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  1. I just wrote this letter to comments@washpost.com: --- My account was just suspended for two hours - why?! The only thing I can think of is that, about fifteen minutes ago, I accidentally put a comment in the wrong location, wanted to delete it, and rewrite it in the correct place - the ONLY way I'm able to do that is to erase the text, write the F-Bomb, and type submit. It's automatically deleted because it's a profanity - easy, right? Could it be possible that you're monitoring these types of comments? If so, you'll find a *whole lot* of them written by me.
  2. Well, even though Harden had a bunch of turnovers, he at least made an effort to be a team player yesterday (a triple-double). In an interview, he was praising Kevin Durant through the roof. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? I don't see how the Lakers can beat them. Steve, you should start a Brooklyn Nets thread.
  3. Tom Sietsema wrote a nice epilogue yesterday: "Johnny's Half Shell Closed during the Pandemic. After 20 Years, it Deserves a Farewell Toast" by Tom Sietsema on washingtonpost.com
  4. "Yep, it looks like one." 😯 "The Erotic Origins of Italy's Most Famous Sweet" by Agostino Petroni on bbc.com
  5. Legend Brown Ale - Governor Northam just declared a 6PM-6AM curfew in Virginia also. It's odd being so close to the riot - it's as if I can "feel" it. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?
  6. Today might be the final day of Trumpism. [01/13/2021 update [copied from the first post on the top of this page]: This post, and a couple that follow, have blank spaces in them because they previously pointed to Trump's tweets, and his account has now been deleted. (A whole lot of news organizations are going to have this exact same problem.) However, when I edit the post, I can see the URL to the (now-deleted) tweet, so if Twitter ever decides to make these accessible again, they'll either show up here automatically (like before), or I'll find what the URL resolves to, and cut-and-paste
  7. Would everyone who reads this website please write and publish something important to them? It can be about anything you wish, and it will always be preserved. Cheers, Rocks
  8. Man, if you miss one of those few precious spaces right in front, you either have to take a desperation right turn (and pray you find something there), or else you're doomed to take a driving tour of Rosslyn. (Or double park.)
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