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  1. Season officially started last night, first time the schedule worked out so the defending Cup winners played the penultimate Cup winners in their season opener. Caps looked rusty for the first 5-7 minutes and St. Louis then made them look foolish and got out to a quick 2-0 lead, but then the Caps found their game and played fast & heavy, dominating possession for large swaths of time. Kudos to their goalie b/c he was outstanding. Ovi scored once but hammered the goaltender with multiple shots, so Binnington must be nursing a bunch of bruises today. Stats show 5 shots on goal, but I don't know precisely how that stat is calculated because I would have thought it was in the 10-12 range. We got the 2 goals back in the 2nd period and then had a few minutes of bonus hockey that ended with Vrana using his speed to get inside a defender and flip one into the net in OT. I'm looking forward to watching this season. The new additions have added size and speed to the lineup and the team looks dangerous.
  2. Friends -- I want to let you know about changes to the price list Blades 6” or less - $6 per Blades 6”-10” - $8 per Blades >10" - $8 plus $1/inch 11"--> Serrated Knives - steel blade prices plus $2 per knife Ceramic blades – steel blade prices plus $2 per knife I got some new sharpening equipment and I'm having such fun with it. Would love to sharpen your knives!
  3. Craving the pork belly tacos at Balo Kitchen today, so headed over to The Block for lunch -- tacos were just as tasty as I remembered. About 25% full at high noon on a gorgeous Saturday, no kids in sports gear so I imagine weekend games were still well underway and led to the relative quiet. While I was there, I also got an order of pork gyoza ($6/6 dumplings) at Bold dumpling shop. The wrappers were excellent, thin, a nicely chewy crispness on the pleated edge. The filling was underwhelming. Texture was good, but it tasted like simply plain ground pork without anything else and was oddly watery -- I'm guessing the watery part came from the steam condensing inside the wrapper. The filling could have used something, almost anything, to punch it up -- minced veggies/garlic, S&P, a dash of soy or mirin or chili flakes or......? So much potential but fell short. I also checked out the ice cream but the case only had 1/3 of the flavors on offer , and what was left didn't tempt me
  4. A friend and I took this beautiful afternoon to walk down to the waterfront to dine al fresco. There is now an Airstream trailer housing Riverside Taco just behind the Torpedo Factory, and we decided to try it for lunch. I got a potato & chorizo taco and a side of beans and a diet Coke, just over $9. The taco had hits and misses -- freshly made tortilla but very small, about the diameter of an English muffin, toppings of fajita style peppers & onions were still cold from refrigeration and a poor match to the rest of the fillings, but good seasoning on the sausage, and the cotija cheese was so finely shredded and lacking flavor it could have been store-brand shake parmesan cheese. The beans were very good, nice and creamy without being mushy, and a tasty cooking liquid with very mild chiles and a touch of cumin. My friend got their vegetarian bowl ($10) and she liked it a lot, scraped the container clean. --- Jackson 20 (Kibbee Nayee) Nasime (Escoffier)
  5. First preseason game of the new season tonight. Puck drop at 7. Tom Wilson is the only top line player on the ice tonight. Lots of the lower line players who are fighting for a regular spot in the lineup (Stephenson and Boyd, notably), and a bunch of the guys who rotate in from Hershey in the AHL who are also in the fight for a berth, plus a few of the young prospects who are working their way up for a shot at making the NHL in the next year or two, or if they show really well in preseason, may be able to make the team (Gersich). Also getting a look at the hoped-for goalie of the future, Ilya Samsonov.
  6. Had a disappointing lunch at the Springfield location on Sunday, partly due to my ordering and partly b/c the restaurant screwed up. Ordered their special "Bahama Mama" taco where part of the proceeds go to Bahama hurricane relief. This was a grouper taco with coconut rice, chiles, some other stuff. Not a good balance of flavors -- the fish was griddled and had no crunch, although it was fresh and tasty on its own, the sweetness of the coconut rice didn't jive with the rest of the ingredients, the chiles were far too hot for this combo and completely overrode the rest of the taco. Give directly to a hurricane relief fund and order a good taco instead. On the other part of lunch, I ordered the Taco Bamba (skirt steak, pickled onions, cotija, etc.) and the cashier misheard me and entered the Cup o' Bamba instead. I didn't realize the mistake until I picked up my order, and when I turned to get it corrected, the line had gone out the door and the kitchen was obviously in the weeds, so I decided to just have that instead. I don't like the Cup o' Bamba because it just seems too gloppy to me. ended up eating the egg off the top and digging down to the rice and beans and leaving the rest of it in the trash.
  7. I've been a few times and it's mostly pedestrian, American fare. I would say the desserts are a bit better than average. Weird layout, seating is not very comfortable. Most recent visit, you could tell they were trying to improve the menu, but it came across as trying to copy some GAR favorites. Service was pretty good.
  8. Well, shoot. I won't be able to make that one. Next time!
  9. Julia Child's "How to Cook." Gives master recipes with detailed photos of techniques also laid out in writing, then with follow-on recipes for ways to tweak the master recipe. Broken into sections for the type of cooking -- roasting, sauteeing, baking, etc.
  10. Stopped by the Block over the weekend for a poke bowl, which I enjoyed. While I was there, noticed that the Korean fried chicken place next to Balo is gone and has been replaced by a dumpling shop. I did not try it but I will be back to check it out in the next week or so.
  11. I'd have interest in trying out something like this. I have a large kitchen as well, but I don't know that I have any specialties as far as foods or techniques to share. But if someone would like to host something but doesn't have room, maybe we can work it out that that person can host at my place.
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