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  1. Had a great dinner celebrating a birthday last Tuesday. There were 6 of us and we were seated in the pasta room- quiet and private . We had great service and really enjoyed the pastas- I had white truffle with mine! The soft polenta with mushroom appetizer and grilled calamari and octopus were highlights! Happy to return!
  2. naxos

    Pre-Theater Dinner Near Arena Stage

    Sorry to rain on this parade but had dinner there Saturday night and the food and service was terrible. Perhaps they were missing some waitstaff but tho I have enjoyed the Tenley Town location for years, the food Saturday night was not good . There were 6 of us and we ordered several appetizers and all had different mains. The dishes had no flavor - as if they had run out of Indian spices.
  3. naxos

    Michelin 3-Star Restaurants

    First 3* experience was at Girardet in Crissier in 1986! Details are a bit fuzzy but it was likely the best dining experience we have had. My Arzak experience last year was fun- the lunch was more of a show and production than a great dining experience and there were definitely some "misses" in the multicourse meal.
  4. I have been buying them for years and they are a late apple and the wait is difficult.
  5. I received an email from Twin Springs Farm confirming that the new crop of gold rush apples are now available at the market's they supply. I shop at the Columbia Pike market on Sunday mornings, but Twin Springs sells at many area markets. IMHO, gold rush is the best apple; it is juicy, tart and a bit sweet and can be kept for s long stretch. Good for eating and cooking but almost too good to waste if it were to be buried in a pie.
  6. naxos


    I have pressed them for juice rather than toss them.
  7. Yes.. I drove by on Saturday and there is a new sign for Bawadi -not sure if it is open yet.
  8. naxos


    I saw them at Costco but not sure what I would do with so many.
  9. naxos


    I've seen the recipe and wondered about the raw onions. Thank you for the rec from smitten kitchen. I might give it a go!
  10. naxos

    Wine tasting

    Looking for a recommendation for 3 red wines for a wine tasting group that has met monthly for 25 plus years. Usually 2 price points - up to $50. Hoping to offer something unusual and good- harsh critics here;) Thank you
  11. naxos


    Must have been those square Coney Island style knishes? Mrs. Stahl's were baked and round with the thinnest dough. Zabars has knishes at the lunch counter . Was there last December but they were leaden. Definitely a disappointment .
  12. naxos


    Lamenting the loss of Mrs. Stahl's knishes in Brighton Beach. Never had one to come close in DC.
  13. naxos


    I think Calvert Woodley might still have bialys.