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  1. Ahh yeah I just meant the parking and the quality of the strip mall. They never had any trouble getting customers but I have to think the value of the building isn't too great. I hadn't thought about the idea of razing that strip and building something else there though, so that's a good point. That stretch could really use another drug store
  2. They have re-opened for carryout pizza, calzones, and wine, and only on Wednesdays. Orders are so backed up already that they have turned them off. I assume this is inventory reduction of the wine, but remain hopeful that they will turn this into something else. Rumors are that they wanted to sell but couldn't find a buyer. I am surprised because the pasta dishes and few other things were good enough that they should be worth something as trade secrets, but that location is putrid so I get it. https://pastaplusrestaurant.square.site/
  3. Thanks to both of the last two posts. At least one day, we are checking out a property in Carova, so north recs are good. I'm definitely hoping to find one night's dinner closer to Nag's Head just because I want to over-imbibe and stumble home, but anything NH and north is a welcome thought.
  4. Any luck with restaurants? I am headed to Kill Devil Hills next week.
  5. Sadly, the only reason to go to Laurel has gone away, along with the best Italian food within a few dozen miles of it. 40 years is a great run. That was my family's pizza pickup as a kid before delivery pizza existed, and my carryout splurge through my 30s. Pasta Plus Restaurant & Italian Market, Laurel, Maryland Dear Pasta Plus Customers, For nearly 40 years, we have had the great honor of serving our community and sharing the food that is so close to our hearts. With a happy heart and immense amount of gratitude, we have decided to close Pasta Plus Restaurant & Market. No amount of words can truly express our appreciation and thankfulness for our customers and your continued support. Whether you've only shared a meal with us once or if you were a regular who attended wine dinners and our trips to Italy - being able to serve you and get to know you has been an opportunity of a lifetime and is something so special to us. The memories you have given us during our decades in Laurel will be cherished forever. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you to our customers, thank you to the City of Laurel, and thank you to the Pasta Plus team. You all have made our dream possible. Ciao! Max & Sabatino
  6. The Wheaton location is still open and still has very good, second best, broth in MD, so top 5 in the area for sure. Pho 88 in Beltsville still the king
  7. This location was my only exposure to their product, and I found it boring and flavorless. One of my coworkers really liked it so I just stopped going to lunch with them unless location was known in advance. So this is good news for me.
  8. I visited Kogi Underground last night. I love Honey Pig more than I love most of my family, but I was hoping this would be good enough, since it's much closer to my house. And indeed it was. In some ways it was better (being able to hear your dining companions, for one), although i think overall HP will remain supreme. Spicy pork belly was the star, chadol a close second, mussels were a little weird, and everything else was very good. It's all you can eat with a choice of 2 menus (20 dollars, or 24 for premium, which includes all of the 20 dollar and a handful of other things). The main difference I noticed on the 24 dollar menu was the premium steak (literally a nice piece of steak) and shrimp options. While those were both good, I think I would do the 20 dollar in the future, there are so many choices. That said if you had a hankering for eating a shitton of steak, it would be a good way to go.
  9. Oh man thanks for the research. Love the K&K on New Hampshire and just assumed this was an expansion. I guess that's why they changed the name. I think Thai at Laurel is very good, and they deliver. You can order right through the website rather than Grubhub or similar, and they really appreciate it. None of the pho places in Laurel are worth much, and it's definitely worth the drive to Beltsville for the broth at Pho 88. Anyone tried the new KBBQ in the newish laurel center where Thai is? --- Kogi Underground (Pool Boy)
  10. New bright signage confused me today at lunch (we wondered if it had gone out of business and been replaced), as it now says something along the lines of "Korean lollipop chicken" and has Korean characters too. There is a small Dae Rae Won sign next to the door, and the menu is the same, and branded Dae Rae Won. At any rate that got us to try the chicken, which was sublime. I think the black bean and noodle dish is just not my thing, though I have no doubts it's still prepared the way it's supposed to be. The spicy seafood noodle soup was great though, better than the versions offered at other nearby Korean spots. The chicken is vastly superior with Bon Chon, which has never done much for me.
  11. Upon finding our Ren's was not open until 5, had a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner at the Pike and Rose location. Hard to find tucked into the corner, but surprisingly full (no wait, but not really any open tables either). Thick noodles were great, thin were meh. Seaweed salad was a surprising star. The Tonkatsu black was fine and came with a full egg, but I was shocked to discover the (don't remember the name of the dish) one with half chicken half pork broth was excellent, more flavorful than the pure pork broth. Gyoza were on point.
  12. I just called, they are open. The website has a message saying Mr and Mrs Li no longer own it. No clue about the presence of fish noodles.
  13. Just got back from the College Park one. Really delicious. Go for lunch now before the kids are back; so much easier with route 1 and in-restaurant traffic.
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