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  1. The jessup fish market is open to public, it's 2 dollars per car to enter.
  2. Fish market in jessup is open from 6am to 10am, I think it's 2 bucks to enter. The fish there is always pretty good
  3. Try adding a cap or two of vinegar to the water, and also having about 6" deep water helps the white to surround the yolk as it sinks to bottom. For some more intense information maybe reference the science and lore of the kitchen by Harold McGee
  4. Has anyone been to Olive On Main? The beer list is pretty awesome, the wine list could be better but the food I had was pretty great, we got a platter of falafel and hummus which came with warm grilled pita and was very good and plenty for 6 bucks. Then we had a Greek salad which needs some work both in dressing and ingredients, but for entrees I had the lamb chops(16.95) with two sides, four lamb chops grilled perfect medium and highly marinated and seasoned with olive oil and garlic mashed potatoes and very proper cooked green beans. My lady got a grilled kabob plate with sumac rice and some
  5. I'd suggest wrapping them in cheese cloth to make broth with, in my younger days I ruined a few nice pots at work by having the cheese melt down and stick to bottom of pot then cool and it was impossible to get off. Literally impossible.
  6. We raise chickens at home and always set aside a few dozen eggs for deviled eggs in the fridge. This is done to let them age a bit as a super fresh egg will always be difficult to peel. Along with that I just start with cold salty water and add the eggs and bring to a boil, then cut it off and let sit for about 8 min. This is done with about an inch covering( meaning if you had a lot of water and a few eggs or vice versa you'd adjust your time) of water. Then dump off hot water and run cold on them while peeling, they'll peel easier hot. I tap each end on counter then roll and they pop right o
  7. But if you had some bodies in a truck the Marshals would probably be looking for you!
  8. The problem with really cheap cuts is you have to order a lot, lamb neck for me doesn't break and the case is 50 lbs. They're probably in the same boat with that.
  9. Right up past maple lawn at intersection of 216 and 108 is an old school grocery and butcher shop. They make their own sausage(outstanding) and bacon which is ok. They also make breakfast sandwiches on martins potato buns( but the egg is that pre made stuff) I get a sausage and cheese and go home and fry up an egg from my chicken coop. On Sundays they have coffee out for the taking. The beef is pretty good there and they have a lot of lunch sandwiches on offer too. And they always have some local veggies or fruit. It's my day off morning routine.
  10. Ok so his name is Dave and he's an awarded champion bbq'r. Pretty sure he's retired and sits out on Dorsey run where the Marc is kinda going back towards the highway. He's there monday to Friday from about 9-12. He sells out fast as there is a lot of trucker traffic early. His bbq pork on Mondays is so good you need to get 2 so you can eat one on the way home and not be upset you don't have any when you wanna sit infront of the tv. He lives in settlers landing right up by me. He makes his own rubs and sauce too. Tomorrow he's got chicken breast which were perfectly cooked last time I went. Act
  11. Had my first ever butter chicken here yesterday after a trip down to old ellicot city to buy some old glass for a door were building. How have I never had this before! No seriously it was very good and was ready fast. A solid choice if your on the run. They bumped the prices up a buck across the board but for 7 bucks I got a pretty sizeable plate with rice and salad. I still go here pretty much every Monday for a gyro, still rocks.
  12. You gotta get the dan dan noodles and the Taiwanese style fish. Also if you are really really hungry or have a lot of people the salted fish and chicken fried rice was a massive plate of awesome
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