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  1. We made lentil soup. My wife wanted to make it a little like minestrone but we had no greens except for rapini, so we used that and it worked. We tried it with (incorrectly sized) pasta on Monday and it was too much. I had it straight today and then did the thing my German mother did with lentil soup and added a very small amount of vinegar to it. Delicious.
  2. Oh....damn. I am so sorry to read this. I always enjoyed his posts so much. I was not expecting this. Man. Fcuk.
  3. I have pretty much not left the house since my last day in office on the 11th and even then to only meet some new folks from the company that acquired the one I work for otherwise my last in office day would have been the 6th. Anyway, I say pretty much since I have walked several times around my neighborhood. I am facing having to go to the doc for a scheduled appt on Friday. I kind of need to stop and see if I can score a few things on the way home but probably won't. There is WholeFoods/Amazon and Instacart and then Chewy for my cats. Take everything delivered in and immediately wash hands and so on immediately after. It's not that I want to go out and be among people, but I am going to want some wine, cheese and yes a bit of toilet paper (doing fine there for now thanks). And PRODUCE. Maybe a really early morning foray in to Super Best.
  4. I am at a point in my life where, if I want to, I can spend $x to go do the thing I want to do. Like go see a concert. With really good seats. Possibly even if it involves overnight stays. Travel. Another country. If I want to. The thing is, most of me thinks 'This is crazy - all the expense this would be for what - a concert?!' But then I think some of the people I want to see are getting on in years. Other people are potentially fleeting and awesome. Why not? How many chances will I get? And yet still I mull and dither. When do you pull the trigger?
  5. We likely will not dine out in restaurants at least for some unknown amount of time. In the meantime, we'll be cooking a lot. And risking maybe one carry-out meal here and there
  6. I worked from home most of this week. I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We continue to stockpile things in the freezer as well as shelf stable things. I am slightly embarrassed as to how large my grocery tab was last weekend. The only reason I am keenly focused on this is that, well, I got Lyme disease about 8 years ago. Ever since then, any time I get a cold it transforms in to something much worse. Case in point, About a month ago, my wife and I both caught the same thing within a day or two of each other probably from the same source. She got over it from beginning to end in about a week with no trip to the doctor. It took me two visits to the doc, two rounds of antibiotics, a declaration of 'hey this time it is not pneumonia!', a round of steroids and three weeks to get over it. I say this all too, in that I have no confidence in the leadership of this country and its ability to deal with this pandemic. I would normally have some hope, but not with this current in denial administration. Clearly the rest of the world thinks the same damn thing. Good luck everyone.
  7. Simpler is definitely better - I am sure Frank finally convinced folks that if you just put damn good for on the table people will come - no gimmick necessary.
  8. Keep the ideas flowing - I did not think about paper products and flour, salt and booze. Gah!
  9. I have a co-worker whose food voice I trust that was very pleased with his experience here. I will have to check it out.
  10. I know I am in the minority. But I had Lyme disease about 8 years ago. Ever since, colds and flus are.....worse. Pneumonia. Bronchitis. Ugh. I was at the grocery store this weekend and decided to stock up. Soups. Broths. Grains. Lentils. Other shelf stable substances that would not require a grocery store visit and thus avoid people. I know. Paranoia. But still, I have to take precautions given my ody's ability to fight off unusual viruses, colds and infections. Is anyone else stocking up or am I the only loonie?
  11. OK here's my report (sorry no photos this time). We were going pre-theater ('A Thousand Splendid Suns' - very much recommended) but gave ourselves plenty of time. It's the Wharf and parking is ridiculously expensive (yes, we'd tried to reserve parking at Arena Stage when we bought the tickets but they were sold out) - $38 for the 4+ hours we were surely going to be there for dinner and the performance. But you are paying for the Wharf. Interesting space. Open and catches the light. Our seats were along one of the expanses of windows and the banquet had a higher seating level than the chair opposite - a little odd but I got over it. Before I get to the food, I'll get to the prices - they are high for what you get it is true. But it s the Wharf and you have to know going in that it is going to be expensive because anyplace in the Wharf has got to pay the rent. We had good service throughout and no issues with any questions we had or anything. Food came out as they explained (whenever it was ready) - it worked out just fine. We had some cocktails which were just ok. Given the current prices of DC cocktails and having a list of your own concoctions you sort of expect more (and more effort). Next time I think I'll pass. Had a glass of Valpolicella later which was forgettable, especially given the price. Crispy Shrimp and Pork Fried rolls - delicious - I could eat a lot of this, but at five bucks a pop....hmm. Korean Style Steak Tartare - this was enjoyable mostly for the spice. The puffed crispy tendon was fun. But the knife work on the beef was horrifyingly bad - someone needs to brush up on their knife skills (unless if is supposed to be very poorly shredded with very long spindly bits that is). The taste was good though! Crispy duck confit with Garlic, Bay Leaf and Lemon (and garlic) - this was quite good, but the skin was very salty (and I *love* salt). Fortunately, the saltiness did not permeate the flesh that much and, in eating with a bit of rice, you could balance it out. Maybe the cook is a smoker? Heritage Pork Belly, Gochujang, Caramelized Onions - I really enjoyed this dish a lot. I would gladly order it again. There was also this really delicious hand cut noodle dish with shrimp and sausage that was the dish of the night - really, really good. Summary - We will be back (ideally when we do not have to park at the Wharf garage to save the $$), if only to try some of the Thai dishes. But we will not be running back or going out of our way to get there ASAP. It is expensive for what it is. There were arguable two dishes that were worth the cost, while the others did not meet that criteria. If I were going on someone else's nickel I'd be happy to go.
  12. Yeah a co-worker has some friends that have been and they were largely unimpressed. They indicated the Korean dishes were the best, in general. I'll post once I have gone - like I said, main thing was to avoid having to deal with the Wharf offerings because most of them are too loud. Del Mar is, IMHO not really a pre-theater kind of place but that's just me.
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