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  1. So sorry, saf. It’s really heart-wrenching to lose a pet. We’ve had quite a few pets (cats and dogs) over the decades. When they passed on, either through illness or old-age, we had them cremated and then we would keep the containers with their ashes in a closet. After awhile we realized we had to do something about that. So, one day we got the idea to mix all of their ashes together and take them to the National Arboretum and spread them on a hillside overlooking a stream. We figured it was organic matter, so shouldn’t be harmful. No doubt this was illegal, but it made us feel a whole lot better.
  2. I completely agree with you about Bittman — I stopped cooking any of his recipes long ago because I found the results to be somewhere between mediocre and extremely average. I regret having given one of his cookbooks to one of my daughters years ago.
  3. I have to assume it’s a shorter name for ‘bourgeois’. If you’re not familiar with the term, you can google it.
  4. If we ever get to a point where we can have guests over again, we will definitely sequester him in another room. His sister, who is not a problem, will probably have to join him.
  5. This is embarrassing, but MrB and I are currently drinking wine out of coffee mugs while watching recordings of Bridgerton because of previously mentioned cat — I’m not going to risk my crystal wine glasses!
  6. Thank you, Torshi. I can tell you that a Lab’s tail can clear a coffee table. We have only cats now and I can tell you that one of them in particular is very good at tipping over water glasses. We had to buy acrylic glasses because the breakage with the glass was too much to deal with.
  7. Never, ever, feed your dog chocolate. I learned this the hard way. I accidentally left the door to the pantry slightly open and unfortunately I had some chocolate on a lower shelf. While I was at work my black lab got into the pantry and ate the chocolate. I found her dead in the backyard when I got home that day. This was 18 years ago, but I still carry the guilt with me. I subsequently learned from my vet that chocolate is very poisonous for dogs.
  8. Pat, I can totally relate. We moved to North Carolina 4 years ago and I really miss having the Washington Post delivered to my front door every morning. I used to complain about it and everyone from my husband to my grown children, to my friends reminded me that I could read it online. Of course I read it online, just like I read the NYT online. It’s not the same.
  9. Looks fantastic! Can you share the recipe? Also, what kind of hominey did you use? Thanks!
  10. LauraB


    It’s a win all the way around for you, Kay, and Spot! Dean, I also want to mention that I’ve really enjoyed your posts about what you and Kay are cooking at home since you closed the restaurant. Since we’re all cooking at home these days, it’s been inspirational.
  11. LauraB


    Dean, I don’t recall you mentioning Spot until recently. How did Spot come into your life? However that happened, he/she seems to have found a great home!
  12. We have bought our seafood from a company called Vital Choice for quite a few years now. They are based in the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased with the quality. We buy salmon, cod, petrale sole, and halibut from them.
  13. I can see I posted this in the wrong forum. Perhaps Don can put it in the proper forum.
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