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  1. This evidently won't be popular here , but declining admissions don't surprise me. I looked into it a decade ago, and a big tuition for a certificate to qualify for a 20K job most prep cooks are already qualified for seems like a tough business model. I had fun at the recreational classes I took though.
  2. The karahi, which are the "stews for two" I ignorantly noted above, are great. And the bread here is phenomenal. And I am typically reluctant to get chicken, especially when lamb and goat are on the menu, but they have the best chicken kabob I have ever had. Combination of excellent marinade and great ovens, I would guess.
  3. So the Chat Samosa here is addictive. Cut open a samosa and top with chickpeas, tomato/onion/cilantro, and green sauce.
  4. Just had a feast there. Thanks for all the info in this thread. Order-ahead stuff was a mixed bag but overall worth it. The whole fish with rice powder was probably the standout of the meal. Tea smoked duck was good, and unique, but not mind-blowing. The purses had a mix of reviews. I preferred the broth and the baby bok choi more than the purse itself. Finally had the amazing fried eggplant. Sweeter than expected but awesome. Braised pork belly with mui-choy I realized I had had before, and while good, it doesn't come close to the same dish at Chinatown Express by verizon. Loved the tendon, also a repeat for me, some can't do the texture so more for me! seasonal veg was a simple dish of chive blossoms and was an unexpected hit. Fish noodles never fail and we should have had 2 orders for nine people, and left out the only relative disappointment, the pepper and salt pork chops. Nicely fried and juicy but not a lot going on. I realized it's much closer to my house than I thought, so I will be back soon and often. More fish and fish noodles in my future. I wish they served beer.
  5. Has anyone tried any of the order-days-ahead dishes other than the tea smoked duck? Planning a group outing here and wondering what else to get if any of those.
  6. Evidently this is now named Little Deli and Cafe but the owner/manager/cashier is the same person and the tacos and pupusas are still awesome.
  7. So, did the chicken thing. The chicken itself was good bordering on very good, and plenty of food. The pancakes and garnishes were nonsense. Some found the sauce on the korean style a bit too sweet and 5/7 preferred the Maryland style. Was it worth 135? I don't know. Maybe. I was full and happy for <100 including a cocktail and some wine, which seems a relative bargain in DC. But the bowl with 4 whole carrots, some lettuce, radishes, basil and mint leaves was basically untouched and I have no idea wtf we were supposed to do with it. I think the worst thing that I saw was 12 bucks for fernet. I don't know what the DC wholesale price is but that has to be 800% markup unless they are pouring you a soup bowl of it.
  8. I don't know. I have liked it the whole time and don't think it's different now. I hadn't read upthread when I originally responded to you.
  9. The preview for this topic is "nice steakhouse for a well..." and I was just assuming it would say "...done steak served with catsup" but it didn't.
  10. Makes sense. I love Sardi's and was just reacting to the comment about chicken choices in Laurel. Although I can't quite put my finger on why, but I think it's better in Beltsville than in Laurel.
  11. Toogs

    Vehicle transport service?

    I love to drive and am very good at it. Fast too. I'd do it for the cost of a one way ticket back. Check with your insurance though. but seriously yes those services do still exist.
  12. No one is ever there. Awful location. But now a regular lunch spot for my crew. I hope they do furious takeout at dinner or something. Had the chicken taco for the first time today and it was really good, I think thigh meat and a nice marinade. And they get the outside of the pupusa extra crispy which gets bonus points.
  13. Went yesterday for lunch. I never made it before the name change, closing, whatever the f happened over there, but one of my dining companions had. He said it was cleaner and the food was better. I'm terrible with korean menus but I had boiling kim chee soup, third from the bottom on the soup list, just the right heat level for what I wanted that day. Generous banchan including one which was maybe fermented some sort of bean and brown and disgusting to some but awesome like stinky cheese to me.