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  1. Thirded. (It should be mentioned that the pizza is $32, but it's easily enough for two hungry adults (eight pieces), and this is so good that it almost doesn't qualify as pizza (although pizza is exactly what it is) - it reheated beautifully in the oven after being left out overnight.) I'm clearly biased towards recency, but I don't know that I've ever had a better pizza than this - as good, sure, but better?
  2. Interestingly, I was at Thamee on March 9th (no *wonder* we got a reservation) - this was my final meal in any restaurant before the shitstorm. You can see how uncrowded it was.
  3. This is a wonderful, easily understood primer on "bacteriophages." WAIT! This is important. Before you leave, all you need to know is the definition of bacteriophage, and it's easy: A "bacteriophage" is a virus that *only* invades and takes over bacteria; not humans, not animals, not plants - only bacteria. "Phage" is a Greek word relating to eating, as in necrophagia (the desire in someone to eat dead people (cf: Hannibal Lecter)). A bacteriophage is a bacterium that eats viruses (well, it doesn't actually "eat" them, but that's the allegory being used). This video is designed for the person who has no scientific knowledge. However, it does help to know the basic differences between a "bacterium" (a living organism) and a "virus" (a parasite that requires a living host). You'll find it fascinating, educational, and rewarding without any effort on your part. If you wonder where money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes, here's part of your answer. And if you enjoy this short video (and really now, what else do you have to do?), there are others like it - visit Kurzgesagt's website.
  4. "A Tiger at the Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for Coronavirus" by Alaa Elassar on edition.cnn.com
  5. I suspect most of you don't know Christine Lavin, but I remember her song "Mysterious Woman" with fondness (you can find the full lyrics in one of the comments): She didn't just fade away:
  6. In the blue edition (not the 20th-anniversary edition), is it a mistake at the bottom of page 67 to say, “A battalion of linesmen stand blandly alert ....” Is it ever correct to use the object of a preposition as the subject of the verb? Doesn’t it need to be “stands,” as in, “A battalion ... stands ....?”
  7. It seems that "recovery" is an official term, and that it would be "more lagging" of an indicator than "deceased" (COVID-19 ends you faster than you end it). Plenty of people are sick and aren't diagnosed, so unless they die (in which case they'd surely be a "deceased" statistic even if they'd been lying around undiagnosed at home), they'd be a false negative, i.e., these statistics are biased towards a higher deceased percentage than reality would reflect.
  8. Pickup only, Wed-Sat evenings. They sell out early (they're probably sold out for this week), so it's best to reserve early in the week. Ugh, I went to pick up my food a couple nights ago, and it was so sad to walk inside - only one young cashier working in a darkish restaurant, and boxes of wine piled on top of the bar.
  9. "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." -- 1 Corinthians 15:32 Olive Oil Baked Cod ($28) Duck a l'Orange ($28) Lunch bonus: Kale and Bean Soup ($8)
  10. Wed, Apr 15, 2020 will be the 15th anniversary of this community, and on that day it will switch to being a read-only document. I hope you've enjoyed participating here as much as I've enjoyed being your host, and I promise you that all of your posts will remain in perpetuum as a historical resource. Cheers, Rocks
  11. Assuming there's going to be a presidential general election. I don't suppose I've said this here, but I've been saying it loudly elsewhere: There will be an "emergency postponement" of the November elections, don't think there won't be.
  12. When a new restaurant industry emerges, it will be time to eliminate tipping. If someone serving me at a restaurant isn't feeling well, or just broke up with their spouse, I really don't want them smiling and trying to be friendly, any more than I should smile and be friendly as a customer in the same situation. This is, or should be, a relationship among equals, and I have no right to determine the financial well-being of a complete stranger. Why should someone working at 6 AM on a Tuesday morning earn so much less than someone working at 6 PM on a Thursday night? "The Disturbing History of Tipping in the U.S.: 'It's Literally a Slave Wage'" by Taylor Mooney on cbsnews.com
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