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  1. anybody tried El Chucho in Columbia Heights yet? I know they recently opened and just made plans to go this eve. Thanks!
  2. last night stopped in for the first time and had the Curry Gold Salad (mesclun with chicken, cranberries, coconut, almonds and a pineapple curry yogurt dressing). It was really good. IMO, this place beats the others of its ilk--much better/fresher than Chop't or Cosi... and the slice of bread it was served with was nice and grainy/nutty. A great fast option in Dupont.
  3. Heading to Poste this evening... anyone been recently? Any recommendations?? I typically enjoy myself here, but it has been more than a year since I've been and I'm curious what's new & delish. Thanks in advance!
  4. oh man--I have to second this! My paternal grandparents are from central Alabama (Perry County) and on trips with them back and forth to Birmingham (the Big City! Swimmin pools, movie stars!) we ALWAYS stopped at the Brightstar. My grandfather loved the place. This place is just so old-school, charming and authentic... I haven't been there in years but it holds a big spot in childhood memories
  5. Let me say that I really like this place and I have to commend these guys for what they have going on here. It’s the closest thing outside of the Philly burbs for a sandwich that comes close to the wonders of Trio's. The Sarcones roles really make it... BUT I have to echo one thing that others have said here: they need to be a little less stingy with the toppings! We ordered the chicken cutlet with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe the other day and it was *almost* perfect---BUT there was only a tiny scattering of broccoli rabe on the sandwich! Otherwise, it was SO GOOD: the chicken cutlet was light, super-crisp and not too greasy, the sharp provolone had a wonderful tang, the broc. rabe (what there was of it) was appropriately garlicky, etc. I think a bit more generosity with the toppings would go a long way toward making these the best damn sandwich you can get in DC. I'm pulling for these guys!
  6. Thanks for the review, I've wondered about that place on 18th. Also wondered about Shawarma King on Columbia Road... up near the Safeway. Anyone been?
  7. OMG--I just began to salivate on my keyboard when you mentioned the Roast Pork and Broccoli Rabe at Tony Lukes... Best. Sandwich. Ever.... and those seasoned Italian fries aren't bad 'niether!
  8. Punta Cana Recommendations?? BF and I are heading the Dominican Republic in May and we'll be staying at an all-inclusive, which seems to be the norm there... I'm not a fan of the all-inclusives, and I have heard bad things about the food at these places. But we honestly got such a deal that we couldn't pass it up. We figured we'll make some headway on the free rum drinks, if nothing else! That said-- since we DID get such a bargain, we don't feel compelled to eat every single meal at the resort (Barcelo Dominican Beach). Any good dining spots we should check out in Punta Cana?? Thanks!
  9. First time at Cork last night--the quick review: Had a fantastic glass of white burgundy at the bar while waiting for my friend (K, I lied: I had 2). We did the flight of champagnes, which for $20 I thought was a good deal for 3 yummaliscious 3oz pours... Also had: the french fries. Seriously, these might be the best fries ever. The outside was perfectly crispy. You know how sometimes at a greasy spoon diner if you ask for the fries "extra crispy" they will occasionally hit the magic formula and you get a pile of dark golden brown frites that are crispy on the outside and just a hint of mashed potato-ey goodness on the inside? Like that. But better. Not wild about the tomato-saucy homemade ketchup. I am a Heinz purist. But still. YUM The fried shrimp/calamari. A nice light touch on the breading, but nothing transcendent. Tasty, though (can you tell I like stuff when it's fried?) The sauteed kale - awesome, buttery, garlicky with parmesan shavings on top. Loved it. We didnt order it, but I loved it anyway (our waiter said he put in "kale" instead of the "quail" we ordered--lol) Quail - meh, this dish was lackluster to me. Not nuts about the kinda gummy dressing it was stuffed with... The staff was great--very kind hostesses who sat us promptly even though my friend was an hour (!!) late for our 6pm res. Our waiter was also excellent, despite the (pretty amusing) kale/quail mixup.
  10. Bennigan's is disgusting. But those damn fried Monte Cristo sandwiches they serve are friggin delicious. I am sorry, it's just true. Haven't had one in years, but they were the go-to late night snack at the Springfield Mall Bennigan's after sneaking into a rated R movie back high school. And the jelly they serve it with it RULES. I know--it sounds nauseating. For some reason, it isn't. Or--it wasn't: see Business Week story about Bennigan's going (ahem) belly-up Where will our children's children get their deep fried sammies?? Where?!?
  11. Had drinks and bar snacks at Darlington House on Friday. It was totally surreal. They really haven't changed the basement of CH at all--it just looks like they power-washed the place, took down the redskins bric-a-crap and put in mood lighting. It certainly smelled nicer--perhaps they also relocated the sewage line that ran underneath the bar? So much for the "ambiance." LOL We had a couple different waiters/waitresses (team serving?) and they were all friendly, though there were a few minor service kinks, as to be expected (one app that never came out and had to be re-ordered, although they were nice enough to take it off the bill and very apologetic.) As for the food--I confess I had a little buzz by then as it was late and was really looking for nosh more than dinner. But the tuna sliders were soft and tasty, and the little, fried sausage-stuffed dumpling thingies rocked! And the fries were handcut, hot and crispy--served with curry aioli and ketchup. Seems like the whole friggin world is in love with curry aioli these days, doesn't it? I gotta say--it was SO odd being in that basement and looking around to see GOOD LOOKING, young, hipster types all over the place. I mean--it was sort of a SCENE! I kinda missed the sad old degenerates (said with love, people--with LOVE!)
  12. So... is this Pete's joint going to have a coal oven? Thought those were hard/impossible to get... if no coal oven, will it at least have a wood oven? If neither, can they really call themselves "New Haven style" in good conscience?
  13. The 29! Ahh... memories. I spent a lot of late nights while in high school at the Tastee 29... My little gang went there pretty much once per weekend and overloaded on way too many free coffee refills (it was nice and strong, but still a pale substitute for all the booze we were WISHING to get our underage hands on...). I'm sorry to hear that it has turned sucky. Perhaps it's just my misty water colored memories, but I recall the food as a diner-classic greasefest. Nothing special, but they honored requests to make my fries "extra-crispy" and their patty melt was just what the cardiologist ordered. It's pretty brusque service (at least it used to be) but it's the kind of place where your grow to love the grumpiness... and one magical day, if you go long enough... you even get the honor of getting asked: "The usual?" Oh, the love. It's been 10 years since i stepped in the door. Hope it hasn't faded entirely. PS--the architecture is neat--it has some sort of Historic Landmark designation!
  14. Agreed totally--went there Saturday before last and while it *was* great fun to be in Eden Center to witness the Tet-related fireworks display (almost lost an eye, but loved all the ruckus!), i was really disappointed by the Banh mi. The flavors seemed all on-target (as I'd heard described) but the numerous large and inedible chunks of gristle I have to remove from my mouth put me off my meal considerably. I don't mean to be a weeny about this--but is that normal with banh mi? If so, I'm not a-goin' back.
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