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  1. Providing financial data for loans is pretty basic stuff. I assume either nobody knew what they were doing and were oblivious to requirements, or they knew exactly what they were or were not doing. Or, of course, they got and followed really, really bad advice.
  2. The non-compete seems overly broad both in geographical location and cuisine style (not being able to cook American food for example...in America). Plus, per the Eater story, if the quote is true -- 'The agreement says the chef would be released from the non-compete if 'the employer decides to change direction/concept of the business ad Frank Ruta's employment would no longer be necessary.''. Given the owner no longer seemed interested in going for Michelin stars (something he was obvious about in planning the restaurant, sending Frank and Aggie to France for some time) due to the, also Eater quoted, 'Frank was let go for having very high goods and labor costs, cost management was an issue.' - it seems clear a change in direction and concept occurred. Plus, he fired both Frank and Aggie (in July 2018, not September = indicating maybe some presumed settlement/severance?). It is not like they quit to go work somewhere else - he fired them, ffs. Anyway, if this ever goes to actual litigation, I find it unlikely that the agreement in enforceable as written. These things tend to get thrown out - I hope. This is sour grapes from the Mirabelle owner and he's trying to muck things up for Frank. Frank's got a new partner in Bajaj and hopefully access to an experienced attorney to handle this situation. What a pain in the ass. I miss Frank's food and really hope this gets resolved quickly.
  3. They actually do a surprising lunch and happy hour business.
  4. We went again this past weekend. It was our farewell. We're ff on vacation and so sorry we'll miss the farewell parties for sure. To us, my wife and I, we've dined at Dino and Dino's groto probably 30 to 50 times between just us, DC Crü wino dinners and Mrs. Poolboy bookgroup dinners. It's another part of us that is dying, in a way, but we both have so many fond memories of going to both incarnations. One of the things we were saying was this - 'Where are we going to go pre-concert at the 9:30? The Lincoln? The Howard? WTF!!!????' It is like an appendage being severed. <sigh>
  5. We were there on the 29th drinking loads of great wine and eating as much of the menu as we could. Not looking forward to the day coming soon when I will not know where to pre-concert dine and drink before going to the 930, the Howard of the Lincoln. Boo.
  6. Yeah I figured - I was just wondering if there was any more news on exactly what that was evolving in to. Really looking forward to having his food again.
  7. Anyone know how Frank s next thing s evolving? I am impatient.
  8. We will be in at least a few time, Dean. I will muster the DC Crü as well - too many good meals there not to decimate your wine list and more.
  9. We go maybe 4-6 times a year. It's in our rotation, especially if we are going to the 930 or the Lincoln or even the Howard. I hope they keep on trucking.
  10. We get Naf Naf at work at east once a month at work - it is quite good. Mmmmmmm
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