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  1. The Crispy Pommes Anna on the current menu is outstanding! I would go to the bar just to get that...assuming they serve it at the bar. Great for sharing if you're willing to after the first bite.
  2. @eatruneat and I decided last minute to go out for dinner and were hoping to try a new place that we could walk in to. We decided to see if we could get a table at Unconventional Diner thinking we could always go to the bar at Corduroy for their wonderful 3-for-$30 deal if the wait was too long. We walked in and were greeted by the nice hostess who informed us it would be about 20 minutes for a table and that we could wait at the bar. We headed over to the bar and after waiting on one of the bartenders to finish his pontification of the state of craft beer brewing in the US we were able to order glasses of wine from their nice selection. Not long after we received a text saying our table was ready, so we settled up at the bar and sat down at our table. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. After waiting what seemed like a long time our waiter appeared out of nowhere and dropped off the menus. He then dashed off to another table where he proceeded to talk their ears off and then scurried back to our table to see if we were ready to order. Barely having enough time to go over the menu we said we needed a few more minutes, which caused him to start rambling on about what things on the menu were his favorites and then disappeared again to another table. He reappeared at our table, wrote down our order at a feverish pace and bolted for the terminal to put in our order. Soon after we received the our order of shiitake spring rolls appeared along with the waiter and his inquiries of how the food was. Since we hadn't had a chance to sample anything I said 'great'. The waiter smiled and took off. The spring rolls actually were great and @eatruneat's favorite dish of the evening. Next came the iceberg salad which has a wonderfully savory bacon jam and the Everything Lox, my favorite, and a little reminiscent of getting bagels and lox in NYC. While waiting on the next I remarked to @eatruneat that the waiter seemed like his was bouncing between tables like a high velocity pinball considering he only had a booth, a four-top, and our two-top in his section. He appeared again, refilled our water and then took off to do the same for his other tables. After our three appetizers, we were pretty full, but ventured on as our next two items then arrived at the table: stir fried okra and broccolini and the meatloaf. The okra and broccolini were cooked well and had nice heat to them, but the sauce was overwhelming and the dish had way more rice than the description alludes to. The meatloaf had a sriracha glaze that could have used more sriracha. The morel gravy that was served with the mashed potatoes was great. We ended up packing most of this dish to go, but looking back, I'm unsure if it was worth the $25 price tag. The waiter then appeared out of nowhere again and asked if we were done. We said we were and he scrambled to get our check as fast as he could. I gave him my card and he darted for the terminal once more. Returning our check, he thanked us for dining with them and sped off to one of his other tables. In all, the food was good and the service was okay. Not our favorite place in the neighborhood, so we are unlikely to go back unless we can't get a seat elsewhere.
  3. I would also like to add that our server, whose name I believe is John and can be identified by his hibiscus adorned shirt - was a delight.
  4. Daylight Savings Time dinner was a brined and roasted pork tenderloin from Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home served with lemon oregano potatoes (a favorite of mine) and braised red cabbage (butter, chicken stock, red wine, and red wine vinegar). A great meal for daylight savings time as it was not a lot of work yet resulted in an amazing dinner.
  5. Maybe I just hadn't had proper dan dan noodles, but the ones from Panda Gourmet blew me away. Amazing! Glad @eatruneat made the suggestion
  6. So long, Table. @eatruneat and I had one our first and most memorable dates there. Thank you for the memory. I hope the staff all land on their feet.
  7. It truly was a great time with @eatruneat. @CanY and his staff are at the top of their game and there wasn't a moment that we wanted for anything. As always, the fish was fresh and amazing. Especially the amberjack. I would have eaten the entire fish if I had any room after the wonderful variety of sushi that came before and after it. I know there are other, more expensive sushi restaurants in town, but I can't imagine what they could possibly do better than the team at Sushi Ogawa. We'll be back soon
  8. I saw the tweet come across a few hours ago and it looks like they're almost full...if not completely full by now... Osteria Morini, D.C. @OsteriaMoriniDC 2h Thanks for spreading the word @Eater_DC ! We just opened the last 20 reservations! Hope to see you there! dc.eater.com/2016/12/7/1386…
  9. Now that the baseball season is over, I want to know when Morini Mondays are coming back. Seems like they're a little late considering when it started last year. It's been too long since @eatruneat and I have enjoyed a meal there
  10. With very few food trucks out today and none of them sounding appealing, I decided to try out the fried chicken plate from Bantam King for lunch. I got mine to go and was pleasantly surprised with how crispy the chicken was when I got back to the office ten minutes later despite having the sauce drizzled on top. The piece of chicken was enormous and along with the tofu soup and chicken drippings rice made a great lunch. Will definitely be back for more.
  11. If you like your pho...and I mean really like your pho, then Pho Hoa is not to be missed. The delicious pho and great sparkling 'limeade' more than makes up for what might be the worst restaurant parking lot to be found on earth. I also second Snooze - if you can get a table - and La Vecindad for outstanding ceviche. The only thing @eatruneat left out was In-N-Out Burger! Even though the fries suck, it's always a treat for me when on the west coast.
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