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  1. We only ever went to Metier once. It was very good. Really good. But I found that I far preferred Kinship. We all have our preferences.
  2. We were here in Novemberish for a game dinner - skipped the wine pairings that were special to the night. It was very good but not mind blowing. Wild Pheasant Dashi withmatsutake, golden ossetra and clotted cream Pheasant egg scramble with dungeness crab, white truffle and alliumDry aged squab with brioche, foie gras and quince Red deer with koji, squash, black truffle and apple. Very good service and, since it was mid-week, it was not crazy noisy in there. Honestly, I would have preferred the preparations to be more simple as I think that can best highlight the game itself. But upscaling it did not harm the experience. I would have also preferred to pick and choose things, perhaps from a larger game-centric menu but I totally understand it is difficult to gauge what diners will and will not like and order, and a safer way is to do a set menu where all you have to do is guess how many people you think are going to order the set menu. Went again in February of this year with friends and enjoyed it again. One highlight was that the person who used to do cocktails at Macon Bistro is now here doing her thing. The cocktail options, while not a problem area before, I think will enjoy her talented contributions here in the coming months.
  3. Hit up the izakaya recently. Enjoyed most of it. Stand outs were the beef tongue and the chicken kara-age, but enjoyed everything else too. Except the cacio e pepe udon - that was bland, boring and mushy and even on first taste. Very weak dish. Interesting and extensive selections of Japanese beer, whiskys and so on. Rather uninspired cocktail choices overall so I passed. Acceptable by the glass selections of wine though, which is a plus. I'll be back.
  4. There are many Crowded House songs (from this album alone even, mind you), but this is a pretty darn good one.
  5. Another favorite, one of the best, I got to see them do in their current form just a week ago - they did a great job - especially Mr. Ehart. FUcking brilliant!
  6. I remember going there once or twice years ago and finding the selection interesting.
  7. I find it interesting that Silver Diner departed their Laurel, MD location (since converted to a Double T diner) and then opened one up the road in Columbia just off of the 95/175 exit. It's a great location for travel traffic and I often joked with my wife that Jessup (on the other side of said interchange) would be a great location for a Waffle House (which has never materialized - there is a diner over there somewhere called Frank's diner - no idea if it is any good)... I guess they think they'll make a lot more money at this new location than maintaining the Laurel location (they are probably right).
  8. Correct. Jon was one of the duo that did all of the buying at I.M. Wine in Fulton, MD. That shop changed hands maybe 5 years ago and he left to go to Old Line. Most of the initial inventory was already locked in. He was there maybe 6-9 months and did his best to improve the selection (his palate was exceptional). But he left to move to Oregon. I really miss him. Since then, it's been ok, but not great. Mitchell Pressman is a recent hire there and he's been very helpful in my trips there and has chased down two wines I have been looking for - nice. I do not know what his precise position is or what role he plays in purchasing, but he'll go above and beyond to help you find what you are looking for for sure - I'd seek him out. Interesting - I did not know the back story there for Laurel Liquors. The independent operator that runs the shop is nice, but overall service is more or less perfunctory. They do have some nicer wines in locked cases to ogle over too. I remember finding it quite interesting when, maybe 6-9 months after it opened, I saw the now-owner of I.M.Wine in there chatting with the Laurel Liquors owner for quite a long time. Not sure if they are somehow related business-wise.
  9. Went here a couple of times over the past several years but honestly had not been in....two or three years? Too focused on other places and since I don't live in DC proper, making it there (often in conjunction for otherwise being nearby for other things - it was not really a destination IMO) was not a priority. Still, the thing I remember most about the place was really excellent potato chips the first time went there.
  10. Still searching for the basic silver label or Jual Gil, a Monastrell blend from the Jumilla region of Spain. Seems to be out of stock. <blegh>

  11. The hardest part of a home bar is finding the bottle you are looking for. The second hardest thing about a home bar is making sure you never run out of your preferred base liquors at the spine of all of your favorite cocktails.
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