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  1. Missing nothing. 'Joke' should also be in quotes in the header. But here's a real knee-slapper: Zurn posted on March 27 “China has released the names of the first two people to contract Corona virus,” with “Sum Ting Wong” and “Ho Lee Fuk.”
  2. Appears my county treasurer doesn't quite understand how the internet works. "Backlast Is Swift and Furious after GOP County Official Posts 'Offensive' Joke about Aunt Jemima" by Sky Palma on rawstory.com
  3. If you like to venture outside the touristy areas, Nor-Joe Imports in Old Metairie makes a very good muff.
  4. That looks like a pretty good facsimile. I'll have to bypass the usual at Italian Store and give it a try. My brother and I found years ago that a Central Grocery muff is the perfect food for a football game. One muff quarter per football quarter.
  5. There's an even rarer treat for onion/poppy mix aficionados called an onion pletzel or onion board. Several recipes out there but would love to find a bakery that sells them. The last ones we bought were from the late Flakowitz Bakery in West Boca Raton, FL, but these recipes show what they should look like.
  6. Trying to get this discussion back to the food. I've been eating bialys for a long. long time (RI had great Jewish bakeries, anyone who had the pleasure of trying "sissel bread' will agree). Anyway, I would agree that bialys often have what could be called a yellowish hue. Not as yellow as an egg bagel, more of a pastel. In any event, the real key to a good bialy is the amount of chopped onion/poppy seed mix in the middle.
  7. Never leave Red Truck without at least one package of their granola (if you like your granola on the fruity side; it's loaded with fruit). My freaking dog has eating not one but two of them. The pimento cheese is another favorite.
  8. Thanks Reed, yes we tried Ahso for dinner and they definitely deserve our support. I'll see what the family would like to try!
  9. Total disaster at the usually dependable Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton yesterday. Somehow they were not prepared for all the people who wanted to get some decent takeout for mothers day. I had to wait in a car line for TWO HOURS and when I finally got my order and went home, not surprisingly there were major screwups. Spoke to one of the managers who apologized and agreed to refund the entire cost but still, the whole ordeal was a major downer on Moms Day. PS I placed this order at 4:30 for a 6:30 pickup and it was still 100 minutes late!
  10. Here's a description and a picture. It's a remarkable dish. I so need to get back to HKP.: Jul 26, 2010 - "Hong Kong Palace" on contemplationrose.wordpress.com and another paean to the dish: Jun 4, 2010 - "Spicy Szechuan Food at Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church" by Erin Hartigan on tastingtable.com
  11. yep that is me too. Thanks to Donrocks for gently noodging me to use my real name here. 🤣
  12. I'm going to look for that one! I'm a hard cider fan from way back. Couple months ago I discovered Austin Eastciders at Wegmans. The retro cans caught my eye. For me it hits the sweet spot so to speak. A lot of ciders are either too dry or too sweet for me; this stuff threads the needle. Reasonably priced and good flavored varieties too. When I was a kid I had to drive to Federal Hill in Providence to pick up hard cider. Probably a good thing it wasn't so easy to come by back then.😁
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