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  1. Without even opening the article, I know this to be true.
  2. DonRocks

    Power Restaurants

    Hopefully, the stories are somewhat similar. 🙂
  3. DonRocks

    Power Restaurants

    How about this one: Le Paradou had a $35 corkage fee (very high at the time). I had dinner at the bar solo one evening, and brought a tremendous (and expensive) bottle of wine: a 1983 de Vallouit Hermitage "Les Grèffieres," made with 100-year-old vines. About halfway through my meal, I saw Yannick having dinner by himself in the corner. We knew each other well enough, so as a gesture of respect, I sent slightly more than *half of the wine* over to him (it was decanted, and I sent over both the decanter, and the empty bottle) - he looked up, and we raised our glasses to each other from across the room. Because I didn't have enough wine to finish the meal with, I bought a glass from their menu. Then, when the bill came, attached to it was the $35 corkage fee.
  4. DonRocks

    Power Restaurants

    Remember the first time? 😠 And then there was this damned thing. There you go, Katt - get us a Beard Award: Nothing will happen without someone making it happen, and I just stay endlessly churning away in the background, like a screensaver, so it will never originate from me (although I tried for the third-and-final time about 7-8 years ago). Even though I submitted his column for nomination, and paid $100 of my own money, Jeff White lost in 2010 to "Chardonnay Uncorked" - *a preview of a book*. Judge for yourselves: I submitted this with Jeff White as the author, but ... ... the winning column was this.
  5. I think it’s safe to say this is a variant of (the impossibly lame) Eataly. (I know, I know, if you pronounce it in Italian (or, more accurately, French), it’s a homophone. How clever.)
  6. About Chef George Mendes, from Aldea's web page: Aldea has had One Michelin Star for eight consecutive years: 2012-2019.
  7. DonRocks

    "Animal House" (1978)

    I'd love to say "this was a great pick-up," but it would be more correct to say, "this was an expert use of lighting." Look on top of the seventh-stair from the bottom in this scene (the stair that's brighter than all the ones around it). Someone is hiding in the bushes, pulling a string.
  8. Since my early memories of Anthony are also weak (read: non-existent), I looked back at what some of the locals / experts had to say at the time: --- A couple of years after he was drafted by the Nuggets: Oct 28, 2005 - "Anthony Wins Big On, Off Court" by Marc J. Spears on denverpost.com "It is far from a surprise that the Nuggets picked up the option for the 2006-07 season on Carmelo Anthony’s contract Friday ... The third pick in the 2003 draft, who averaged 20.9 points and 5.9 rebounds during his first two seasons, will receive $4.67 million in the 2006-07 season. Anthony finished second in the 2004 rookie of the year balloting to Cleveland’s LeBron James and was Most Valuable Player of the 2005 Rookie Challenge." "Said Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe: “He’s a very, very important part of whatever we do. We want Melo with us for a long time.” --- In the second half of his Nuggets' career: May 21, 2008 - "Nuggets Best Move: Keep Anthony, A.I." by Terry Frei on denverpost.com "Anthony’s awe-inspiring scoring ability and agility, plus his high “Q” rating and popularity in such places as the NBA Store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, still turn heads." --- When the Nuggets announced the trade to the Knicks: Feb 21, 2011 - "Carmelo Anthony Taking His Star-Studded Appeal, Game to the Knicks" by Christopher Dempsey on denverpost.com "Carmelo Anthony instantly changed the Nuggets’ fortunes upon his arrival in 2003. As he leaves Denver for the New York Knicks, he is changing the team’s fortunes again, but with the haul the Nuggets got in return, Denver may have an opportunity to rebound in short order." "Nuggets fans can only hope the franchise doesn’t sink to the level it was at when Melo dropped into their lap with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2003 draft. The Nuggets won just 17 games in the season prior to Melo’s arrival. With Melo, the Nuggets won no fewer than 43 games and made the playoffs every season." Anthony brought star power, street cred, the Jordan brand and a sweet stroke. To many, he is the greatest player in Nuggets’ history." --- In the early part of his Knicks' career: Apr 5, 2013 - "Knicks Win 11th Straight as Anthony Hits 40 Again" by Scott Cacciola on nytimes.com "In his last three games, Anthony has averaged 43.7 points on 64.2 percent shooting. His effort against the Bucks was punctuated by “M.V.P.” chants from the fans. “Melo is playing out of his mind,” said Jennings, who had 25 points for Milwaukee. The Knicks did most of their damage in the third quarter, when they outscored the Bucks by 42-21. Anthony had 10 points in a 25-2 run that gave the Knicks the lead for good, and he scored in every conceivable way: 3-pointers, turnaround jumpers, running floaters. “He’s trying to do a little bit of everything,” Knicks Coach Mike Woodson said, “and that’s what the great ones do.”
  9. Just outside a parking garage in Rosslyn, there's a historical marker about the meetings with Deep Throat.