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  1. Don't know if this is still true or not, but it used to be that Silverado had the highest profit margin of any of them -- probably due to lower rents & smaller size for said wholly unattractive strip mall location.
  2. For Italian, A La Lucia, on Madison and? N. Royal, I think. A bit worn around the edges, but the food is consistently good, and the service warm and relaxed. And if you have room for dessert, excellent pistachio gelato. Also, parking is a bit easier up at that end of town. And Bastille for French, I think a little pricier. On the west side of Old Town, Oronoco or Princess and.....Fayette?
  3. Made the corn cookies from Christina Tosi's Milkbar, on the strength of the recommendation of a Facebook friend. My bookclub loved them. https://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/corn-cookies-2106482
  4. Cafe 44 in Canal Center. They serve Starbucks coffee, and they do have iced.
  5. Toigo is pretty much the last of the strawberry sellers, now $6/pint or 2/$10. Smith Valley's hens still aren't producing, so no eggs there. Valentine's has fresh, never frozen chicken this week. Lots of hothouse tomatoes available now. Most everybody has regular green beans, a few have yellow and flat roma beans. Beets are big and beautiful all over the market, lots of garlic scapes, lots of young onions, lots of squash. Also saw a couple of stands with okra.
  6. There are still strawberries at the market, but fading fast. Toigo has a bunch but priced @ $8/quart. Other farmers have limited supplies but @ $6/qt. Blueberries are coming in but still pricey, $4 or $5 / pint. Beans are showing up, mostly $4/lb, flat beans, green beans. Sugar snaps are $4/pint. One stand had fava beans at $6/qt (about 10-12 beans). there's still some asparagus out there but fewer farmers. Smith Valley is out of eggs this week; new flock that hasn't acclimated, but they should have eggs again next week.
  7. I've done similar -- dates stuffed with goat cheese, given a little squirt of siracha along the edges, then rolled in chopped pistachios & fresh chopped herbs. Never any left over.
  8. I would go for one of the more savory options, and I think some great dip(s) would be wonderful with bread and/or veggies. Easy to nosh, easy to transport. If you feel that's insufficient, maybe the bundt as well.
  9. It definitely was majority teens and young adults early-ish on a Saturday evening, but maybe 1/4 of the clientele was middle aged.
  10. Finally tried out The Block on Saturday night with a friend. Although we looked at other purveyors, we ended up ordering everything from Balo. Started with dan-dan noodles (excellent -- although we got a 3/4 heat and had to take a break as the heat kept building as we got farther into the bowl) and pork belly tacos (excellent chew and sauce, good balance of pickled carrots to meat ratio) and by that point the noise level and K-Pop was grating our nerves, so got cumin lamb tacos and a pork banh mi to go. The lamb tacos were good to very good but not as good as the pork belly ones, and the pork banh mi was just okay -- too much meat vs. the amount of veggies, and the bread was pretty meh, not much crunch and had been hollowed out to the point there was hardly any bread left. Stuffed to the gills, I still had most of my half of the sandwich left for the next day's lunch with a smidgen of the dan dan noodles still left over. Around $50 for everything ( a couple of sodas were in the mix as well). Overall, enjoyed the food very much and want to try some of the other offerings / vendors -- especially some of the ice creams -- but will probably be getting most things to go as the noise & music is a bit too much for me.
  11. Peas are in! English and sugar snaps. There's one fellow selling guinea fowl eggs $6/dz set up a booth or two away from Toigo
  12. Buck's Fishing & Camping springs to mind for some reason. Maybe not out-of-the-ordinary enough?
  13. Vola's Dockside. She can get some plain broiled fish and a salad.
  14. The produce vendors are all back at Falls Church. Asparagus and strawberries and radishes and lettuces galore! Lots of bedding plants as well.
  15. Can she do BBQ? There's Epic Smokehouse in Crystal City and Mixon's BBQ in Old Town
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