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  1. Closing on January 24: https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/food-and-dining/atlantis-restaurant-to-close-alexandria-pandemic/ Nearly a third of the restaurant's lengthy lifespan has passed since the last post in this thread!
  2. Staff quits again: https://www.alxnow.com/2020/11/16/killer-e-s-p-staff-quit-again-over-alleged-inappropriate-behavior/
  3. Picked up a pizza from the Old Town Red Rocks last weekend--they have a couple parking spots blocked off for "curbside pickup", but there was no curbside pickup in evidence--had to go into restaurant where they had the pizza boxes lined up on the bar, which wasn't too bad except they also wanted me to sign a receipt, which was weird since I had paid online.
  4. Urbano 116 "pivoting to tex-mex": https://dc.eater.com/2020/2/20/21115483/urbano-116-mexican-restaurant-coming-to-fairfax-mosaic-district-brine-changing-menu-to-tex-mex
  5. Pennsylvania slaps Trickling Springs Creamery owners with $4 million fine for fraud Accountant in Amish country charged with milking $60 million from his creamery and fellow Mennonite investors
  6. Had a good "Sicilian" pepperoni slice from Scarr's a couple weeks ago. Even though it had probably been sitting for a while before reheating, the crust held up well, the sauce was heated to less-than-molten, and the cheese had the right texture. When I mentioned to local friends the next day that I was hunting for good slices of pizza on this visit, Scarr's was the first place they mentioned. The slice I got from Prince Street a short while later was an underbaked disappointment despite being minutes out of the oven.
  7. Now open in Singapore: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/five-guys-sells-more-than-1000-burgers-500-milkshakes-on-opening-day
  8. Went to the Sloppy Mama's on Lee Highway for the first time yesterday. Brisket had good flavor but was far too dry. Had been to their Ballston Quarter stall before and remember it being a little better. Liked the brisket at Monk's a couple months ago, but like every place the reviews are wildly inconsistent so I guess I caught them on a good day.
  9. Ended up at Fairfax Coffee House for an (early afternoon) breakfast sandwich of egg, sausage, and cheddar on a biscuit. Fork was required. I was satisfied.
  10. Charles Town/Ranson Had a good chopped brisket sandwich at Tee Dawg's BBQ on Washington St. in Charles Town this summer. Place is only open Thursday-Sunday and several menu items were crossed out (shortly after opening, so not like they had sold out ). It wasn't clear whether you could get the meats in non-sandwich form. Bushel & Peck a few blocks away on Washington St. sells produce and other foods from local producers. Step in Time Bake Shop sells pepperoni rolls and other baked goods out of an awkward location at the entrance to the Ranson Civic Center, which was being set up for a Quinceanera when I stopped in. At $5.50 apiece the pepperoni rolls are a lot more expensive than the Fairmont/Clarksburg places but they are pretty substantial. There was some cheese baked into a the bread which I don't think is standard.' Are there any decent places for a weekday lunch in Berkeley Springs?
  11. Ice Cream Jubilee closed (or "taking a break") here as of July 31st. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/d14bf08698cb1ba7a8ad0c7f0/images/8bf420b8-c549-438b-baca-7e4b064736db.png
  12. Was in Geneva for a few days recently and if there was a VORP stat for sustenance per Swiss Franc relative to other local options, the Manor restaurant would be a Hall of Famer. Large slice of quiche, chocolate tart, and bottle of soda came to just under 15 CHF. Best air conditioning in town too. No wonder it was mobbed at lunchtime. There was also a food truck festival in the Jardin Anglais by the lake. In Geneva your "Philly cheeseteak sub (USA)" comes on brioche and is topped with mustard and pickles. All for the low price of 13 CHF. The bifana truck was a winner, as was the place doing freshly breaded and fried chicken tenders. Skip the empanadas.
  13. Coming to the Misha's space in Old Town: https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/food-and-dining/jenis-splendid-ice-creams-coming-to-alexandria/
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