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  1. weezy

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    Forgot a couple that I really liked, but haven't seen in ages so don't know if they hold up. What's Eating Gilbert Grape? A break-out film for both Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Depp (Gilbert of the title) a teenager in a nowhere town with a nothing job trying to hold together a family straining under the loads of grief and poverty, with a brother (DiCaprio) with developmental disabilities and morbidly obese housebound mother. Bagdad Cafe -- an isolated desert gas station/diner/motel whose inhabitants/regulars are changed by the arrival of a German tourist after she leaves/is dumped by her husband nearby.
  2. Bug or Bird Bingo. Gorgeous, fun and holds up well and the kids & adults can enjoy together.
  3. A new season has started on Top Chef. They're centered in Louisville KY for this season and we have a local chef to root for, Eric Adejpong, who formerly worked at Kith/Kin but now owns a catering company. He's made it through the first round.
  4. weezy


    Try the pita at Cava; it's the fluffy style. I'm sure they would be happy to sell you a stack of them.
  5. Great show of sportsmanship by Ovi in last night's game, where Price's magnificent stop kept Ovechkin from getting a hat trick and getting the game winning goal. Caps went on to win in OT, but this was the highlight of the night.
  6. The Wilson saga, for now, is over. He's back, in great shape, and opening up holes in the opposition's D, scoring, fighting, doing all the things he supposed to do. And in the meantime, Holtby is out day-to-day with a upper body injury sustained in practice (puck to the neck?), Oshie is out day-to-day with an upper body injury (shoulder? concussion?) from a nasty hit that got the opponent an $8700 fine but no suspension, and Kuznetzov is out upper body day-to-day (concussion? neck?) from an elbow to the head that got a 2-minute penalty and no supplemental discipline at all. The good news is that our new back-up goalie, Phoenix Copley, is good and getting better with all these starts. Game tonight against the Avalanche, where he gets to square off against our former back-up, Philip Grubauer.
  7. weezy


    Cava hummus, regular and red pepper, seen in the Annandale Giant store this past Sunday. Unfortunately, not the baba ghanoush.
  8. use some mixed with plenty of hot sauce and olive oil and toss veggies in it to roast, serve with a dollop of sour cream on top, sort of a riff on Buffalo wings for veggies
  9. weezy

    Best spot to have Brunch in the District?

    Unconventional Diner is worth checking out
  10. weezy

    Tiki flowers

    I would try calling a few of the higher end restaurants near you and asking if you can buy some from them, or Alexandria Pastry Shop because they may have them in to garnish wedding cakes.
  11. First game of the season tonight, 2018 Championship banner is being hung from the rafters, and Tom Wilson is being hung out to dry by the player safety dept. with a 20 game suspension. That's a quarter of the regular season. His previous suspension was 5 games, so a 10-game suspension would have been a standard escalation, so the league is going to make him change his play or put him out of business.
  12. weezy

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    Young Frankenstein is my favorite of the Mel Brooks films and still ridiculously funny every time I see it Passion Fish The Birds Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile Spirited Away The Incredibles
  13. I'm actually reading this now for my bookclub's next meeting. It's a very easy read -- the author comes across as someone just sitting across the kitchen table from you, telling his story. I have some of those same Appalachian Scots-Irish roots and can see some of my heritage in the things he talked about, and also where my family diverged from his path.