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  1. Keys Fisheries in Marathon was as good as ever when I was back there this fall. I sent a friend there about a month ago and he said he went back again for more the next day.
  2. That's how we used to kill them in the lab before the students dissected them. Quick and worked every time unlike some other methods used.
  3. Dorie Greenspan's recipe for tart dough from Baking From My Home To Yours says to keep the leftover raw dough to use to patch any splits.
  4. Went last night at the request of a friend. I figured it was better than dealing with Restaurant Week crowds. It exceeded my expectations. The menu kind of wanders all over the place, but that makes it a good place for diners with varied tastes and appetites. There aren't too many places where a group of friends can get a sushi and duck carbonara. My carbonara was rich without being overwhelming and had more duck than I expected. The butternut squash kind of got lost in the mix and it was a tad salty. But, it was a satisfying snowy evening dinner. My friend raved about her fire dragon roll. Sh
  5. Alsatian apple tart from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours. The color is a little off i this picture - the crust wasn't quite so dark in person and the apples were a bit more golden. Love this recipe. Ridiculously easy and definite crowd pleaser.
  6. They were at the Clarendon Whole Foods yesterday, but very, very bitter. My co-workers were laughing at me because I winced with each bite.
  7. I went with my parents last night and had an enjoyable meal. Wasn't spectacular, but a solid good and I would return. It was a good choice for my parents. My mom likes a wide variety of flavors but my dad's tastes run more limited. Their day had started off with movers packing up the house and saying goodbye to NY after 7 decades. My dad with a cheeseburger and pronounced it good. My mom really liked her lobster mac-n-cheese and thought the garlic green beans that came with it were a sharp, bright taste to cut through the richness of the cheese. I had a lobster roll. It was very, very lightly
  8. This place has been changed to Toscana Grill. The organic bent is gone. I was not a fan of the old place so hadn't paid much attention to it to notice the change despite walking past it everyday. It is now more of a red-checkered tablecloth neighborhood Italian place (that is they would be if they had tablecloths). They've had people out on the plaza handing out samples and trying to let people know about the change. I went tonight and it was ok. I had penne with sausage and meatball in marinara sauce. The sauce was good but a tad sweet and the meatball didn't have much flavor and a fluffy tex
  9. I left before the music started yesterday, but they were setting up downstairs. The calendar of acts is on their facebook page and it says there isn't a cover unless otherwise specified and none are.
  10. A very welcome addition to the area. My co-workers and I had a bit of spring fever today so we ducked out a little early to check it out. One the guys is from Texas and has had a goofy grin all week anticipating the meal. The set up is not obvious at first, but everyone was very helpful explaining it. If you sit at the front bar, you can order off a bar menu, but the really good stuff is in the market in back. They give you a card when you enter and lead you to your table. When you go through the various stations of the market, they mark it on your card. You give your card to the cashier on th
  11. You know how something grows so big in your memory that when you finally are faced with it again, it disappoints? Corduroy doesn't fit in that category. Don't ask me how, don't ask me why because I just can't explain it, but after spending many, many a night at the old Corduroy when I lived here before I somehow hadn't been since I moved back to the area last year. I corrected that tonight and was faced with the decision of whether or not to order the parsnip soup. I thought about that soup while eating many crappy meals during my southern hiatus. It took on mythic proportion. So I almost did
  12. They weren't there the weekend before. That was the day it was really cold and drizzly. The market was a little smaller than usual. Quail Creek was handing out Valentine's presents this weekend. I asked what was in one loaf of bread and he handed it to me and said happy Valentine's Day. Then he handed a bunch of other people stuff as well. My gift of cranberry walnut bread was fabulous for turkey sandwiches.
  13. They carry three flavors of this (blanking on what the two besides original are) in the little convenience market across from Starbucks in the plaza at Court House metro.
  14. I'll be drinking shortly in honor of my colleagues who didn't make it through today's round of layoffs.
  15. Finally found the strength to explore beyond the pizza. Was going to be splitting with friends so we added the croquette, arancino, and fried brussel sprouts to our order along with a pizza. These were fantastic. The croquette of potato, prosciutto, and mozzarella was light, slightly salty, and with a crispy thin crust was the best of a good bunch. The brussel sprouts were tossed with apples and a balsamic glaze for the right mix of salty, sweet, sour. Highly recommended.
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