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  1. Heads up! call first to make sure the bar is available. Decided to enjoy the bar menu last night after about a year hiatus which followed very regular monthly or twice monthly visits. Arrived around 6:00 in order to secure 4 bar seats and was faced with a group of 25 standing in the bar. Apparently a group had reserved the bar until 7:30 (ish which lasted longer). We always go early and had never thought to call ahead. Class act.. Mark Slater agreed to permit us to be seated in the upstairs front room and order from the bar menu. Dinner was delicious as ever-snapper bisque, pork loin, flat iron steak, which had replaced the faux ribeye, and I ventured off the bar menu and ordered scallops and grits and tuna tartare . Another great meal ... But be forewarned if you are accustomed to dropping by.
  2. naxos

    Horseradish Root

    I bought a spoiled one at the Giant Baileys Crossroads but replaced it with horseradish I bought at WF Pentagon City today. What seemed strange to me is that some of the horseradish root was commercially wrapped and others as usual. But WF did not have dill so had to go back to Giant today to get dill.
  3. naxos


    Enjoy! But don't have your heart set on French foie gras. France has experienced another bout of avian flu and flocks have been culled . Last summer there was virtually no foie gras in the region ( unless imported ) and much the same for this year. Nov 20, 2017 - "France Warned of Christmas Foie Gras Shortage" by Kim Willsher on theguardian.com
  4. Me thinks this crowd is not the audience but thank you for the offer. I will keep the book in mind for the future.
  5. The Hokkaido Uni at Takumi is delicious. As is sea urchin plucked fresh from the Greek waters. While in Hokkaido, we feasted on bowls full -
  6. I'm liking too many options the kuku sabzi is a possibility - although some online images show it looking bright green ( a good thing) or kinda brownish and not appetizing. I'll try the Milk Street recipe and see - The mouse eggs are adorable! And orzo ala rissoto is looking like a keeper. Also onion dip ... Getting hungry here. It is difficult to stick to a balanced theme ... I appreciate all the input Linda
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. I was trying to incorporate vegetarian and vegan options that would be substantial. I had never heard about Greek 7 layer- but was considering a Greek Salad depending on the availability of decent tomatoes - which is a crap shoot even in summer these days. The Campari at Costco are not too bad- tho not ideal. Also thinking about a Nicoise platter with eggs, purple potatoes, green beans and olives- then with or without the salmon. Appreciating your help
  8. Planning lunch for 15-20 and seeking delicious recipes that ideally can be made day before. Poached salmon is a possibility - and, if salmon, creative sides and salad ideas would be appreciated.
  9. naxos

    Puglia or Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Bumping the Puglia question. Planning a driving trip in spring and looking for itin help and food recommendations. Anyone been lately?
  10. Has anyone been since the summer? I just received a very generous gift cert to Rose's- only catch is the line. Wondering if things have calmed down a bit or there is still a need to line up early .
  11. naxos

    Bareboat Charter BVIs

    I have yet to have a Spiny Lobster that I liked, perhaps because they've not been cooked well. There's no tail, and the meat is the oceanic equivalent of rabbit (i.e., there is none I have had a different experience. While there is almost nothing better than a freshly steamed Maine lobster, my summer spent on Guana Cay during lobster season challenged that my feeling about non Maine lobster. The freshly caught, right off the boat, Bahamian lobster is all tail meat- dense and delicious steamed at home. We initially ordered by the pound forgetting that is sold by tail meat weight only and over ordered. Five pounds of tail meat only ( no claws and the fisherman break off the rest of the body before weighing)is a lot of lobster- we feasted for the summer - almost overdosing.