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  1. Saving the yeast I have , I pulled out my old Beard on Bread book and made banana bread yesterday after receiving a mistake double order of bananas. After checking my cupboard, I discovered dried apricots and prunes I was planning to use for chicken Marbella - chicken is a bit hard to come by reliably these days so I baked Beard’s apricot nut bread today and am marinating the prunes in sherry for a prune bread bake tomorrow. Sharing the extra loaves with neighbors .
  2. Update.. now received an email from Twin Springs that VA markets will be open this weekend. Haven’t seen confirmation but it’s a work in progress today
  3. Just received an email regarding the market. Orders can be placed by Friday for pickup on Sunday. Details are in process of being worked out http://www.columbiapikefarmersmarket.org
  4. I have only roasted kalettes with olive oil and salt til crispy and delicious. If you sauté them, do you sauté until soft?
  5. Made spinach lasagna last night and froze half for daughter with infant but you reminded me how I used to make stuffed shells which are a whole lot easier;)
  6. I made the sweet potatoes earlier in the week using Cuban style black beans from Trader Joe’s. They were quite good but very filling!
  7. Lemony Cauliflower Carrot Soup from NYT https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1015360-lemony-carrot-and-cauliflower-soup Added a bit more lemon than recipe listed. It’s a keeper !
  8. Had never been to ES before but went for dinner during the summer. Had a very very mediocre meal and service was so slow that waiter kept apologizing. The little gem salad was supposed to be charred and wasn’t and was swimming in dressing. The duck was cold and tough. The waiter acknowledged the kitchen was slammed but we were tired of waiting and unwilling to wait longer for a redo. I contacted the restaurant by email that evening and with apologies they quickly sent a gift card. Honestly I don’t think I will return but maybe use it at another sister restaurant .
  9. Agree the positive review of the soup dumplings (both pork and pork/shrimp/okra). Went to lunch today at 12:30 and 3 other tables full. Friendly service and vinegar brought to table without asking and chili oil once we asked. Dumpling wrappers thin and fillings delicious in both. Didn’t see anyone hand pulling noodles nor making the dumplings but I’ll be back. Great to have XLB close to home
  10. Sending well wishes your way! I was clearing out a kitchen drawer and came across a matchbook from Yannick’s with your name on it. That was a pretty long while ago.
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