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  1. I think he's working at different locations to give their other chefs a few days off and he gets a paycheck while he develops dishes and menus for the revamped Alexandria location
  2. There's another location at the BuildAmerica strip in Skyline / Bailey's Crossroads. It's a pain in the butt to navigate that end of the parking lot there, so I imagine most of their business is walk-overs from the offices around there and the NOVA campus. What I had there was pretty good, but it's been quite awhile so I can't recall specifics.
  3. I'd like to join in. I only have a couple of dates that wouldn't work, so I'll wait to see if others have a tighter calendar to pick from
  4. Met up with 5 friends for lunch at Mama Chang today and we got a fairly wide variety of dishes. steamed pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings x2, bubble scallion pancake x2, chow mein, pepper pickled mustard pork (family style = enough for 3-4 to share), dry fried cauliflower, cumin duck legs & feet, with a couple of pots of jasmine tea. Lots of sczechuan peppercorn in most of the dishes, and I've found that for me, after several bites of any dish with Szechuan peppercorns, all I end up tasting is salt. That said, the dry fried cauliflower was very nicely done, I thought the bubble pancakes were interesting but too greasy for more than a couple of bites, good pork dumplings with nice hot chili sauce for dipping (I didn't try the shrimp, I would say they were average b/c one went uneaten), didn't get a chance at the duck ....there was nothing left but some webbed feet...and the pork dish I couldn't tell you b/c the peppercorns had kicked in by that point, but there was none left in the pot by the end. Service was nice but seldom to be seen when not specifically carrying food to the table. For the 6 of us, everyone kicked in a $20 and that covered it all with a generous tip. We got there about 1:30 and it was busy but not quite full, a handful of 2-tops and a couple of banquettes still open. I'd like to go back and explore more of the menu and pick a few more dishes without the sz. peppercorns so I could get a fuller understanding of the flavors.
  5. Ended up using my banana cake recipe instead with a papaya/cardamom/ginger substitution and it turned into a very nice, moist tasty cake. Gave it a cream cheese frosting. Can recommend if you're stuck with a ripe papaya and dont' know what to do with it.
  6. The week went a little screwy and I didn't use up a lot of stuff I had purchased last weekend and now have to make something of it all. So I've got a pear pie with an oat streusel topping in the oven now. Tomorrow I'll be using up a very ripe papaya that I got unexpectedly gifted, using a banana bread recipe and subbing in the papaya and flavoring with cardamom, cinnamon & basil and hoping for the best.
  7. It's a very tough call b/c the most important defenseman is the goalie. Plus you have to look at who is available to trade for, and frankly, I'm not sure there are any high-caliber D-men that we can get at this point in the season who play a similar enough system that slotting them in is better than a crapshoot. Thankfully, Jensen is starting to hit his stride and has learned the system and the stats show definite improvements for when he is on the ice, and Siegenthaler keeps getting better and better. That long reach of his and his willingness to block shots is great.
  8. I've been reading some sites and it seems very unlikely that we'll be able to keep Holtby after this season due to the salary cap, what Backstrom will be paid going forward, what goalies are going for on the market these days ($10M), and looking ahead to who else we need to sign / re-sign looking at the future. Caps have been excellent about finding and building goalie talent in their pipeline. Samsonov is getting back-to-back starts and will be in net against the NJ Devils tonight, to start bringing him up. Copley is solid as a #2 and can be brought up from Hershey and Vanachek in Hershey could also be brought up to work as a #2. I've seen a couple of rumors of trading Holtby before the end of the season to get maximum value for him and buying some better blue-liners, but that seems pretty far-fetched to me, as it's unlikely you give up a Cup-winning goalie as you're heading into the playoffs.
  9. Sharpening the old knives is certainly worthwhile, cheaper than buying new (even inexpensive) knives. If they are cheap knives, they won't hold an edge very long but they aren't used as often or for prolonged chopping, so overall the edge should last fairly well. Happy to do your knives as well, of course.
  10. That's a hone. With use, the metal on the knife's edge rolls over a bit and using a hone straightens it back out. I typically hone my knives every 2-3 uses. it doesn't remove any metal, it just helps the blade hold the edge between sharpenings. Stropping is a finishing technique for a sharp edge to take it to an extremely fine/razor finish, typically done with a leather strap/strop (hence the name) or a buffing wheel, sometimes using a jeweler's rouge, which is an extremely fine-grained paste. Rarely used knives, even 20 years old, are definitely worth re-sharpening. I can't imagine that they are beyond repair unless the only use has been hacking bones and rocks or the handles have rotted off. Your knives probably just need a good sharpening. Now, if you're really hankering for some ceramic Japanese knives just because, I won't begrudge you some sexy new blades, but I can still sharpen up your current knives so you can gift them forward when you get the Japanese blades.
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