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  1. Hoisin-Glazed baby back ribs (Milk Street recipe), rice, cilantro lime slaw and whoopie pies on the deck.Niman Ranch from Harris Teeter.
  2. I was the recipient of a large portion of candy roaster squash from Buffalo Gap Farms in the Shenandoah region. I am not a squash fan but I roasted some for soup and puréed some for my infant granddaughter. It’s a very mild tasting squash that needed some punching up with some curry flavor. Will serve it chilled pranks with a dry coconut cilantro almond jalapeño chutney .
  3. In my opinion, the best avocados are from Mexico and California. The season for Mexican avocados runs from end of summer til May. Now this season we find mostly Peruvian avocados which I find to be inferior- often totally unripe until they ripen after a week or so and then often have large rotten areas or those nasty small fibrous brown spots. The Peruvian avocado supply is relatively new to US. About a dozen years ago I travelled with a group of college students to Peru and we met with some agricultural minister who purported to have found a way to export perfectly ripe avocados.My exper
  4. A neighbor found the last box on the shelf at HT. Not certain why there is a shortage 🤷‍♀️
  5. I’m intrigued by the tiny amount of starter! I too have some shaping problems but the bread usually turns out ok. This one is softer with a tighter crumb- I think it needs a good Stilton to or epoisses to accompany it. Sadly I have neither but might do a rush WF order.
  6. I’ve gotten the basic sourdough bread down to where I am baking a loaf a week easily. So decided to branch out and adapt yeasted pumpernickel raisin bread( what I called Russian rye growing up) to using a sourdough starter. I used a Silver Palate recipe which promised the bread I recalled as a kid but I think the ratio of flour to water was wrong and I ended up with a very dense grainy dough. After 3 hrs or no rise, I added some yeast and kneaded it in. Loaves did not rise overnight in fridge but I baked anyway - little oven spring but the bread has a nice soft texture a bit heavy
  7. Last night made an old favorite - NYT tandoori salmon - a great dinner party recipe (if we ever have dinner parties again ) Rice and salad along with the salmon.
  8. Tonight salmorejo cordobes for appetizer and sheet pan chicken thighs cooked with broccoli, yellow pepper, onion and russet potato.
  9. To keep this on topic, I will say that I sent a Jeni’s 6 pint gift to my SIL who is an ice cream lover and the verdict was too sweet! I will say that the packaging was great and the dry ice works it’s magic- no melting in transit! I did enjoy the Frose served on 14th street last fall though- the right amount of sweetness and the right temperature . I also like my ice cream pure and devoid of things that need chewing.For me, the temperature had to be just right - when the ice cream is just a bit “stretchy” from cup to spoon. My favorite flavor had been Ben And Jerry’s White Russi
  10. New Apero cocktail. I made a batch of David Lebovitz’ ginger lemonade- added ice some Apero a Mandarin slice and topped with splash of seltzer. Pretty tasty! Hubby had the lemonade with vodka-also delicious
  11. Summer dinner.. Slow roasted some cherry tomatoes and added them to the leftover cilantro chimichurri sauce. Quickly marinated swordfish from WF with some of the chimichurri and grilled them. Used the tomato chimichurri as a sauce for the fish Served with great corn from Twin Springs Farm and a salad of tomatoes avocado peppers and local lettuce. For dessert blueberry and peach crisp. The sword fish was very good- although nothing holds a candle to swordfish bought at the fishing pier in Montauk
  12. A great grilled flat iron steak from WF (and it’s on sale)cilantro chimichuri, this morning’s sourdough bread and a Greek salad. Doesn’t completely go together but those were the fresh ingredients I had. Dessert was exceptionally good blueberries and peaches from Twin Springs Farm.
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