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  1. Eric wins this week! Good for him, a $10k reward for his efforts. And Sara must be getting some really nasty editing because I'm not seeing the other chefs, overall, being lukewarm to her and her 2nd-place finish this week. They all seemed genuine in their hearty congratulations to her.
  2. Sister and I stopped in for lunch on Sunday mid-day at this little Peruvian chicken joint in the strip mall adjoining the Wal-Mart in Burke (before engaging the huddled masses in said Wal-Mart). It's a clean but tired looking little place, friendly service, so-so- food. We each got a 1/4 chicken plate, dark meat, with 2 sides @ ~$10 each. I had the plantains and black beans, she had the mixed veg and plantains. No yucca on the menu, but they do have fries. Mixed veg were very evidently frozen bag stuff that was heated through, black beans were very watery and barely seasoned at all. Plantains were quite good and there is a $1.50 upcharge for those that the cashier told us about but isn't listed on the menu board. Chicken itself was a small portion but tasty, good skin and moist, properly done meat, nice charcoal flavor but less evident was any marinade. There was also a list of other typical Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado, huincaina, etc. Didn't see anyone ordering anything but the chicken. A few small orders of carryout while we were there and one other person eating in. My gut instinct is this is mostly a mid-week carryout dinner sort of place.
  3. Well, she didn't brag about her waffles, just the chicken, and the judges all agreed it was great fried chicken. But I, too, hope she has to pack her knives and go soon. Really happy to see our hometown guy, Eric, doing so well.
  4. weezy

    Pine Nuts (Not from China)

    Nuts.com NutsInBulk.com GustiAmo.com I've found Mediterranean pine nuts at Giant, sometimes in the nut & dried fruit area in the produce section, and sometimes the jars of Cento pine nuts in the international food aisle with the other Cento products.
  5. weezy

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    I believe that lower capital gains tax rates should be eliminated and a limit on how much money should pass free of inheritance taxes (say $1M per individual) and no avoidance of taxes based solely on trust ownership of assets. And in counter to an argument that estate money has already been taxed, it's mostly not true in large estates. The money was invested, wealth grew untaxed because there was no sale and there was dividend reinvestment and splits, etc.,, and then rolls over to the next generation at the current purchase price and not the original purchase price. So Granddad's $1k purchase of a stock that has grown to $100k moves to the next generation with no tax paid on that $99k gain. Interesting article on distribution of wealth worldwide: "Are 26 Billionaires Worth More than Half the Planet? The Debate, Explained." by Dylan Matthews on vox.com
  6. But the good news is it's about half a block away from the Crate & Barrel outlet store, so it can be a two-fer destination.
  7. Agreed on Sara. Her luck won't hold much longer. As for Kelsey, she was very smart in how she approached the challenge -- something cold and refreshing on a hot day, familiar but with a tasty twist, and she didn't try to oversell it, so her dish stood out. In a sit-down restaurant with A/C, maybe she wouldn't have won.
  8. Friends treated me to dinner here last night and it was fabulous. We shared about 2/3rds of the menu between the three of us. This place does wonderful things with vegetables and breads. farro sourdough, benne seed + aji dulce yogurt, roasted + fermented carrots, daikon, flax seed -- we were amazed there was no meat in this dish, so much umami! Sunchokes were good but overshadowed by other menu items. Cheese course was served as more of a shaved cheese salad; also good but maybe would have been better ordered as a dessert/final course than in the early rounds. I was evenly split on which was the better of the two pastas we ordered, both excellent IMO. One friend didn't like the funk of the taleggio & mustard greens and so preferred the gorro, the other was into the funk and found the gorro too mild. taleggio ravioli, smoky mushrooms, mustard greens, mustardy breadcrumbs -- gorro de bruja, pistachio pesto, goat feta, confit onion, olives, nutmeg breadcrumb seared halibut, acqua pazza, fermented + roasted fennel, salsa verde, calabrian chilies -- the only miss of the night. The fish was a bit overdone and cool so it spent too much time at the pass and suffered for it. However, the sauce was wonderfully balanced, and if the fish had been on point, this would have been outstanding. caramelized sweet potato, butter lettuce, smoked apple butter, parm, yogurt, apple + candied olive -- done well but the sauce was not as interesting as that on the halibut and because of the sweet potato as the center of the dish, a little sweet to my palate for a main dish. We got all of the desserts. The turmeric sorbet would make a great palate cleanser between courses; I didn't find its tartness and flavor balance compelling as a finish to the meal. The rainwater madiera custard w/ pistachio was perfectly balanced between silky smooth and buttery-nutty crunch. The brioche bread pudding was miles above any bread pudding I've ever had, somewhat deconstructed, every bite having layers of flavors, there was a spoon battle going on with everyone trying to get another bite and another bite. We also had an interesting rose with the meal, very spice forward with a lovely fennel-y finish, Etna Rosato, “Rosso Relativo,” Alice Bonaccorsi, Sicily, Italy, 2013 And very early on a cold, blustery Sunday evening in the middle of the shutdown, the place was packed and I can easily imagine they turned all the tables twice, so good on them. And if I was going back on my own limited budget, I would have a glass of wine at the bar and the farro sourdough, then pack up & go and pride myself on my restraint.
  9. weezy

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    I've found them in the smaller, Latin spices section of the Giant where I shop (at the end of the rice-and-dried bean aisle), as opposed to the main spice racks in the baking aisle. I've also gotten them at Penzey's.
  10. weezy

    Earthquake-Proof Buildings

    Chinese pagodas have been studied because of their ability to withstand earthquake forces
  11. My sister and I stopped here for lunch on Saturday as we were in the area and both had been wondering about it. Each of us got a 1/4 dark meat chicken plate. I got steamed veggies and plantains for sides, she got yucca and black beans. The chicken skin was flabby, chicken itself was overcooked, stringy and no hint of marinade or charcoal flavor to it. Decidedly meh chicken. The sides, however, were perfection. Yucca was greaseless, hot, puffy, light and crispy, beans were smokey and creamy tender, plantains were caramelized evenly to a rich medium brown, the steamed veggies were surely a frozen mix reheated, but still hot and steamy and not mushy and made a nice hot salad when topped with a mix of the white & green sauces. If the yucca would travel well, I would get that and other sides, and then head up to Annandale to Chicken Pollo for the bird.
  12. meatballs in a crockpot are always good, and easy to do ahead, plus you can decide if you want to make Italian, Swedish, etc.
  13. weezy

    Happy New Year, My Friends!

    Happy New Year! I wholeheartedly agree with the effort to reduce plastic waste. I am totally behind this.