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  1. Bob Wells

    Philly-Style Sandwiches

    Took the family to John's last December and enjoyed the roast pork sammy a lot. NB: Unlike many other top Philly roast pork purveyors, John's actually uses garlicky spinach instead of broccoli rabe. Locals rate it very highly. NB2: The rest of the gang got meatball sammies and they were excellent. Next visit I'd like to try the roast pork at DiNic's in RTM.
  2. Sad news. Argia's was a go-to for me and my colleagues at Tax Analysts from the day it opened until I left TA in 2008.
  3. Pappas (and Faidleys) are supposedly a cut above the Phillipses of the world. And Don is right, Asian crab is tasteless. Beautiful but tasteless. The deliciousness of the crabcake should not depend on the other ingredients. PS Just checked the websites for G&M and Jerry's. None of them use the key word "blue" in front of crab. Thus I have to believe they all use the swimming crabs from Asia.This should be a freakin' scandal! Ah well, life goes on.
  4. Well this is distressing. We got Pappas crabcakes for my father-in-law's 91st birthday last weekend. He and my wife are full Baltimoreans and I've been eating these things for years, and we've never suspected they used those SE Asian things. The cakes were delicious as usual. Pappas has always been up there with Faidleys in our top tier. Will investigate more and circle back. I have had a Congressional press pass, so on some level I am a journalist. 😎
  5. Bob Wells

    Conch Fritters

    I haven't been to this place in many years, but it looks to still be the go-to place for conch in all forms (fritters, chowder, grilled, etc.) and all sorts of other seafood. http://www.calypsorestaurant.com/calypso_about-us.html
  6. Bob Wells

    Conch Fritters

    Conch fritters are the Florida equivalent of RI clam cakes. Either you love them or you don't. People who expect big hunks of clam (or something) are always disappointed with their first bite. Sometimes they come around, sometimes they don't.
  7. Not a huge Legal fan like I was back in my Boston days, but it's always been decent. Can't say I'm surprised, however. The place never looks too full, and the permanently shuttered "Legal to Go" takeout stand gave the place a forlorn look (to me anyway).
  8. I'm having a hard time picturing anyone other than a teenage boy eating the entirety of that thing or some of the other things described in the article.
  9. Dad's actually got a discussion on DR.com back in the day (And there's a link to the hilarious Chowhound discussion that I started).
  10. Anyone remember Dad's Backyard Burgers (or something like that) in Merrifield? Was just north of 29 on Gallows Road. Took about two years to open, then was open for about two weeks before closing forever due to road construction. That's the closest parallel I can think of to this fiasco, albeit one that didn't blow through millions of someone's dollars.
  11. But a good call. I used to eat way too many baked goods from Nordstrom.
  12. Yes, did not mean to lump Leb Tav in with the mediocrities. Definitely include CcF, though. It's ok, and not a bad value since you get three meals from each entree (or you should). But this is the Galleria, not a "value shopping" destination. And personally I kinda like TCB, but it's miles downscale from the stores at the Galleria. Paul is pretty good and fits pretty well at the Galleria, but I'm a Maison Kayser fan!