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  1. For me, it was 49 years ago in July and it was pretty dry compared to other local pastry/coffee shops.
  2. Just returned from a very disappointing trip to Jubilee at Ballston. Four of us ordered different flavors and all agreed that the ice cream was icy, lacking in flavor and creaminess. Perhaps poor handling but tasted more like ice milk or even Halo. We really like Jeni's- right amount of flavor, creaminess and coldness when scooped at the shop.
  3. Went to WF in Arlington to shop for a NYT moussaka recipe and they were "out" of pre packaged ground lamb. I asked the guy behind the meat counter to grind some boneless leg of lamb- my preference anyway since it would be leaner, but he said it was against the law. Maybe there is a health reg for meat counters in supermarkets, but I always had meat custom cut or ground albeit it's been a while. Anyone aware of such a reg? must not apply to butcher shops?
  4. Milk Street aloha ribs, braised kale and plain rice
  5. First visit last weekend and brought home a treat for the family. Never heard of this bakery produce before, but it was worth a journey and not bad on day 2. Kouign Amann
  6. I loved those popovers at Patricia Murphy's, although I think the one I visited more often was on Long Island - Manhassat maybe.
  7. Shrimp tacos with chipotle crema, salsa, cilantro lime slaw and guac along with roasted kalettes from Twin Springs Farm.
  8. Made shakshuka from NYT last night. It may be more of a brunch dish, but we shared our meal with some vegetarian friends and added hummus and babaganoush, olives and a salad along with warm pita.
  9. I was unable to snag a same rez last Saturday but decided to do the line thing. A trip that used to take me 15 minutes door to door back in the day took me 40 minutes to Cap Hill for unknown reasons so I got in line at 4:30 rather than 4. I was 15th in line- most folks wanted to eat right away and I was given the opportunity to have a table at 6ish. There were 4 of us and we ordered almost all small plates. The standouts were: lychee salad bucatini pistou, Japanese pancake with mushroom jus (an umami bomb ) more like a dense soufflé with mushrooms and mushroom butter octopus bolognese foie gras French toast with cinnamon ice cream. Not PETA friendly but a delicious bite! A fun evening!
  10. Thank you, Shaho. Yes their system is buggy and I discussed the issue with Mike, the manager, who explained that while things were very slow during the furlough, they have been slammed with a combo of their new online res and the holiday gift card promo that came with a reservation, leaving only a third of seats available for same day res.
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