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  1. We were there on the 29th drinking loads of great wine and eating as much of the menu as we could. Not looking forward to the day coming soon when I will not know where to pre-concert dine and drink before going to the 930, the Howard of the Lincoln. Boo.
  2. Yeah I figured - I was just wondering if there was any more news on exactly what that was evolving in to. Really looking forward to having his food again.
  3. Anyone know how Frank s next thing s evolving? I am impatient.
  4. We will be in at least a few time, Dean. I will muster the DC Crü as well - too many good meals there not to decimate your wine list and more.
  5. We go maybe 4-6 times a year. It's in our rotation, especially if we are going to the 930 or the Lincoln or even the Howard. I hope they keep on trucking.
  6. We get Naf Naf at work at east once a month at work - it is quite good. Mmmmmmm
  7. I completely agree. I will miss it. But the cheese counter there really and truly was an afterthought. Every time I stopped by early evening to buy some cheeses it seemed like I was causing problems for the staff.
  8. We still get these guys maybe every 6-8 weeks at work and now I know how to build my own experience.
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