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  1. You have a policy of zero shift drinks and establish a good relationship with restaurants close by where your staff is known and gets preferential treatment. Easily handled.
  2. This is a very recent one for the Light Horse: "I should have taken the hint when it was so easy to get a holiday brunch reservation here at the last minute. Almost everyone at ur table of 6 had to send their food back because something had been made wrong: well done requested burger served rare, dish where we asked sauce on the side was swimming in it, eggs served the wrong way, etc. They served the hollandaise cold so we asked for a new one, and they brought it back microwaved and a broken butter mess. Maybe it's a great place for drinks, but I wouldn't ever eat there again." "‹Ahem"¦your burger (I saw it myself) was cooked a teeny bit under well-done. It was nowhere close to rare. It was medium well. We try to cook well-done meat as close as possible so there is the finest hint of juice left. Our bad. It was re-fired and back at your table in less than two minutes. "‹Your "sauce on the side" was served on the side. You dumped it on the plate. I watched. Your eggs were served as you requested them. Runny. I saw them. What's the deal? Oh wait"¦I just checked your Yelp profile and you only slam restaurants and never offer positive "reviews". I hope you enjoy your life. Because you're awesome at all aspects of it. Your hollandaise was served at 100 degrees. That's not cold. We don't have a microwave in our kitchen to reheat it anyway. You were so diehard on having an emulsified egg/butter sauce served hot, so we heated it in a pan and tried to make you happy. No luck there, I guess. Eh.
  3. Stopped in tonight to have a "last meal" from one of DC's most underrated chefs, Nate Garyantes. His last day is Wednesday then he's moving to North Carolina for a sweet new gig. I had to eat my beloved spinach salad and pork cacciatore one last time! Nate sent out some of the new menu dishes and they were all home runs. Chilled corn soup with powdered popcorn, his version of Korean fried chicken, pork belly with corn gnocchi, chilled Thai-style noodles with peanuts and carrots, squid ink spaghetti, lamb sausage and a few other dishes. (I'm still in a bit of a food coma...pardon my fuzzy memory.) I'm sure the new chef is very good (Ashok has an impressive track record with hiring exceptional chefs), but Nate is only there for two more nights. Not sure when the new chef's menu items will take over, but get there soon! (All of the above dishes were fantastic, but the spinach salad, corn soup, KFC and pork belly are must-haves. Truly outstanding.
  4. Many years ago, I was a cook at a dinner theater in Manassas and we had hired a guy named Wyatt Webb to be a dishwasher. We teased him on his first day... Me: "What's your dad's name? Spider?!" (chuckle, chuckle) Wyatt: "Yep." http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/spyder-webb.html
  5. Taking the day off this Sunday to have an enjoyable Father's Day with my lovely wife and daughter. I have just now decided that I want a good steak and a lobster. I'm not dying to get dressed up, but I can throw on a nice shirt and tie if I have to. (We're spending the day swimming and golfing, so I will be in a "t-shirt and shorts" mood.) The trouble is that I want to go an independent, non-chain restaurant and I can't seem to be able to think of one. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance for the help! -Dave
  6. We have free wifi here at the Light Horse. Password: lighthorse
  7. We have a keg of Lagunitas Sucks here at the Light Horse which we'll be tapping in the next few days, I'm sure. If you go to Beermenus.com and "follow" us, you'll get a notification when we put a new beer on draft (we rotate 6 of our 12 lines pretty frequently.) It's a pretty cool service that we've been using for about a year now. When we change a beer line, it sends notifications out to followers and updates our beer menu on the website and our facebook page all in one shot. (Don-feel free to move this to a new thread. Thought it was appropriate here because of the specific beer you all were currently tasting.)
  8. Just trying to put this out to the public in as many forums as possible...our phones are down here at the Light Horse. Most likely for a few days at best. The company that hosts our digital phone system is in Massachusetts and is closed until at least Monday. Grrrrrrr. (Thank God most of our business comes from walk-ins and online reservations.)
  9. Completely with you on Crow Bar, Josh. I was heading out there one night for drinks with the boys when my girlfriend (at the time) demanded that I bring her with us. (Back story: she was an over-privileged daughter of a congressman. Definitely NOT a dive bar kinda girl.) I told her what kind of a place the Crow Bar was and she insisted she would enjoy it and she could "hang" with us. Within one minute of walking into the Crow Bar, we saddle up to the bar and witness a crew of guys next to us knock down shots of rail tequila, spit tobacco juice into their shot glasses, have the bartender add more tequila to the tobacco spit and then yep...they drank that. She never, ever came back to the Crow Bar with us again. I don't miss her, but I miss that bar. Best jukebox ever!
  10. Thanks dcs. We were happy with it. We'd love to do a DR happy hour by the way if anyone is interested! PM me if you are interested in organizing the outing and I will set things up on the restaurant's end.
  11. Went to GP last weekend for the first time with my wife and 7 year old daughter. Food was awesome. Service was great. But there is a best part about our trip that happened just yesterday... My daughter went to the doctor for her annual checkup and her doctor always asks her questions about her life to evaluate her comprehension levels (I suppose.) Doctor: "So Madeline, what's your favorite food?" Madeline: "Ox heart reubens." =Happy Dad
  12. Finally got to Trummer's tonight for our anniversary dinner. I've been wanting to go here for a while and will absolutely be returning. Service: Perfect from the host stand to the clearing of plates. Every staff member (host, bartender, bussers, runners, server, manager) were on-fucking-point and the service is the main reason we really want to get back there. Genuinely great staff. Ask for Daniel to be your server. He was perfect. Genuinely nice guy and his interactions with us were charming, efficient and smart. Apps: Chimichurri Risotto with Snails--flavors were good but when I think of chimichurri, I want noticable acid and herbs. This was a very savory dish with not much acid and the rice was very al dente...probably a turnoff for most, but hell, it was my anniversary dinner and wouldn't even think about complaining. It was totally edible (not totally hard...just cooked to where the outer shell of the rice had to be "broken" instead of "chewed"...does that make sense?) and the snails were cooked perfectly. My wife had the "eggs and bacon" ravioli. She loved it and I didn't get to taste the dish. Entrees: On an never-before-seen-in-our-years-together (seriously...never done before but the entree selections were very limited) move, we both ordered the halibut entree. It was promised with Hawaiian ogo, quinoa and "flavors of the ocean"--or something like that. The ogo was minimal, the quinoa was bland and the tableside-poured broth was just...I don't know...stinky of the ocean and not awesome to eat. The halibut was very overcooked to boot. The dish wasn't inedible, but it was a severely weak dish in such an awesome setting. This dish needed an editor...badly. Dessert: I had the Popcorn Ice Cream. Fucking killer. My wife had the cheese plate and she dug it. Drinks: The Titanic is a great cocktail (a bit on the sweet side) and should be ordered by all new first-timers to TOM. Killer deal alert to follow though!!!!!!!!! Killer Deal: Trummer's takes all of its leftover "by the glass" (and perfectly drinkable) wines from earlier in the week and prices them at $5 a glass for Sunday dinner service. So we had nice wines from Joel Gott, Sass and Baileyana for frigging $5 per generous pour. Summation: I think it was an off night for the halbut dish. The room, the decor, the killer service and the other two courses have made me a fan. The wine deal is kick-ass. P.S. The drive to Clifton is insanely charming. Go there if only just for the drive and a beer at their bar. (It feels like Mayberry without Barney Fife.)
  13. Next Sunday at 3:00, we'll be having our 3rd Annual Zero K "race" at the Light Horse. Our head bartender, Hector, lost his sister to cancer three years ago. She was a young (39), loving woman with eight children. We host this event every August to raise money to buy the kids books, shoes and school supplies for the upcoming school year. We ask for any donations, but $40 gets you a t-shirt, a bib number and a beer. We have music playing, beers flowing and continous raffles throughout the afternoon. (If anyone wants to donate anything for the raffles, please hit me up!) It's a great time and the funds raised go to a close family in need. The Zero K part? Ok...so most folks dress in running gear (not mandatory, but encouraged) and we crowd out front on King St. around 3:45. At 4:00, the starter's pistol goes off and we run (well, mostly just walk) up the stairs back to the bar. That's it. Zero kilometers. I hope to see some of you here!
  14. Can't help in the lodging department, but if Old Town Alexandria is a good destination for you, I'd be happy to help you plan a fundraiser here at the Light Horse. email me at: lighthorseprivatedining@gmail.com -Dave
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