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  1. To Wilma Roumel, my original landlord at Colonial Village, who took a chance on me (in the dark shadows of 9/11) just over twelve years ago, when no one else would, and who remained a growing friend throughout her long illness--and to whom I hope I remained a source of pride and support in return as long as her diminishing awareness allowed (while hoping she was never aware of what her legacy had become).
  2. Despite the name confusion, and perhaps the format confusion, Ray's To The Third serves all of the original Ray's Hell Burger menu--with perhaps the absence of Epoisse as a cheese option. I know it may seem lesser due to all of the additional options, but trust me, it is the same product and the same original staff producing the same burger. That being said, I know it is not the same. It is not the same, it will never be the same, and it breaks my heart too. On a positive note, we continue to, as we always have, offer a significant discount to all military, police and first responders
  3. Well, truth be told, my coinage of "pas de folie a deux" alone should make the post un-deletable...
  4. Great news! (Well, for me at least...): We can finally move forward and complete the long-stalled project on K Street--which some of you may or may not have been aware of--which has been in a weird sort of limbo for some time now. You see, back in November/December 2012 we were about 90% done with the project--everything but the cosmetics and furniture and cooking equipment pretty much--when during our inspections for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing phase of the construction (the heavy-lifting, heavy-duty infrastructure stuff) it was discovered the landlord had not obtained permit
  5. I could not be happier for Elliot and Nick, and I could not be happier for any legacy to be passed into better hands (comma splice and dangling participle for all you prescriptive grammarians arguing on other threads), but still: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZcA3kiaQb0
  6. If ever a time cried out for a hero, that time is now. Where, oh where, is this brave jongleur to weave his magic healing of song and bring nature back into it's sweet harmony? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlAoHaQbJkI I think we can safely say that the debate between who the more prophetic of folk singers was, Donovan or Dylan, is now unequivocally settled.
  7. Sorry Don, I guess I just assumed that more people would automatically make the connection to this, musically: Maybe I just grew up with too many Gulag stories in my head.
  8. "People Obsessed With The Piano" for 500, Alex: As an added bonus, and to tie into another thread, a $100 GC to anyone who comes up with a passable translation.[Editor's Note: Six incomprehensible posts merged together, and three apparently completely erroneous attempts at using Google Translate deleted - ML, for those of us Nasty Goys, could you at least tell us what this is so we can have some sort of clue? Piano-obsessed, yes, but it is my musical medium and it's possible for someone to have a stab at comprehending it without having attended Hebrew School for ten years. This, despi
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAa0e7apG20 I am so sad to realize that what I always thought was the most beautiful line in this song: "Hetzi olam b'tochak mitkayam (Inside of you half of the world exists, or Half of the whole world is there inside you)" is really "Hetzi olam b'dochek mitkayam (Half the world is pushed up on itself, or Half the world lives crammed together)". I will go back to believing the first version in my mind, a love song from father and son to a mother who is not there, as shown in the video.
  10. I am so going to such a special hell for this, but... Man do I wish my girlfriend's hands were that small!
  11. And if it helps to convince you Don, just think of it as something you are already comfortable with--simply put, you could be the youporn of food, wine and dining.
  12. Don Rockwell, the individual, DonRockwell.com, the (relatively) open discourse forum, and the incipient dcdining.com are, collectively, the single most valuable food, dining, culture and community resource this town has ever--or will ever--see. However, it has lost its ability to revolutionize, democratize, innovate, stimulate, and engage the passionate dining, committed farmer and producer, foodways explorer, superlative home cook, wine and drink enthusiast (at all levels), and quality restaurant professional communities, having lost out to the "reach" of Yelp and Eater, the shamelessness of
  13. Note to those still keeping track, expert or amateur, or the even fewer who don't become automatically sick or disinterested at any and all things related to Ray's and/or its owner: The default judgement referenced above was set aside for failure to serve proper notice of the hearing, and an actual hearing with both parties involved has been scheduled for June 6 in General District Court, unless it is joined to our prior, pre-existing Claim filed in Circuit Court back in November 2012. I've often wondered, when in regards to reputation and integrity, what the connection between the words "sp
  14. Unless you are a celebrity chef housed in a luxury hotel. Then you receive an automatic 3 stars and the obligatory fawning, gushing and slavishly striving-to-matter praise. The quality of the steak, in these instances, is somehow irrelevant. (Why is it that whenever a celebrity chef is involved, or even the rumor of one, Tom S. turns into Sally Fields at the Oscars?). I myself have enjoyed some excellent, and excellently prepared, steaks and prime rib at Monty's--far superior to what I have been served at Bourbon, J&G, and, of late, sadly BLT (I thought they did some things really great t
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