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  1. This is smart - I didn't even know there was a second floor. Hen Quarter enthusiasts will still come (and ask), and the chicken sandwich place will cater to the lunch crowd.
  2. Well, I wish it had two more people *last* night than it did; (and the bar where I dined had two less). I'm tired of throwing away lots of money on mediocre-to-bad meals, and it's happening now with more frequency. Corduroy is one restaurant where I don't think I've ever had a bad meal.
  3. Urban Bar-B-Que opened in 2005, and I'm pretty sure that KBQ and Johnny Boy's were the best in the area then, followed by The Pit Stop shortly afterwards. (I'd make the case for Willard's and Chubby's also, but I only went to Urban Bar-B-Que a couple of times when it opened - I distinctly remember being repulsed by their Redneck Nachos, yuck.) Now, it's Smoking Kow, and nothing else, from what I've seen (I've been about five times, but only at the Alexandria location). Their brisket and chicken are both terrific - you can buy them by the pound, and they reheat very well at home (make sure to get plenty of sauce).
  4. In that case, let me delete my message - I was thinking of Mills.
  5. I'm going to give you all a tip on a $25.99 (?) wine that you should run, not walk, and buy (by the case if you can) - it's at Arrowine, and I just bought a fair amount of it, but apparently they have more: Brambly, red fruit (but still medium-full bodied) - very much opposite to a plum-like Morgon or Moulin-a-Vent. Eighty-year-old vines. Certified organic in 2017, going biodynamic as of 2018. This wine is three-years old, so it's just starting to blossom, but it will last another ten years with ease. Let it breathe in a decanter for ten minutes before drinking - it's slightly bitter at first, but that blows off very quickly. Thank me later. Domaine les Capréoles website
  6. "This Is What an Unleashed Trump Looks Like" by David A. Graham on theatlantic.com
  7. I've only looked at the pictures here (and the website), but when I saw them, my first thought was that we need more female pizzaiolos (pizzaiolas?) in this town. --- Girl Food (Odessa Piper and Terry Theise)
  8. For whatever it's worth, for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, the "Lyft Pink" benefit applies to only one cardholder; the "DashPass" benefit applies to all cardholders on the same account.
  9. I had Bouillabaisse in Marseille last autumn (a claim of authenticity; not a gular sac puff), and to start the meal, we nibbled an order of pan-fried Scorpion Fish (Rascasse in French). I don't *think* these are Sugar Toads or Sea Robins, but I'm pretty sure they're close relatives. This is about as traditional a preparation as you'll ever see, and this was most likely in the sea that morning. If anyone wants Bouillabaisse without going trans-Atlantic, think about heading to San Francisco for Cioppino. No, they're not the same, but a traditional, authentic Cioppino is worth the trip.
  10. I'm on a hopefully never-ending cycle at Arrowine where I pick up some wines I've ordered, then get 2-3 different bottles of things that seem interesting (or what Doug or Shem tell me I'll enjoy), then I go home, try the 2-3 wines leisurely over a week, and, well, here's what just happened: I did this a week ago, and bought three bottles of Beaujolais I'd never tried - the first two were good; the third was riveting, so I wrote Doug (yesterday) and asked if I could get 2 cases of it (he said yes). When I pick up those (in a week or so), I'll try 2-3 different bottles of things that seem interesting (or what Doug or Shem tell me I'll enjoy), then I go home, try the 2-3 bottles ...
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