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    Wine tasting

    Looking for a recommendation for 3 red wines for a wine tasting group that has met monthly for 25 plus years. Usually 2 price points - up to $50. Hoping to offer something unusual and good- harsh critics here;) Thank you
  2. naxos


    Must have been those square Coney Island style knishes? Mrs. Stahl's were baked and round with the thinnest dough. Zabars has knishes at the lunch counter . Was there last December but they were leaden. Definitely a disappointment .
  3. naxos


    Lamenting the loss of Mrs. Stahl's knishes in Brighton Beach. Never had one to come close in DC.
  4. naxos


    I think Calvert Woodley might still have bialys.
  5. Having just returned from a month in the Cycladic Islands, I can attest to the fact that some Greek Salads aka Dakos or Cretan Dakos Salads are made with barley rusks and the rusks are often large, sometimes in crouton size pieces but often whole rusks at the bottom of the bowl.
  6. My kids loved the chicken ones but to me they tasted and smelled very "cabbagy" when cooking. When they moved out, we no longer purchased them. That being said, they were often a hit at potluck gatherings.
  7. Went to the next-door Latin market yesterday and Hokkaido is shuttered with a sign that says closed for remodeling . I wonder if it may be permanent ?
  8. naxos


    Thank you for your replies. I guess I missed them last Thursday at WF in Arlington, TJ Baileys and Giant Baileys! and thank you for the NPR link
  9. naxos


    Has anyone seen fresh pomegranates lately. I thought they were usually available locally by now but I cannot find any.
  10. Hate to say it, but Nabisco Famous Wafers have changed. It was do disappointingly noticeable that I called the company to complain. Not chocolaty enough anymore- I guess those transfats really had an effect on flavor.
  11. naxos

    Basque Country

    I'd add Zazpi to the pintxos list. It is outside the old part of town in the centro area but walkable . Walk back to the bar and order any specials. Delicious, untouristy and worth a visit.
  12. I first had pouce pieds in Paris 20 years ago and have searched for them ever since. Portugal and Spain have them in fish markets and restaurants especially in coastal restaurants . I had heard they were available by mail from Oregon but you would want them fresh not frozen.
  13. Bought one on prime day... Now figuring out the best first dish to make.