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    I've had many great meals and snacks in LA this week but I have to say Kogi Taco is not among them. Far from it. At first I thought it was really good then I noticed the grease pit left where my food had been. I also think flour tortillas would be better. For the record I've had Korean tacos at Hankook, a knock off of Kogi in Atlanta. Those were much better than what I just ate. I'll post my great meals when I have time. ETA: name of place in Atlanta and that my bad impression has been validated by many since yesterday...
  2. @sheldman, I had an awful experience at District Kitchen about which I was not going to write. However, I think you may have stumbled on something that is of note... most of the restaurants (sans New Heights, Open City, Afghan Grill and Eddie's Cafe) in Woodley Park are mediocre/bad and (mostly) expensive or overpriced. The restaurants do not rely on locals for support as the mega-hotels provide a constant crop of unsuspecting guests. I had hoped District Kitchen would be more like New Heights in quality than the others but alas I think it's a tourist trap.
  3. Here is an option that is much less expensive than POS: Square. The upfront investment is a smartphone or ipad with a way of connecting to the Internet. I know tons of vendors who love the service.
  4. I too appreciate the reminder about Tomatoland. I heard the author speak on FreshAir and it's on my reading list. I have already decided not to eat tomatoes out of season based on what I heard on the show! Additionally, I love the additional information I have learned about Aldi's ownership of Trader Joes.
  5. Trader Joe's is a subsidiary of a multinational grocery company that also operates Aldi. That liberals and urbanites have adopted Trader Joes as something akin to Whole Foods has made me laugh since I discovered the ownership overlap. Aldi's is a bulk grocery chain that specializes in good old fashion generics (i.e. remember the black and white cans when generics were new, before store brands?) It is not a touchy feely company, we just want it to be!
  6. Curious why not take your lunch? You can still get out of the office for a stroll, but it sounds like eating out isn't much of an option.
  7. Huh? I think the success of Marvelous Market belies your argument. I think Americans love bakeries which is why there has been a renaissance in cities across the country, from cupcakes to full blown bakeries. Plus the press reports indicate Bread Furst will have food stuffs in addition to bread. Also, I think the Bethesda Bagels is supposed to open in the next month, they are working round the clock.
  8. During the dot-com days when anybody with a computer seemingly could sell his company for absurd sums, and companies went public with 20 page S-1 documents, it was really painful to watch the Zagats try to transition and compete, then they valued their company for some insane amount (I think $500 million, which was probably closer to accurate than some of the companies with whom they were competing.) I was thrilled to see they were able to finally sell the company. The Zagats were really pioneers in profiting off of user generated content long before the Internet made it de rigueur
  9. After the brouhaha over the company's less than forthright employment practices, I vowed not to frequent Chipolte anymore. After my meal tonight I wish I had come home and cooked. I found not one but two foreign objects in my meal. The first was a dried black bean which I am lucky I noticed before I chomped down on it. A dried black bean, I can overlook. Then I found something else, probably a piece of plastic. What really irks me is that I noticed each person behind the line at the Woodley Park Chipotle was some form of immigrant from somewhere other than South or Central America. Couldn't the company have put their money where their mouth is and helped their former workers become legal?
  10. mame11

    Road Trip to LA

    What a fun trip! In Memphis I recommend sticking with BBQ. You can't go wrong with either Cozy Corner or Central BBQ. Both are awesome. In addition to great traditional fare like ribs and chopped pork, try the Cornish Hens at Cozy Corner and the Bologna at Central BBQ.
  11. Ha!!! Guess who is casting for restaurants in the DC/Baltimore area for their show next season. Can you imagine if they could do a piece about a restaurant at the Watergate. It would be a hit! Information for Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare casting is here
  12. This market has vaulted to the top of my list for DC area markets. It's not small anymore on Sundays. They have the most diversity of vendors of any markets I've attended in the DC area, which include the usual subjects and less frequented ones too. In addition to produce vendors, they have 2 pickle stands, 2 (maybe 3) cheese purveyors, 2 smoked meat options, falafel, chips & salsa, coffee, chocolate, oh my the list goes on. Worth checking out if you haven't lately, or ever.
  13. You definitely should check out Filter in Dupont Circle. Apparently the Flat White they serve is the real deal and quite popular with Australian ex-pats.
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