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  1. Stayed in Portland, OR to play after work brought me there. Visited the following and can elaborate at a later date if there is interest: Ned Ludd Perfect introduction to Portland scene--twee and chill, mostly glass structure hard to find since the tiny building is fronted by the peaked roof of a white tarp that protects a woodpile as large as the restaurant. Not sure 19th-century idealists did macrame, but that's what decorates interior walls along with copper molds that gleam under hanging brass lamps. Tables are separated from the kitchen by a barrier that resembles a woodpile. Meals
  2. While tiny, this market is a real pleasure. Fiddlers. Gold Rush apples. Smith Meadows.
  3. I should clarify this means that the farm bowed out early during the 2016 season and will not be participating in the shorter winter market of January through March as it typically does, alternating with Tree & Leaf as an organic grower, every other week during the leaner, cold months. [Please note that while Tree & Leaf is not certified as organic, Zach Lester is an organic grower.]
  4. Hey. Not much action here, I see, but please note that Next Step Produce has announced plans to quit the farmers-market scene after November 20th. So if you are a plan, please drop by to wish the farm well, grab this year's crop of newly dried beans, freshly milled flour and so forth.
  5. I stopped buying pine nuts anywhere else since the introduction of those amazing, expensive Spanish or Turkish ones at Whole Foods. The supply is out now. Rockville acknowledges the fact and the bin in the bulk section is empty. You can still buy bags of the ubiquitous teardrop-shaped ones that are squatter, golden, and often taste beyond prime, so I opted out. In Friendship Heights last night, so I dropped in the store there only to find the less costly, inferior nuts in the bulk section being sold as Spanish pine nuts for $29.99 a pound! I am sure this was out of ignorance rather than d
  6. Zut alors. J'ai pensé que tu es en Paris avec Balzac Nu!
  7. Good news: not necessary. I learned the trick from Anna Thomas, Vegetarian Epicure II in which she provides a separate recipe for tartour sauce. A fork or sturdy, small whisk will do. Yes, that thick, stiff emulsified amalgamation amazes.
  8. Something Eco-Friendly calls finoccio [missing the "h" of "finocchio"?] which appears to be a hybrid sort of like what Ben Stiller might have been had Ann Meara had married Dino instead of Jerry: pork shoulder rubbed with crushed fennel and juniper and corned. Cut into a thin slabs and cooked until fat translucent and ruddy flesh speckled and browned. A little broth. A little cream. Squeeze of lemon just to scrap up bits stuck to pan and make a little sauce. Bedded a trio on a beautiful bunch Hakurai turnips, sliced and quickly braised with green garlic and their own greens. Chives. Go
  9. Ebert, indeed. Funny, I always felt for Siskel when the two critics disagreed; Ebert seemed a bit of a dismissive bully and I tended to side with Siskel anyway. But then, I ordered the DVD of Ozu's "Floating Weeds", listened to Ebert's commentary afterwards and was impressed. What really did it for me, though, was his recommendation of The Decalogue by Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski which I never would have heard about or rented were it not for Ebert's praise. Haunted by those films, still, years later. Started to read him more frequently. Literate. Compassionate. Courageous. Fo
  10. Fake Tandoori Chicken thighs Brown basmati rice Leftover braised greens w onions and paprika Gold Rush apple I had forgotten Fake Tandoori Chicken was something I used to make thanks to Laurie Colwin--raise a glass! So rummaging through the cookbooks, I found a different version in Molly O'Neill's New York Cookbook that is delicious, especially when you use Greek-style yogurt and ignore advice to wipe off marinade completely. Made with lemon, fresh ginger, garlic & subtler spices though I added powdered Arbel chilies.
  11. (Dear Seasonal Police, I know it's March. Mr. lperry came with me to the store, and, well, what can you do?) Dear Mrs. Mr. lperry: No biggie. In a year when Spring sprung cold and I am guessing the local growing season will be held back at least 3 weeks if not a month when it comes to crops planted out in fields, even the most vigilant among us bought a bundle of on-sale asparagus from California at the supermarket on Monday.--Seasonal Police
  12. Ossabaw pork blade steak, brined for several days (Zuni's formula), then pan-fried, topped with cress Roasted Gold Rush apple slices Buttermilk mashed potatoes Barely cooked baby spinach Meyer lemon to squeeze over steak and greens Pretty fantastic.
  13. I understand that this is meant to be more restaurant than deli, but last weekend I was very disappointed when, ravenous, I headed to DGS after market only to discover it closes in between its lunch and dinner shifts. Since I usually eat lunch/dinner some time between 2 and 3 PM on weekends, I missed my chance and ended up at Taylor's Gourmet, instead. Someday....
  14. The cookbook was up for a Piglet at Food52 this year. I just returned the copy I borrowed to the library since it's much in demand. I have to say I have problems similar to those I experienced with Plenty, though I admit tweaking. For example, the method for cooking the medjara just didn't work for me. Ratio of lentils to rice seemed way off since I ended up having a little rice stuck to my lentils. It would have been better to cook the grains separately. Also, the flour sprinkled on mandoline-sliced onions really did not lead to crispy wisps even though I threw far fewer than recommende
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