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  1. I got my second Moderna vaccine five hours ago. 🙂PS - Take a picture of your vaccine card as soon as it's completed.
  2. Got the bouillabaisse again this past Sunday for carryout, and it was just as good as it was dining in a week earlier. Wow, what a great dish this is: Throw in all the bread, go heavy on the rouille, mix it all together, and you'll have a great stew that's almost enough for two people (although both will be fighting over the one giant prawn-thing).
  3. In case you haven't read it in awhile: "Luxilon, Gustavo Kuerten, 1997, and the End of Serve-and-Volley Tennis" Coincidentally, Osaka's birth year.
  4. Interestingly, it's almost like you're comparing Federer (Osaka) and Nadal (Williams) - not quite, but you both probably see what I'm saying. It's fascinating how all five generational talents this century (3 men, 2 women) have essentially five different styles of playing.
  5. Dinner Menu 3.19.21.pdf (!) (!!) One order each of ! and !! would make a perfect carryout dinner for an adult couple with medium-sized appetites.
  6. I’m curious what you see as being the main differences between Williams’ and Osaka’s styles of play. I haven’t thought about it in any detail, but I suspect Williams circa 2010 could take down Osaka circa 2021 for the simple reason that the decade from age 29-39 (especially on top of Williams’ massive body type) takes a consistently proven brutal toll on high-level tennis players.
  7. If you're living in Arlington Country, and are getting a vaccine, you're going to be amazed at how well-organized the process is. I had my first (Moderna) a couple days ago, and there must have been 100 people working at the community center - it's as well-organized as any guided tour I've ever taken. Thank you to all the workers, paid and volunteer - they could not have been any better. I mean that literally: There wasn't one thing I can think of that could have make the process any easier unless they sent a limousine to my doorstep.
  8. Sorry folks - I had 4 messages about this, and didn't realize that this forum was turned off (it's fixed now, so feel free to pump up your friends and neighbors!)
  9. Could anyone here recommend a qualified, licensed home electrician working in Arlington who’s reliable and trustworthy? Electricians are notorious for giving wildly different quotes for the same job, and I’d like to pay a fair price, but not overpay. Thank you! Don Rockwell
  10. Dr. Lessnee (who I saw for my cleaning a couple of weeks ago) is quite a film buff, as it turns out. He has recommended several older classics to me that I'd overlooked - right now I'm thinking of "Fail Sale," "Paths of Glory" and "Touch of Evil," all of which I'm really glad I watched. Don Rockwell
  11. "Teen Swimmer Killed by Most Venemous Marine Animal" on mercurynews.com
  12. Down at the bottom of the stairs, off to the right - I've been there a few times. I swear this is true: I got "Potato Curry" there once, and they used *frozen french fries* (crinkle-cut) as the potatoes! Still, it was probably the best of an awful group of eateries.
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