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  1. Well, we get to see some new faces for the next few games....if they don't all get postponed as Covid is probably going to rip through the team starting any minute now. Looking forward to seeing the prospects that have been held apart in the taxi squad. There's a lot of good buzz on Forward Connor McMichael. Vitek Vanacek will be starting in goal with vet Craig Anderson backing him up, as Samsonov is out for a couple of weeks at least with Covid.
  2. the shortened season starts tonight for the Caps. Two very young, albeit promising, goalies without much NHL experience behind the oldest and one of, if not the heaviest teams in the league for a short 56 game (vs. 82) game season. No room to work out a losing streak. Most interesting off season addition was Zdeno Chara, Big Z, from the Boston Bruins, a 6'8" wall of a defenseman, but old and slow on his skates, but with a wingspan that can stop anything within about 30 feet of his body if his reflexes are quick enough. Yet to be seen. Also a new coach in Laviolette known to be demanding,
  3. These are the best rated on the internet Vanilla https://lovingitvegan.com/vegan-vanilla-cake/ Chocolate https://www.noracooks.com/vegan-chocolate-cake/
  4. I've been watching the storefront while stopped at the stoplight nearby and it finally opened, so I called in an order to pick up on my way home tonight. they're in the Pinecrest shopping plaza with the new Lidl Ithe old Whole Foods location) and the 5 Guys across LRT from Home Depot. It was pretty busy inside, done in a gray/dark industrial decor that looks like a moody Chipotle. It seemed pretty busy with customers, so I didn't linger with so many unmasked eaters inside. They do have tables and patio heaters outside but none were in use when I breezed in and out. I ordered beans,
  5. New favorite way to do zucchini. Cut into strips or wedges, toss in olive oil, s&p and za'atar, roast in the air fryer until golden. So damn good. Now I have to buy more zucchini
  6. Try Whole Foods. The website shows them, I don't know about in-store, but a phone call can save you some driving.
  7. I would check the Amish markets in Maryland. Here are a couple with some phone numbers / twitter feeds you can check out http://www.laureldutchmarket.com/specials, https://www.lcdutchmarket.com/,
  8. I was at the Giant this morning checking out butters, and Land O Lakes now makes an extra creamy butter in black packaging, salted and unsalted, that is a higher fat butter, higher than Plugra at half the price. I bought a couple of pounds and will try it out. On sale this week @ $3.50/lb.
  9. I was using the same parchment paper that I always have. I'll just have to tinker with the recipe.
  10. weezy

    Delivered Treats

    Join this group and you can probably find what you need delivered or can use a service to pick up & drop off for you. I've heard good things on there (from people whose palates seem to be better than average) about Chewish Deli, Aubrey's Cakes, MB Bakery On the Go -- especially their pop-tarts. I know I'm forgetting lots of solid players, so that's why I'm suggesting to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/alexandriacurbsidedining/
  11. I took the day off yesterday and spent it baking but was disappointed with the results overall. My various butter cookies all spread much more than usual. I think there has been a lowering of butterfat in the butter, as well as my eggs were probably too large. All that extra moisture made for screwed up cooking times and ugly cookies that all ran into one another. The flavor tasted a bit washed out as well. Made a note for future baking to separate the eggs and only use half the whites (and add macaroons -- not macarons --to the repetoire), as well as buying European butter for the higher
  12. I pulled a pack of Thanksgiving leftovers out of the freezer to reheat and will steam up some broccoli and do a little lemon butter to go on that. I know I'll be snacking on cookies at work, so no dessert tonight, maybe slice up a pear and sprinkle it with cinnamon and call it good.
  13. You can put it in ziploc bags and pull it out and squish it around a bunch of times during the freezing process
  14. Thanks for the accurate, albeit unhappy, news.
  15. South Korean study of Covid and airflow in restaurants https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-12-09/five-minutes-from-20-feet-away-south-korean-study-shows-perils-of-indoor-dining-for-covid-19
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