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  1. You're welcome, and thanks for bringing the supplies and the tablet! BTW, anyone need masa harina? I've got lots and lots of leftovers, more than I'll use in any reasonable amount of time ( the Milk Bar corn cookies use some in that recipe).
  2. Just FYI, for all their winning, the Caps haven't had their full, healthy roster on ice one time thus far this season. Tonight's game will be the first time ALL the team will be healthy and ready to hit the ice. Coach Rierden is keeping the Oshie-Kuzy-Vrana line together because they have created some great chemistry, and Backstrom will be centering Ovechkin & Wilson. Puck drop at 7:00 tonight.
  3. The photos are in reverse order. I think it was a pretty successful attempt by a bunch of newcomers to the process. We tried two different types of masa, one with less lard and spiced with cumin, chili powder and onion powder, one with a lot more lard (2 cups compared to 3/4 cup for the first dough) and unspiced. The spiced masa was tastier, but the texture of the lardier one was very nice. In future, I'd probably split the different on the amount of lard and definitely add the spices. The fillings were pork with a mild red chili sauce that was tasty but a bit bland, and the other was supposed to be a chicken verde that I had a total brain fart on and ended up winging the sauce with a can of fire-roasted Rotel, a juiced lime, chicken stock, about 3/4 cup of chopped cilantro. Had the gang taste test and we all felt it was rather meh, so tarted the whole thing up with another juiced lime, a big pinch of salt and about 2 tablespoons of siracha. The chicken filling was definitely the winner of the two once the tamales were cooked. the Instant Pots did a great job, 20 minutes after they got up to pressure, and we ended up with maybe 85-100 or so tamales. 2 and 1/2 InstantPot-fulls. So, no single "perfect" tamale, but certainly the knowledge to make some really great chicken ones in the future. Many thanks to the participants. A lot of fun, a lot of learning, a lot of good food and camaraderie. Oh, and Eric's bringing the tablet was invaluable in this process, special shout-out for that (what model / size is that, btw?, I think I'm in love with it).
  4. Caps finished their California road trip / west coast swing undefeated. That's the first time in franchise history. All four games, all played without Backstrom and some without Hagelin, but Hags was cleared to play again and made his presence felt immediately. These guys look even better than the Stanley Cup winning team. Carlson is one of the league leaders in total points while being the leader in time on ice for the team and still playing stellar defense. #JohnnyforNorris. Ovechkin is currently on pace for another 50-goal season. Kuzy is contributing every shift. They are just a joy to watch right now!
  5. I think some start with pouring boiling water on them and some start with room temp water. I say we go with the boiling water, and once they're sufficiently soft, we can move them to cold water for safe handling.
  6. looks like 1 pound of lard total, 10 cups of masa (4.5 pounds) and 100 - 120 corn husks (according to Google, there are 80-100 husks in an 8-ounce package, so 12 ounces of husks). Thanks so much for doing this!
  7. https://www.food.com/recipe/traditional-tamales-pork-15286 This is the pork tamale recipe I plan to use, and I have everything for this except the masa harina, lard and corn husks. I don't have the red sauce chilis that are in the linked recipe inside the link I posted, but I have the rest of the ingredients. So it looks like a one-stop shop to pick up all the ingredients. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/green-chile-chicken-tamales-108055 This is the green chile chicken tamale recipe, easy enough with the rotisserie chicken.
  8. I'm not sure, either! My recipes are at home, so I can post them / links to them later today and let you know what I have / don't have yet, and we can go from there. I guess, bring your preferred libation. I'll have iced tea made. And something for snacking because it will take a few hours before we've got tamales ready to eat.
  9. Me my sister Daniel +1 Eric Steve +1 Kate (late) DIShGo So, 9 so far, still room for a few more.
  10. thanks for the shout-out, Don. FYI, I do not sharpen CutCo knives. They have a D-shaped serration that makes it useless for standard hones to work on them. However, the company does sharpen for free, just S&H to send them back & forth.
  11. I'm in Annandale inside the Beltway between Braddock & LRT exits. Still figuring that out. Since the fillings have to be cooled, I think I'll need to make at least one of those the day before. I can do a second in the Instant Pot that morning. So off the top of my head, that leaves the masa or masa harina, lard, corn husks, and then things for us to nibble on b/c it takes a couple of hours for the tamales to steam cook.
  12. Okay, we'll make a go of it on the 8th, say arrive 1:30-2:00 ish and go from there. I saw a good looking pork filling recipe, but wondering if we should do a chicken as well? Me my sister Daniel Eric Steve Kate (late) Anyone doing a +1 or more?
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