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  1. I've changed my mind. My #1 pick is LeBron James, simply because if *anyone* else gets tired or injured, he can step in and play their position. James is the greatest five-position player in history.
  2. Bart, it’s complicated (which is why I didn’t go into it). Four of us had 6:30 reservations on Thu, Nov 4. We were going to get four of the high-end omakase. The other two (sorry for the cheesy plug, but his book has come out TODAY!) were going to be ten minutes late, so we ordered two glasses of Cremant. Then, our friends showed up, and at 6:50, the Cremant still hadn’t come. So we canceled that, and asked for a couple beers and cocktails … about ten minutes later, we were told they were out of beers. So we basically said, ‘Just please go get four drinks and put them in front of us.’ Then they found the beers we initially ordered. Almost 50 minutes after I sat down, I had a beer in front of me. When our friends walked in at 6:40, our server had already given two of us “The Endless Spiel,” and I warned my friends to “order the omakase quickly, and avoid eye contact.” At 7:30 we had ordered four omakase and that’s around the time a bottle of really awful House Junmai Ginjo sake arrived (I don’t recommend it; stick with the Echigo Rice Lager which is really good). And of course, around this time, I have a pain flare. Excuse me, I had a PAIN FLARE. The kind where I realized there was no way I could sit there two more hours, fighting off our server, trying to get some scraps, so I had to just tell my friends the truth, and they told our server (who got really, truly NICE when he saw there were tears in my eyes from the pain), to just start bringing us beers and appetizers, as quickly as the kitchen could make them. And you know what? Every single thing that came out of the kitchen - and things came like tapas usually come - was very good to excellent. The only non-repeat was a yellowtail ceviche which had ferocious heat; a tuna ceviche was not nearly as fiery. They were out of Wagyu dumplings which my friends say are fantastic, but the cubes of panko-crusted, sticky rice on toothpicks with dipping sauce and something resembling spicy tuna were great, and even a rock shrimp tempura salad with Mayo (which sounds bad) was really good. Black Cod with Miso was also wonderful (we were plowing in at this point). And all sushi and sashimi courses (there were three, I think) were very well-executed. I also want to give extra thanks to our server for being so empathetic when he found out I was having a rough go of things - he was a really nice person. So, the initial service (and supply problems) were train wrecks, but the evening did a 180 at around 7:30, and while the high-end omakase would have been $175 each, just for the food, our total bill for everything including drinks and tax was just under $500 which is about half of what we expected to spend (these two folks had been here before, and loved the high-end omakase). Even with the mixed evening, I would come here again in a heartbeat - for happy hour and bar snacks (I hear it’s quite a scene), or to try the omakase (maybe at the sushi bar).
  3. Four of us went to Nobu a couple of weeks ago: The service was comically inept; the food was really good, almost across the board.
  4. The biggest benefit is that there’s no downside. It’s inexpensive, and quite often, the senior citizen rate (along with the AAA rate) are the least expensive hotel rates. I’m not sure about “cold turkey,” but I like your line of thinking!
  5. Do you know if it’s towards the East (Champagne), West (Versailles), South (Loire), or North (Less Touristy)? I wrote Andy Hayler (*), but barring good fortune, I’m not sure there’s enough to go on here. (*) - It didn’t ring a bell with him either. If you read about it on this website, I’d be surprised because nothing at all sounds familiar to me.
  6. You lost an entire year (as have we all)! 🙂
  7. It isn’t the same, but the closest approximation of Matthew’s Pizza in the DC area is “Grandma’s Pizza” ($6 for a rectangular slice at Happy Gyro). Now it just so happens that Grandma’s Pizza is a far superior product, but it’s also priced commensurate with quality. There are several distinct, noticeable differences, but in terms of being thick, toothsome, and undoubtedly wielding a massive gluten content: If you like the style of Matthew’s, you’ll like the style of Grandma’s. Is the Greek proximity of both restaurants coincidental?
  8. DIShGo and I just finished “The Squid Game,” and before that it was “Ted Lasso.”
  9. genericeric's review up above was fantastic! Wells' NY Times review went somewhat viral after it was written, btw. "This World-Famous Restaurant Ditched Meat, but It's Still Charging $335 a Person. Will People Pay?" by Leah Asmelash on cnn.com Here's an excerpt from the CNN article: I probably shouldn't say this, but in the late 1990s, I invested in electric motors. I was absolutely certain they'd become standard equipment in lawnmowers, motorcycles, and eventually, automobiles. And time is proving me to be correct. But I made the same mistake I've made numerous times in my life: I out-thought humanity. I was twenty years too soon, and I lost the vast majority of my investment. In other words, it might be a little early for Daniel Humm to be using the Tesla analogy.
  10. Thank you for correcting my mistake, ArlFred - I used to conflate George Mason Drive and Walter Reed Drive all the time when I first moved to South Arlington. Boru Ramen is in the same complex as Bangkok 54 (both the restaurant and the market), and they’re all owned by the same owners. It’s a good call to get some dumplings here before your ramen, as they’re not bad at all. This ramen shop won’t win any awards, but if you’re in the area, it’s not bad and they have parking (you can park in the lot out back). I’ve been here a dozen times in a pinch. Cheers, Rocks
  11. Pro tip: For those ordering both pizza and the (new-ish) Garlic Pita with Whipped Feta & Marinated Olives (and trust me, you want to order this) … you’ll quickly find out that the pita is a scarce and prized commodity. So when it’s gone, break off the cornicione of your pizza slices and swab liberally - two great tastes that taste great together. Cheers, Don Cornicione
  12. In full disclosure, I went back afterwards for a pasta tasting, and only two out of the four pastas qualified as “Great” - the same Pappardelle (it’s remarkably consistent), and the Lobster Risotto.
  13. I had two meals recently that were extremely disappointing, but I’m not going be naming names during the pandemic. Anyway, a truly great chef, now working at a bustling restaurant in residential Dupont, seems to have his hands tied, and I can’t recommend any of the four savory dishes I had, including the vaunted chicken; the service was fantastic, however. Up Connecticut Avenue near Politics & Prose, I had one of the most disenchanting meals I’ve had in the past year. The appetizers arrived before the wine, and the entrees arrived while we weren’t even halfway through the appetizers - and the only positive thing I can say about the meal is that the lettuces were of good quality. When I asked our server who was running the kitchen now, I was stunned to hear the answer: “Pretty much no one.”
  14. Say hi next time! (The Florence Price Symphony #3 was terrific, and needs to become part of the standard 20th century symphonic canon. Plus there’s just something intrinsically riotous about an old white conductor dancing the hambone.)
  15. Q: Which pitcher has the most career wins without a Cy Young Award? A: Cy Young
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