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  1. I'm deeply saddened to learn of Dave's passing. He was one of the few here that I have actually met in person and we shared beers of a few occasions. He was also one of the most passionate people I've ever known, seemingly about everything. I haven't spoken with Dave directly in a few years, but through his frequent posts I somehow feel as though I had. He will be sorely missed.
  2. Don't use Invision for the dining guides. Code them as HTML pages and link to them from the board (they can still have the root donrockwell.com). You can link to them from the board a number of different ways. The best looking may be as a sidebar on the home page, with a graphic link for each city.
  3. I'm guessing that none of you advocating for the bus are 6'3". If you are, it sucks. And you can get a ticket for the train, the last humane mode of transportation, for $50 if you plan at least a month in advance. That said, if I have to get to DC on very short notice, I often drive or take the bus. But I definitely prefer the train, even at the non-discounted rate of about $130 (it jumps up to like $300 if you book right before the trip, which is ridiculous). And if I'm not paying, I take the Acela. Flying has always struck me as kinda stupid, but I'll probably try it eventually.
  4. Le Bernardin and Aldo Sohm are very different animals. The latter would be kind of pointless if that were not the case, but I can see how someone might be disappointed by the differences. They aren't really aimed at the same audience.
  5. This is almost always incorrect. Your insurer generally has the right to settle whether you want to or not. Liability obviously factors into the insurer's valuation of a case, but it is only one consideration. Often, litigation costs factor in more. Even at insurance defense rates, this type of litigation will cost the insurer anywhere between $200k to over seven figures to get to a defense verdict. The insurer wants to discourage nuisance suits and plaintiffs always start out with an overly optimistic idea of what a case is worth, so most cases will get pretty far along before settlement is even a possibility. But, after a point, if the insurer knows that the remainder of the litigation will cost more than the plaintiff wants to settle the case, it will settle. And that settlement is nothing more than a business transaction.
  6. Despite the name, in the end Cafe Istanbul was primarily a pizza place, at least in terms of menu space and what most people appeared to be ordering at lunch. Pizzaro also has a remarkably similar Turkish menu to this archived one for Cafe Istanbul and nearly all of the dishes in common have identical names. However, the first Yelp review for Pizzaro is dated 5/12/2012, which is before Cafe Istanbul's closing (and my original post). Cafe Istanbul's first Yelp review is 9/27/2010. I would bet it has, or at some point had, the same or closely related ownership.
  7. Mole literally means "sauce," so there's no real definition. Olvera's mole doesn't have chocolate in it, so it's not mole poblano. But that duck dish is definitely good.
  8. Caviar is the best delivery service there is, but it's not cheap. The prices are higher than what's on the menu and they charge you a fairly large ($5-10) delivery fee on top. However, in NYC it has all of the good restaurants and almost no restrictions on delivery. Basically, if the restaurant is in Manhattan and you're in Manhattan, they'll bring it to you. Does anyone know if it's the same in DC?
  9. Torishin is definitely worthy of the three stars Wells gives it. Here is a slideshow from last year of the smaller omakase, which was a lot of food.
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