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  1. "DeMatha Catholic Legend Morgan Wooten Now in Home Hospice Care" by Chip Brierre on wjla.com
  2. There are some lovely wineries in St. Helena, and it is a charming town to visit. I found this map online that lists the wineries by town, which might help you limit your choices. I asked a good friend who lives in the Napa Valley and visits a lot of wineries there, and she recommended going to Hall and Duckhorn up north in St. Helena, and stopping at a smaller winery, like Sequoia Grove or Pina, which is on the Silverado Trail.
  3. I like visiting Domaine Carneros. I’m not sure when you are going, but there is a cool contemporary art installation, Di Rosa, very near the winery. It’s closed now, but reopening the end of this month. For food in the area, you can’t go wrong with Ciccio or Oenotri for Italian, or Boon Fly Cafe for fried chicken. If you’re going to Ad Hoc, however, fried chicken may not be on your radar.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. My go-to for inexpensive, no-frills takeout sushi in Arlington is Takohachi. It is conveniently located in South Arlington near me, has ample parking, and offers decent nigiri for a buck a piece.
  5. Crust-less leek quiche and roasted carrots. My car is in the shop and there were six things in my fridge. Six-and-a-half if you count a half bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to wash it down.
  6. If you go out for a cocktail between now and October 31, consider one of these restaurants. Kudos to Jill at Tail Up Goat for organizing #dcdrinksforbahamas to raise funds for Bahamas hurricane relief.
  7. I was looking for a Chile con Queso recipe online tonight that doesn't include Velveeta. I stumbled across this article by a Texan about making the dish without processed cheese. In it, the author says the way to avoid the oiliness and clumps usually associated with real-cheese queso is to make a bechamel sauce and then slowly fold in the shredded cheese. I am going to give her recipe a try.
  8. I went to Pioneer Pit Beef a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for the recommendation, Kat. I loved it. The sandwich and fries were delicious. I prefer it to Canopy.
  9. I am with you, Kat. I had a pit beef sandwich and fries from Pioneer on my last visit to Baltimore, and both were fantastic. I liked it better than Canopy. I haven't tried Chap's.
  10. Yes, I enjoyed her interaction with the fans after the match. Impressive young woman, indeed.
  11. Craving fish tacos, but too lazy to drive to Whole Foods, and San Diego is just too far away... A 7pm run to Giant produced some pretty tasty perch fish tacos that satisfied my yearning.
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