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  1. When I was at Clemson (in Pickens County, SC), people would joke about the town of Ninety Six, which was just beyond the town of Due West. Among dubious tales of cow tipping (which I'd become convinced that I'd done (I hadn't)), there was the etymology of Ninety Six, which was supposedly named because it was 96-miles from Atlanta - I don't know how this urban legend ever got started, but it's false: Nobody seems to know how Ninety Six got its name. Fast forward to Ted Williams' final at-bat, in which he hit a home run. In a newly found, color film, I freezed the shot of Williams' home run trot: In the picture are Williams, Brooks Robinson, and third base umpire Cal Drummond, from the town of Ninety Six, SC.
  2. [FYI, it was my hope that this community would always be a reprieve, an escape, from the ugliness of reality, but both the mass shootings, and the totalitarian regime that is taking shape, have made me question the importance of everything I've ever done. If I wasn't in so much physical pain, I could come up with a solution, but for the time being, there isn't much I can do, except to watch our ship sink. Don't ever forget this: Mockery probably makes people feel better at the moment, but it only serves to minimize the danger of our situation. Always remember that 60 million people voted for this person, and also that Genghis Khan, for example, was almost certainly neither intelligent, nor well-educated: It doesn't take brains to be a dictator; only guns, and a reckless disregard for humanity. How many people have given up their lives for "our country," and why isn't one, single person doing it now? This traitor will only relinquish power at gunpoint - logic and reason no longer apply: Fight back, fight back hard, keep fighting back, and then fight some more.]
  3. Ah, structural integrity - I didn't think about this: I suppose it wouldn't, or shouldn't, become instantly floppy. This is exactly why Convivial's Fried Chicken Coq au Vin reminded me of this - if that'd had the structural integrity to remain crunchy, it wouldn't have bothered me, but the once-crunchy chicken skin was made soggy by the sauce, and it just didn't work.
  4. I found it online, if you don't mind scrolling through a virtual version. If not, I can post here about how to find a zillion things such as this, apparently all for free (for now). If you want a real copy, write me! BTW, I think we're on the same page regarding "where things are" - your "sulky teenager" is my "wild West" - the primary difference is that I'm thinking in terms of decades, so all of this Big Hop coming back wave-after-wave is, to me, one discrete item in the big picture of things. There's no substitute for longevity when it comes to a culture's culinary maturation, and I'm hopeful for future generations.
  5. Huh, I guess the Tadiq with stew on top is by design; I thought it was a kitchen mistake. Maybe this is how Persians eat it, I don't know - the crunch seems like it would be the primary raison d'être. Then again, I think it's a sin to dump Old Bay on blue crabs (albeit for entirely different reasons - one is purely tactile; the other olfactory and gustatory). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Still #1 in McLean, btw)
  6. I have a question: Am I paranoid? Jeez. I don't think I'm going to be able to rest silent much longer - there's a fine line between being deliberately optimistic (which I always have been), and ignorant: I am most certainly not the latter, never have been. Request to all members here: Please continue leading by example. When possible, find the original source (no need to examine government documents), and quote in the form: Jul 17, 2018 - "Nice Guys Finish Last, or Do They?" by Ben Dover on DiceyDining.com Or, if you don't want to break up your writing, you can put it in your text like this. <--- Warning, NSFW!
  7. I haven't been here in over 18 months - this is a case when my "liking" a post doesn't mean that I "LIKE" the post; but I appreciate the thought that went into it, and also who's writing it (lekkerwijn knows a lot about these things). As far as I know, the meal at the bar is the exact same as the one in the dining room.
  8. One thing Sampras is responsible for is making "number of majors" the defining statistic in tennis - before him, people like McEnroe, Connors, Borg, etc. were just out there trying to win tournaments; Sampras really put an emphasis on Roy Emerson's record of 12 majors. Nov 7, 2017 - "Sampras Reflects on a Year To Remember" by Mark Hodgkinson on wimbledon.com
  9. Ha! That's how I feel about Lauriol Plaza. That said, I haven't been to any of them in fifteen years - Uncle Julio's (formerly known as Rio Grande Cafe) used to have pretty good fajitas, and both they and Cactus Cantina had tortilla-making machines that mesmerized children.
  10. When my son was a baby, I spent more time at Cactus Cantina and Uncle Julio's than I did at Obelisk and Makoto, that's for sure - these places are infant-friendly, with high chairs, servers who are used to dealing with families, and a noisy environment and casual atmosphere that are conducive to whisking a cranky baby outside (as the other parent desperately tries to eat in peace for ten minutes).
  11. Yes! Thor Cheston introduced me to them maybe ten years ago - I don't like to sit around and drink them alone, but with the right types of cuisine, they can be fantastic. I remember Nathan Anda (while he was at EatBar) was serving a flatbread with blue cheese, and I paired it with a Boon Gueuze - it was pretty close to a perfect match. Two nights ago, I was at BlackSalt, and I had (if I recall) a Jailbreak Infinite Amber Ale, and I enjoyed it enough where I got a second one. In April, I paid $100 to cab from the Munich airport to the Weihenstephaner Brauhaus, and had time enough for one beer - it was worth every penny to me: For my own palate, it was the most I've enjoyed a beer in many years - even what I had in Belgium didn't ring my bell in the same way ... for drinking by themselves, I can't get my palate to push past German- and English-style beers, try as I might (I've never been to Prague, but it's on my short list).