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  1. I'll go a step further, and say that the most-recent restaurant meal I can remember that was this inedible was a delivery order from the indescribably bad Kahinoor Dhaba in the summer of 2017. To steal a phrase from my (very French) mother-in-law, when a server asked how her meal was at some gloppy, corporate Tex-Mex chain out near Sterling: "Zees food eez for zee peegs."
  2. They do, but it costs (if I recall) $75 each. I don't think I've made it beyond February without getting the $300 rebate back, and I don't travel all *that* much. Even without the incredible 100K signing bonus (or whatever it was), I doubt I'll ever switch away from this card. I've also had really good luck transferring Chase miles to Frequent Flyer / Stayer program miles - you need to "plug in" each one of your programs on chase.com, but then it takes about 15 seconds to transfer miles, and they're recorded instantly (invariably, if you shop around, you'll get a better deal than 1.5 x Miles by transferring). Priority Pass has proven to be pretty worthless to me - something of a "once a year" thing. You never need to worry about rental car insurance again (which is often true, but it's certainly true here).
  3. Eeeeeww-weee! You know, it's not impossible that the old shrimp had been served before (why else would they have old, battered shrimp?) This is one of the nastier things I've heard recently. I'm wondering just what possessed you to make that fifth order.
  4. Wow, I haven't dined at Crystal Thai in a long time - years. I remember that they were reliable, but used to be on the "sweet" end of the flavor spectrum - however, that was too long ago to make any assumptions today. One thing that caught my eye is their "Thai Street Food" section - some of these dishes are unusual for this area, and that may be a good place to start when ordering. As you're driving west on Route 50, Arlington Forest Shopping Center is that white shopping center with red lettering on some of the stores (Outback Steakhouse is what you probably notice the most).
  5. DonRocks

    Washington Post Food Section

  6. Jonathan Gold was the best food critic in the United States. "Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold Dies at 57" by Andrea Chang on latimes.com
  7. DonRocks

    Washington Post Food Section

    People continue overestimating the longevity of WaPo reviews, but I guess as long as people *think* it's crowded, they'll stay away. (I'm not sure that makes any sense.)
  8. Yes, and I would go now. From their website: "This newest chapter is the culmination of Chef Fabbri's dedication and love for his craft thus far. And San Lorenzo is just the beginning..."
  9. "Florida Cops Won't Charge Man in Shocking Parking Lot Shooting over State's 'Stand Your Ground' Law" on rt.com There is *no way* this wasn't 2nd-degree murder. As soon as that aggressive vigilante flashed his gun, the murder victim clearly started backing off before being shot down in cold blood. No, he shouldn't have been in a handicapped space, and no, he shouldn't have pushed the vigilante down, but I can *easily* see myself having done both of these things, given the situation (running in while someone waits in the car, and coming out to defend your girlfriend), and that vigilante had absolutely no right to get aggressive and start yelling at the two people in the car, who weren't even driving. This is murder. Ironically, if the victim had instead pulled out a gun and shot the vigilante, instead of merely pushing him to the ground, he could have hidden behind the "Stand Your Ground" law, saying he felt "threatened."
  10. In 1993, the "Ted Williams Card Company" came out with a set of 160 cards that Williams, himself, helped select - Hall of Famers, All Stars, Negro League players, and others who Williams found worthy - all accompanied by refreshingly interesting factoids. Random example - #112, Satchel Paige:
  11. Brooks Robinson is left-handed. (I suspect you knew this, but only he and Rafael Nadal defy logic in this regard. Want to hear something amazing? Both Robinson and Nadal were essentially 6'1", 185 lbs.)
  12. I saw my first WTT match - ooof - 44-years ago, in 1974 (*). It was a Baltimore Banners match featuring Jimmy Connors. I don't care what Wikipedia says, it was absolutely the summer of 1974 when I went - I distinctly remember a banner that said, "Our Jimmy's the Champ!" - he had just won Wimbledon - and I went with my fellow campers from Don Budge Tennis Campus which dates it by definition. (*) DIShGo was at the Borg-McEnroe Wimbledon final with the long tiebreaker! DAMN, there's an article cited on Wikipedia written by Jim Cummings - he penalized me a point in the Montgomery County Men's Open finals because I cursed - my opponent totally hosed me on a crucial line call. (I won anyway.)
  13. I'd never before seen a single episode of "Gunsmoke," so I thought, well, why not at least watch the pilot, "Matt Gets It." This can be seen, albeit with very poor quality, for free right here on dailymotion.com. Within the first two minutes of the video, you'll notice a couple of remarkable things: * Look who gives the introduction to the series. * Just after the first shot of the cardboard cutout that is Dodge City (a real town in Kansas), Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) is giving a soliloquy in a graveyard. Keep your eye on the tombstone at the left of your screen (it's not subtle). Also, note that Chester Goode, Matt Dillon's partner, is played by Dennis Weaver (whom most people know from "McCloud"; you should know him from "Duel").
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    "How a Small-Town Pitmaster Turned a Dying Cuisine into the Stuff of Celebrity" by Tim Carman on washpost.com