week, for our anniversary, we're going back to Gramercy Tavern - the tasting menu is a great deal at $128 per. So, I guess that bill will top $300. Remember - it's cheaper than going to Mexico City.
  8. Cosme is probably one of the hottest openings of late 2014, and one of the 2 or 3 best openings of last year in NYC. This week, the Times' review hit, and it's a 3-star rave up. The New Yorker review also hit this week. Adam Platt in New York/Grub Street grudgingly gives it 3 stars. Time Out New York - utter rave. And this nebbishy Jewish kid from Long Island liked it too...Tasty Travails.
  9. I attended the auction of the restaurant's equipment, hoping to score something for my kitchen - it was depressing in more ways than one, including not scoring anything for my kitchen, since it was a madhouse, and people were bidding ridiculous amounts for a lot of the stuff. The Bonnet cooking suite, which was one of only 5 or 6 in NYC, was the most interesting item. At one point, Wylie's dad Dewey, who was a co-owner, came out and announced to the crowd that if anyone bought it, they would knock down the wall to the kitchen to enable the suite to be removed - it was installed before the wall went up and came in on a forklift through the front window. Interesting stuff.
  10. As an aside, you used to be able to (allegedly) get giant Margaritas (in to-go-cups) at El Sombrero. Those were the days.
  11. Even if one is not too nearby, it's at the nexus of a ton of subways...4, 5, 6, L, N, Q and R. I prefer shopping here on Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays, but it needs to be early on Friday. It's a zoo later and usually all day Saturday.
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