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  1. Actually was looking for dry, but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Anyone know where to find this shape pasta locally?
  3. A shout out to Lady Goodknife who did a great job sharpening my neglected knives. They are better than ever with a perfect edge. Linda Mass
  4. Checking with Raphael Tours, they don’t have the tour you mentioned on their website now. Perhaps discontinued. Did you book directly with them? There is a tour with that name on Viator site. thx
  5. It will be my third visit; last in 1985. The food has never been that good but I am hopeful that I have the right perspective and will enjoy the Biennale, good espresso, some squid ink pasta and wandering the streets. Had a last minute 6 day opening in my schedule, miles needing to be used, and a chance to see Venice before it is totally claimed by the changing climate.
  6. Junction Bakery in Del Ray has them and they are delicious.
  7. Looks like salade nicoise components ... But sun if afternoon seems like city faces west... Toulon or Marseille
  8. Made reservations there for our upcoming trip- appreciate the suggestions . I have moderate expectations for food in Venice .
  9. Any rave restaurant reviews? Looking for current ones. How were the other places?
  10. Googling around it seems like a week or two or maybe a bit more.
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