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  1. For me the attraction at Heidelberg is the bread. Not only is the variety impressive, but the rye breads such as the corn rye are easily some of the best I've had since the sissel breads of my youth in RI. The breads with various other seeds are really good too. The hamantaschen are excellent too, available year round, and I am pretty sure they even have mun (poppy seed paste) in addition to the apricot and raspberry filled. Maybe even the nontraditional chocolate? We've also enjoyed various of the pastries, such as the cream cheese slabs with blueberries and other ooey-gooey delights.
  2. They spread themselves way too thin. We tried Family Meal at One Loudoun and it was completely MEH.
  3. I would agree. If there was only one pinot on the list, why would the server even say "The Hirsch"? He'd just say, "The pinot, very good sir." As soon as he said "The Hirsch," the diner should have thought, wait, there's more than one pinot? I better check this out.
  4. Took the fam to John's a little over a year ago. They got cheesesteaks (and I think chicken parm). I got the roast pork. Really good but I'm not sure if the sauteed spinach is as good an ingredient as is broccoli rabe. Hitting DiNic's at RTM next weekend so that will be a good comparison since I expect the pork to be comparably excellent.
  5. I will just throw out some recommended spots from our last visit to Philly (12/17): Wm. Mulherin's Sons (Fishtown) Parc (Rittenhouse Sq) Dim Sum House (UPenn area) Bakeshop on 20th (Rittenhouse Sq) Cleavers (Center City) John's Roast Pork (E. Snyder Ave, funky industrial area) Dutch Eating Place (RTM) We are going back next weekend for a family meetup (my brothers are also trenchermen of some repute) and will post some more names (good and bad but hopefully none of the latter).
  6. Mom's is really good. We got a couple for Thanksgiving. You can order in advance or line up until they run out of pies (they bake a ton of pies). For the tart variation, hard to beat Arno's.
  7. I've learned that getting help from Facebook on anything is well nigh impossible. I think they made the right move in creating a new FB page and disabling reviews.
  8. keerist, I just checked the website. Not a huge fan of salted caramel anything, but they also have a "Brown Butter Coconut Chess Pie," which to me has "last meal for a condemned man" potential.
  9. Ok, you had me at lemon chess. I learned about chess pie from a guy from the Mississippi delta who used to make them for me. Dare I ask if they also have chocolate chess, coconut chess, plain ol chess....?
  10. Hope that's not the case. DR.com is one of the first sites I go to when I turn on my laptop in the morning. Not sure how I've missed the excellent Takumi thread. Regarding Yelp, the key is that it's an app. When I am on the go and on my phone, I used mostly apps to conduct business. Yelp to find a restaurant (and it got me to the right place in this case; you don't see people mocking Yelp much these days); Fooducate to find out deets on a new food at Costco; MyFitnessPal to find out the calorie hit for something I'm thinking about ordering, Amazon to get reviews and prices on something like an unusual chocolate bar that I'm considering, etc etc. That's how my world works now.
  11. Since I rarely get to FC these days, I had not heard of Takumi until it came up in a Yelp search this very afternoon. Lately I've been going mainly for sashimi instead of sushi to minimize my carb intake, so the fish had better be good. Takumi's is excellent. I got scallops, sweet shrimp, enoki mushrooms, a yellowtail, maybe an amberjack, one other delicious fish, and a roe. (See pic) Also got the tuna tartare napoleon app, which turns out to be four canapes instead of a single napoleon. Not exactly what you'd expect but it was quite tasty. (See pic) Takumi is not cheap, but the fish is top-notch and the vibe is really good.
  12. Don with all due respect, I think that is different. With omakase, you're trusting the chef to give you his best stuff, but you know generally what the dishes will look like. With a menu like this, you're trusting that the named ingredients, some rather unusual, are put together in a way that you will enjoy, and you have really no idea what you will be getting. There is trust in both situations but in the former it seem to require less of a leap of faith. JMHO.
  13. We liked the Reston Fortune a lot -- the space was just way too big for the non-dim sum hours. Haven't been to the 7Corners one in a while, HKP sort of became our dim-sum go to, not that it was that much better. Oh well, they had a good run.
  14. Interesting thread. The downtown DC area is particularly bereft of interesting b'fast joints. Maybe people just want to get to the office? Contrast this situation with Maine, which is breakfast heaven (like NM apparently). Not just the foodie city of Portland, but all over the state.
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