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  1. Happily, it seems that the NHL bubble is working very well. Not a single case reported in the hundreds of players, staff and arena crews. First of the three seeding games for the Caps was a tie in regulation, a loss in a shoot-out against Tampa Bay. First period they couldn't keep any offensive zone time but looked stronger as the game progressed against an incredibly speedy Tampa team. Next game is Thursday against Philadelphia, I believe. It had been set for 4:00 but that may have changed.
  2. I've got the book and used the recipe without riffing on it at all. But in other experiments, I made another peanut butter ice cream, using a condensed milk & cream base and peanut powder, and that turned out much closer to what I was hoping for. I think I'll increase the amount of PB powder next time, or maybe layer in a straight peanut butter swirl as I'm packing it up.
  3. Tried the Jeni's corn ice cream today. It's a big old nope from me. Just weird -- too sweet for corn, too savory for ice cream, without being interesting in either direction. Also, this batch confirms my dislike of the cornstarch slurry used in Jeni's base recipe.
  4. Stopped at the Block in Annandale to pick up some take-out for lunch and, overall, there are not good protocols there. People were all wearing masks, but that's about all I can say is good. Definitely more than 50 people inside, distancing not well observed, etc. After about a minute and a half of trying to stay in line and away from others, I beat feet out of there because a group of 10-12 folks walked in and were basically blocking the doors creating even worse line flow and lack of distancing.
  5. I don't know of a listing of such things, but I would go with Rose's Luxury. They deliver within 30 miles of Capitol Hill using their own employees, not a contracted delivery service.
  6. I've been dreaming of a key lime pie ice cream and took a try at it today. Swing and a miss, as they say. Growing up, we always had the very basic lime juice/egg yolks/sweetened condensed milk in a graham cracker crust pie with a meringue on top, and that was the flavor profile I was going for. Tempered the eggs with the cream and lime zest, added that to the sweetened condensed milk and lime juice, but i didn't think ahead for the phase of chilling the base, and ended up with actual pie filling, not ice cream base. I whisked it up with some whole milk and added some more lime juice before I started to churn it, but the ratios were off and flavors were muted, plus the texture was on the butter side of things. I also got distracted and left my graham cracker crust in the oven too long and it went from buttery toasty to getting close to burnt. Oh well. Still edible but not nearly good enough. Next time, tempered eggs and cream separate from the lime juice and condensed milk so I dont' end up with a chemical cook of my base.
  7. I enjoyed it as well. In the third to last show when critiquing Bryan V's take on the parmigiana reggiano saying "it had no soul," I swear I saw tears spring to his eyes. Malarkey was edited to be the heel, but I've seen him on other shows and he does seem to usually be on the arrogant side of confidence. Although, what a surprise, a head chef might be arrogant!
  8. I've got a base for a repeat of the spearmint-vanilla-choc chip ready to churn tonight. I got blocked out of most of my last batch due to my sister's fondness for it. I don't have to share it with her this time Cherries are on order and will be delivered on Saturday, so will try the Jeni's roasted cherry goat cheese ice cream this weekend.
  9. weezy


  10. I've decided the Jeni's base isn't pleasing to me. There's a plastic-y quality to the creaminess that doesn't suit me. I think it's the cornstarch slurry causing it.
  11. It was not my day for ice cream. Decided to do another coffee ice cream; I made a batch of decaf concentrate cold brew to flavor it, went with the B&J tempered egg base with a nod to the Jeni's with a bit of a cornstarch slurry and a dribble of light corn syrup, no cream cheese. It wasn't totally chilled thru when I went to churn it but I thought it was passable. Well, about 15 minutes into the spin, the power at my house went out for no apparent reason for long enough that the canister lost its freeze. Scraped it into a container and will spin again tonight. Was also baking a loaf of bread at the time and I missed the sweet spot and had the dough a bit on the wet side, and it semi-collapsed when the power went out. Kept the oven closed and my fingers crossed. The loaf is edible but doesn't look too good. Oh well.
  12. I don't plan to dine in until I'm vaccinated. Will be doing my restaurant support with take-out only.
  13. I made a peanut butter ice cream yesterday using the Jeni's ice cream base recipe -- it uses a small amount of cream cheese, light corn syrup and a cornstarch slurry, no eggs. Now, the peanut butter may have thrown things out of whack, and while the flavor was good, the texture is terribly gummy. With this one try using the base, I am not impressed. I may try again with a flavor that doesn't add so much solids and fat to the base mix and see what happens.
  14. Yesterday's experiment was spearmint-vanilla-chocolate chip using the B&J base recipe (steeped & strained the garden mint and tempered & cooked the egg custard). Totally chilled the base before churning and it set up very nicely and has a lovely texture. So damn good. The spearmint/vanilla is much less toothpaste-y than the typical peppermint. My sister is here for the weekend and this batch is more than half gone already. Also, I ordered the Jeni's book and it arrived yesterday, and there are a lot of tempting recipes in there that I will be exploring in the weeks to come. Already waiting for corn season so I can try the sweet corn blackberry ice cream.
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