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  1. Looks like Crofton has closed, but Glendale AZ (!) is alive and well. BTW, we had a Prune out here off 606 for a while, but it's long gone too. Think they did reasonably well at least for a while. According to the Prune website they have "Licensed Stores" and "Legacy Stores." Anyone know what that means? The Legacy Stores are listed on the website but there's no link to the menu for those stores.
  2. Bizarre sentence from the story: "The closest locations — Gaithersburg, Md. or Manassas, Va. — are several hours away." [Emphasis added]
  3. "I don’t think Buddy Holly is much of a waiter, maybe we should have sat in Marilyn Monroe’s section." "Which one? There are two Monroes." "No there’s not that is Marilyn Monroe, that is Mamie Van Doren and I don’t see Jayne Mansfield so she must have the night off or something." BTW, Vincent is the brother of Vic Vega (Mr Blonde) from Reservoir Dogs.
  4. Oh I noticed the blueberry scones. Saving them for the beginning of March, after my bootcamp winter challenge is over. 😀
  5. I'm working at the Tysons office today and made it a point to venture up to Stomping Ground for a cuppa. It's a good cuppa and worth the detour from Starbucks. There were already people having lunch at 11:30 and the food looked good (as did the wares at Lady M but those prices -- holy crow!).
  6. Damn those turnip cakes look good. We got dim sum at HKP a few days ago with some NYC relatives and the big flop of the meal was the turnip cakes. These look like another creature entirely.
  7. Bob Wells


    Definitely in DC, the home of bad restaurant name puns. Ah geez it's already a thing. In Portland of course. http://www.pokemonpdx.com/ And just like DC, there is drama. https://www.oregonlive.com/dining/index.ssf/2018/10/colin_yoshimoto_poke_mon.html But it looks like "Poke Salad Annie" is available.
  8. Bob Wells

    I-85 Durham to Richmond?

    Pretty arid area for good food. It's been a few years since I made that drive, and both of the BBQ places I've tried north of Durham on 85 have closed. There's a Smithfield's Chicken n Bar-B-Q right off 85 in Henderson. It's an NC chain. Basic Eastern NC cue and fried chicken. Good portions. There are probably some solid local eateries in Henderson.
  9. Bob Wells

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    Just found this great thread. I see a lot of my personal favorites already mentioned. I will review my collection and circle back. By favorites I will mean movies I can watch multiple times.
  10. Damn. Back before we got a Maison Kayser around the corner here in DC, I used to hit the 40th St location when I visited the NY office and always ogled the wares in the window at Lady M a couple doors down the block (this is across from Bryant Park). If those things taste half as good as they look....
  11. yep -- one of each (we got lucky after getting a late jump on the kid thing). I think I will give both kids a couple books. They are not readers -- the polar opposite of me. I have a library with a wall of books. My son in particular would find tons of stuff he'd like in there... but they just don't read. 😡
  12. Ah geez, this thread is like a trip down memory lane. American Girl dolls, Qwirkle, Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Slamwich....My kids are 14 (twins) and this year's main presents are an EOS camera for the girl and a new monitor for the boy.