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  1. I read this as well. Not havong been tested yet, I wonder how long it takes to get results back if you do or do not have it. A quick skim indicated it is usually a week or more before you get your results - that means, unless you can find a place that turns your test results around very quickly (probably at increased expense to you), you are not going to be able to vacation in Maine. And by vacation, I pretty much mean just renting a cabin or small home , stay there to eat all meals, but at least be able to get out to walk the rocky shores of Maine to recharge.
  2. there is that. Part of the problem is that some restaurants start opeing for in person dining and abandon carryout entirely - it is like putting all your eggs in one basket. It is tre that the DC area is more sane on masks, gloves and social distancing, but still, it is going to get worse before it goes ok and then safe - these restaurants need to know there are people willing to do (high end) carryout and they are leaving money on the table if they ignore folks that are not able to safely dine out
  3. Good to know. My mother-in-law lives near there now, so I will have to check it out. One of my decent go to places changed hands 3 months ago and the new owners are remodeling and no idea if they will do OK with selection or not.
  4. We have the Jeni's ice cream cookbook (before they went nationwide and corporate, they made this book). We have had pretty great results and we use the cuisinart with compressor model with pretty good though not perfect, success. Lots of good recipes in there for sure.
  5. My office (pre-covid) ordered from here for the entire company maybe every 5 weeks on a Friday - the Pit Bull is my favorite pizza from there.
  6. Some of us are at risk and simply cannot risk the exposure to possibly getting Covid19. So we sit here, biding our time, doing whatever cooking we can, carry out of the highest order as often as possible,but we still crave the full on dining experience. It will come. There will be safety. A vaccine we hope. This will pass. So then, where to dine? Make a list. First place will be Annabelle. Then Kinship. Then SO MANY PLACES. You?
  7. Alsaka. Morocco. Portugal. Germany - to do it properly with my wife (we ended an Alpine tour for a day and a half in München, not long enough, especially for her - I've been there many times for family) - probably the Mosel Saar Ruwer region - or Berlin! - or Heidelberg - or Köln! The Maldives befre the succumb to climate change. I could go on.
  8. It's been a while. We lost Enzo back in June 2018 - pretty sure he had a major stroke. He was only 10. Then we lost Gussie, the Grand Poobah, this past December - he was, hmmm, 17 and a third. Kidney disease. Currently Gracie is fairly ill - still working out what is wrong and what we can do. That said, the other 4 of the 5 current residents (of which Gracie is a part), are doing fine - Mathilde (Hilde (hill-dee)), June (former Patio Cat), Trixie (former Patio cat brought in at about 5 weeks of age) and her brother Nando. They are seeing after Gracie very thoughtfully actually. The thing is, as hard as it is to lose a pet (a member of the family), unexpectedly or not, you go out sooner than you expect to bring another lost soul in to your hime and do it all over again, because the heartbreak is worth the lifetime of amazing memories with the lucky cat that joins our even luckier household are so, damn, worth it.
  9. One of my wife's co-workers, after hearing what she was playing in her office, suggested she might like these folks. They were right, she does. So do I. Give it a whirl.
  10. I gave up on this show maybe 6 to 8 seasons ago. It's one of the best of the format, but it is just over IMHO.
  11. Not interested in dining out - at all. Inside or out. Nope. I will continue to be a patron of carry out. I order way, way too much food and I tip 30-40%. That is what I am able to do and be safe. Eating out? Nope. And, if yáll have read my posts over, ummmmm, 15 years, you know there is almost nothing on the world that I love more than dining out with my wife.
  12. Has anyone else tried the Monkey 42 Bavarian gin? It's not for everyone, but I enjoy it for a change of pace. Unusual. Floral of an Alpinian nature. It's wicked expensive but worth a try at some point.
  13. 4 of my 5 inside cats are ex-Patio Cats. My neighbor took 6 in. We also placed about two dozen more over the years. Fortunately, except for two newbies this year, everyone's been fixed and producing no kittens for years. Initial trap efforts on these two is not yet successful, but we'lll get them seen to for sure.
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