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  1. We had dinner with Andy Hayler at Kinship, and afterward, walked him back to the Marriott Marquis. He said he was "forever away" from the elevator (it was the same with us in the Grand Hyatt - if you stay on the north side, you're right above the entrance, and directly opposite the elevator bank, and need to walk halfway around the hotel).
  2. "Tre Jones, No. 3 Duke Upset 79-72 by Unranked Clemson in ACC Action" by Paul Kasabian on bleacherreport.com
  3. Congraulations to the LSU Tigers for winning the 2019-2020 CFP National Championship this evening.
  4. Next Sunday (Jan 19, 2020) will mark the *40th* anniversary of when I was an 18-year-old freshman, and saw, in-person, at Clemson, Clemson knock off #1-ranked UVA with Ralph Sampson, 88-68. The UNC losing streak began *54-years* before that, in 1926.
  5. I don't remember this! If you're in Rite-Aid, want a Sauvignon Blanc, and have less than $20 to your name, then Kim Crawford is the wine for you, but I can't imagine I'd either recommend it (if you're serious) or completely trash it (if you're kidding). ? 🤪
  6. Curious: Is "stropping" a word in current use, or is it archaic? I have a set of Trident-Wüsthof knives that I bought over twenty years ago, and it came with this ... "thing" that I assume is supposed to be used for sharpening? honing? stropping? Do all three terms mean the same thing? It looks a lot like that, and I've never known quite what to do with it. I guess I need my knives worked on, huh? Is it possible (realistic) that after twenty years of virtually no use, the knives are beyond repair, or can they still be improved upon? If replacement, I'm going *high* end (and I mean Japanese high end); if not replacement, I'm willing to pay whatever it costs to maximize their utility - I could see it going either way.
  7. *Nobody* beats Clemson 60 times in a row! "Clemson Stuns Host UNC after Going 0-for-59 in Chapel Hill" on espn.com
  8. Ad Hoc is *far* superior to the overrated Bistro Jeanty - the bread and butter at Ad Hoc is some of the best you'll have, anywhere. I am all-in on Boon Fly Cafe for fried chicken - it's fantastic, and you can't go wrong doing that. DIShGo has a great palate, and Ciccio is a wonderful place for wood-fired entrees and really good (top-level) pizza - none of these places are remotely junk food. It's too bad Fremont Diner has closed; it was a tremendous place for all-day breakfast, but don't forget about Oxbow Market for a mid-day meal. If you go to San Francisco this trip, you must go to Swan Oyster Depot - it may be my favorite restaurant of its type in the world (cash only). You'll need to get there 30-minutes before it opens and wait in line, and you'll understand why you do once you've eaten there.
  9. This is, I believe, the first image of the back cover of Jon's "Front Row at the Trump Show" (final version) on the internet: I asked Jon if I could put this up as a little teaser, and he replied, "Sure!" so here's the back cover. This is going to be one of the best, most exhaustively researched and written books on the current Presidency ever. Disclaimer: It is well-known that Jon is a close friend - I helped proof-read the galley copy of the book (and he's damned lucky I did 😉).
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