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  1. DonRocks

    Basketball Trivia

    I'm old enough to realize that people are going to forget how incredible Bird was (this is *exactly* why I wrote the Brooks Robinson series - people have already forgotten how unbelievable he was). They've done it with Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson, and Elgin Baylor, and incredibly, they're beginning to do it with Michael Jordan. Somehow, I think George Mikan might be remembered more in line with Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell - a towering giant in an era when there were few. And Magic Johnson has one of the greatest nicknames in all of sports, like Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch - that will help his legacy. I suspect there are a lot of young basketball fans who have no idea about John Stockton and Karl Malone, but being a duo always helps (Laurel and Hardy, Ozzie and Harriet, Abbott and Costello). Someone here typed that modern players are better than older players, period - I'm not convinced of this, not at the highest level, at least not after how the game of basketball has changed in the past few years; on the other hand, when I was growing up, Tracy Jackson was about the only player in Montgomery County who could windmill dunk; now, it seems like every team has high-flyers.
  2. Please don't get me wrong - either about Menomalé, or about Takumi: I just now asked my friend how she'd rate the meal at Menomalé. Her reply: "Fair, good, not great," and I asked, "with potential?" She responded, "Oh, definitely - just a couple of things were off." The pizza, reheated for lunch the next day, was just about perfect, crust-wise; the toppings were just salty to a fault. It was also 5 PM on a positively bone-chilling Saturday - the restaurant was very cold inside. Regarding Takumi, her words were, "Bad. overpriced, disappointing, forgettable except for 'those two' dishes' [two things were good]" However, she added that it was disappointing *in context of* it always being so wonderful - we've been there probably five times together in the past. It was a very busy Friday night, 6:30 PM, in a packed restaurant, and I'm pretty sure they lost track of what they'd served us. I look at Takumi as a "one-off" meal, probably due to being so crowded, and Menomalé as a "needed a couple of tweaks to be its old self" sort of thing - neither meal was terminal (although Takumi can't afford to do that twice in a row - not at that price). Note to Marty: "Lousy" was too strong of a word; I was very disappointed when I typed that because I love the restaurant.
  3. DonRocks

    Basketball Trivia

    This is a fairly interesting question: Who are the only three players in NBA history to have won three-consecutive MVP awards? Mouse over for the answer: Bill Russell (61-63), Wilt Chamberlain (66-68), and Larry Bird (84-86).
  4. You know, it's funny ... when Karen died, I needed to focus my attention on "something," so of all things, I focused it on, "Reading National Geographic, cover-to-cover, every single word, every single magazine, until the end of time [and if I finished that, then backwards, to the beginning of time]." I finished reading, word-for-word, including advertisements, about five-years worth of magazines - it was during the time that their long-time editor, William L. Allen, was running the magazine - went so far as to buy (in bulk) library copies of the magazine ... I even have an original copy of "Afghan Girl." Yeah, bro, I'll take them. And when I'm done with them, I'll either donate them to a library, or give them to a charity. Thank you for offering this here - if I take them, I promise you that I'll read each-and-every word, including the advertisements - it's an "ovarian cancer" thing. Kind regards, Don Have you read them? If so, have you *really* read them, because I'd like to start threads for them, and discuss them with you and others - nothing would make me happier.
  5. A couple of things about Harden: * He has recently had two-straight games totaling 115 points (57.5 ppg) with no assists aiding his scoring. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. He did it all himself. * The 3-point arc has invalidated comparisons with the greats of yesteryear, from Jordan-on-back.
  6. I wouldn't randomly question a restaurant; we had dinner there last night (and leftover lunch today, and we have a calzone in the freezer for later emergencies). They were out of the first wine we ordered (the only Gragnano they had on the list), the Bruschetta (there were three; I asked them to pick one) with Burrata, tomatoes, and basil had, well, tomatoes and basil - it was "fine," but nothing I'd order again - especially not in January. The pizzas (a Capricciosa and a Patata) had decent toppings - albeit very heavy on the saltiness - and a nice char, but the dough (which was the fault of the person who made the dough; not the person who cooked the pizzas) was thicker than it should have been, and a bit too salty. I could go into more depth, but at half the price of a distressingly expensive and mostly *lousy* sashimi Omakase at Takumi the night before, Menomalé was still a decent neighborhood restaurant by comparison. Also, both pizzas were *much* better today, after being slowly reheated (and crisped) in the oven.
  7. At one time, he was leaning towards Clemson. 😒😔😥😢 (Can't say I blame him, but it still blows narwhal tusk - stealing a line from Lefty Driesell, this could have made Clemson the UCLA of the South.)
  8. DonRocks

    Wine Lists

    Your post brought two memories to the forefront: I paid *exactly* $100 for a bottle of 1970 Beaulieu Vineyards (BV) Georges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon at (I think) Restaurant Palladin in the Watergate, probably in the late 1980s (this was not Jean-Louis, but his second restaurant, which was pretty darned good) - I don't know how or why I remember that price, but I do. And for whatever reason, I remember paying *exactly* $100 for a 1982 Leoville-Las Cases at Le Lion d'Or in the same time period - I guess these are the first three-digit bottles I ever purchased in restaurants, so they're buried deep within the recesses of my noodle. As I type this, I'm having doubts about where I had the 1970 BV because I have this "visual" of a larger dining room - maybe I'll remember this later; I haven't thought about it in decades. As for the 1982 LLC, I can not only remember the restaurant, but also the table where I was sitting! --- EDIT - Aha! I had the 1970 BV at The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City with Gerard Pangaud as Chef - I *knew* there was something wrong with that memory. --- "I forget the name of the place, I forget the name of the girl, but the wine was Chambertin." -- Hillaire Belloc
  9. DonRocks

    Wine Lists

    I went to Silver Oak in 1990-ish, and bought a couple bottles of 1986 Bonny's Vineyard - anyone tried it lately? Ever?
  10. DonRocks

    Dining Guide

    Please spread the word.
  11. Under Chef Matthew Kirkley, Coi earned its 3rd star in the 2018 Michelin Guide. However, Kirkley headed to France to become Head Chef for Team USA in the Bocuse d'Or competition in 2018, replaced by Chef Erik Anderson, and Coi understandably regressed to 2 stars in the 2019 Michelin Guide, after having achieved the 3-star milestone for one precious year. (Atelier Crenn and SingleThread were awarded 3 stars in the 2019 Michelin Guide.)
  12. I thought sure someone posted about Menomalé recently, but I don't see it - what do people think about the restaurant these days? Based on what I've had recently, it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of identical Menomalé and Pupatella pizzas now. On a similar note, I'm wondering if DC's position as "Best Neapolitan Pizza in the U.S." has wavered, assuming it was ever there to begin with (and I believe it may have been). Does anyone know what, if anything, happened to these folks, and when? Pizzaiolo Ettore Rusciano Beermeister Leland Estes
  13. DonRocks

    Wine Lists

    Thomas, do you have examples? You are by no means clueless in terms of wine lists - micro-lists or otherwise - and you are able to dissect what's wrong with wine lists both large and small: Which wine lists are deficient in this town, right now, large or small? (Since this topic is centered on "small," your opinions on micro-lists would be quite valuable.)
  14. DonRocks

    Wine Lists

    2 Amys pioneered this in the DC area, and continues to have a wonderful wine list (albeit larger than it used to be).