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  1. After the brouhaha over the company's less than forthright employment practices, I vowed not to frequent Chipolte anymore. After my meal tonight I wish I had come home and cooked. I found not one but two foreign objects in my meal. The first was a dried black bean which I am lucky I noticed before I chomped down on it. A dried black bean, I can overlook. Then I found something else, probably a piece of plastic. What really irks me is that I noticed each person behind the line at the Woodley Park Chipotle was some form of immigrant from somewhere other than South or Central America. C
  2. You definitely should check out Filter in Dupont Circle. Apparently the Flat White they serve is the real deal and quite popular with Australian ex-pats.
  3. In Vegas for work. Craving sushi, I went to Tao because it is in my hotel and had good reviews on Urban Spoon. I figured at the prices they charge for sushi the fish flew first class to Vegas. Well, my rolls were fabulous and the seaweed salad by far the best I've ever had. I wish the portion for the seaweed salad had reflected the price (a whopping $10, not on the menu so I didn't know). The rolls were really incredible. The fish was very fresh. It was exactly what I was looking for and exactly twice as much as I would have paid in DC, New York or LA (even at the nice places). Whate
  4. @new foodie, the prices in DC seem much higher than they are in LA, or NY. I wonder if the rent is so high they are adjusting the price. But I notice that I am treating Pinkberry as a luxury in DC where I don't feel the same in other places. For example, I know the small was $1 more in DC than it was in Atlanta just last week. However, I have to step in to the conversation regarding why Pinkberry is better and/or different than other yogurts... the quality of the toppings is astounding. Right now they have watermelon puree as an option... freshly made puree. Try some on the original. A
  5. Could post a negative comment or two but instead I am going to post a positive comment to assist members of, and visitors to, donrockwell.com... if you are in dupont circle and crave a hamburger and fries go to BGR north of the circle and partake in a meal. The burgers at BGR are grilled, not fried. The fries (sweet and idaho) are freshly prepared.
  6. I just had a wonderful meal in New York. Oh wait, it wasn't New York it was Cleveland Park, D.C. At the last minute two friends and I decided to head out to dinner. I suggested Medium Rare thinking at 8:30 on a Saturday it should be fine... um, no. There was an hour wait. We put our names on the list and headed to the 4Ps for a drink... We came back about an hour later, waited a few minutes for a table and were promptly seated. One friend was a vegetarian but was willing to try the restaurant and its mushroom entree. Everybody loved their meals, and I'm ordering the mushroom entree
  7. Hey! Cut me some slack. I'm out of town! Pinkberry... so excited. Not sure why I love it more than I love any other frozen yogurt but here's a go at an explanation: 1) I like the consistency of the original flavor. It's icy and light. 2) The toppings are amazing. They source the chocolate crunchy topping from the same vendor that Michel Richard does. Last night I tried the hazelnut crunch topping for the first time. It's delicious. 3) The fruit is always fresh. Plus, they offer unique items like cucumber and honeydew. They even make their own fruit purees to use as toppings. 4)
  8. The comment from Poolboy seems odd to me since it applies to all markets in the city. One of my highlights last year was getting to know farmers at both the 14th & U and Columbia Heights markets. I know farmers frequent their booths at Mt. Pleasant too.
  9. Quick update from a quick trip: Dinner was at Lucky Strike. It may be a Keith McNally restaurant but the food was engh to sub-par. Company was great so who really cares, right? (My chicken was so dry I couldn't cut it.) Brunch 1 was at Public.... AMAZING. Had dinner there about 3 years ago. Must make it a part of my rotation when in New York. Brunch 2 was at Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market. Fabulous. Snack 1 bagel at Zabar's lunch counter. As good as you would expect a New York bagel with cream cheese. Snack 2 an espresso donut from Bomboloni. OMG. Glad there is not an out
  10. Tackle Box is on track to open the first week of May. They faced immeasurable delays obtaining permits for the space. The sign has been hoisted so there is no "if" involved. RE: Medium Rare... I had a wonderful brunch there last Sunday. I was skeptical of a restaurant with a limited menu but think it's a winner. The steak was delicious, and the frite beyond perfect. Because they don't give seconds at brunch we had room for dessert. OMG! The hot fudge sundae is off the hook.
  11. Can anybody recommend a French restaurant on the Lower East Side? Thanks!
  12. Lyon Hall was my top discovery at Taste of the Nation 2011. The pate de campaign was perfect, and the French pastries unbelievably good. The cherry macaroon made me swoon. Because I was stuffed, I threw a a chocolate profiterole in my goody bag to enjoy when my stomach had room. Wow, it was delicious! From a marketing perspective, the restaurant succeeded. I can't wait to visit the restaurant sometime in the next month.
  13. argh. I looked for this thread yesterday and couldn't find it. Queen Vic is opening on H St. that is going to sell a wide variety of British treats.
  14. Can't wait to try Medium Rare but am curious if they would substitute more salad for the frites? While I can have steak, I am really supposed to stay away from fries (aren't we all?). Anybody venture a guess.
  15. Have overripe bananas? Bake something bananany... Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip/Banana muffins! I doubled the amount of banana and used about a cup of chocolate chips. If I make them again I'll decrease the amount of sugar.
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