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  1. Went to Compere Lapin this weekend, and honestly, I do not get the fuss about it. It was good, but not as good as others in town, and certainly not on the level of some of the great places we have in DC currently. The space is nice, warehouse/loft-like with exposed brick, etc. Looks more like West Loop Chicago then NOLA. We got there at 9.15p straight from the airport, basically. The cocktail menu is pretty fun. She got the Andromeda (Pisco, green chile vodka, grapefruit, lime, rose, egg white) and I just got a local beer. The biscuits and butter are fantastic, I liked the honey butter an
  2. People are just so late, now. I hate that policy, but I'm an on time person and then friends are late and we can't get seated. It's hard for the restaurant. It must have been really annoying to see someone else get seated despite the policy. But, it also sucks for the restaurant to have tables not fully seated for long periods of time. People should really work on being on time! (Doctors, too!)
  3. The ribs don't hold up next day in microwave (all we have at work). Probably oven for best results. Dumplings weren't happy after nuking, either.
  4. Considering a new opportunity and met with a major center in the Valley and had a few pretty good meals. Always felts that Phoenix was sort of a food desert ... ha ha ha... but, opinion has changed a bit. First dinner was at a casino, The Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. We got a good amount of share plates, including foie gras, cheese board, and lamb empanadas. All were quite tasty. Had a few pale ales, and the other docs got some cocktails that they seemed to like. Two of us got the Elk Loin, I had it medium rare, the other one was cooked medium. Medium rare was very close to r
  5. Yah, almost never drive from Fri to Sun. With all the commuting, it's a nice break to be driven around. I agree - would love to be car free. Maybe one day...
  6. That's what we did!! Thank you... ribs are phenomenal. Dumplings solid, but a little doughy. Filling was great (in case you're wondering, rubric for dumplings - taste/texture of skin, taste of filling, and aesthetics). I'm not sure why I got the spicy wontons with all the bad reviews, because they weren't great. Noodle soup with hand made noodles were awesome. Snow pea shoots were awesome. Cold spicy pork shoulder was awesome (though, it did not taste like shoulder to me). This place is a winner! And let me tell you about customer service ... I am sure this is not a place that is cru
  7. Landing at Dulles and have to go to Tyson’s to buy wedding bands (GD you, wedding-industrial complex). Anywhere near Dulles or Tyson’s or between that id typically not get to go to that you’d recommend this afternoon? Asian always preferred --- Dumpling Queen (weezy)
  8. The article doesn’t say what it’s going from. Is it going from 0 to 5%?? The second law of economics: if you want people to do less of something, tax it. The continued death of Alexandria ...
  9. It's really interesting how this is being promoted. - The ROC's main argument says that this is for the tipped wage workers, but tipped wage workers are overwhelmingly against I77. Sounds kind of paternalistic to tell people what they should be in favor of or against. - The policy advocates say that they problem is that certain races and certain types of people are disadvantaged by the current system. But, if this was the case, for/against should be proportionate to race. - If tipped waged workers make significantly more than $15/hour (minimum), and then their wages are raised t
  10. Great listen! The Initiative 77 was clearly more current/pressing, but I would have also have liked to hear a lot more in being a female head of kitchen, which they started on but didn't get to go into detail. EDIT: As noted below - head of kitchen is the wrong phrase - I meant women opening/managing the restaurants and being in leadership roles.
  11. I really, really want to like this place. It's gorgeous, has a great patio, kind bartenders, good service, close to me, but alas ... Sat at bar to get happy hour deals. It was so nice out, but the Lady is very rigid when it comes to 'deals' and thus we took advantage of that. $5 house wines, so I got the PG and she got the Cab. She didn't love hers (but funny girl, she got another, "I don't care if I didn't love it, it's $5"), I thought mine was refreshing. We ordered the pork cheeks on polenta (also $5) and oyster on the half shell ($1 a piece at the bar at HH). These were pretty good,
  12. So, yah $550 - $200 (Airline fees) - $200 (Uber) = $150 I'm at airport and traveling at least 1 roundtrip a month, but maybe 2-4 times some months - so, that means you get free internet on many flights, b/c the card gives you Boingo access. So, estimate that at about $10 / month, so that's about $30 left. If you use the card and get 5x on airline tickets, one-two flights a month is $500, x 12 = $6000 x 5 = 30,000 points. Easily get your value there. Then, use CSR for dining and other travel. Lounge access - WAY Better for Amex Platinum. Centurion + Delta (only if flying Delta) + Pri
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