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  1. Deac

    The Michelin Guide

    probably a topic for another thread, but I saw that Taro tweet and have seen Tom get defensive in chats in the past about trying to remain anonymous. at this point, it seems like it's mostly an ego thing, his decision to "remain anonymous." seems like most any restaurant in town worth its salt recognizes him and when they don't that's on the restaurant.
  2. WCP reporting Cava just bought them for $300 million. Really hope that means they turn the one in Asheville where I live now into a Cava.
  3. I'm against any kind of policy a business has in place where you cannot equitably pay the way you want to pay: gas stations charging more for credit, businesses requiring $5/10 minimums on credit card purchases, cash only businesses, etc. And even though I pretty much only pay credit/debit and rarely carry cash, I don't think this is the right way to go for the reasons already outlined.
  4. To update my own post: been to New Belgium plenty of times and it's great. Always tons of families and dogs and usually 2-3 food trucks there. Great spot to enjoy a beer by the river. And plenty of small breweries have opened since this post (probably north of 10). The biggest change, though, is that Wicked Weed was purchased by InBev last year to a lot of teeth gnashing locally. Every year there's a big beer festival right in downtown Asheville with only local breweries and a few guest breweries from around North Carolina. Sierra Nevada and New Belgium are allowed to participate because they are still independently owned, but Wicked Weed was kicked out right before last year's festival. I admittedly haven't had much of their beer since, but I haven't noticed any decline in the packaged beers (and only been to the taproom I think once since then).
  5. Deac

    Dining at Airports

    ORD Traveling home from Chicago last night, I got to the airport and went to Rick Bayless' Tortas Frontera, which I've long heard to be one of the best airport quick-serve restaurants in the country. Having never really been to Chicago before (this trip was spent in the suburbs and in the lovely metropolis of Dixon, IL where we have a factory), I've long yearned to go to a Bayless place given how much I admire what he does and have had great success with his cookbooks. Well, the sandwich shop didn't disappoint. It was a tough decision between the cochinita pibil and choirqueso tortas, but I went with the latter, though added the pickled onions from the former. On the sandwich were chorizo (the supplier is noted in an article posted a few years ago in this thread), jack cheese, avocado, poblano rajas and the aforementioned pickled onions. It was served with a side of salsa verde, which tasted like the jarred Frontera brand sold in grocery stores, and I saw a large box marked as such from the delivery they were unloading. The sandwich didn't need the salsa anyway, as it was plenty moist and all the ingredients did a nice job blending together with the onions giving it a nice bit of acidity to contrast the rich fillings. Great bread as well. I washed it down with a lime aqua fresca which was essentially a limeade and on the very tart side, which I appreciate. I still need to get to Chicago and try about a million restaurants (including a proper Bayless joint), but if I'm in O'Hare I don't see not stopping here.
  6. Looks like the cocktail was made in a device called The Porthole, which was originally designed for Grant Achatz's experimental cocktail bar, The Aviary.
  7. Deac

    UEFA Champions League, 2017-2018 Season

    ugh, just about the worst possible outcome. a colleague and I ducked out of the office following the 3rd Juve goal to go to a nearby bar only to get there just before the penalty. still utterly shocked about Barcelona, since they just needed one away goal to get through. just another example of where the away goals rule is at times awesome and at times awful. but in general I'm in favor of it.
  8. Deac

    Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    I'd rather have restaurant rec questions than the ones that are about things like tipping, kids in restaurants, noisy restaurants (we get it, Tom), etc. Half the chat will be dedicated to follow-up replies to the initial question.
  9. Deac

    UEFA Champions League, 2017-2018 Season

    Keeping that dream of an undefeated season alive. Messi the magician.
  10. Deac

    UEFA Champions League, 2017-2018 Season

    Right but I’m pretty sure it used to be they would draw the round of 16 and draw the quarterfinals, but not redraw the semis, so you knew who your potential opponent in the semis could be already.
  11. It's a filled pasta that looks kind of a like a wrapped up piece of saltwater taffy, so guessing the filling is pumpkin, then the sauce is truffle butter, crab meat and espellete pepper with parmesan sprinkled on top
  12. Looks like the movement has turned its focus to one of the DC area's most prolific, visible restaurateurs. Per the Washington Post, he and his company are being sued by a female former top member of the company who alleges she was repeatedly harassed.
  13. Did you know this building used to be the site of the very first Toys R Us store? https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Toys-R-Us-Got-Its-Start-in-DCs-Adams-Morgan-Neighborhood-477005673.html
  14. Deac

    UEFA Champions League, 2017-2018 Season

    pretty happy with Barca's draw there -- probably the best possible result. correct me if I'm wrong, but they now redraw the semifinal match-ups, right? I believe it used to be that following the quarterfinal draw, you knew each team's potential path to the finals.
  15. Deac


    yeah it will be in NCE after you get your bag, but you don't interact with anyone (or fill out a form). basically you'll just head out a door into the arrivals area where families and limos meet passengers. there will probably be an area for you to go if you have stuff to declare, but I'm guessing you will not. I guess they can pull you and search your bags but I would seriously doubt that happens. For work I go a lot from Asheville, NC to Helsinki, and my routing is usually AVL-ATL-AMS-HEL and I give the Delta agent in AVL my bags, then see them again in HEL (hahaha).