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  1. Same - the closest I came was the 1982 and 1983 shows - 1982 had the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in to a Watcher of the Skies finish - it was fantastic - and full length Supper's Ready (they had rehearsed it a lot because of the one off concert to help Gabrial out of the WOMAD debt, so why not?). Incredible. And 1983 was no slouch when they dusted off the extended medley they did there - finishing later with a full bore Los Endos. 2007 had some nice bits and the music was solid, but Collins's voice had faded a lot. The closest I get these days is The Musical Box - great cover band puttin
  2. Pool Boy


    I will have to check it out. thanks
  3. We had always talked about ordering their Meat Mountain - We did it a couple of weekends ago, finally, as takeout. It was good. I wonder if this is closing for good or just temporarily shuttering it while they focus on outdoor dining at the other place (and likely cutting costs and staff in the process).
  4. I love the term Katzenbarf. I supposed the act of this would then be Katzenbarfen
  5. It's becoming clear to me that I'll need to go further afield to find what I want. I suspect that Total Wine in MD may have different selections than in VA or elsewhere since MD still has pretty draconian distribution rules.
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