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  1. Wow, everyone should go one time if they can afford it. I haven't been in many years, but have been 3-4 times; however, I can't ever bring myself to stay there since it's so *insanely* expensive. It would be really nice to have the complete experience with breakfast, but I refuse to pay that kind of money. Still, it's a leisurely stroll or a one-minute drive from places such as the Foster-Harris house (which aren't exactly cheap, but notably less expensive than the Inn). I hope you all have a wonderful time, and stay in the town of Washington so you don't need to drive back. One thin
  2. I just spent two nights at The Inn at Warm Springs. As rooms go, it was "fine," but the lobby and restaurant are quite nice, and there's a second restaurant option 2-3 minutes away at The Inn at Gristmill Square (which actually looked like the better of the two places to stay). This was a decent (not great, but decent) alternative to either The Greenbrier (which is crazy expensive, even for a loft) in White Sulphur Springs, or The Homestead (now run by Omni) in Hot Springs, right down the road. Both of those places are certainly nicer, but also triple the price (our room was about $119, a
  3. You all remember twenty-five years from now that I was advocating for internet voting early on because it's going to happen. "If We Want Results on Election Night, This Is a Reform Both Parties Should Support" on washingtonpost.com PS - The reason I'm not mega-rich is because I invested in electric motors (twenty-five years ago).
  4. I was looking for the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, and couldn't find it anywhere. I became worried that it had closed, but instead I found this: Sep 1, 2020 - "Staunton's Stonewall Jackson Hotel Renamed Hotel 24 South" by Matt Talhelm on whsv.com Folks, this is a really nice hotel, and they responded to societal pressures to change their name. I don't particularly care for the name Hotel 24 South, as I find it generic and wan - but it's the same hotel. I hope the same people who applied name-changing pressure on this 4-Star hotel will pull out their wallets and stay here in t
  5. Yes, indeed. You spy, with your little eye, saffron, correctly. The saffron ($12.50) and littleneck clams ($2-ish each) were purchased from BlackSalt. Sausage and Cepes Mushrooms from Mom's Organic, Today (the lunch afterwards), we poured a quart of BlackSalt Seafood Bisque ($12) into the leftover risotto, and made a <whatever you want to call it> - something more of a stew than a risotto or a paella, but also something beautiful that worked perfectly well. It was a great <whatever you want to call it>, and was perhaps the best meal of the past two days. If t
  6. Yes. At least consider that I've gotten them 20-25 times (about a 15-minute drive each way), and have never ordered from my local Pupatella, which I could walk to. I emphasize: Get the vegetable pizzas first, before you try the meat pizzas. By all means, write me before you order. I can help you, I promise. I'm not here to pimp Happy Gyro Pizzas; I'm here to help you eat well. The menu as of *this date* is varied, and I would probably advise you to steer clear of the meat pizza, as good as the crust might be. Out of these two pizzas: A 16" naturally-leavened white pie with
  7. Am I correct in assuming that neither of you have had Happy Gyro's pizzas? Forgetting (for the moment) frozen pies, Happy Gyro's reheat better than any others do, and if you haven't tried them yet (at $32 a pizza!), you're doing yourselves a disservice.
  8. "Amy Coney Barrett Served as a 'Handmaid' in Christian Group People of Praise" by Emma Brown, Jon Swaine, and Michelle Boorstein on washingtonpost.com A Handmaid? You want to talk about Trump and his "dog whistles?" The first thing that popped into my mind when I read this was David Howard. Note also the semi-crosseyed photo of Barrett.
  9. Bon App├ętit! fa8209c9-9a5d-447f-bfec-fc0d0fa5f0b61-11.mp4
  10. Marine One is on the White House grounds now, waiting to fly the President to Walter Reed Medical Center for "a few days of observation."
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