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  1. Totally agree on the Centreville TJ's crew. A few weeks ago two even complimented me on how organized my cart was! However, I have had two run-ins with customers at TJ's and both were in Centreville. One old bat didn't like how I parked and another old bat took issue with the decibel level of my voice.
  2. Welcome to the wilds of Virginia! Your first Centreville meal should be at Ciao Osteria in Centrewood Plaza. https://www.ciao-osteria.com/
  3. I'm a long-time PB eater. I totally agree it can be really dry and really bad, almost inedible without Tiger Sauce or horseradish. The sandwiches are usually huge but if you can barely choke the meat down, that's not much of a good thing. Now, since I don't see any mention of this item in the thread, here is my pro tip regardless of which pit beefery you try: order some 'burnt ends' aka 'charred ends' on the side. They are usually very cheap and to me much tastier than the pit beef itself.
  4. Wandered over to the F St MK this afternoon. Cases are getting pretty bare but still some stuff left and it appears I was charged half price for the pastries. Good deal, but so sad in there.
  5. F St is around the corner from our front door, but I rarely buy lunch and I made the conscious decision to lower my intake of delicious sweet baked goods. And while the area is lousy with tourists, I suspect MK is not what many of them are looking for. There's a Corner Bakery right across the street... on the corner. 😄
  6. The food is not horrible but I don't need to buy five meals at once. The waste has to be massive. Where will tourists keep all the leftovers?
  7. Well that didn't last long! I confess to not getting much at Kayser in the past several months and apparently I was not alone. https://dc.eater.com/2019/8/2/20751710/maison-kayser-closure-dc Meanwhile, I think they are up to 17 locations in NYC.
  8. I work nearby. We will miss WT. Will not be "dining" at CF. Leave it for our friends from the hinterlands.
  9. Belated report - tried the blueberry scones. On the cakier side of the scone spectrum. Nice lemony touch and very good.
  10. Were you in the area when the Black Eyed Pea was here? Country fried steak (I think they called it chicken fried steak) and fried okra was my go to order. My taste buds miss those places (but my waistline does not).
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