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  1. I have a good Kinkead's story. Back in the mid-90s, my then-fiancee and I wanted to celebrate our nuptials with a nice family dinner at Kinkead's after we had had a superb meal there. We tried our best to make it happen but were not treated well and gave up (to show how long ago this was, we ended up at Two Quail LOL). Anyway, as email was a new thing, I send a long, detailed, but polite email to the manager expressing my deep disappointment at how we were treated. She responded with an offer for us to have dinner for four on them. We took my sister-in-law and her bf (she is now estranged from my wife for reasons wholly unrelated to the dinner). We had another superb dinner, including a great bottle of Zinfandel, that would have cost us $250 but was, as promised, cost-free. We did leave a huge tip for the servers. So I will always have fond memories of Kinkead's.
  2. I don't shop at WF nearly as much as I did 10 or 20 years ago (Amazon is getting a lot more of my $$ directly to make up for the shortfall 😄) but at least once a year I get to visit my favorite WF, in Portland, ME. That is a big, beautiful, amazing store. Anyone else been?
  3. LOL not from me it ain't. To me it means ordinary, inoffensive, won't give you the trots.... I think other chains are far worse -- Olive Garden for one. I remember my first visit to an OG many years ago. I ordered my standby linguini with white clam sauce (I grew up in RI). What I got resembled library paste. I chalked it up to a bad kitchen. Next visit to a different OG, again ordered linguini with white clam sauce. Got the exact same dish of overcooked, gluey mush. "Ok, so that's how it is at the OG, huh? Got it."
  4. I just added a few comments about the waste potential to the Popville comment thread. That's what pisses me off. The food at CF is perfectly average.
  5. Being of a certain age, when I saw this thread title I thought it would be a guide to eateries on East Baltimore St in Baltimore, where the go-to used to be Polock Johnny's.😂
  6. Thanks -- the Brambleberry looks like it's one of the flavors that H-T carries. I will give it a shot!
  7. Teeter's ice cream/gelato game is strong. Graeter's from Cincy and Gelato Fiasco from Maine are well represented. I'll surprise my kid with a pint of Jeni's.
  8. While I am a big fan of clam pizza and new pizza options for this area in general, I would be at most cautiously optimistic. They have a location in Warwick RI, which is a lot closer to New Haven (as well as the clam beds), and the reviews are all over the map.
  9. I'm one of those nearby office workers (maybe 1x per week) and I've never gone up for lunch or seen any of my colleagues do so either. Sweetgreen seems to get the lunch traffic. The Macy's closing has reduced third-floor traffic even more, I'm sure.
  10. I was disappointed to see Stomping Ground close, even though their offerings had slowly been whittled down since they opened this location, as it was a good alternative to Starbucks and their baked goods were good. I will note that the flat white I got before they closed was tasteless. I'm glad to see new places giving Taste of Urbanspace a shot, but long term I'm dubious about the success of this thing.
  11. Yeah, just watched the zip code video, great stuff. Not feeling the Mamas and the Papas, though. To me, it's more like what would happen if the Kingston Trio ran into a couple of gals from the Pixies Three ("442 Glenwood Avenue") or the Dixiebelles ("Southtown, USA").
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