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  1. Have a client who is considering starting a business importing (probably from China, maybe Thailand) and reselling custom designed tableware through Amazon Marketplace. Anyone here have any knowledge in this area? Thanks.
  2. You can probably order through Stachowski or Springfield Butcher.
  3. 8/31 and 9/1 would be Labor Day Weekend, so probably not so many folks around then. All the others, I'm good with.
  4. I think they use instagram or twitter instead. I prefer the forum format because you can have sustained and in-depth conversations on a topic and it's easy to look back at older conversations. Instagram and Twitter, everything gets buried quickly and I don't find either of them easy to sort through.
  5. There was a shout-out to donrockwell.com in today's online chat. https://live.washingtonpost.com/ask-tom-0710.html
  6. Toigo has yellow & white peaches, yellow & white nectarines, apricots and yellow plums this week. Field grown tomatoes everywhere @ $3/lb -- very happy to see a lot of stands selling the pink tomatoes this year, which are my favorites. Squashes & eggplants around $2.50/lb. Corn, white or bicolor, but not the Mirai variety, @ .75 ear or 3/$2. Valentine's is sellign fresh, never frozen chickens. And all the usual suspects.
  7. I have friends who live in Old Town and dine out frequently, lovers of Italian cuisine. They pass up Hank's Pasta Bar. They say at best it's middling cuisine. The cocktails can be pretty good, but the food is nothing memorable.
  8. Don't know if this is still true or not, but it used to be that Silverado had the highest profit margin of any of them -- probably due to lower rents & smaller size for said wholly unattractive strip mall location.
  9. For Italian, A La Lucia, on Madison and? N. Royal, I think. A bit worn around the edges, but the food is consistently good, and the service warm and relaxed. And if you have room for dessert, excellent pistachio gelato. Also, parking is a bit easier up at that end of town. And Bastille for French, I think a little pricier. On the west side of Old Town, Oronoco or Princess and.....Fayette?
  10. Made the corn cookies from Christina Tosi's Milkbar, on the strength of the recommendation of a Facebook friend. My bookclub loved them. https://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/corn-cookies-2106482
  11. Cafe 44 in Canal Center. They serve Starbucks coffee, and they do have iced.
  12. Toigo is pretty much the last of the strawberry sellers, now $6/pint or 2/$10. Smith Valley's hens still aren't producing, so no eggs there. Valentine's has fresh, never frozen chicken this week. Lots of hothouse tomatoes available now. Most everybody has regular green beans, a few have yellow and flat roma beans. Beets are big and beautiful all over the market, lots of garlic scapes, lots of young onions, lots of squash. Also saw a couple of stands with okra.
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