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  1. Thanks -- makes sense since the menus have the same price and number of courses. If I had to pick one, it would actually be the vegetarian menu.
  2. We stayed at the Foster-Harris House a couple years ago, just before the prior owners sold to the current owners. It was great then and apparently is at least as good now. Definitely a possibility!
  3. Following! We are going soon as well, to celebrate anniversary and Mrs W's new job. First time at IALW after being aware of it for 40 years. About time!
  4. Was able to make a visit to the Spout Run location yesterday. That is some very good takeout pizza. I got a mushroom and an Allegra (chicken and red pepper). Perfect for a lunch. Can never resist picking up a couple bags of Martins chips either, but I did resist the Berger Cookies on this visit.
  5. Greenheart also has a delivery service! In addition to their wonderful juices, I really like the cold brew with cashewmilk.
  6. Update: The Aldie Country Store was sold and completely renovated in the past 1-2 years. Nice, airy place with great breakfast foods and donuts (the maple bacon are already famous). Also in Aldie, since goldenticket posted this Brassica's came and went after a nice run but it is now a location of Greenheart Juice Shop (I think the Brassica's guy sells produce to them) and their juices and other concoctions, while far from cheap, are really something. Little Apple Pastry Shop also is still alive and well in Aldie, and the weekend market at Gilbert's Corners is crushing it -- Arno's Pastry, Pit
  7. On the flip side, some people are saying he is actually much sicker than "mild symptoms" they are admitting to would indicate, in light of his cancelling the one call on his busy schedule today and his failure to call into Fox News.
  8. Interesting. Joe's was a regular choice for their buffet lunch during my 16 years working in East Falls Church. Always liked their old-fashioned floppy pizza.
  9. I concur in Ulrath's description. It's not especially cheap but it's good for a big group that includes picky eaters. Perfectly adequate.
  10. You'd have to have rocks (not Don Rocks) in your head to stay in a hotel in Tel Aviv with POTUS on the side in big letters.
  11. Where are you moving to? Hopefully some place where there is some good pizza, even if a different style.
  12. Well this just blows. The DC outpost was a perfect location for me and several friends to meet at. Not surprising they've closed since there are probably very few office drones down there now. Actually not probably -- the article says that local offices are at FIVE PERCENT of capacity. FU Covid!
  13. Finally made it out here with some bootcamp friends on Saturday. I tried a cider that I wasn't crazy about, but that might be swinging at a pitch out of the strike zone here. The beers are extremely popular. They have pizza and pretzels as well as a rotating group of food trucks. The views down into the Shenandoah Valley are incomparable. Dog and kid friendly too! NB I found out after I got there that a friend from South Riding is one of the five owners. https://bearchasebrew.com/
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