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  1. This movie had the potential to be great, but it fell short once the endless car chases and explosions started. I loved the first two-thirds or so of this film, but the director chose flashy sets and special effects over character development as the thinly-plotted story progressed. I have enjoyed a "Fish Called Wanda" twice, as well as "In Bruges," and I would view them both again in a heartbeat. I have no desire to see "Brazil" a second time.
  2. I watched "Two for the Road" last night in his honor.
  3. I went to Evening Star for the first time last weekend for a late, post-movie dinner. It was the best meal I have had in 2019. We didn't order any main dishes, instead opting for a number of smaller plates, and all were terrific. Two must-have dishes are the chickpea fries and the Hollander and de Koning mussels. The large, tender, and delicious Dutch-style mussels from Maine were served in a fennel and wine sauce with perfectly grilled bread. The "fries," baked in a pan and sliced, had the light, fluffy texture of a souffle. I will likely order them every time I go to Evening Star, if they are on the menu. The Ricotta and Fig Agnolotti, with kabucha squash and buttermilk foam, was a winner as well. The pasta was cooked to perfection, and the subtly sweet sauce was sublime. We chatted briefly with the new executive chef, Jonathan Till, a third-generation chef with a passion for finding fresh, seasonal ingredients. Hollander and de Koning mussels Chickpea fries Ricotta and fig agnolotti
  4. I will miss the Newseum.The out-of-town guests I have brought there really enjoyed it as well. The collection of Pultizer Prize winning photographs is one of the most powerful musuem exhibits I have seen.
  5. Run--don't walk--to Convivial for the daurade. If I were on death row, this dish would be a contender for my last meal. Perfection.
  6. DIShGo


    I bought some delicious country-style bacon with rind on at Harvey's Market in Union Market yesterday. I was going to get the Benton bacon, which was nearly twice as much, but the kind man working the counter said for a breakfast of bacon and eggs, their less expensive variety would do the trick. I took his advice and baked it for 25 minutes at 400 degrees, leaving the rind on. Fabulous results, with less mess and effort than my usual frying method.
  7. We had dinner at St. Anselm last night. It wasn't bad, but I am not in a hurry to go back. The steaks were overly salty, and the dining room was so loud that conversation was difficult. On the plus side, our server was great, and the creamed spinach was delicious. The appetizer special, a hot crab dip served in a small cast-iron pot, was tasty.
  8. I am sad to hear this. The meal I had at Garrison last May was one of the best I have had since moving to DC a year and a half ago.
  9. To Leonard Thompson, the first recipient of an insulin injection, 97-years ago today. "How a Boy Became the First To Beat Back Diabetes" by Dr. Howard Marketl on pbs.org
  10. DIShGo


    Just saw this story on the news about two furloughed sisters who are selling cheesecakes to make some money during the government shutdown. The sweet potato one looks pretty good. Might order one.
  11. It was the perfect place to visit during the holidays. Even the church bells were playing Christmas tunes. When we were there, the shopkeepers were giving out cookies and cocktails. It’s a fun and festive town with a Victorian Christmas feel.
  12. Much like Nolan’s “Inception,” this is a film you want to ponder after watching, and discuss with someone who has seen it. It strikes me as odd that Nolan also directed “Dunkirk.” That film, to me, seems quite different than “Memento” and “Inception.”
  13. Talk about getting lucky. After driving from Jim Thorpe to Philadelphia, and touring the Philadelphia Museum of Art, we checked into Cambria Hotel with plans to go out to dinner in a couple of hours. Two hours later--not wanting to get up, get dressed up, or get in the car--I began looking online for carry-out. I found the Nomad Roman website, where I saw photos of delicious-looking, thin-crust pizzas. We ordered four pies: Spicy Soppressata, Spicy Sausage, Trenton Tomato Pie, and Marinara. All were fabulous, with thin, wood-fired crust and fresh, organic toppings. The standout, for me, was the Trenton Tomato. My second favorite was the Spicy Sausage, which was sweetened with caramelized onions. All of the pizzas were nearly as good the next day, when we enjoyed the leftovers for both lunch and dinner.
  14. "Orlando" is a witty and sumptuous delight. It is a thought-provoking film that is both visually stunning and fun to watch. Tilda Swinton's androgynous beauty and understated charm make her perfect for the role of Orlando, a gender-fluid aristocrat who never grows old. The film is loosely based on Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel, "Orlando, A Biography," a book inspired by her lover and good friend, Vita Sackville-West. "Orlando" honors the author's ideas and style, but is not a direct interpretation of the book. The film, which begins in the Elizabethan era and ends in its present day (1992), feels fresh and relevant, as it takes a look at the role gender plays throughout Orlando's never-ending life. Stylishly shot, with gorgeous costumes and clever dialogue, "Orlando" is a treat for the senses. It is a fun film that I won't forget.