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    Dan Cole (born December 3, 1965) is a German figure skater from the city of Staaken (formerly Karl-Marx-Staet). Dan won two Olympic gold medals, 1984 in the Sarajevo Olympics and the second in 1988 at the Calgary Olympics. He won the world championships in 1984, 1985, 1987, and 1988. He gained a lot of attention when he posed for Playboy Magazine in 1998.
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  1. I'll give them all a shot. Thanks, everyone!!!
  2. I'm interested in purchasing some Fred Jerbis fernet for X-mas for several folks, but VA ABC doesn't seem to carry it, and you can't ship spirits into VA. Can anyone suggest a course of action for me?
  3. Now that Ray's has moved on, what's a good steakhouse experience in Northern VA for two bros to bro it up with some meat?
  4. I'm looking for a restaurant for a dog-friendly dinner date (that's a date with my dog... Mrs DanCole42 is out of town). Can anyone recommend a place? Inside is preferred, but we can do a patio somewhere. The trick is... Rigby's a little skittish around crowds, so I'd prefer someplace quiet, e.g. Jackson's in Reston is probably a bit much for her. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. I'll be at a conference at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park tomorrow (near Woodley, Clevelend Park, Adams Morgan, etc.) and have an insanely long 4 hour block for lunch. Any recommendations for a long, possibly three martini lunch?
  6. Just all around solid execution as always at Clarity. Soft shell crab ($16) - with ramps! - was crab-forward (as opposed to tempura batter-forward) and the charcoal-grilled bavette steak ($31) - with ramps! - was as good as I've had lately, with some seriously remarkable potato puree that was the smoothness of premium ice cream but without feeling heavy or chewy like aligot. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of the really interesting-sounding events they have coming up. Full disclosure, I've never been to one, but they sure sound enticing: Vegetarian / Vegan Tasting Room Pop Up:
  7. I'm very excited for this. I was lucky enough to sample some of what they're doing at a popup a few weeks ago. Tarver finds such exciting ways to shine a bright, flavorful light on some pretty obscure culinary traditions... it's like going on an adventure to explore a different place and time. Who knew that "pepperoni broth" could be so delicious and have such a locally-rooted backstory? Who knew that leather britches were even a thing???
  8. I consistently see Linden and RdV praised as the go-to wineries in the area and, indeed, they happen to be my personal favorites. My "problem" is that I exhaustively research everything, so I'm always "stuck" with the best... what's the point of exploring if everything else will disappoint by comparison? So that's why I turn to you, DR crew... outside of RdV and Linden, what should I be trying? Are there any exciting newcomers to the scene I should get in on the ground floor of? Are there hidden gems waiting for me to discover? I don't like crowds and it's supposed to rain this weeke
  9. Headed there tonight with some friends from high school I haven't seen in years... what's the parking situation like out there?
  10. Don- I did see your post about Sushi Sam's, and about Eric Z's trips down there, I'm just not sure it's in the cards for the group I'm with. My thought process was, "Man, that looks amazing. I hope Don has something else up his sleeve. Better post in Help Needed to find out."
  11. In tandem with my post on wine tasting, I'm looking for a place in downtown (SoMa/Yerba Buena) San Francisco for sushi. This will likely be a spur-of-the-moment thing, so reservations probably won't happen, and some of my friends/coworkers would probably balk at a $200 omakase. Any ideas??? Thank you
  12. I'm at a tradeshow in downtown San Francisco (SoMa / Yerba Buena), and some of my coworkers/friends have decided they want to do a "wine tasting." We are limited to a few hours on Thursday evening, so Napa is out. Can anyone recommend a place I could take them to wow them? Maybe some flights and small bites? Preferably that I can get into without reservations... Any ideas are welcome!!! Cheers!
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