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  1. A note to everybody: To let ourselves and our employees enjoy a little time off this summer, Pupatella will only be open for dinner starting this week. We are planning to get back to the normal schedule in several weeks.
  2. Pupatella now has a new LUNCH SPECIAL: Simple Margherita, organic arugula salad and an Italian soda (lemon or orange) for $9. Valid every day at lunch.
  3. Aaah, so you are that friend in the car that refused to wait...:-) I remembered your friend after she left. Avoid the time between 6 and 8pm if you want to be served quickly or order on the phone or online. Lunch is always the best bet. Although the last couple of weeks have been even busier than normal as many people are on vacation, and everyone is bringing their visiting families. So maybe it won't be like this anymore in the new year. But then the Washington Post came and took pictures the other day, I don't know what and when they will write, but it might bring more people. No Arm
  4. Way way too many online and phone orders - the phone basically does not stop ringing. We just can't keep up! Please stop telling about us to your friends Let's keep our little place a secret...
  5. Glad everybody is enjoying our pizza! Yes, we'd like to be open everyday too, but that means having other cooks making pizzas sometimes - something that Enzo would just not allow. He is a major control freak and a perfectionist, but I guess that's why the pizzas are so good.
  6. To myself. It's my birthday. Getting old sucks. Anastasiya.
  7. Sorry to hear that. We have many high chairs available - we put them all in the back near the bathroom. Next time ask us - we 'll be happy to set it up for you. Hope to see you next time!
  8. Thank you everybody! How can we thank you for all the love? We must run some kind of a DonRocks folks only special. Let me think...
  9. You're getting old, Edan... We'd love to re-connect, complain about the pains of new restaurant opening and discuss those leopard spots, lol
  10. Oh my, what a difficult day we had today. We want to apologize to everyone that came for the A/C problem. Waiting in line for 1/2 hour with no A/C is no fun at all. Thank you everybody for your patience. On the plus side, we're training to make doughnuts - ask for them soon! They'll be better than what we had in the food cart. P.S. Had a loud complaint from a barefoot customer about the service....Yes, you know who you are, I know you read this forum. Dude, next time you decide to complain about the service in a restaurant, please put some shoes on.
  11. There is always room for a another great Neapolitan pizzeria :-). We don't think that we are very different in the product we offer, the menu is similar (although Orso has a bigger menu) we both got the exact same (the best in the world!) wood-fired pizza oven shipped from Naples. I am positive we'll be getting mostly the same ingredients for pizzas, from the same purveyors. Orso, though, from what we can tell - is a nicer, bigger, expensive sit-down place, whereas we are very casual and inexpensive. In Orso, you'll pay the higher price for the service, whereas at Pupatella the service is
  12. We wanted to thank everybody for coming and enjoying our pizza. We felt so lucky and fortunate that you came to the restaurant last couple of days. It is a scary thing to open a restaurant and you guys give us confidence that everything will be alright. Enzo & Anastasiya
  13. Don, Daniel and Edan - Thank you guys for the support and your nice words. It means a lot to us coming from you. Don - sorry for the wait. We became extremely busy ever since that article in the Post came out, and Friday is our busiest day. But you're right - we should bemore realistic about the wait time with the customers. I would not recommend coming later than 1:30 though - we now to sell out of pizza by then. We are working on increasing our output, but for right now - we are just trying to hang on and keep up with all this. Let's just say, wow, we really didn't anticipate such de
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