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  1. Hersh's and Thames St Oyster House are sure things. I've heard good things about the pastas at Tagliata. Ekiben, Kippo Ramen, and Tortilleria Sinaloa for cheap eats around Fells, Pop Tacos in Fed Hill. Chez Hugo and Puerto 511 are good bets downtown.
  2. Chef Monnier comes from the late Arômes, and his latest venture brings his take on seasonal French bistro fare to the heart of Baltimore. I'm mostly a skeptic of Restaurant Week, but the dinner I had here last week was a tantalizing taste of what Chez Hugo offers. I started with a refreshing tomato gazpacho which was the right balance of sweet and tart, and paired nicely with a very good order of gougères. Next was a lamb murguez sausage, which was fantastic - tender, juicy, and spicy, with that unmistakable lamb flavor. This came on a bed of couscous with parsley, golden raisins, and a harissa yogurt sauce, unadventurous but a good complement to the sausage. Dessert was a poached peach on a sweet biscuit with vanilla ice cream which was just OK. Tastes of my companions dishes were mixed as well. The escargot appetizer and monkfish entree were very fresh, but a little too clean-tasting and could have used more aggressive seasoning. The steak frites and accompanying green peppercorn sauce were perfect, however. Overall, for a Restaurant Week meal I thought Chez Hugo did a good job of balancing a creative and affordable menu, and there were enough strong components that I'd like to come back to try them at their best.
  3. Parts & Labor is now closed, but the bar will be open Wed-Sun for the next 60 days. The bar will serve drinks and a changing food menu, which will be posted daily on their Instagram. Specials could include a fish fry or whole pig roast(!)
  4. Salt Tavern is closing on August 13th (Joanna Sullivan, Baltimore Business Journal). It will become a special events venue.
  5. Definitely a place that deserves more love when it's on. The lobster purses are excellent, but I thought the showstealer was an eggplant puree served with a few dishes, rich, smoky, and sweet, and according to our waiter prepared fresh by Chef Yannick over several hours each day. Most entrees combined a perfect classically cooked protein with an interesting and visually stunning accompaniment, such as lamb saddle with a mini mushroom and zucchini cake, or seared scallions and turbot with pea coulis and morels. Wonderful elevated French bistro fare in a quaint Bethesda townhome; the second story dining room, complete with decorative kitchen, felt like we were guests at a dinner party.
  6. The Fed Hill location in Baltimore is very solid, mostly known for their build-your-own-burger menu and rotating exotic meats (wild boar, alligator, kangaroo, etc.). I'm usually happy with their regular beef patty on a pretzel bun. One quibble is they upcharge to substitute any side for the default chips, which is a bit galling when you paid $3.50 extra for a "house salad" consisting of nothing more than chopped up burger toppings.
  7. Shaho

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Not sure what I'm bringing yet, but I'll definitely be there! The tomato tasting sounds fantastic.
  8. Reaching into the past here, but there's a Maiwand Grill with locations in Baltimore and Burtonsville, which seems to be unaffiliated with Maiwand Kabob (5 area locations) as far as I can tell. That said, the Maiwand Grill in Baltimore City is a fantastic restaurant. The hummus and pumpkin with ground beef were on point, and the kabob entrees are amazing deals for the amount and quality of food (~$10 with bread, rice, salad, and spicy green chutney). The kofta kabob and chicken malai (marinated in sour cream and butter with ginger, garlic and fresh coriander leaves) kabobs I tried are incredibly tender and flavorful. The chicken malai, in particular, is dry grilled but still juicy, with a nice mild herby flavor that pairs great with the chutney. Definitely will be my go to whenever I'm in the Hippodrome/Royal Farms Arena area.
  9. Jack's Bistro closed in January (Wesley Case, baltimoresun.com). Chef Ted Stelzenmuller opened The Regal Beagle cocktail bar in its place in April, and is running his new restaurant Blair's on Hudson nearby.
  10. As a proud former Laurel resident, I've been remiss in not spreading the word about this gem. Tacqueria Los Primos seems to be fairly new, with Yelp reviews spanning back to 2016, as I regretfully hadn't heard of it before moving away. They were packed out the door with hispanic families when I went on a Saturday night, which is of course how I knew they would be good. Part of this is their layout, where you order at a counter directly facing the entrance before getting a number and making your way to a table, which creates a logjam between people coming in and out; nevertheless, the place was popping. Four tacos will run you 8 dollars, and they come loaded with cilantro and onions, with radishes, limes, and interestingly enough thick cucumber slices on the side. The tacos themselves were rock solid (think I had al pastor, lengua, tripe, and chorizo). Other customers seemed to be enjoying their tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, and other staples. Delicious, authentic, cheap, big portions, what's not to like? Just the fact that I can't pick this up on the way home every night anymore.
  11. Love the food, drinks, and vibe of this place. Happy hour (weekdays from 5-7) is $4 off queso and margaritas. Get there early, because this place can fill up in a flash. The queso and homemade chips are a match made heaven, even if I needed a fork to scrape the last bits of crispy cheese crust from the pan. The cochinita pibil tacos were the best version of those I've had, and the lengua holds its own against any tacqueria in the area. My only quibble is that their tacos could benefit from a second tortilla, as they can fall apart if you let the liquids stew (my fault for not eating the huitlacoche faster). Both flavors of ceviche I tried (Sinaloese and Aguachile Rojo) were excellent, bright flavors and fresh seafood. These come with even more chips so be careful about filling up too early - we ended up with with an entire untouched tray.