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  1. I love all-clad. We have their (now-defunct?) masterchef series that we got on the cheap on Ebay almost 20 years ago. Sticking is still a possibility and you need to manage. I've used brillo pads on mine to no ill effects believe it or not. Anyway, I still keep a higher end non-stick pan on hand for a handful of pain in the ass situations (as in, fish skin) you do not want to screw around with sticking.
  2. Pool Boy

    I bring you.....Arcane Roots

    Honestly I am not sure how to categorize these folks. But man, I finally discover them and....they just broke up. Dammit.
  3. The Tortillas. That is what I ended up doing - the meats and accoutrements were fine.
  4. Great thanks for the tip. I've never tried it but am willing to give it a go.
  5. I tried both. The flour were ok, but the corn were not very good at all. Little flavor, fell apart immediately and reminded me of cardboard.
  6. My company bought everyone lunch (it happens a lot) and District Taco was brought in. The meats and accoutrements were all good, but I was very underwhelmed by the tortillas.
  7. We had 28 kids this year befor we ran out of candy and turned off all the lights, etc. We only give out full-size or king-size candy. But we have never had this many kids. Next year, I think we better make sure we have enough for 50 - you can always bring that stuff to the office for people to chow down on....
  8. I'm having difficulty location a bottle of this for reasons of cocktail. Any suggestions? Ideally in PG or Montgomery county MD, but I work in Ballston if you think one of the VA ABC stores would carry it. Worst case, point me to a DC liquor store. TIA!
  9. Pool Boy


    I do not even understand why they made the change from how they used to do this. It used to be, you have this many points, you redeem them for $x. They send you a check you throw in with your tab at ANY OT.com restaurant and they accept it and process it just like the check it is. This new way is all smoke and mirrors it seems.
  10. I assumed she moved since she posted something a while back about subletting her apartment.
  11. I can see that. I've had Zinfandel with chocolate cake and it was a bit eye opening.
  12. We're going to try our homemade tonic again this weekend. I wonder if it has evolved in he refrigerator over the last couple of months. It's unusual and quite interesting.
  13. Pool Boy


    We are making some kind of bread this weekened from 'The Rye Baker' = highly recommended book. It'll be great!
  14. Pool Boy

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Morcilla is seriously good.