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  1. Well these fiascos in Ashburn sorta put into perspective the continued inability to lock down tenants at Avonlea. It's become a running joke on the South Riding facebook page -- tumbleweed gifs etc.
  2. I would agree. It's rare to see a restaurant that so brazenly alienates a large percentage of its potential client base.
  3. Oh it sucks. Yes to the refills. It would take a normal person quite a while to finish some of their platters, so there's no issue with squatting. Reminds one of the old joke about bad food and large portions except here the food is pretty good. Only the coffee is subpar.
  4. Man. I haven't been to the Metro 29 probably since I changed jobs in 2008. I used to be a semi-regular for lunch, as I could make 2-3 meals out of any of their lunch dishes. The coffee sucked then. Hard to believe it still sucks in this coffee-crazed day and age. But even by diner standards, it sucked.
  5. LOL Gotcha. Personally, I find the entire idea of "white sauce" to be on the revolting side. (At least on anything besides poultry.)
  6. Wow -- just tried the new Pizzeria al Volo at 1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW (but actually on E St NW). I got a vegetarian slice and a proscuitto/arugula slice. Was very impressed. It's thick crust, but not your standard gut-bomb thick crust. The crust is actually sort of airy and crackerish. Toppings were generous too. I rarely eat more than two slices of 'za these days but I could definitely go for a third slice of this stuff.
  7. Well, the menu looks good but whoever reviewed the dessert section was asleep. DOLCE | DESSERT APPLE COBBLER pie crust, cinnamon sugar, maple ice cream | 8 SMSRETTO BRULE amaretto custard, cranberry gelee | 8 THREE TIER TIRAMISU espresso rum, mocha ice cream | 8 NEOPOLITIN ICE CREAM | 8
  8. We had an amazing meal at TuG last summer but my wife is not a lamb fan so we didn't get the ribs. The pork loin/belly entree might entice her though, but honestly, the other courses are so good you really don't need the entree.
  9. Second the Cafein suggestion. Not easy to find indy coffee joints in the distant burbs, but this is a good one, as is Mug & Muffin down 50 in Stone Ridge.
  10. Mazel Tov! I'm glad the Dumpling Queen worked out for you -- we haven't been in a while so glad to hear it's holding up well. Not a place I'd think of as 'between Dulles and Tysons" -- I'd think Reston for that, so good job by weezy to suggest it.
  11. I went to the Hank's in Old Town last June after dropping my kids at the airport. The oysters were excellent. The crabcake... not so much. Another reminder that when you order crabcakes outside the 410, you're taking a big chance.
  12. Not on Yelp yet. Early returns on Google -- not good. It's almost like a set-up to get Gordon Ramsay to visit. Executive Diner 1400 Duke St, Alexandria, VA Write a review 1.0 1 review Sort by: Most helpful Tovah E 1 review a day ago- This restaurant has huge problems both with service and the kitchen. We were there for 1:15 hrs and didn't once have our server come back with coffee or an update. We ended up leaving without getting any food, and it looked like no one else was getting any food either after sitting in a 1/4 full restaurant for over an hour. Several other tables left after complaining about the wait. The music was too loud. The kitchen clearly had problems getting any food out at all,much less in a timely fashion. Servers seemed unorganized and didn't know their roles. Everyone made excuses instead of apologizing. A manager could have been on the floor bringing out bread or something to offset the excessive wait, but no one seemed to be in charge. The location and size of this restaurant has great potential, but I won't go back without significant changes. Like Adam Barnette 1 review 13 hours ago Poorly managed restaurant with subpar staff. Waited over hour for my food. I've owned my own family run restaurant before but this place lacks good leadership. The current GM smelled of alcohol and there seemed to be no kitchen staff what's so ever. This place is going to fail under current management and its unfortunate because it could be a great place. Like
  13. Bob Wells

    Indian Restaurants

    Anyone tried Chennai Express in, yes, Chantilly? I've only been once and need to go more. Huge lists of Dosas, Uttapams, etc. http://chennaiexpressva.com/menu.html