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  1. Just a short update on Takohachi's move to their new space in Penrose Square. Stopped by to see construction underway. Was told that Tacohachi will only use half of the space occupied by Joshiphina's. The other half is still available for lease (signs in the windows). Looking forward to the second half of september (bento boxes!). TSchaad
  2. With indoor dining returning, Marianne and I were thinking of taking friends for lunch at Vinh-Kee. When I checked online, I noticed a lot of negative reviews on Yelp ( I know, I know) about poor service over the last month. Anyone have information on how our favorite Dim Sum resturants are faring as they bring normal operations up to speed? TSchaad
  3. With the imminent teardown of the old strip mall at Colombia Pike and Glebe, Marianne and I were dreading the loss of Takohachi as our go-to neighborhood Japanese restaurant. We stopped by for lunch the other day (really enjoy the bento box lunches) and a poster in the window said they were closing the space on July 3rd. The good news in that same posting announced they had finally found a new location on the Pike. It looks like they are moving into the restaurant space under the Penrose Square Apartment complex. They hope to open there some time in September. Looking forward to seeing what they do with that space. TSchaad
  4. Marianne and I have been focusing on our local neighborhood restaurants when we order for pickup (HATE Doordash and its ilk). They aren't fine dining, just plesantly consistent purveyors of their various cuisines. We got a solid set of ramens from Boru, a more than satisfactory tandoori lamb and Chicken Tikka from Aroma, good burgers from DGB in Shirlington. I know this forum often tends to focus on the higher tier of dining destinations, but I think it's the solid, mid-level dining options we patronize that are most at risk of disappearing over this summer.
  5. Is it time to start looking at other places that may be on the brink? With the phase 1 reopening in most of Maryland on Friday, we might start getting a clearer picture of what approaches will work in our new reality.
  6. Looks like they are putting the money to work. From ArlNow: Neapolitan pizzeria Pupatella, the which was a popular food truck before opening its acclaimed bricks-and-mortar location in Bluemont in 2010, is opening a second Arlington location in the restaurant “Bermuda Triangle” at 1621 S. Walter Reed Drive. The opening is planned for this summer. “The restaurant is 2,200 square feet and will seat approximately 60 guests inside,” a press release said of Pupatella’s new location in the Nauck neighborhood. “The location also features a covered patio area that will have seating for another 40 or so guests.” Pupatella also announced plans today to open a 2,700 square foot location at 1821 Wiehle Avenue in Reston by early 2020, as part of a new expansion push fueled by a $3.75 million investment. This will be within walking distance of my house -- YES! TSchaad
  7. Just saw this on the Arlington Now website. https://www.washingtonian.com/2018/12/12/mike-isabellas-restaurant-group-is-going-out-of-business/. Guess that's it for the empire. TSchaad
  8. Don't forget Dino's Grotto. Had a great Thanksgiving dinner there last year. TSchaad
  9. Takohachi opened on December 11 in the Westmont Shopping Center at the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Glebe Road. My wife and I decided to eat lunch there today to test this new dining option after reading several positive comments from our neighbors on the Douglas Park community bulletin board. Owned and run by a Japanese chef, the space is simple and open (in the good Japanese way), with plenty of space between the tables and contemporary Japanese music playing softly in the room. We ordered from the lunch menu, which offered everything from Nigiri Shushi (at $1 per piece), to a number of Udons, Donburis and a large selection of Bento Boxes. We each ordered a Bento - Marianne had the California Roll and Spiced Tuna, I ordered the Sukiyaki. Both came with Tea, Miso Soup, Salad and a Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura portion in addition to the aforementioned Mains. All I can say is that if the quality of our lunch is the baseline for the other items on their menu, this is now our go-to spot for Japanese in South Arlington. They don't have an active social media profile, or a website yet. Here's hoping they can grow thru word of mouth - I want to be able to come back often. TSchaad
  10. Perhaps TedE was right. It was just that the buzz wasn't there in the initial (and subsequent) reviews to encourage people with the financial wherewithal to invest and then brag about this particular "journey". TSchaad
  11. The problem is that the pricing at Shaw Bijou makes "Pretty Good" an unacceptable score. With all the other highly rated and more 'affordable' prix-fixe destinations in the city, why would any sane person with the kind of disposable income that allows them to even consider dining here do so? To brag they were present at the train wreck? TSchaad
  12. Just got an email from Dean Gold detailing the Thanksgiving dinner at Dean's Grotto. Looks good.
  13. Don, The current building was built as a signifigant expansion of the original American Pharmacists Association building, which had been there forever. The GSA and State cut some kind of a deal to essentially build a new Annex for the State Department on the site that incorporated the original building (the marble facade facing Constitution Avenue). If the American Pharmacists Association owned the property origionally, the deal probably resulted in a modernized shared space with State. They might even be getting an annual payment from the government for the use of the property. TSchaad
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