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  1. Stopped here last night to pick up some cumin lamb tacos at Balo Kitchen to go. Pretty early, about 6:00, and I'm happy to report there was good social distancing, mask wearing, and sanitizing going on throughout the facility. As for the food, the tacos are served on roti flatbread; they were tasty and traveled well, but I think I like the pork belly tacos just a little bit better.
  2. Have you been noticing the graphs on the front page of the Post online edition of states with the highest rates? North Dakota has been going steeply up since July 4, but for the past couple of weeks it was rising thru the high 40s- 50s cases per 100k population, but 4 days ago it was 56, 3 days ago 58, 2 days ago 60, this morning 66. I know it's not a very populous state, but I wonder why we aren't hearing anything about such a rural, spread-out state having such an exploding rate of spread.
  3. Wasted peaches, sorry to say. Not much flavor, texture was gritty and just unpleasant. The muffin mix never absorbed the peach juices or steam while baking covered or the butter dotted on top. Obviously that needed to be mixed up and treated more as a clafoutis than a dump cake.
  4. woke up too early this morning, discovered my peaches needed to be used stat, checked the pantry, ended up using a Jiffy cornbread mix and doctored it with some extra sugar, and made a small peach dump cake with a sweet cornbread top. Smells great. I'll find out tonight if it was more of a waste of peaches than just tossing them out
  5. had some cream and milk I wanted to use up, but it turned out I was low on sugar. So I used brown sugar and made a batch of ice cream using a tempered B&J base to which I added about 1/3 cup natural cocoa, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cayenne, and 1 tsp fresh ground black cardamom. I'm calling it Bollywood chocolate. The fresh cardamom really sings with the chocolate, but it's so strong it drowned out the cinnamon. I would reduce it to 1/2 tsp in future batches. Otherwise, I think it rocks.
  6. Made a basil ice cream using the B&J base and steeping a big sprig of fresh basil in the cream. It is marvelous with fresh peaches.
  7. Boswell savages the Caps management and players in his online chat today https://live.washingtonpost.com/ask-boswell-20200824.html?hpid=hp_rightrailtwo-4-4-12-12_live-chat-new-2020%3Ahomepage%2Fstory-ans&itid=hp_rightrailtwo-4-4-12-12_live-chat-new-2020%3Ahomepage%2Fstory-ans It was disgusting (to me) to watch. I've seen every minute of the Caps past two post-seasons and more than 50 of their regular-=season games --yes, I watch them a lot more than I write about them-- and, except in '17-'18 after Trotz got all over their asses-- they have always been in love with their own tale
  8. Well, they stunk up the place again last night. D played pretty well, but couldn't get any offense generated. Kudos to Trotz for keeping his young group disciplined. Probably our last time seeing Holtby in a Caps jersey. Rumors about Rierden being canned. We definitely need a mini-rebuild, and have to see what Seattle picks from us -- rumor there is they will grab TJ Oshie to captain the new team.
  9. That's my guess. Although the cinnamon style with dark chili chocolate makes much better s'mores.
  10. Finally, they woke up and started playing their own game again! Looked dismal for the first 10-15 minutes, then an Isles player slashed Ovi on the back of the legs and Ovi got him in a headlock. Here's the thing, Ovechkin hits, and hits hard in a game, but rarely, rarely fights. For him to headlock that guy meant he was very angry, and a mad Ovi is a scoring Ovi. And score he did, twice, one from his office and one on a drive down the ice. Kuzy also got a silky goal swerving around defenders and deftly popping the puck over the goalie's leg on the far side. Nice write-up with video c
  11. A Mexican street food shop located at the Shops at Mark Center off Beauregard in Alexandria https://www.taqueriapicoso.com/ Picked up some take-out last night. It's a nicely decorated place, tables are well spaced and everyone was using good safety techniques. It was on the early side, about 5:45, and only 1 small group plus 1 other person waiting for take-out were there. My sister and I tried the lamb taco, brisket tacos and pulled pork taco, as well as the rice & beans and the corn. As packed to go, the double tortilla tacos are stuffed with the meat and rolled in paper, with th
  12. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-to-find-historic-cookbooks Great article about the woman who compiled a gigantic historic cookbook database
  13. A beautiful start to the game that quickly devolved into sloppy, useless play. On one power play, the Isles cleared the puck 7 times in a row with the Caps chasing the puck out of their D-zone the entire two minutes. Orlov is playing on his opposite side, and he's notorious for making lousy plays on his good side and that is now compounded with him working off his backhand all the time. Far too many hail Mary passes to try to move up the ice, instead of controlled, short passes bringing all the forwards up together. And for Pete's sake, TWO penalties called for too many men on the ice. La
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