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  1. First game of the season tonight, 2018 Championship banner is being hung from the rafters, and Tom Wilson is being hung out to dry by the player safety dept. with a 20 game suspension. That's a quarter of the regular season. His previous suspension was 5 games, so a 10-game suspension would have been a standard escalation, so the league is going to make him change his play or put him out of business.
  2. weezy

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    Young Frankenstein is my favorite of the Mel Brooks films and still ridiculously funny every time I see it Passion Fish The Birds Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile Spirited Away The Incredibles
  3. I'm actually reading this now for my bookclub's next meeting. It's a very easy read -- the author comes across as someone just sitting across the kitchen table from you, telling his story. I have some of those same Appalachian Scots-Irish roots and can see some of my heritage in the things he talked about, and also where my family diverged from his path.
  4. looks like we've reached the end of the corn at the market in Falls Church, anyway. Tomatoes are dwindling, the okra is starting to feel woody even when young & little. Lots of nice little potatoes and turnips and beets showing up, peaches fading and apples & pears coming on.
  5. I saw that and then made the mistake of reading in the comments. Folks are saying "but it's just a bunch of grapes, why get your knickers in a twist." As if they could lose a year's worth of their base salary.
  6. weezy


    I haven't seen them at Falls Church ever. I do have a friend near Atlanta who has a tree and is able to get about a dozen or so a year, but I don't think climate change will support them up here yet. Give it a decade or so and plant one.
  7. weezy

    What Are You Baking?

    I just submitted my Pillsbury Bake-Off entry, inspired by the blueberry peach coffee cake that I made for the picnic. It's open for entries until the 12th at noon Central time.
  8. weezy


    saw some on Sunday at Giant in Annandale. My store has moved them over to a smaller tropical fruits section that has the less sought-after fruits (near the bananas and salad bar), so maybe that's why you aren't spotting any where you typically shop
  9. Lunched today at Kabobistan, a new eatery in the Bradlick Plaza strip mall in Annandale. As the name implies, it's a kabob shop, but they also have a few other Afghani dishes on the menu. My sister and I tried a couple of those today; her, the quabili pilau, and me, the Afghan curryanee, both of us asked for lamb. Since the curry was being freshly made, they told me it was going to take about 20 minutes, and the owner, Joe -- who was making regular rounds of the dining area -- came by to tell us that he was going to make sure the two plates came out together and brought us each a small bowl of soup, gratis, to enjoy while we waited. It was a nice homestyle veggie soup with a bit of pasta and chickpeas and a little spicy heat to it. The grilled meats smelled great and the place was doing a good business, both eat in and carry-out, while we waited. Of the two dishes we ordered, I think my sister's was better. The rice was done with raisins and carrots, the spinach was simple, very mildly seasoned and good, and the pilau was tasty although a rather unappetizing greige color. My curry was tasty but very oily; when finished, there was probably 1/3 cup or more of oil in the plate. Mine came with Afghan naan style bread that was excellent, freshly baked, a bit of char and tender-chewy. They have red sauce and green sauce at the table, both vinegary and the green hotter than the red. Both our plates came with a side of mast-o-khyer, and I have to say, tearing off a hunk of that good naan, spreading a little mast-o-khyer on it and toppign it with some curry was just about a perfect bite. I also heard Joe talking to another table that he was hoping to get the space next door because he thought that restaurant was going out of business. That surprised me, because next door is Thai by Thai, which I thought was pretty solid, but walking by as we left after lunch, I looked in the window and didn't see a single person in there. Kabobistan has cramped seating for about 30, and the kitchen is so tiny that it can get backed up just because there's no place to plate more than one meal at a time. Will go back soon and try some of the kabobs. That's what most folks were getting, and as I said, they smelled great while cooking.
  10. weezy

    Caboose Brewing Co. in Vienna

    Mosaic District location opening very soon. The patio tables were set up outside as of Saturday and everything looks ready to go. It's just outside the main Mosaic quadrant, at Strawberry & Eskridge, across the street just west of MOM's.
  11. Maybe they can turn it into an event space? That way they still get some utilization of the kitchens and don't have to depend on day-to-day retail foot traffic to drive revenues.
  12. weezy

    STOP Signs - What Do You Do When You Reach One?

    If you're ever traveling in Roanoke and getting on I-581, be forewarned: I have never found anywhere worse in my life for people stopping on a highway entry acceleration lane. I can't count the number of times I've had to stand on my brakes to avoid hitting these idiots.
  13. But that's because it's in Tyson's Corner Center. The anchors in Galleria are Neiman Marcus, Saks and Macy's.
  14. Put all the kiddie stuff up there and then have ancillary shops with things that the parents can grab in a hurry for themselves, or make it the teen gathering area
  15. stopped at the Mosaic District location of District Dumplings today. The location is down a short side street where Brine is on the corner, then a Cheesetique has opened there as well, and then the dumpling shop. They have a nice mix-and-match option of 10 dumplings for $10 ($1 extra per Peking duck dumpling) and a nice variety to pick from, standard crescent shaped dumplings as well as shumai in the mix-and-match for $10, plus they have soup dumplings. I went with a mixed batch of standard dumplings, steamed: chicken & basil, kale, pork & celery, and bulgogi. The wrappers are nice and thin, slippery and lightly chewy. I thought the fillings were pretty good, with the chicken and basil being my favorite and the bulgogi being my least favorite -- mostly a texture thing, since it had little chunks of meat and air pockets, where they other dumplings had ground-up fillings for a more homogeneous texture against the wrapper. Sauces were sriracha, Kikkoman soy, and hoisin sauce. I wish they had a ponzu sauce. They are cooked to order, so it was about 15-20 minutes for my order to be brought to the table. A sign on the register noted when the place is busy, it can take 30-40 minutes to get an order to the table. You can see most of the kitchen while standing at the register and it's easy to see that a busy restaurant could back up quickly. There isn't a lot of seating, maybe 30 or so inside, and a couple of 2-tops on the patio outside. The staff is friendly and helpful. All in all, a nice stop for a $10 lunch.