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  1. Sorry, I just to come “back” to agree and echo Eric’s sentiments. Sorry Trelayne
  2. Thanks Fiola for displaying such utter incompetence in losing my reservation for tomorrow night that I am now screwed for my anniversary. Also big props to management for never returning my call to further discuss the situation. I will sure to run back here in the future.
  3. 2009 Jeroboam of C de la R Tardive w a couple of buddies. It's a baby but I don't give a shit. RIP JD.
  4. Funky, oxidized 12 year old rose. 1998 LdH Tondonia.
  5. Well....Did you know that my son plays T-ball with Bob Kinkead's son and I happen to think that Kinkead's blows PassionFish away.
  6. Ha Ha, that is Jason Perlow. Be careful what you say as he has an account here. I also recall that several people on this board received slaps on the wrists a few years back for comparing his head to a basketball and talking about how visually undesirable he was....
  7. $18.99 at Rodman's on Wisconsin
  8. Keith is admirably holding the place down until Scotty's replacement starts. I believe either this coming week or next. Hint hint he is from NYC.
  9. Michel Chignard 2007 Fleurie "Les Moriers" 2007. To be followed up by some delicious Château de Castex 15 yr Armagnac from Alchemist. Gordon Wright is the man.
  10. 2006 Drunken Nights by Monsieur et Madame Breton.
  11. I've seen them at Rodman's (the DC one), Chevy Chase Wine, Cleveland Park Wine and The Wine Specialist (though Timmy is gone now so can't vouch for their current quality of selections).
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