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    I enjoy eating, cooking, and shopping at grocery stores. I also, hike, bike, and walk a lot. At any one time, I am reading two or three books. I garden in good weather but forget to water...Diagnosed with food allergies at 40 (milk protein, nuts). EOE is aka Eosinophilic esophagitis AKA allergic oesophagitis, is an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus that involves eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, narrowing the esophagus. Symptoms are swallowing difficulty, food impaction, and vomiting.
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  1. Gotta brag about dinner. I did a very lazy version of one of Julia Child's lamb shank recipes and it was fabulous. Basically I browned two lamb shanks in some bacon fat. Cooked some onions and carrots in that pot. Put in about half pinot and half beef broth, some green dried herbs (doubt it matters), and two hours later, reduced the broth, cut the meat from the bone and yum. Served over egg noodles and frozen peas (heated) on the side. Daughter, 6, wanted to drink the sauce like soup and did have her peas frozen. (I like to pick my battles)
  2. I'm not brave enough to try anything over a crock-pot type cook time. Something weird about over 8 or 10 hours. But I'm a novice! One of my neighbors got a leak in his brisket bag when he was SV-ing long form so good luck and be careful!
  3. Hum...two years and no reviews. Did it improve? I've seen the 1.5 eggs at another restaurant. It looks pretty but seems illogical when typed out.
  4. I did it! I made (for the first time ever in my life) really great duck breasts and had my first real (un-egg-related) sous-vide success. Unwrapped and left in fridge breasts from about 7 am until they went into the bath (3:30). Placed them in a bag each with some orange juice, zest, salt, pepper, and garlic and a rosemary sprig from my garden (which looked really sad but imparted nice flavor). Into a 135 bath for roughly 2.5 hours. Removed, scored fat, put, fat-side down in very hot cast iron pan for 5 minutes. Feared that was too long, but perfect. Quick sear of other side, put in warming drawer. Put bag-juice (vaguely strained) in pan with some sherry, some broth and a little more S&P. Reduced; served over rice. I think typing this took longer than the actual prep- time. SO EFFING GOOD!
  5. Now you've got me thinking about planaria.
  6. Again to my up-thread question. Can we make fun of La Fina's name or at least its (lots of bad descriptor words) sign? That location is extra terrible but they are not helping themselves out with that stupid sign.
  7. Thanks all. I am really enjoying my new toy but I work so I can't quite experiment as much as I'd like. I did buy some supplies and hope to experiment more very soon. Will report back. I think the pork chops were too thin more than another other thing.
  8. Pork chop from frozen at 144 for about 1.5 hours was bland but not overcooked.
  9. I have conducted two experiments and am about to embark on my third. Thank you for these links. They are serving me well. I overcooked salmon but successfully cooked a frozen chicken breast to perfection. Tonight; The Pork Chop.
  10. Or the Hot Pot place. Is there anything new at Eden Center I should know about? There's a tiny Thai street food vender looking good in there somewhere. Would love some reviews.
  11. Of course not paying taxes, I mean not paying credit card fees, keeps prices low...but they aren't much lower than others are they? hum....
  12. Digging up this old thread to share that I got me a Sous Vide thingy for mah birthday! I'm so excited that i can't decide what to try first. Probably going to be eggs b/c it's Thanksgiving and ...I'm not going to experiment on the most important of days. I will share though that the way it looks makes me giggle. Just me? and it's on the internet so I can make it do stuff from afar! So happy. Now I'll read this thread and hopefully learn something.
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