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  1. Marianne and I have been focusing on our local neighborhood restaurants when we order for pickup (HATE Doordash and its ilk). They aren't fine dining, just plesantly consistent purveyors of their various cuisines. We got a solid set of ramens from Boru, a more than satisfactory tandoori lamb and Chicken Tikka from Aroma, good burgers from DGB in Shirlington. I know this forum often tends to focus on the higher tier of dining destinations, but I think it's the solid, mid-level dining options we patronize that are most at risk of disappearing over this summer.
  2. Is it time to start looking at other places that may be on the brink? With the phase 1 reopening in most of Maryland on Friday, we might start getting a clearer picture of what approaches will work in our new reality.
  3. Looks like they are putting the money to work. From ArlNow: Neapolitan pizzeria Pupatella, the which was a popular food truck before opening its acclaimed bricks-and-mortar location in Bluemont in 2010, is opening a second Arlington location in the restaurant “Bermuda Triangle” at 1621 S. Walter Reed Drive. The opening is planned for this summer. “The restaurant is 2,200 square feet and will seat approximately 60 guests inside,” a press release said of Pupatella’s new location in the Nauck neighborhood. “The location also features a covered patio area that will have seating
  4. Just saw this on the Arlington Now website. https://www.washingtonian.com/2018/12/12/mike-isabellas-restaurant-group-is-going-out-of-business/. Guess that's it for the empire. TSchaad
  5. Don't forget Dino's Grotto. Had a great Thanksgiving dinner there last year. TSchaad
  6. Takohachi opened on December 11 in the Westmont Shopping Center at the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Glebe Road. My wife and I decided to eat lunch there today to test this new dining option after reading several positive comments from our neighbors on the Douglas Park community bulletin board. Owned and run by a Japanese chef, the space is simple and open (in the good Japanese way), with plenty of space between the tables and contemporary Japanese music playing softly in the room. We ordered from the lunch menu, which offered everything from Nigiri Shushi (at $1 per piece), to a number
  7. Perhaps TedE was right. It was just that the buzz wasn't there in the initial (and subsequent) reviews to encourage people with the financial wherewithal to invest and then brag about this particular "journey". TSchaad
  8. The problem is that the pricing at Shaw Bijou makes "Pretty Good" an unacceptable score. With all the other highly rated and more 'affordable' prix-fixe destinations in the city, why would any sane person with the kind of disposable income that allows them to even consider dining here do so? To brag they were present at the train wreck? TSchaad
  9. Just got an email from Dean Gold detailing the Thanksgiving dinner at Dean's Grotto. Looks good.
  10. Don, The current building was built as a signifigant expansion of the original American Pharmacists Association building, which had been there forever. The GSA and State cut some kind of a deal to essentially build a new Annex for the State Department on the site that incorporated the original building (the marble facade facing Constitution Avenue). If the American Pharmacists Association owned the property origionally, the deal probably resulted in a modernized shared space with State. They might even be getting an annual payment from the government for the use of the property. TSch
  11. I think more is in play here than just a reluctance to pay the $250 price. The reservation schedule has only two windows for reservations - 5 to 6 PM and 8:15 to 9:15. For many, the first block is too early, due to work schedules and whatnot, and the second window may be to late for starting a 2 to 3 hour dining experience in the middle of the workweek. I say that because there is currently only one open reservation (for 3) for Friday, May 13th on the website, and only a few openings on the Fridays proceeding that date. As someone who often dines as a single, the biggest problem is that the
  12. According to a Jan 31 twitter conversation on the Rose's Luxury site, Pineapple and Pearls anticipates opening the coffee/sandwich shop portion of the operation in about two weeks. By Presidents Day, perhaps? TSchaad
  13. I think there are several things going on. Roses has now been around for two plus years, and is no longer the incredible suprise it was for many of us when we first discovered it. It's hard to replicate that first time at Roses when everything was new, so unlike what we had normally experienced (the menu, the staff, the atmosphere) in other restaurants around DC, and it would be only human to miss that initial rush. As the staff changes (and there have been a lot of changes, as some key members have moved onward and upward in and outside DC) there are subtle changes to the general vibe, ev
  14. You have a valid point, Joe. On the other hand, those same weather conditions often result in customers with reservations cancelling (at best) or becoming no-shows (at worst). The policy is what it is, and when I go to Rose's I understand what's involved in getting a seat. It's much easier for me to make time to wait in line when I have an urge to dine there than it is try and game whatever reservation system is being used at a very popular restaurant. TSchaad
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