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  1. Well, gang, since we don't live in South Looziana, allow me to report on the new DMV-style Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, which became available again today. I tried it at the Greenbriar (Chantilly) Popeyes and the line was long but my god, for $3.99 that is top-tier fast food. I got a side of Cajun rice for $2 more. Once the lines die down, the value will improve even more.
  2. I've never been to Luger's but I love the attacks on people who order fish. Quality steakhouses know how to cook fish too.
  3. The Nads was a popular name for intramural teams at my camp in Maine too. Such wit!
  4. The first time in my many years that I ever tried Spam anything was Spam Musubi at a now-closed but very good Hawaiian place in Arbutus, Maryland, called Taste of Aloha.
  5. BTW, for another interesting Herndon eating experience, check out Egg Karne at the Herndon Muni golf course. http://www.eggkarne.com/
  6. OK so I finally did try Wooboi in late June but never reported back. Not one to shirk from a challenge, I ordered a Code Blue sandwich. (The waiver wall was completely filled up so I didn't sign). OMFG this was an experience. The heat level was as advertised. As I posted on instagram, I think my eyes were bleeding. Thank god for the delicious potatoes I had to eat between bites. Independent of the heat, the chicken was excellent -- a big fat juicy breast. Will go back for sure, when my schedule allows, but will be dropping the heat several levels. That was a one-and-done for me.
  7. We've been going every couple of years since I proposed to my wife at L'Auberge in 1995. (I used the old "Hey, why don't you go look at the desserts and I'll just have this ring waiting for you when you get back" ploy.) I'm pleased to report that our last visit was as good as any. Including the souffle!
  8. Great stat that Don and the other seamheads will appreciate. The Nats held St Louis, a solid offensive team, to a .130 batting average, which is about what an average-hitting pitcher hits. For comparison, when the Orioles swept the Dodgers in the WS in 1966, in a pitching-dominated era, the Dodgers hit .142.
  9. I was at the game yesterday, in my Pats guise (root for the skins when they play anyone else). We took the place over so much that Belichick made a heartfelt thanks to the fans in his postgame presser. The two teams (from the top down) have completely flipped from when I started following both, in 1970. The Pats were the clowns of the NFL while the Skins were so classy (after EBW took over the team) that Vince Lombardi had taken the HC job for a year before his untimely death. Imagine Vince freaking Lombardi taking a call from Daniel Snyder.
  10. As soon as the ball got down I said to myself, "OK, tie game!" Grisham's real error was thinking he had a play at the plate.
  11. I've been catching up on my Twilight Zone watching and last night I caught this obscure episode, One More Pallbearer. The lead character, Paul Radin, is positively Trumpian. Nothing to do with politics. He's a mean-spirited, petty, resentful, bullying man (and a real estate developer to boot!). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_More_Pallbearer
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