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  1. Pool Boy

    Lost In Space

    I just finished up Netflix's reboot of Lost In Space, and I have to say I was somewhat surprised. There were gaps in the story for sure and liberties taken, but I really enjoyed the pacing and the overall idea of the thing.
  2. It was. This was a Thursday night around 6:30 and the bar was full, as were 80-90% of the tables. Our table was absorbed immediately with new people upon our departure. It is actually in a building that has had 12,345,657,981 restaurants before it, but this place might survive because sausage. Lol.
  3. Went here with former co-workers to catch up. Kind of loud. You go up and order at the counter and they bring your food and drink to you - full bar. Lots of interesting choices for hot dogs and sausages and so on Pretty good 'Das Brat'is what I had along with some frites. Good stuff. It is not Hot Doug's of Chicago fame, but these are tasty. Lots of beers, too. I think they had about two dozen on tap.
  4. Pool Boy

    Laurel Meat Market

    The person that stated they are closing indicated that the owner is retiring. And his son did not to take over the business and neither did the owner's brother. I wonder if they may yet still find someone to take it over and run it. Probably not. Damn.
  5. Pool Boy

    Laurel Meat Market

    I just heard from an email on one of the local laurel email groups that Laurel Meat Market is closing by the end of this month. If this is true, it is a tragedy. I am so sad.
  6. Pool Boy

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    A good friend from when I was growing up died yesterday. He'd been distant for many years, the results of the demons of alcoholism that he ultimately succumbed to (the health effects of, even though he stopped). He was larger than life when I knew him and was at the core of our group of friends, the epicenter, even though he arrived on the scene quite late. He will be missed. And these events stir the thoughts that life is just too short to put anything off. If you think it, think you will enjoy it, just do it. Now. Right now.
  7. We had an excellent meal here a week ago. Indulged in the menu quite a bit and were not disappointed at all. We've always loved Kinship, and it will, in the absence of Frank & Aggie having a current gig, be where we go when we need to scratch the itch of an needing the entire package of an excellent meal.
  8. Never went. I went to Kapnos in Bethesda once and it was acceptable, but nothing really notable (except for how noisy it was). As for the rents, well, they always keep going up - I'd imagine the terms would be running out soon if still on an initial well-priced lease, or perhaps the new terms were not as workable for this place or anyone considering to take it over.
  9. Pool Boy

    Venice, Italy

    https://www.osteriabancogiro.it - One of our favorite meals several years ago. Reasonably priced is based purely on how many dishes you are willing to limit yourself to.
  10. I remember reading this place had a fire in December last year and has been closed ever since. There was an article in March that it was taking longer than expected to reopen. Further, according to their GoFundMe page, they needed key uninsured costs covered if they were going to reopen. A quick look at that indicated they reached their goal, and their goal is to re-open by the end of August. I hope they do re-open. My one meal there was memorable and my wife and I were just talking about them tonight with a thought to go back again soon.