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  1. mdt


    Tsujita is where I plan to eat when I land there on Monday afternoon.
  2. And this has occurred on this site more than once. As much as restaurant folks want to hear how folks truly feel, many truly don't.
  3. Any recent comments or are folks just passing it by? Somehow I have never heard of this place considering it's so close to me. I was just looking at their site and they are pushing the farm to table things like many places. Might have to make a visit as the menu looks good.
  4. Tried an array of their beers recently and nothing to get excited about, with their brown ale being the tastiest of the bunch. Hopefully in time things will get better over time. Very nice space, but if I want my local beer fix I will head over to Forge.
  5. IMO, Little Serow hasn't affected Komi in any way that I can see, at least not negatively. Dinner was excellent as always and service continues to be at the top of just about anywhere I have eaten. The mezzethakia are still seafood (and crudo) themed but vary between the plates to keep you interested as they come out. As one of our party noted the spicing and seasoning has expanded from your typical Mediterranean array to include flavors typically associated with Indian cuisine (I didn't take detailed notes). New standards for the main are a smoked beef rib and a slow cooked lamb neck that were enjoyed by all. We do the wine pairing with dinner (half pour is available with no fuss) as they always seem to bring out some rather interesting selections that pair perfectly with the dishes. You don't necessarily get a full glass of each wine, but IIRC we had about 8 or 9 different ones. Since I am a frequent diner here I know my experience is not typical and we see some extra dishes, but this place is clearly one of the top spots anywhere. You seriously need to get there again if it's been a long time. Perhaps the others that dined with us will chime in with their comments.
  6. Was this a buffet option or are you talking about ordering off the menu?
  7. While not octopus the grilled whole squid at Itzakaya Seki is excellent.
  8. Invited out by some friends to join them here for dinner at the DC location I was not expecting much after looking through this thread. I certainly didn't have any issues with the food or service. Started with an excellently made Aviation. and my entree was the chicken and waffles. Two tasty and nicely fried pieces of chicken (one white, one dark) with half a waffle, mac & cheese (a little dry for my taste) and my choice of side (very good roasted winter vegetables). The pot pie my wife had was very good as well. For dessert we had Uncle Buck's beignets that are served with small dishes of raspberry coulis, caramel sauce, and semi-sweet chocolate sauce. Should it be voted the best restaurant in Tyson's? Who cares about some dumb ass poll. Based on my one visit, It has good food, good cocktails, and good service and I would certainly return again.
  9. Does the Retro even exist anymore? I was there a few days ago (made a reservation with Open Table, which seemed odd) and we were seated in the Retro space. The front door to the Retro space was blocked off and everyone was coming in through the main door so maybe it's one space now.
  10. mdt

    City of Gold

    Meru won the audience award for best U.S. Documentary, but I did not have a chance to see it. The funny thing is that of all the conversations I had with folks about the various movies they saw and liked nobody mentioned that one. That all said, I did not hear about it being picked up, but I hope it is so that I can see it.
  11. Recently got back from Sundance, blah, blah, blah, and wanted to let everyone here know about the excellent documentary City of Gold. I believe this got picked up and will be out in theaters (indie most likely) later this year. From imdb.com More info here and here.
  12. They come out to less than $1/piece which is not expensive for good quality chocolates. That said, I have no idea on what these are like.
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