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  1. Bob Wells


    I get the Thrillist emails and read that this morning. Not sure what people expect to happen nowadays when something gets tagged as 'the best whatever' in the US. I also don't get people who wait in line five hours for a burger. I've waited in long lines for a few things, but never five hours and never something as common as a burger. One example: The now departed Uglesich's in New Orleans.
  2. Bob Wells

    The Blues Brothers

    You should watch it. Many of the performers are gone. But don't expect "Blues," authentic or not. The music in the movie is Rhythm & Blues, and very well done.
  3. Bob Wells

    The Blues Brothers

    BB has really grown on me over the years. The BB Band is really outstanding -- not much in the acting department, but those boys could really play.
  4. Speaking of "celebrity chefs," some of you will find this pathetic/amusing/interesting/not surprising. Anyway, there was once a chef in Boston and New York named Bob Pritsker. He grew up in my neighborhood in RI (he's about 18 years older than me). He and his wife Karen (she ran the front of the house) gained a good bit of notoriety with their French restaurant Dodin-Bouffant in Boston and later NY. Some of you older folks might remember that place. He was unquestionably one of the first celebrity chefs. He was also a lawyer, and might have had an MBA too. Smart guy, unquestionably. He left the cheffing business in the late 80s to do who knows what, but a google search indicates he is quite litigious. It also turned up this: "72-Year-Old Man Given AR for Passing Buses on the Sidewalk" on thehour.com
  5. Speak of the devil! "A New, Young Chef Brings the Drama at Mirabelle" by Tom Sietsema on washingtonpost.com
  6. Thanks Mark -- I might have to treat myself to the clams. That sounds really good. From the menu: "Cape Cod Duo of Clams 32 Fried Clam Bellies, Steamers, Corn Bread, Trio of Sauces." And it's even pictured on the website! https://mirabelledc.com/menus/
  7. Bob Wells

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    I'm stopping at TJ's on the way home for a few packs of those little pumpkin mousse things -- my kids love em. Where can this airy whippy-dippy garlic stuff be found?
  8. Bob Wells

    Lobster Rolls

    I'm not surprised. I know there are good lob rolls in the 401 and the 617/540 (and maybe even the 603😂)but when I go to RI or MA I have so much other stuff to eat that I never get around to the lobster rolls, whereas in the 207 the lob rolls are at the very top of my to-eat list.
  9. Bob Wells

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Thanks Astrid. BatR caught my eye on Yelp so it's good to get validation from a Rockwellian.
  10. Bob Wells

    Lobster Rolls

    I don't bother with lob rolls outside the 207 and have learned not to bother with crab cakes outside the 301/410.
  11. Bob Wells

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Looks like our annual family mini-vacation over the holidays will be to the 'Burgh this year. Have never been there, so looking for ideas -- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack ideas all welcome!