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  1. alan7147

    Dino is Hiring

    And to those who dropped a lot of $$$$ at your place back in the day and rented out half your restaurant for a private event.
  2. Thanks Fiola for displaying such utter incompetence in losing my reservation for tomorrow night that I am now screwed for my anniversary. Also big props to management for never returning my call to further discuss the situation. I will sure to run back here in the future.
  3. alan7147

    What Are You Drinking Right Now?

    2009 Jeroboam of C de la R Tardive w a couple of buddies. It's a baby but I don't give a shit. RIP JD.
  4. alan7147

    Oak and Godello

    Weird... That dosen't sound like a Jose Pastor wine to me. I had the 2008 a couple of times and really enjoyed it.
  5. alan7147

    Bell's Beers

  6. alan7147


    Blacksalt usually has great quality Uni
  7. alan7147

    Black Cod / Sablefish

    Blacksalt had it last Saturday
  8. alan7147

    Age Discrimination in Restaurants

    Funny...I was just looking at the IALW thread and saw this....
  9. alan7147

    Cans or Bottles?

    Closet I have seen it is at Perfect Pour in Columbia. Awesome store, btw.
  10. alan7147

    What Are You Drinking Right Now?

    Funky, oxidized 12 year old rose. 1998 LdH Tondonia.
  11. Well....Did you know that my son plays T-ball with Bob Kinkead's son and I happen to think that Kinkead's blows PassionFish away.