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  1. I enjoyed a couple of cocktails here with a friend before heading to Unconventional Diner for dinner. I love the look of this place. I much prefer its ambiance to that of Unconventional Diner. Based on our first order (and flavors we told the bartender we prefer) she created two original cocktails for us, and her creation for me was delicious, creative and right in line with what I like to drink.
  2. I have been wanting to see the Obama portraits for some time now, so I decided last week to head to the National Portrait Gallery. Despite the crowds gathered on the steps for a pre-Capitals hockey playoff game concert, the inside of the gallery was quite empty, and I didn't have to stand in long lines to see either of these two magnificent paintings. After viewing these portraits, I stumbled upon an extremely powerful exhibit, "UnSeen, Our Past in a New Light," featuring works by contemporary artists Ken Gonzales-Day and Titus Kaphar. The installation addresses the under- and misrepresentation of certain minorities in American history and in art, and illuminates the unheralded contributions made by American minorities. The display, which runs through Jan. 6, 2019, is visually stunning and emotionally charged. I highly recommend seeing this moving exhibit. If you go, don't miss "Black Out, Silhouettes Then and Now," on display until March 10, 2019.
  3. To Robert V. Power, my dad, who would have been 92 today. He passed away last November, and I miss him so much. I am raising a glass of 1926 Madeira tonight (a gift from a very dear friend given to me in his honor). I wish all of you could have known his quiet but razor-sharp wit. His humility. His kind and generous spirit. I am so happy to have been raised by him, and to have had 54 years of his love and unyielding support. He was the best. To Bob. I love you. Forever.
  4. Robert V. Power's obituary Today would have been his 92nd bday, I love this man with all of my heart. I have never met a purer soul or a more authentic heart. He wasn’t without faults. But he sincerely wishes for the best for everyone. I want to be more like him. I love him eternally, and I thank him for the unconditional love he gave to me.
  5. I ordered takeout from Takohachi tonight. Is it the best nigiri I have ever had? No. Is it the best 27 pieces of nigiri I have had for only $27? Absolutely! As was the case on previous visits, the white fish and salmon are delicious. The tuna tonight is pretty bland. It has been better, but not great, on previous visits. Overall, a tasty, affordable meal to enjoy while I watch basketball. Service is an ongoing problem, even with takeout.
  6. Hamburgers smoked over an open flame with the love of my life.
  7. DIShGo

    Luggage and Suitcases

    Interesting read. I still love my Away bag, and I am happy I bought it. It has held up very well through a lot of recent travel. It charges my phone so quickly that I often use it instead of the outlet in my hotel because it is faster.
  8. Kudos to the chef at Garrison for taking fresh, seasonal ingredients and making them shine. After passing by the snaking line waiting to get in to Rose's Luxury, my friend and I nabbed seats at Garrison's bar. We started with drinks: for me, a glass of dry Rose, Tiburoune Clos Cibbone ($14), and my companion chose the Jungle Bird, made with a House rum blend, Campari, pineapple and lime ($15). We split four dishes, and all were thoughtfully executed and delicious. Our first starter was one of the Tavern Specials--the pierogies ($12). These were some of the best I have had, a bit on the salty side, but not overly so. Our next dish was my favorite--the Warm Spring Blini, with local beets, figs and goat cheese ($15). This was perfection on a plate. It tasted as good as it looked, and it looked amazing! I highly recommend this dish, which is described on our receipt as a Beet Crepe. We shared two pastas, and both were fabulous. The Sheep's Milk Ricotta Ravioli, with stinging nettle pesto, toasted pine nuts and parmesan ($27), was fresh and delicious, with oh-so-light pasta and a delightful sauce. The standout pasta, however, was the Toasted Farro Corzetti ($28). This dish, featuring pasta made with sheets of farro dough, stamped into circles, was topped with fresh asparagus, peas and parmesan. Innovative, fresh, and tastes like Spring - I say get it while you can!
  9. I saw "Onibaba" a couple of days after I saw the Oscar-winning "Best Picture" of 2017, "The Shape of Water." While the latter disappointed me, the former was a delightful surprise--a gripping tale of human survival. The film is set in the 14th Century, during a Civil War In Japan. Beautifully shot in black-and-white, it tells the harrowing story of a middle-aged woman and her daughter-in-law who must resort to drastic measures to survive in their war-ravaged world. Basic human needs--food, water and sex--are the things the pair desire, and they do what they must to acquire them. Although it is set in Medieval times, "Onibaba" has a timeless quality, and could take place in any war, at any time. The women's hut is surrounded by fields of tall grass. Much of the film is shot low in this grass, creating a claustrophobic mood. The viewer feels anxious and trapped, just as the women surely felt hiding there. The acting is wonderful. The story is gritty, intense, erotic, and full of suspense. I highly recommend this film. I saw "Onibaba" for free at the Freer Gallery of Art as a part of their Japanese Film Classics, offered at 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the Month. The next screening scheduled is "Drunken Angel," a 1948 film directed by Akira Kurosawa, on June 6.
  10. Feb. 6, 2018 - "Penn Quarter’s Ping Pong Dim Sum Has Closed" by Warren Rojas on dc.eater.com
  11. Has anyone been here since they changed names and revamped the menu?