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  1. Well your statement about duplicating success actually already is true: White Duck Taco is originally out of Asheville. They have a a few there (here for me since I live in Asheville) and another in Johnson City, TN.
  2. It was amazing. Don’t have time to do the full recap at the moment but one of the best meals I’ve had. Certainly my first time at a Michelin 3-Star, so I have no basis of comparison but I was quite impressed for the value. I went to Eleven Madison Park a month or two before they got their third star, so clearly what they were doing at the time was 3-Star worthy as well as The Inn, but this lunch was much better than both. And as I understand it the ratings in the US are way different than in France.
  3. Well, we changed course and are now doing a Monday lunch at Pierre Gagnaire. Can't wait.
  4. Just booked a lunch at Pierre Gagnaire and a dinner at Chez L'Ami Jean. Have heard fantastic things by many people, you included. So excited!
  5. It shows that you're only as good as your most recent performance. I do hate that they put such an emphasis on front of house in RW. Yes, the chefs should have a say on service, but there should be a FOH manager appointed for each team (they used to have to do the design work themselves, but now they have consultants). Also, it seems like at least on this version of RW the servers had very little experience being restaurant servers -- I'm guessing they were either catering servers or extras hired. That's not the kind of person you would hire if you were opening up a restaurant like any o
  6. Well I'm not really wanting a brunch. I want a lunch, most of the 2/3-starred places serve those, it just so happens most of them seem to be closed on Saturdays.
  7. Party of 2, none of those things matter much, maybe max 200€/person. Looking for a nice multi-course lunch that will stretch a few hours, as that was planned to be our main activity for the day. Was intrigued by the Guy Savoy discounted lunch menu of 130€ but they are closed then. If we have to switch to a dinner that’s ok, but I liked the idea of a leisurely lunch.
  8. We will be there Friday, Jan 25 and leaving on Tuesday the 29th. I had long earmarked Saturday for a nice lunch at one of the haute cuisine spots in town. But I’m coming up short as most places seem to be closed that day either outright or at least for lunch. Any suggestions?
  9. I don’t get it. Am I supposed to be impressed if you correctly deliver our table’s order? No, because that’s a prerequisite of the job.
  10. My wife and I are headed there for four nights in January. I haven't been since my freshman year of high school, so excited to explore the city from a food perspective, since I just went wherever my parents took us. I remember good meals, but they were on the simpler end since my younger sisters were also with us. We haven't settled on a hotel yet and are just starting to think about which sites we want to hit. But I don't even know where to begin when it comes to restaurants. I think we might want to do one big lunch (do we have a 3-star budget? maybe if on the lower end of the price sca
  11. probably a topic for another thread, but I saw that Taro tweet and have seen Tom get defensive in chats in the past about trying to remain anonymous. at this point, it seems like it's mostly an ego thing, his decision to "remain anonymous." seems like most any restaurant in town worth its salt recognizes him and when they don't that's on the restaurant.
  12. WCP reporting Cava just bought them for $300 million. Really hope that means they turn the one in Asheville where I live now into a Cava.
  13. I'm against any kind of policy a business has in place where you cannot equitably pay the way you want to pay: gas stations charging more for credit, businesses requiring $5/10 minimums on credit card purchases, cash only businesses, etc. And even though I pretty much only pay credit/debit and rarely carry cash, I don't think this is the right way to go for the reasons already outlined.
  14. To update my own post: been to New Belgium plenty of times and it's great. Always tons of families and dogs and usually 2-3 food trucks there. Great spot to enjoy a beer by the river. And plenty of small breweries have opened since this post (probably north of 10). The biggest change, though, is that Wicked Weed was purchased by InBev last year to a lot of teeth gnashing locally. Every year there's a big beer festival right in downtown Asheville with only local breweries and a few guest breweries from around North Carolina. Sierra Nevada and New Belgium are allowed to participate because they
  15. ORD Traveling home from Chicago last night, I got to the airport and went to Rick Bayless' Tortas Frontera, which I've long heard to be one of the best airport quick-serve restaurants in the country. Having never really been to Chicago before (this trip was spent in the suburbs and in the lovely metropolis of Dixon, IL where we have a factory), I've long yearned to go to a Bayless place given how much I admire what he does and have had great success with his cookbooks. Well, the sandwich shop didn't disappoint. It was a tough decision between the cochinita pibil and choirqueso tortas, but
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