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  1. Was back in Rehoboth last weekend - beautiful weather. Cafe Pappillon - Great crepes. Savories are good, but their more desserty crepes are even better. I especially recommend the Brown Sugar, banana and sour cream one. It would be even better if they pan caramelized the bananas in butter, but I digress. a(Muse) is still quite good and we dined al fresco because the weather was perfect. Solid cocktails. Their pimento cheese starter was good and spicier than I expected. Their sweetbreads were good and I've never had them spicy before. Softshell crab with chow chow was good for sure. Duck entree and especially the halibut were very good. Will definitely be back. Henlopen City Oyster House - Noisy and crowded early (but if you do not want to wait for a table, early arrival is a must). Decent cocktails.Oysters were very good (tried 8 kinds raw), as were the oysters rockefeller. The fish dish we had (I think it was red fish) was quite good. The Bouillabaisse was fine, but the broth was too tomatoey and not nearly 'fishy' as one would hope. The shrimp were complete rubber (note: to do the shrimp right, drop them in after plating and wait a few minutes - they'll cook enough in the broth just so). I'd go back for the oysters and fish for sure. Back Porch Cafe - Excellent service and a great dinner all around. Really good food, nice selection of wines and attentive service and fun. Their cocktail menu is quite limited, though. Just ask for something else that is not on their list and they'll do a fine enough job. I'll be back.
  2. Went for dinner with my brothers this week. We all enjoyed it. I had the meatloaf - which was delicious. I had some of my brother's french fries and I liked those a lot. I had the Pot Pie Poppers and they were quite bland and boring. My one brother really enjoyed the Fish Sticks and their take on aioli/tartar sauce. Other brother liked the Mujaddara but found the falafel over fried and unappetizing. Service was very good. Still there is a lot to explore on the menu and I'd be happy to head back and try more.
  3. What he might mean is "Ít really sucks to be knocked down a peg or two or ten, especially since it was all preventable - and now my life is a pin in the ass." He might be thinking that. Or not.
  4. I have to be honest, when I go to Corduroy, I prefer to indulge in the dining room. That said, the couple of times I have tried to do something at the bar, it was a bust - packed or taken over for private event as I recall. Bummer as I want to experience it. Maybe the third time will be the charm.
  5. Someone did not know how to scale. And ran out of cash. I'll miss the 9th street italian, but honestly it's still not the best ICC sub I ever had.
  6. Pool Boy


    My wife and I really enjoyed this in 2012. And I got to try it again in...hmm, maybe 2015 or so on a work trip? Mmmm http://zumfinsterenstern.at/en/ And then OF COURSE there is http://www.brezl.at - vey pubby and very delicious.
  7. Pool Boy

    The Michelin Guide

    I think the a la carte menu prices were insane in Paris. <sigh> We shied away from much and instead focused on the unexpectedly expectedly awesome.
  8. Dude I am a 10-minute walk from Pupatella. It's sad to say this, but I think I have only been there twice in 18 months - my job is so freaking busy that it is very rare I can leave the office at all. <sigh>.
  9. Pool Boy

    Venice, Italy

    I still stand by my suggestion. Other places were expensive. Pronto Pesce near the fish market is great, but strikes me as a lunch or nibbles place and IIRC has no seating or very little. http://www.prontopesce.it/about.html
  10. I would say watch the season he was on Top Chef. I'd say names here to describe said individual, but DR hates that, and I know TV good vs evil is easily manipulated and extreme. But I am far more trusting of journalists that did the massive legwork to identify, find and extensively interview folks surrounding that maelstrom that is this guy at the center of it.